Such A Perfect Gift (part 1)
Fate can be so cruel, she thinks for over the millionth time. How else can she think of it? How else can she describe it, except a cruel trick of fate? It has brought the most perfect man for her. Perfect in every way, that is except for one. He lives eight hundred, forty seven miles away. That is a thirteen hour and nine minute drive. She knows. She has looked it up.

They would go to each other if they could, but due to circumstances beyond either's control they can't. So no matter how much they each want to be together, right now, it is not possible. Not in person that is. But they chat online each day and talk on the phone for hours each night, getting to know each other on a very deep, very intimate level. She tells him things nobody knows and totally opens her heart and mind to him, and he does to her as well. Each of them knowing they have someone and something so special, even though neither was looking. But like a bolt of lightning out of the blue, love struck, and neither has been the same since.

But there is one aspect of their long distance relationship that is hard for them to deal with, especially her. Not being able to touch him or be touched by him is really hard for her to bear. In fact she needs him badly, her heart, mind, body and soul cry out for him. It's a never ending ache that no matter how hard she tries, she can't escape. Does he feel it too? Does he know it? She wonders as she lays awake unable to sleep staring at the ceiling in her room.

One night while they are talking on the phone she remembers something she had seen long ago on a sex toy site she was looking at. It was called Clone-A-Willy kit, and it was a kit that your man could make a cast of his cock, and then from that make a dildo that is an exact replica of himself down to the smallest detail, every vein, every ridge, every bulge, an exact duplicate of his dick. She looked again, and now in recent years they have even improved it to include a vibrating feature. She tells him about this toy and practically begs him to do this for her. Telling him that even if she couldn't have all of him, she could at least have a part of him. He laughed his sexy laugh saying "no way", she could hear the blush in his voice, laughing herself at having caused her sexy man to blush. He does it often enough to her, so it was fun to return the favor. Knowing his refusal was firm, even though said jokingly, she let it drop. Although many nights as she lay in bed alone wanting him, needing him, she thought of this special toy.

So day by day their love grows, and along with that, their need as well. The sweeter needs, but also the more carnal ones. Whenever she hears his deep, sexy voice her pussy gets wet and her nipples rock hard, her body aching and wanting what can't be had right now. She wished it would just quiet down, not make this separation so difficult for her. But like a naughty child, her body just won't listen. She wonders if his does the same?

One day she goes to her mailbox and sitting on the porch next to it is a package sent priority mail. She takes it inside wondering where it's from, she's not expecting anything, so has no clue. When she looks, she sees it's from that adult store, she knew she hadn't ordered anything, so her curiosity is peaked. She opens the box, right on the top is a hand written note in bold masculine print, "Here is something to help you while away the long, lonely hours until we can finally be together. I hope you enjoy me. Love you"

"OMG!!!!" She squeals out loud, thankful nobody was around to hear that silly, juvenile reaction, but sometimes you just can't contain your joy and respond childishly lol. This happened to be one of those times. She knows from the note and where it came from what it is, and can barely contain her excitement. She wants to look so badly, didn't know how she held herself back actually. But a plan was forming in her mind, which dictates she can't peek right now, no matter how much she wants to.

When she talks to him on the phone that night, she doesn't let him know that his gift had arrived. Even when he starts fishing for answers, she somehow keeps the secret. Which in itself is a minor miracle, she is not good at hiding her thoughts, feelings and emotions from him. In order for her plan to work though, it requires him to be surprised. So she somehow keeps it together. After their call is ended she gathers candles from all over the house, runs herself a bubble bath and hops in. While in there she shaves her legs, now silky smooth, but leaves her pussy with the short hair that has grown since the last time she shaved, knowing he likes that.

She gets out of the tub and dries off, puts fragrant lotion on, applies a little bit of make up, mostly just her eyes to highlight them, then goes to her bedroom. She puts on purple lace boy short panties and a short purple sheer robe. Placing the candles she had gathered all around the room, she lights them and puts the inner box with her toy on the edge of the bed. She puts some raspberry flavored lube on the dresser, close at hand along with a small towel, then looks around to see if she missed anything before turning out the bedroom light. She opens her laptop, makes the necessary adjustments and starts making her video.

