Still Friends...With Pleasure
I was going to finish with part two, but felt it would be too long. Sorry, here's the last part.

Tracey paid Bill back for his teasing, she sucked, slowly, his cock's enormous cap. Her tongue bathing it softly, lips pressing on the skin. Sucking harder, he moans, almost whimpers. She lets her tongue explore, seeing what excites him. He likes, very much, her tongue anywhere she lets it roam. She sees how much more she can take in her mouth. Letting her soft lips slide down the pulsing shaft.

Two can play at this game. Soft sighs drift back to him, his tongue barely touching the thin edge of her lips. Drops of cum trail along her lips, greedily swallowed. He lets his tongue roll over her clit, swollen outward. He licks the large drop of cum, letting its hardness ride over his tongue. He feels the tremor go through her, her pussy moving down. He sucks her marble size clit into his mouth, his tongue flicking it in a come hither motion.

Tracey, for the moment, stops sucking his cock. Her hand clumsily strokes it, wet from her mouth. She's biting her lip, he's sooooooooo good. Pleasure steams through her body, she's whimpering now. Close, closer, her hand tightens around the base of his cock. Her other hand squeezes her breast, a pinch of her nipple. She cries out.

Fingers running through his hair, lips sharing her cum. His head enters, extremely big, her thighs tickle from the hair on his leg.

Very tight, he stills, waits, she nods, he pushes in slow. She gasps, her hands going down his back, nails chilling him. He moans from her silk, burning hot pussy. Her soft cocoon wraps around him, taking him. Further in, she's biting her lip, so sexy. He stills for the last time, one last nod, he fills her.

Two friends, wrestle as one, deeper, harder, their bodies move. A strong contraction, a harder one, bearing down on him. Tighter still as he pumps harder, she holds his body to hers, her legs twisting with his. She's moaning, screaming his name, cum floods her tight hole.

Spooning, not finished, taking a break, back to back orgasms inside her left her winded.

"OH BABE," she whispers as he kisses the back of her neck. She rubs her ass against his cock. He kisses down her back, she laying on her stomach to be more comfortable. Her skin is scorching his lips, trickles of sweat, he tastes. Her beautiful ass, small, tight, wait for him. He didn't put into his story what he planned, he was hopping Tracy wouldn't mind.

She moved under him, she liked it, his tongue moving over her crack. His hands spread her open. "MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM." His tongue touched the tightest hole. Circled its roundness, the tip spearing the center. She moaned at this new oral sex. Never believing how good it could feel. Her hand went under her body, touching her folds. Rubbing herself harder, wet sound from her pussy mingled with her moans. Faster she rubbed, very close.

Her hole was contracting, outward, inward, his tongue never stopped licking. She was rubbing her lips faster then ever. "MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM BABE!!!"

Bill thrust inside her, filling her completely. Her tight pussy folding around him immediately. "FUCK ME," she screamed. It was her body, her letting him do what he never thought a woman would let him do. Her sexual smell, the way she was laying on her stomach. It all over took him. He fucked her savagely, pounding her tight hole without mercy.

Her tight pussy, tighter from behind, her walls squeezing him without mercy, it robbed him of any self control. She screamed, "fuck me," over and over. Her orgasm a torrent of cum. He gripped her arms, afraid of falling out of the world as he felt his cock shaking inside her. Twitching like a million volts fused to his cock, he exploded. His cum squirting, coating her walls with thick release. Puddling under his shaft, mixing with her cum.

Spooning, now finished, both panting, he whispered, "still friends?"

"Always," she whispered back.

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