Submissive On Her Birthday
I was devastated when I got divorced. I did not want it. But she wanted to "find herself!" So, I put myself into my work. About a year later I met Sherry. She was sexy. She was funny. She was amazing to look at.
Sherry was an amazing woman whom I had been dating for almost a year. She was very successful with the chain of nursing homes she owned around the nation. She was a very powerful executive who had a submission fantasy. In our role-playing sessions she often wanted to be a sub that was totally under my control. On her 40th birthday I surprised her with a role-play she will never forget. We are married now and have been happy for the past 9 years. But, she has talked about this birthday night for years.
I told her I wanted her to come home early on the night of her birthday. (Before 6:00 PM was indeed early for her). She arrived right on time. I had a bath drawn for her with bubbles up to the edge, and gave her a flute of expensive champagne to sip while she soaked in her bath. Just as I was leaving the bathroom I grabbed her hair and tangled my fingers in it. It really startled her.
"You can take your time with your bath, but tonight you are my sub slut and you will follow my instructions or you will be punished." Her eyes went wide but I could tell by the look on her face that she was definitely in for whatever I had planned. I waited for her in the guest bedroom, which she used when she stayed overnight to get ready in. Finally she appeared in the doorway wearing a terry cloth robe. I snapped my fingers and made her kneel in front of me. "Get that robe off!" I shouted. She was shocked but she took it off and threw it on the bed and knelt down. I smacked her face and told her that I wanted her to dress in the new birthday outfit I had for her.
"You are going to dress like a whore for me tonight, Sub." I want your make up on heavy. And, you will wear this outfit I have selected for you along with this wig. She got up and sat at the vanity and began putting on her make-up. She put on thick silver blue eye shadow, her eyes were lined in thick black mascara. She lined her lips and put on a thick glossy red lipstick in several coats. Then she put on the long blonde Farah Fawcett style wig.
She was naked and her body is magnificent. I could not keep my eyes from roaming all over her. I stopped at her smooth pussy. Her lips were puffy and bright pink. Sherry has an hourglass figure and has huge, full tits and wide, flaring hips. She's not fat, but she is a big woman. Her wide ass is incredible but she has a flat stomach. Needless to say she turns me on.
She is very well groomed with a manicure and pedicure every week. I was making this successful entrepreneur dress like a streetwalkera whore and she loved it. Then she put on a black garter belt with black fishnet stockings, black satin panties, black satin ½ cup bra and a black and white satin maid's costume with a low cut neckline. I made her strut around the room so I could see her.
Then I pointed to a shoebox and she opened it quickly. In it was a pair of black patent platform sandals. They were "fuck me" shoes for sure. I pointed to the floor in front of where I was sitting. "Now get over here and tell me what you want." She knelt in front of me and took my hands and said, "Master, I want to please you. I am your sub and I will do anything you ask of me." Then she laid her cheek on my knee. "Please let me know what you want me to do for you. I will be nasty for you tonight. What I want most is for you to fuck my ass. I want to make it glossy and shiny for you so you can fuck me."
I pulled her up and kissed her on her forehead. "You look magnificent, Sub. Now it's time to serve me." I helped her up and led her down the stairs to the living room. Then I led her down the back stairs to the basement family room. I held her hand down the steps and then guided her in front of me. Waiting for her in the center of the room were 3 friends of mine from work who had not met her. Her eyes went wide, almost like they had springs on them. She told me later that night her heart was pounding out of her chest. Before she could say anything I said. "Our server is here guys." You should have seen the look on their faces! They all had pure lust in their eyes.
The poker table was set up and there was plenty of drinks and food. I took her over to them with my hands on her waist. "She is from an escort service and the cost is $ 1,000 for the evening. So, we each pay $ 250". I handed my portion to her. They followed suit. I smacked her on the ass and told her to get our drink orders. We sat down at the table and I began to shuffle the cards and distribute the chips.
"We're going to play some draw poker and whomever has the most money at the end gets to fuck our little maid here." I heard all kinds of catcalls and expressions of pleasure at the announcement. She stepped up to one of the guys to get his drink order and I saw his hand slide up her leg, under her short skirt. She tried to get away from him going on to get the next order.
He, also, slid his hand up her thigh and squeezed her ass. She pulled away from him and walked around the table. I knew she was loving it. She was the center of attention and she was going to be a good sub for us. The third guy stood up and grabbed her and kissed her hard on the mouth. "This is the sexiest bitch I have ever seen." He shoved his hand inside her dress and began squeezing her full breasts. She managed to pull away and took my drink order and went to the bar to make the drinks.
