Subdue Me
We were returning from a date, both happy and relaxed, as usual having enjoyed our time together. Neither of us ever forgetting the many months we spent apart making the time we are together, now even sweeter. We had gone to the movies to take in the latest scary flick that we'd both been wanting to see. I was especially happy when seeing I was scared, you had alternated between holding my hand or having your arm around me most of the evening, and after having gone so long without your touch, I was just soaking it up.

We walk into the house, I turn to double lock the door, before I can turn back around you pin me against the door with your muscular body, rubbing your hard cock against my ass. YES! My mind screams out. You're an incredible lover and always bring me so much pleasure, I've never been with a more sensual, sexual man and I'm definitely loving it. But I have to admit, I've for many, many moths had fantasies of you taking me, and they all start very similar to this. So my pussy is instantly wet and my mind whirling with what may be to come. I haven't asked for this, I know that you're aware I desire it, but I wanted you to desire and crave it like I do. And let's face it, if a man's going to take you it's so much better if it's his idea and you're caught unaware. Which you definitely have me lol. Your hot breath against the back of my neck, sends a chill down my spine, and when your lips press against the same spot, I moan, my body coming more alive. How do you do that? How do you excite me so much, so quickly? All it takes is a look, a touch, even the sound of your voice at times, and my pussy throbs and longs for you. I mean don't get me wrong, I definitely love it, but it's something I've never experienced before.

You turn me around, and again press up against me. My body trapped between the door and you. Grabbing my head you tilt it, your eyes holding mine in your heated gaze as you come closer and closer. When you reach my lips you teasingly lick them, then take my bottom lip in your teeth, gently nipping, then not so gently. I moan into your mouth as your lips possess mine, demanding a response and definitely getting one. You're kissing me hard and deep,ravaging my mouth with your tongue, and I'm caught in the web of lust you're weaving around me.

Trailing a line of hot kisses along the side of my neck, you stop, your mouth sucking strongly, leaving marks of your possession. I moan helplessly, loving the feel of your mouth against my skin. This always gets me so excited, I think to myself there must be a direct nerve from my neck to my pussy, this always makes my inner muscles clench so tightly.

You take my hand, almost dragging me into the living room, then bend down and scoop me up into your arms, to carry me up to our bedroom. I let out a squeak, I was so surprised. No man has ever carried me to the bedroom before. Hell, no man has ever carried me anywhere, period. You hold me close, cradled to your body, your hard muscles surround me, as you carry me up the stairs. I can feel them rippling against my body. WOW! So hot, your strength, finally realized, has my juices flowing even more than they were. If I wasn't wearing panties a line of those precious fluids would be trailing down my legs. As it is, my panties are totally soaked, the lace trapping my moisture against me.

You carry me to the bed, setting me down, you immediately start undressing me. Pulling my blouse over my head, forgoing undoing the buttons in your haste to get me naked, next off is my bra, my ample breasts bared to your hungry gaze. Your eyes almost scorching me, so much need, love and lust, it takes my breath away.

You pull me to my feet, undoing my jeans and pushing them, along with my panties down my legs. Thinking your gaze was scorching just a few short minutes ago, now it's volcanic, as your eyes take in my naked body. You quickly strip your clothes off, your eyes never leaving mine, as you race to get naked. I'm surprised I don't hear a tearing sound, you seem in such a hurry, not caring if your clothes survive your hasty removal of them. It's very hot and flattering how eager you are to get rid of anything that will get in the way of our bodies touching skin to skin.

"Get on your knees and suck me, my pet." Hearing those words in your deep sexy voice sends a chill down my spine, my nipples harden until they are aching, the areaola shrunk to almost invisible, just distended hard nipple now. I sink to my knees in front of you, my eyes a captive of yours as you rub your hard cock all over my mouth, slapping my cheek with your steel shaft. I'm hungry for you, desperate to feel your hard length in my mouth, filling me. My hand moves towards you, "no my pet, no hands, only your mouth." I'm so excited, extremely wet, my juices running down my thighs, the trickling streams visible to you, the scent of sex strong in the room.

I touch my tongue to your head, licking the drops of pre-cum glistening on the tip. Bringing them back into my mouth, I savor the taste of you. MMMMMMMMMM I want so much more, need so much more. I lick your cock from base to tip, all around you, not a fraction of your cock missing my tongue's attention. I licked down to your balls, can't leave them out. I run my tongue all over them, loving the feel of your smooth skin. I suck one into my mouth, your hand cups the back of my head, holding it while I lick and suck, drawing you into and out of my mouth. Switching to your other ball, I give it the same attention. You pull my head away from your balls and pull it towards your cock, you tell me, "I want to be in your mouth NOW!!!"

