"Come on get up and out of those horrible pajamas, you are coming with me."

My friend Sarah was determined to pull me out of the funk I had been in for the last five weeks two days and 16 hours. That was the exact length of time since I walked into my apartment and discovered my boyfriend fucking the slut who lived in the apartment directly below ours. The same slut who's bedtime antics were broadcasted throughout our apartment on an ad-nauseum basis. So I'm sleeping on Sarah's couch minus an apartment, a boyfriend and my pride.

Sarah bodily threw me into the shower, who knew she had it in her. Then she sat on the toilet and proceeded to chew my ass out. I could not have had the friend that shared a tub of Ben and Jerrys. I had the friend who gave me the riot act for not getting up off my ass. To be fair it had been five weeks two days and Sixteen and one-half hours.

That is how I found myself surrounded by our friends, drinks in hand in a strip club. Watching the most sculpted ass I had ever seen work moves that were oh so sinful. Oh yeah, I was the one down front jumping up and down waving a Twenty, which I so longed to tuck into those briefs with the impressive bulge. I could not take my eyes away from him, my hands itched to palm that ridge of muscle in his briefs and feel it grow to an even more impressive size. All too soon his set was over and he disappeared behind the thick red curtain.

Sarah linked arms with me and headed off towards what I assumed were the ladies rooms. Instead, she used a key card and pushed open a door. Inside, the room was bare except for a scarlet red couch and a sign that read no touching the dancers. I knew instantly what she had done. Soon after a waitress brought us more drinks, I was already flying high and feeling no pain. So when that door opened and two panty dropping mouth-watering male Gods walked through the doors I was half way out of my very wet panties eager to get this show on the road.

They were identical twins named Jayden and Jaylen. Jayden, the one with several of my twenty's in his very hot pants, moved over to me and straddled my legs. He air fucked me without touching me once. My God the man could move and my hands itched to roll over his hard muscles. Does he have one ounce of fat I wondered?

Sneaking a peek at Sarah my mouth fell open. Her hands were all over Jaylen, but one look at him and it was obvious he had no problem with that at all.

My heart nearly stopped when Jayden took my hands and placed them low on his hips. Then he leaned over, his minty breath tickled my ear. "Come on baby. I want your hands on me. You're so hot all I could think of on that stage was getting you alone and fucking your pretty brains out."

That did it, that invisible pin that kept me in place snapped and roughly, I pulled him down to me, as I covered his mouth with my sucking, biting lips as my hands roamed over his cut body.

Looking over I saw Sarah and Jaylen were similarly indulging in each other. I allowed my remaining restraint to go off leash. We all pulled at each other's clothes wanting to get just that little bit more skin against skin.

Jayden pulled me onto his lap, my pussy was already wet and wanting to feel the heat of his steel hard cock.

Jaylen pulled Sarah onto his lap, and I watched as she moved against his cock while she watched me grind against Jayden. I did something I had not done since we were in college. I wrapped my arms around her neck, pulled her to my lips and kissed her deeply. I groaned as her tongue slid in and out of my mouth. Rising up in unison we lowered our soaking pussies on the twin cocks, riding them slowly as the guy's hands kneaded tits and asses, switching from mine to Sarah's. Who's hands where who's did not matter, no one cared.

Sarah looked into my eyes and I knew what she wanted as she rose from Jaydon's cock and moved to take Jaylen's in her mouth as I knelt between Jaydon's legs and took him in my mouth, sucking Sarah's pussy juices from it as I slid my mouth up and down his length. The guys moans sounded so similar I had no way of keeping up with who was groaning, cursing or grunting. The sounds and smells of sex were heavy in the room

The guys pulled out of our mouths and moved behind us, and at the same moment, slammed their broad cocks deep inside our wet grasping cunts. Heavy balls slapped my ass, Sarah's fingers flew over my clit while I fought to make my trembling limbs work, to keep breath moving through my heaving lungs as the nearly painful tension snapped like the crack of a whip, wrenching forceful erotic spasm's in a seemly unending wave that pulled me toward dark oblivion. I woke as Jayden slid me into the back of our designated driver's car Sarah scooting in beside me.

"You ok?" Sarah asked.

"Yea. Wake me early in the morning. I need to go kick that Jackass out of my apartment."

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