She held her tight as their tongues did an erotic dance of their own. Eve never in her life thought she would be mentally or sexually attractive to another woman, but here she was with her tongue in her mouth and her hands grabbing and squeezing her plumb curvy flesh. From her full lips to her plump heart shaped ass, Eve couldn't get enough of her and then there were her large pillowly tits with big pink colored mouth filling nipples. She couldn't wait to get one in her mouth which was her motivation to seduce Ms. Candace Felton. Candace was one of the new lawyers at the firm and was of medium height,say about 5'5" tall very attractive. With long wavy blond hair that she keep pulled back and out of the way of her pretty face with her large intelligent blue eyes.

Eve was a legal assistance working her way to her Law degree. She was just as curvy as Candace with large tits and a bubble butt all attached to an hour glass figure. She and Candace were both women built for comfort and pleasure,which was one of the reasons that they were attracted to each other.

It was at the end of a long day when Eve found Candace sitting in her office looking out at the sky line. The place was all but empty and Eve had just finished up a file that she had been working on for one of the other lawyers. Eve was just taking it back the files when she passed her office. She stopped end stuck her head in the open door and just watched her for a second before speaking.

"Hey Candace, you still here?" she asked as looked at her admiring the way Candace's hair curled in thick waves around her head and shoulders.

"Oh yes Eve I am, but I will be leaving soon. Hey would you like to go somewhere and get something to eat and maybe have a drink or two," Candace asked her voice reflected a nervous quality. By now she was looking directly at Eve as she had come into her office and was standing on the other side of her desk.

Eve could feel her nipples straining against the material of her bra and the draped front navy blue blouse she was wearing. Eve was sure that Candace could see them, but she didn't care as her nipples were always one for showing off. It was then that Eve noticed that Candace's nipples were doing the same thing.

"Sure,yes why not. I missed lunch today working on the Deacon file for Mr. Roland case coming up this week," Eve said as her felt her clit stiffen in her lacy barely there boy shorts underneath her navy blue pencil skirt.

They left the building about 30 minutes later and had decided to take Candace's car to the restaurant, but once there they could see that it was crowded. So they decided to go Candace's house and order out. Once there Candace showed Eve around making her feel very welcome and giving her a glass of some very good red wine as they looked over the take out menus. Deciding on Chinese,they placed their orders then sat around talking about work and themselves all the while feeling the sexual tension between them building.

"Look I am going to go take off these clothes and put on something comfortable. I have something for you to change into if you like," Candace said as she looked Eve over slowly.

Eve could feel her eyes lingering at her tits as she just nodded her head yes.

Candace came back after a while wearing a pink tunic top that ended mid-thigh with no bra on and Eve assumed wearing no panties as well. Candace was carrying a black tunic top that she handed to Eve and directed her toward the bathroom if she needed to go there.

Eve decided to push the boundaries a bit and undress right there in front of her. Slowly taking off her blouse with Candace watching her as she exposed her black bra holding amble tits somewhat in place. Eve nipples were now large,very noticeable and they were very much demanding attention.

Candace was now breathing through her bubble gum pink lips and desire was very much present in her eyes. Eve took off her bra slowly as Candace watched letting her tits fall free of their restrains bouncing a little as they did so. Eve turned sideways as not to catch her eyes trying to keep it all normal,but she knew that it wasn't. As Eve bend over to slide her boy shorts panties over and off her bubbled shaped ass she heard Candace gasp. Eve looked over to see Candace,who was now sitting on the sofa downing her glass of wine in one fast move. The pink tunic top had rinse up and Eve could see her smooth creamy white pussy mound as her nipples strained against the material of the tunic top. When Candace put the wine glass down, she looked over to see Eve standing totally naked in front of her with the tunic in her hands.

"Damn, bitch," Candace said almost in a whisper as she looked at Eve openly in lust and desire.

Eve walked over to her in her naked state with her amble hips swaying and tits bouncing ever so slightly. She had no idea what she was going to do once she got there as this was all new to her. Eve could see by the look on her face that Candace didn't know how to response once she got there,so they both took a chance.

"I have never been with a woman before," they both said at the same time which causes them both to laugh. Eve took a seat on the sofa next to Candace who was still looking at her with desire in her eyes. Canadace reached out for her,first touching her right breasts with exploratory fingers,then becoming more demanding in her touch squeezing the soft flesh of her breasts with both hands. Eve did the same to her left breast through the material of the pink tunic top Candace was wearing.

"Wait,let me take this off," Candace said as she stood up pull the tunic over her head leaving her as naked as Eve. They stood there facing each other, horny, needy and very wanting. They both never had been with the same sex or even considering it, but here they were.

Eve could feel her juice slowly running from her pussy and down her thighs. She looked down at Candace and could see that hers had leaked out on to her pussy mound leaving it all glistening wet.

Candace pulled her close and hesitated for just a second as she looked into Eve's eyes before their lips met for the first time. The kiss was soft and searching with lips first and then a little tongue that seem to ignite what was between them.

Eve became the aggressor as she grabbed Candace by the back of her head slipping her tongue between Candace's bubble gum lips. With her hands squeezing Candace's fleshy tits and ass as she let her desire lead her,lead us.

