Stripped On Stage
I was enjoying a pint of beer with a couple of new friends in the club, having had the luxury of standing right next to the small raised dance podium. You see, this was no ordinary club, and in no ordinary place either. This was Cap D'Agde, an entire town devoted to nude revellers of the sun in the south of France. That was the day time experience. At night everyone dressed up and went to clubs. There were swinger clubs, and there were clubs just for dancing. Some swinger clubs were exclusively for couples, and some were very expensive for single males. I already had my share of fun in a swinger's club and so when my new friends asked me if I would join them clubbing, I gladly said yes.

It wasn't a swinger's club, you couldn't have sex out in the open, but it was an interesting place nonetheless. There were two main areas, each with a small raised dance podium with 3 poles on it. Anyone could dance on it, as I later found out, but early on in the night while people were still warming up to the place the sexy dancers hired by the club were sent in to dance. They wore amazingly sexy clothes. My favourite was a girl with a white bikini top and a very short micro-mini ruffled skirt over a miniscule thong. They didn't strip completely, they stopped at their thongs, but my goodness they were good dancers....

Soon the regular club-goers started getting up on the dance podium and dancing sexy moves themselves. They all started fully clothed but eventually ended up completely naked. It was riveting to watch. My two new friends were getting frisky with each other and told me they wanted to head back to their room for some sex. I was fine with that.. I didn't mind at all at being left alone in a place as sexy as this. I was starting to be content just watching when a girl in a little black dress across the dance podium gave me a sly sexy wink and tilted her head towards the stage, indicating she wanted to dance with me up there. I smiled back at her as I weighed my decision. It was a big decision of course... I've never been invited to be naked and to be at the centre of attention before.

Again she looked at me and tilted her head towards the stage, her eyes questioning me if I dared. Gulping down my inhibitions I nodded yes, and we both proceeded up the stage from different ends. After all, I knew no one here, and it was probably the only time I would ever have the chance to do this. The crowd started cheering. She was an incredibly sexy girl... She had an amazing body, and had already danced her sexy moves on the stage a few moments earlier. I noticed that she had always stripped the guy down to nothing, but kept all her clothes on. I was eager to find out what was under that sexy dress...

We gyrated our bodies together to the music on the tiny stage. Everyone looked at us. How could they not? Here was an obviously sexy lady with what looked like a new caramel-skinned toy-boy up on stage, dancing to sexy music and teasing the hell out of each other. Soon she turned towards me, slid down my body until she was eye-level with my belt, and looked up at me. She asked me something in French. I did not understand her words, but I did understand her gesture of tugging at my belt. I smiled at her and nodded my head, trying to act nonchalant about it all but I don't think it appeared that way, I doubt it had mattered anyway. Instantly she was unbuckling my belt and pulling it out of the belt-loops of my trousers, leaving it on the stairs of the stage. Then she unbuttoned my white shirt and took it off of me. I remained still. She wiggled her sexy ass as she held on to the buckle of my pants, asking the audience if she should go further. They cheered on. Following their wishes she unbuckled then slowly unzipped my trousers... and that's when she noticed I had no underwear on.

She put her hand over her mouth pretending to gasp in shock and looked back at the crowd. They were loving the show, and cheered her on. Looking up at me with a sly smile she tugged my trousers down as I stepped out of them. My cock sprang to life under her watchful eye, and she licked her lips seductively. Then she stood back up, turned her back towards me, and started grinding her body against mine. I tried to hold on to her body but she writhed away like a snake. A sexy snake in a black dress... It was obvious she wanted to be in control of this situation, and she started walking away from me, towards the stairs of the podium, when i grabbed her hips.

I turned her around, and said "Show's not over yet darling," with a wink. She shook her head and said no, but the crowd was cheering us on yet again. I looked at her and tilted my head towards the crowd, indicating they wanted to see her in all her glorious naked self too. And she relented. Shrugging her shoulders she started dancing close to me again. Her dress was one with peek-a-boo holes on the sides which made it quite obvious she wasn't wearing anything underneath. I took my time. First I knelt down in front of her, placing my hands at the bottom of her legs and slowly caressing upwards... past her knees and up onto her thighs. I purposely didn't touch her pussy as I slid my hands onto her hips under her dress. As my hands slid past her tummy her dress had already hiked up above her ass and pussy, and the crowd's cheering got louder. I continued my ascent up to her small cute breasts, my cock also making its ascent up her legs at the same time. She placed her arms around my neck as I fondled her soft breasts, her naked pussy pressing onto my cock. I was so hard and horny... I had all but inserted my cock into her, but I restrained myself on that last bit. I slipped off her dress and looked around for a place to put it, when a girl reached out for it. I could only assume it was her friend, so I gave it to her. We were now dancing close, bodies touching and sending electric shocks to each other... until the music changed. As much as we wanted to continue further we knew we had to end it. Reluctantly breaking the contact, we walked down the stage in separate ways. As I was dressing I had a few rubs on my backside, which just served to make me hornier for the night. The girl had walked naked into the arms of another guy who must have been either her boyfriend or husband. Interesting..

It was a good night to say the least..
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