Strip Club PickUp
My name is Leslie and I'm married to a WONDERFUL man and really could NOT ask for more! When we were just dating, he introduced me to the "lifestyle" of swinging. It took me several months to get into the "swing" of things, but now I'm a pro at it!

One of the things we have always enjoyed doing, since before getting into the lifestyle was going to strip clubs. There's one in particular in Washington, DC we enjoy called "Bad Girls."

One Friday evening we arrived home from work with no real plans for the evening and we were both too excited about the weekend to simply sit home and channel surf, so my hubby David suggested we go to Bad Girls. He also told me to go get a shower, put on some sexy clothes and pretty smelling scent and keep an open mind about where the evening may go.

So, we headed into DC and went into the club; it was rather packed, but we did end up getting a nice table right in front of one of the stages. When we sat down, just turns out there was one extra, open seat next to me.

We ordered a couple glasses of wine and gave the strippers a few bucks and enjoyed the show. About an hour after we got there this tall, dark and handsome guy in a suit walks up to the open seat next to me, pulls it out and asks if he may sit there. Of course I said "YES" with my pulse racing slightly.

He sat down and made small talk about how packed the club was and the current dancer on the stage. He told me his name is Mike and he ordered a drink and occaisionally made small talk with me. Through the course of another half hour I learned that he was in DC on business, he just came from a conference and wanted to grab a drink, watch some pretty girls and relax.

He had a great smile and he clearly enjoyed smiling, as he did it often! He also had these soft-looking, full lips that looked like they would be dreamy to feel against mine! Since we were in close quarters, I would feel his arms press up against me and I could tell he was very muscular as well.

When the waitress came back over to ask us all if we wanted another round, he ordered for David and I and said he would pick up that round. I was very impressed by this and found myself in more of a conversation with him. I think my hubby could now tell where this might go and he was VERY supportive.

Once the drinks arrived, he reached across me to place my drink in front of me and at the same time I reached for the glass and grabbed his hand. I said sorry, but he quickly grabbed my hand and said it was OK and suggested I keep it there and the next thing I knew, I was holding his hand and he rested it back down on his thigh, under the table.

Within a few minutes, he gently moved my hand from his thigh to his inner thigh, about half way between his crotch and knee and I could TOTALLY feel the head of his cock pulsing. This INSTANTLY made me perk up and my heart rate nearly doubled! "WOW, He's THAT BIG?!?!" I thought to myself! mmm

So, he leaned over and whispered in my ear and said "I hope it's ok that I did that?" To which I said YES!! He then asked if my hubby was ok with this and I said he most definitely was.

After a few more minutes I found myself stroking and really working his cock through his trousers. He was really enjoying it and would let out a slight moan at times.

He soon suggested we go back to his hotel. I told him that I NEVER play without my husband present and he said he definitely wanted David to come along. So, we all left together.

As soon as we got to his room, I went into the bathroom to freshen up and he and David sat and chatted a bit. While I was in the bathroom, I decided to remove my panties and put them in my purse, to spice things up a little. When I came out, David was giving me the green light signal with his eyes and at one point even gave me a thumbs up when Mike wasn't looking.

I sat on the edge of the bed, next to David. Mike then came right over and sat on the other side of me. Here I was surrounded by two HOT men... I felt like the luckiest lady alive at that moment. I was starting to get warm from the thought of what might come.

David put his hand on my thigh and other hand behind my head and pulled me over to kiss him. I sooo enjoy kissing my hubby, nothing like the feeling I get when outr lips are pressed together!

Then I feel another hand on my other thigh... running up and down my thigh to just under my skirt. David stops kissing me and whispers in my ear that Mike needs a kiss too. So I quickly move towards Mike.

WOW - just as I thought... those ARE some INCREDIBLE lips!!! within a minute he was licking my lips, neck and ears and I was in heaven! I felt so relaxed I felt like putty in his hands.

He layed me back on the bed and knelt down between my legs and spread them while kissing from my knees up to my inner thighs. He kept teasing me like this and would run his tongue down my inner thighs. All the while, David laid back with me and was making out with me.

Then I felt Mike's nad make his way up between my thighs to my sweet spot. He then pulled me down to the edge of the bed more and spread my thighs with more force this time, leaned in with his head and started kissing and licking my sweet, wet pussy.

He worked my clit perfectly... not too hard, but not too soft either. He gently sucked on it and licked all around it and had me quite worked up.

He then pulled his head out from under my skirt and reached up and pulled my top down so he could lick and suck my nipples and breasts and they were so excited to have him there.

He kissed his way back up my neck to my lips and we made out while I stroked is cock (now VERY stiff) through his pants.

He then got up on the bed and kneeled beside my head. I leaned my head in to the outline of his stiff cock in his pants and began to nibble a little and move my lips over the outline of that huge cock. mmm... Felt great to feel this and to hear his response, his moans and to feel his hand grab my head and pull me in closer.

I found myself unzipping his trousers, which now had wet pre-cum spots on them. I reached in and pulled that stiff cock out and it sprung to attention, facing me!

I dove right in, licking and sucking his balls and he was really moaning and worked up now! He grabbed my long, blonde hair with both hands, working my head as my tongue and mouth worked his balls.

I then looked up at him and asked if he had a condom and told him I wanted him to fuck me. He quickly got one from his pocket, put it on and laid me back.

He got on top of me and I grabbed ahold of that huge snake of his and guided it into me. I enjoyed feeling it in my hand while also feeling the head and tip in my wet pussy. I then moved my hand and he slid allllll the way in - WOW!!! The feeling was intense!

I looked to the side to see my hubby, David with his pants off stroking his cock and I motioned for him to come over. He did and I grabbed his cock, dripping wet with pre cum and put it in my mouth... there's nothing like the taste of his wet cock!!

I sucked him hard while I got fucked hard - Now I was in heaven!!

After working me quite well in the missionary position, Mike turned my legs on the side, while I was still on my back, he then fucked me in a kneeling sideways position... that's one of my favorite positions! Feeling his thick, hard cock sliding in and out in that position was incredible!!

He clearly enjoyed the hell out of it too as his moans got louder and stronger. He worked his cock in and out harder, faster and with more authority.

I could feel him getting closer and I ws really getting aroused by the thought of his huge cock unleashing a huge load. I told him he needed to cum on my tits and he agreed.

He quickly pulled out, ripped off the rubber and moved up towards my tits. Meanwhile, David was rubbing my tits and we were both telling him to cover my tits with his cum.

He let out a scream and spewed that warm cream all over my tits in a heavy dose! Both me and David were sooo excited to see that.

David quickly moved in, and started rubbing his cum in and then he got between my legs and rammed his hard cock into my freshly-fucked pussy and started fuckiing my while leaning in and sucking on my cum-flavored tits.

This drives him wild and it didn't take him long at all to let out a moan and start shuttering as he came and filled my pussy with his sweet seed!

He slowed his pace and meanwhile, Mike started getting erect again at the site of this. As David pulled his cock out, Mike quickly lowered his head between my legs and licked my swollen, cum-filled pussy and sucked on my clit until I came... DAMN, it was AWESOME!

It was a night to remember... We hope you llike our story!
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