Then she sends him a message in the site they both write in to tantalize and tease, telling him to look in his email for something she is sure he will like. Of course he looks right away, and this is the video she left.

"Babe, thank you soooo much for the present!! I can't believe you actually did it! I'm thrilled that you did, but really surprised!" She giggles with delight, slightly blushing. "I can't begin to tell you how excited I am! It was so hard not to, but I haven't looked yet. I want you to see my reaction when I look at you for the first time, and all the things I do with you. I wanted to do something special in return for such a perfect gift, so I'm making this video. I really hope you enjoy it. I love you so much babe, and want you badly. How bad you're about to see."

For the first part she had made sure only her face was visible, but now adjusts it so he can see from the top of her head to about mid thigh. Her nipples already stiff, poke out, clearly visible through the sheer purple fabric. She runs her palms over them, then cups and squeezes her breasts, pinching her nipples at the same time between her index and middle fingers.

"Oh babe, that feels so good!"

Her tone had changed, her voice taking on that sexy, slightly husky sound she gets when turned on. She unties the robe's belt and lets it fall open, her breasts bared to his gaze. She lifts her right breast to her mouth, her tongue flicking against her nipple. She sucks it into her mouth, parts her lips and he sees she is biting it, they close once more and he knows she is sucking on it again. She lets that breast out of her mouth with a pop and gives the same attention to her other one. She pinches and teases the first one as she strongly sucks the second.

"I wish it was your mouth on my breasts, bringing me such pleasure."

She turns, slightly lifting her robe, leaning forward a tiny bit as she looks over her shoulder coyly at him.

"Like my ass babe? You know it's all yours."

The bottom part of her cheeks are left bare in her boy short panties. She rubs her hands over it, grabbing each side as she bends over more, her legs slightly spread. Her hands move to the top of her panties and she ever so slowly peels them over her ass cheeks, over her pussy, down her thighs, then her legs, revealing her ass and pussy to him inch by inch. Her hands splay across her butt, fingers spread as she pulls her cheeks apart, giving him a better view of where she wants him to be.

"Like the view babe? I bet you'd like a closer look, wouldn't you? Let me show you what's waiting for you."

The screen goes dark for a minute, then jostles, the next thing he sees is her pussy. Light blond hair frames her thick, but delicate looking light pink lips. Her fingers lightly run up and down them, tracing their shape as they swell beneath her fingers. She continues moving up until they reach her clit, which she rubs gently at first. He hears her soft sighs as she strokes against her hard nub, her excitement climbing as she pleasures herself for him. Her finger slides down between her lips and enters her glistening pussy, he can see her inner muscles gripping as it slides in and out of her tight hole. She adds another, thrusting them in and out, he can hear squishing noises as they move. Her breathing gets rapid, it catches as she gets closer, her moans and whimpers that she can't hide, sweet to his ears.

Her hips move in a sensual dance as her fingers penetrate faster and harder. Her breathing quickens even more and her moans get more urgent sounding, needier, and louder. Her legs open even wider, fingers now almost a blur, her hips bucking against her digits. Her muscles tighten, and her body quivers.

"Oh babe, I'm gonna cum for you! Oh fuck!"

A cry explodes from her lips as her orgasm hits, her moans long and loud. He can see her pussy squeezing against her fingers, hugging them tightly, thick white cum leaking from around them as she continues to fuck herself. She pulls her fingers out, spreads her lips wide and he can see into her open pussy, see her muscles expanding and contracting as her cum flows out. He watches as the strong contractions die down to a fluttering ripple, her lips coated white, sticky with her release.

Her fingers slide back in, her cum pushing out around them, thickly coating them like a glazed doughnut. She pulls them out and the screen shifts, he now sees her face again. Her eyes, dark with passion look straight at him, a naughty gleam visible as she raises her fingers to her mouth. Her tongue snakes out, lazily licking up the length of first one finger, then the other. She puts them both in her mouth sucking them, as if she was sucking her sweet nectar off his cock. Her eyes hotly gaze into his as she savors her taste, moaning, just like she knows he would be doing.

"I would so much rather it be you licking and sucking all the cum off my fingers babe. I bet you would love the taste of me."

When she is finished, she turns, grabs the box containing her precious toy, and opens the lid.

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