Strangers on a Train
It's 6:30 and I'm on the subway, heading home. I'm in a seat, something I never do, and the train is very crowded. A woman squeezes through the crowd, stopping in front of me. As I am sitting, I see her from the waist down. She's wearing a white button down shirt tucked into a skirt, that ends a few inches above the knee. She's also wearing an overcoat of some kind and sheer hose on her long, gorgeous legs. Heels, of course, to accentuate the stellar shape to those lovely stems.

I rise and, without taking my eyes off those legs, offer her my seat. She sees the boot on my ankle, thanks me and says she's fine standing.

As I go to sit back down, the train jerks into a turn, cause me to wobble a bit on my way down. Instinctively, I reach out to grab something and wind up with my hand on her leg, gripping her knee. I sit down as I realize that I am now holding onto this incredible leg and as I announce my horrific humiliation at this gaffe, she whispers "it's absolutely fine" and closes her legs, her knees clamping against my hand.

Slowly, she starts releasing my hand, moving her knees back and forth a bit as she eases herself forward.

As my hand frees up a bit, I wiggle my fingers slightly, enjoying the new found freedom. She bends her knees slightly, causing my wiggling fingers to move up along her inner thighs. I flatten my hand out again and place my hand on her inner thigh, slowly moving my palm up and down along the soft, smooth fabric of her hose.

Sliding upward the third time, my thumb hits the end of the hose. She's wearing thigh highs and my cock jumps.

Then she repositions her arms so that her coat is now draped wider, blocking me from the rest of the train. Understanding the hint, I slide my hand higher, moving my fingers along the soft flesh of her inner thigh.

She buckles her knees again, ever so slightly, and my thumb finds the uppermost part of her thigh, where thigh meets torso. Ever so carefully, I move my thumb upward and as my thumb finds the front of her panties, the warmth and wetness is evident.

Getting bolder, I move my whole hand over the front of her panties. My thumb begins rubbing her clit as my fingers start moving up and down along the damp fabric, easing it between her swelling lips.

She lets go of the bar over my head and her hand slips inside her coat. I hear a snapping sound and, suddenly, her panties fall away from her left leg. I lift my hand up a bit and the fabric that separated my flesh from hers, is no more. Another snap and the damp fabric falls into my lap. I grab the black lace and quickly bury it in a pocket as I slip two fingers inside her now soaked pussy. Bending forward, she forces my fingers deeper inside as she grinds her clit against the palm of my hand.

As she gyrates her hips the train bounces and jostles us both, her pussy rubbing over my hand, my fingers no longer move. I've hooked them upward to help keep the contact between her sex and my hand.

The train stops. Passengers move around us, but we are oblivious to any movement other than the slight swaying of her hips as she continues to grind against my palm.

I slide my fingers deeper inside her to better my hold on her, my palm pressing hard over her clit as I do so and the combination of my fingers plunging deeper inside her and the additional pressure over her swollen button, are all she can handle. Her knees buckle and the walls of her pussy tighten and contract around my fingers. I slowly move my fingers in a "come here" motion as her pussy throbs and pulses around my digits. I feel the warmth of her orgasm and the wetness envelops my hands as one bead of her juice crawls slowly down the back of my hand and hangs, swaying with the movement of the train, at the edge of one of my knuckles.

She slips her hand inside her coat, removes my hand from between her legs and straightens out her coat. She whips out a cell phone and begins furiously tapping out a message with her thumbs. Suddenly, she stops typing and her left hand drops, the phone's face is hanging there, in front of my eyes.

"Tomorrow, 6:30, 4th car, same seat and, if you offer my seat, I promise to take it so I can properly thank you. Call if you'll be late."

I scrambled to grab my phone, repeating her number over and over in my head to avoid losing it.

As I tapped in the information, 6:30, 4th car, same seat , the phone number, the train stopped. I looked up and she was gone.

I brought my hand up to my face, smelled the sweet and sour sex on my fingers, casually tasted the trace of her on my fingers and realized I didn't have a fucking clue where I was.

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