Someone said, "show us that big ass baby." She moved her feet apart and leaned forward and the little skirt rose up showing the bottom half of her round ass with part of the black thong visible between her cheeks. Everyone, needless to say, was encouraging her strongly. She brought the drinks back and everyone hands were roaming all over her legs as she served them.
One of the guys pulled his chair back and told her he needed her to get something he had dropped under the table. She knelt down and he held a $100 chip beside his cock. She took the chip and put it inside her bra and leaned forward and began licking his dick then she put her lips around it and went down on him. His head was tilted back and his eyes were closed as he moaned loudly.
She worked her way around the table on the floor and sucked all of our cocks. Then she crawled out and I told her we needed more drinks. She went back to make them and again she bent over so we could see her beautiful white ass. Then she reached under the skirt and rolled her panties down. She moved her feet wide apart and bent over again and pulled the skirt up to her waist. Her plump pink pussy was as smooth as glass.
She brought the drinks over and began to serve them. Someone told her he would give her $ 100 to take her dress off, but she said no. Then everyone started piling up the money. Finally she lifted the costume off over her head and took her bra off. There she was, standing there with a garter belt and stockings and the tall platform sandals. Those guys went crazy. Someone stood up and led her over to the sofa and began taking his slacks off. But one of the other guys stopped him. "Let's cut high card for her," he said. I spread the cards out on the table and we each drew one. The guy with his pants down drew a 9. Someone else drew a king. I drew a jack and the last guy drew a 3.
She lay back on the sofa leaning against the arm and put her leg on the top of the cushion. "Come on baby, is this what you have been wanting?" She pulled back those smooth pussy lips and he jumped on the couch between her legs. "Fuck me!" she yelled. He guided his cock into her and then she wrapped her legs around him digging her heels into his back. But he definitely didn't mind. Both of them were moaning and groaning. She motioned on of the other guys over and began sucking his cock. I could see her cheeks sinking in hard and deep.
Finally the guy began to cum and she squeezed his cock hard and he yelled, cumming into her mouth. Then the other guy began to cum. His body arched and he came violently. Then fell on top of her. The other guy sat on the floor and leaned against the sofa. She pushed the guy who drew the king off and looked at me, "I'll do you last sweetie, I want you" she said pointing to the last guy.
She got on her knees on the cushions and bent over the back of the sofa. "Get up here and show me what you can do." She screamed. He put his knees on the sofa behind hers and guided his cock into her and grabbed her by the waist and began fucking her harder than the first guy. "Fuck that pussy, baby! I got it all warmed up for you sweetie, do you feel that hot cum in there?" The more she talked the harder he pumped her and came quickly squeezing her hips. He finally fell over on her back breathing hard.
He got off her and she sat on the sofa. I looked up and they were all gone, piles of money piled up on the poker table. She got up, walked toward me and knelt in front of the bar stool I was sitting on. "Please fuck me now." she pleaded. "They have all used your sub, now I want you to finish me off." "You need to change first." I said. I pointed to a box visible under the sofa. She bent over and slid it out and took out the tall black boots. She took them into the powder room and shortly came out wearing nothing but the boots. They had tall heels and came up high on her thighs.
I handed her a bottle of oil and told her to get her ass ready. She smiled and went to the leather ottoman. She took the oil and poured it on her back right above her ass and began rubbing it all over her wonderful ass cheeks. The oil was dripping down her thighs, on to her boots and on to the ottoman. "Do you want your sub's ass shiny?" she asked. She has beautiful hands with long red fingernails and it was a site watching her smear that oil all over her ass and thighs. Those red fingernails against that white skin was mesmerizing.
Then she leaned forward. "Your sub's ready. Come fuck my ass, please, please, I need it! I want that cock so bad. I'm a bad girl, smack my ass hard! She cooed. I popped her ass several times. Then I took my thumbs and pried her cheeks apart and slid the head of my cock barely inside. "No, baby, don't tease me, give it to me hard! Please, please!" I gave her another inch. I teased her one-inch at a time. Before I was in her fully she climaxed. She reached between her legs and began rubbing her clit with her fingertips. "Fuck your sub's ass!" she yelled. And, I did it slow and easy until I exploded with a climax. "Happy birthday, sweetie" I whispered in her ear.
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