Gone are my plans of licking and teasing you, that's not what you want, and I always want to give you what you want. My lips against the head of your cock, I kiss you once, then slide over your cap, extreme heat surrounds you as I take you into my hungry, greedy mouth. We both moan, both apparently loving the feel of your cock in my mouth. Without skipping a beat I suck you hard and fast, the powerful suction stealing your breath momentarily. I know what you want, and am desperate to give it to you.

My saliva covers your cock, aiding in my lightning fast movements up and down your rigid shaft. You grab my head, fistfuls of of my silky hair in your hands, your dick fucking my mouth hard and fast. Your thighs tremble as you stroke in and out of my mouth. My hands on your ass, feeling your muscles tighten under my finger tips, as I pull you harder into my mouth. Your cock stiffens even more and I know you're close, and moan around your steel shaft. With one last hard thrust into my mouth, you bury your cock as deep as possible, moaning and grunting as you explode, your cum rocketing over my tongue and down my throat. I swallow time after time as you unload your creamy seed into my mouth.

You pull me to my feet and push me onto the bed, my head on the pillow. I am dying to see what your next move will be. I have no idea what to expect in your current mood, but I know I will love it, whatever it is that you do. And that thought is confirmed as you reach down and pull up the restraints that have been there for months, lonely and unused. You're watching me, a devilish gleam in your eyes, I moan quietly, my excitement hard to contain. I can't even begin to describe how excited I get when in restraints, just you applying them has my heart racing, breathing accelerated, deep muscles clenching. My pussy is so wet, you see the juices clearly flowing as you surprise me, shackling my ankles and wrists together. I expected to be spread eagle, but in this position, my holes are vulnerable to you. You watch as my juices trail down, pooling on my other hole.

"Close your eyes my pet, and no peeking."

Of course I close my eyes, the teasing, yet commanding tone in your voice something I can't resist. I feel something trailing along my skin, at first not sure what, but then it comes to mind. About two inches long, probably an inch and a half across, with a red heart in the center, the feel of the leather crop stroking across my skin makes me gasp. You lightly stroke all over my body with it, watching the way I respond. My nipples tightening, goosebumps visible all over my body, muscles tightening and relaxing just under the skin. You've never seen my body respond quite this way before, and it's both fascinating and hot to you.

You wonder what my reaction would be if you...SMACK, you bring the crop down against my arm, I flinch, as a deep moan that I can't deny, escapes my lips. Hmmmm, you think to yourself, must be very pleasurable. You decide to keep going and rain light blows all up and down my arms and legs, paying special attention to my inner thighs, my body pulling against the restraints, my reactions no longer in my control. The crop doesn't hurt, you would never hurt me, but it does bring the blood to the surface, making my skin tingle, alive with pleasurable sensations. Every stroke, every touch against my skin magnified, until my whole body is an erogenous zone. The light sheen of perspiration on my body, panting and constant moaning, all telling you I'm close, very close to orgasm.

You bring the crop down multiple times all around my breasts, until you reach my nipples. My back is arching up off the bed, and my moans are urgent, needy to your ears. SMACK...SMACK...SMACK you connect sharply with my one nipple. SMACK...SMACK...SMACK, the other nipple receives the same treatment from you. My excited sobs fill the room, my head moving side to side on the pillow, back arched, all my muscles tensed. Suddenly three sharp SMACK'S against my pussy lips and clit, make me lose what little control I had, and I cum, screaming out in ecstasy, so excited I squirt. Cum running out of me and down the crack of my ass like a river, some pooling on my anus, some continuing on to soak into the sheets. With my legs spread so wide, pussy open some, you have the most incredible view, you can actually see my pussy muscles contracting and relaxing.

You throw the crop down, wanting and needing to feel me skin against skin. Telling me to open my eyes, you settle between my legs. Your eyes hold me captive in your scorching gaze as you run your tongue from the crack of my ass, all the way to my pussy, licking up the sweet nectar you have just drawn from my body. Your tongue runs up my delicate lips, sticky with my cum. Sucking them into your mouth, you devour my lips and clit, just like I did your cock just a short time ago, and when you nibble them gently, then a little harder with your teeth, I can't hold back my cries of passion, nor the incredible orgasm that courses through my body, creating more cum for you to consume. You licked and sucked my pussy like a starving man who hadn't eaten in a month, and I'm the main course. You, ravenous for every drop of cum my body produced.