They rubbed their bodies together feeling their equal fullness and softness. Eve's fingers found Candace's pussy first, slipping between the full lips to find a welcoming warm wetness and then the hard nub that was her clit.

Eve started to finger her pussy as squeezed her right ass cheek at the same time. It just motivate her to become even more aggressive in her touching. With tongues dancing seductively between them and now with fingers in hot wet pussy Eve started to finger fuck Candace slowly,coating her fingers with her warm wetness. Moving from her lips to her sucking her nipples her finger thrust became more demanding sending Candace into moaning pleading demands for more and to make it faster. Eve ignored her and kept to her slow earth shaking demanding pace fondling her nipples and sinking her fingers deeper into Candace hot wet core. Candace found her way to Eve's pussy and did the same ked and sucked at each other,putting juice covered fingers in our mouths as they tasted each other pussy. It was not enough that they ended up on the floor somehow with their mouths where their fingers had been. Tongues licking and lapping at the tart sweetness they found there as their fingers were involved now in fingering ass holes.

Eve pulled her mouth off Candace's clit and started to bite lightly and suck and her thighs and the lips of her pussy. Candace moaned into her pussy so loudly and with such force that Eve could feel it which almost sent her over the edge. She was now on a mission to have a sensual feast of her first pussy and to make Candace Felton cum screaming her name.

"Oh no bitch, you fucking bitch, Candace screamed as she tried to get away from her I can't take anymore!"

" Oh no baby,you get your lily white ass back here and let me show you want you have been missing, Eve said as flipped her over onto her back and got between her legs and buring her face in her pussy.Candace came screaming and crying as Eve dominated her body.

Eve crawled up her body and grabbed both of her breasts pushing both nipples together she sucked them both into her mouth at the same time and bite down ever so gently. Candace screamed and her body jerked out of control as her eyes closed and her lips formed into a perfect O. Eve watched for second or two and decided that she was not finished with her just yet. Eve decided to check her bedroom for toys as she seemed like the type to have some. She found a double headed dildo,a clit tickler, nipple clips and a few other items. Eve took them all out to where Candace was still lying on the floor near the sofa basing in the afterglow of her orgasm. Eve dropped the items on the floor and kneeled between her legs which were now spread wide and still shaking slightly from her orgasm. Eve leaned over and kissed her softly on the lips as she pushed the doubled head dildo into her sloppy wet pussy. Candace eyes came flying open and as Even position herself to slide the other end into her own pussy. Never having tried this before they both seem to find our rhythm and at some point, they lost control and the desire to fuck and cum took over. They were grunting and moaning like to horny hot sluts in their lust as it consumed each. They both knew that there would be bruises later but they didn't care as they fucked each other as hard and fast as they could.They came hard and loud, screaming and cursing their pleasure as their orgasm rippled through their bodies in deep waves of release.

In response to her orgasm,Eve sucked the now deep pink nipple of Candace right breast into her mouth and all but locked her lips around it as she continued to ram her dildo filled pussy into hers. With one last push and a deep moan,she released the nipple with a pop from her mouth.

Breathing deeply as the scent of sex filled the air around them they laid in the blissful of their afterglow. Stroking each others as they talked in whispers they fell asleep in each other arms.

The next day the office was jumping with activity. Candace and Eve only had time to nod hello to each other, but there were much said in the looks between them. It was late in the day when Eve found time to take a walk around the office to stretch her legs. She found her way down to the stacks where the old files were kept which is at the back of the building where few go on a regular base. Eve walked around the large room with shelves stacked to the ceiling and in the dim light she saw that she was not alone. Eve walked toward the other person who had gone to the back of the room, which was just a catch all for what the office didn't need or want and found her.

Candace was stand there with her skirt pushed up to her waist and her naked pussy exposed. With right hand she was rubbing her clit and with her left she was stroking her exposed right tit. Eve could see that she was lost in her own world when she walked over to her. She kneeled down between her legs moving her fingers out the way as she replace them with her mouth and tongue. Eve lifted her legs and put them over her shoulder as she lapped at her pussy with it's warm,tart, sweetness, smelling of the sea. Her wetness coated the lower half of Eve's face,running down her neck onto the top of her now exposed breasts.

Candace opened Eve's shirt and have move her bra aside to expose Eve's nipples for her pleasure and mines. Eve had come to learn that she love to suck tits and had asked if I would consider lactating. Eve was giving it serious consideration as she sucked on Candace's clit

"Oh baby that feels amazing, Oh I love how you eat my pussy!!" Candace said as she cushioned my head between her thick silky thighs as she buried her hands in her hair.

Later that evening,Candace returned the pleasure while she lavished Eve's pussy with her oral attention as she shoved a vibration dildo up her ass. She could feel it vibration from her asshole all over her body as Candace took her turn at fucking her to the point Eve's toes curled. Later as they laid wrapped in each other's arms they talked trying to understand why them. All they could come up with was that the universe must have had other plans for two seemly straight women, who were now lovers.

As Candace put the nipple of Eve's right breast into her mouth she closed her eyes and Eve held her close. They both drifted off to sleep with the gently pull of Candace's mouth sucking on Eve's tit.
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