Strange Gift
Tired, I made my way to my bedroom. Never had a surprise party before, so many gifts, lots of books on history. Turning on the light, I see another present on my bed.

Smiling at its size, wondering why it was here and who put it here. My mouth dropped open as I unwrapped it. Four batteries, sitting on a plastic cover, blocking part of what was inside. For the single guy was written across the top. Laughing, I opened the box, a perfectly shaped ass, cheeks spread, a small hole in between. Under, nestled in between thighs, puffy lips around another hole, not as small as the asshole, but very tight looking.

It looked real, well, as real as a toy could, I guess. Shocked! My hand rubbed the ass, the nice puffy lips, feeling like soft skin, though cold. I put the batteries in the side, the damm thing started moving. Up and down, rubbing itself on my bed, moving its clit, did it have one? Meaning to pick