You kiss up my body, every press of your lips against me a pin prick of fire against my skin, until you reach my lips, yours hungry for mine, mine for yours. We meet in an explosion of passion and need, your tongue sweeps into my mouth, I can taste my essence on it, as our lips give and take. Your large shaft is draped across my ass and pussy, pressed tightly against me. My seemingly never ending juices start to flow again, and you can feel the wetness against you.

You move back down my body, your face so close to my holes, I can feel your hot breath against me. Wanting and needing more, just like I am, your fingers delve into my pussy, collecting some of my moisture, then move just a few inches to my tightest hole, pressing against me, your finger enters my tight tunnel, you stroke it slowly in and out. My gasp, then moan of pleasure letting you know I want and need this too. You add another finger, feeling and watching how I grip you so tightly. You spread your fingers slightly apart to loosen me a little for what is soon to come.

My juices still flowing, glisten on my pussy and around my tightest hole, aiding in your fingering of my ass. I groan out just one word "please." You rise above me, your cock harder than I've ever seen it, the head dark purple, and I want, no, need to feel you inside of me. You must feel the same. Sliding ever so slowly into me, you moan as my asshole opens slightly, welcoming you in, then embraces you tightly, as it closes around you, gripping you, holding you snugly as you move in and out of my body. Each stroke moving deeper and deeper into me, until you are buried balls deep in my ass.

You set a slow, steady, seductive pace to start, allowing me to feel every inch as you glide into me. You reach forward and undo the restraints on my wrists and ankles, lift me up into your arms, kissing me passionately, our tongues stroking against each other. You pull out of my ass, my sound of disappointment making you softly laugh. "Don't worry my pet, you'll soon be full of my cock again." I moan at this hot statement, always greedy for more when I'm with you.

You come around to the end of the bed, tell me to turn over, get on my knees, with the top part of my body flat against the bed, ass up in the air. I move quickly to position myself as you desire, knowing that anything that is good for you, is ultimately going to be good for me too. You position yourself behind me, and in one long hard stroke, bury your cock to the hilt in my sopping wet, tight cunt.

My shocked cry of pleasure filling the room, as you ram in and out of me, hard and fast, your balls swinging, smacking against my clit every time our bodies meet. Your hand is in the middle of my back, pinning me to the bed. The tension in my body grows as your shaft and balls stimulate my clit more and more, your hard thrusts thrilling me. You continue to hammer into my pussy, sharp slapping sounds fill the room along with my cries of release as you spank my ass time and again. My orgasm seems to last forever, brought on by sweet pain, my inner muscles squeezing you so tight.

You pull out of my pussy, your cock coated with my cum. Placing your hot dick against my tight little asshole, you push slowly in, your large purple head splits me open. The bit of sweet pain as you enter my ass, soon fades as you feed more of your granite cock into me, inch by inch, until you are buried deep inside my ass. You hold still inside of me for a couple minutes, letting my body adjust to this large, welcomed invader as you kiss the back of my neck. I push back against you, starting to squirm, I desperately need to feel that hot friction of you taking my body, making it yours.

You're a wild beast inside of me! Your movements frenzied as you pound in and out of my my ass, finesse no longer possible or cared about by either of us. Both of us needing to feel the other, as hard and deep as possible, the sound of our bodies smacking together, panting, moaning and grunting, all that can be heard. I'm no longer on my knees, the force of your body hammering into me, has pushed me flat on the bed, your one hand still in the middle of my back, pinning me down, just the way I love it. Both of us building towards an earth shattering climax. I can feel your cock swell, can almost feel the cum swirling in your balls, eager to escape.

You tell me "OH FUCK, HERE IT COMES BABE!!!" The need and urgency thick in your voice.

With a yell like what might be heard on a battlefield, raising the fine hairs on my neck, you bury your cock as deep as you can and explode inside of me. Our extended play obviously intensifying the force of your orgasm, and the size of your load, as you shoot what seems to be gallons of cum into my waiting, greedy ass. Feeling you flooding me so completely sets off another major orgasm for me as well. My ass muscles squeezing tightly around you, sucking and milking every last drop of creamy seed from your balls, as you continue to pulsate inside of me.

When our orgasms finally end, you pull out of my ass, a river of your cum flowing out of me. You scoop some onto your fingers and hand, hold your hand to my lips, telling me "lick me clean, my pet." Of course I do. You know I love the taste of your cum.

Our bodies finally sated, we collapse against each other, drifting half in and out of consciousness. Resting securely in each others arms for now.
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