Sucking His Cock
(100% TRUE :P)

Hey Hot Bitch

Mmmmmmmmm you can call me a cock sucking cum eating bitch cause that's what I was the other night after I got your hot ass fucking story!!!!!
Wanna hear about it??? :P

He's a friend of mine I may have already told you about....we live in the same apt. complex.
I'd fuck him twice a day lol but it's really more like twice a year when I can get his ass DRUNK and come on to him so hot he can't resist.

We've been good friends for a long time and he says he doesn't want to mess up our friendship with sex! :(
I tease him and talk dirty and sexy to him A LOT lol trying to get him to get physical on me, but he laughs and pushes me away. Bastard.
He's not black and his cock is BIG but not HUGE LOL but baby he's so good he'd give even you such great fucking sex you couldn't help but love it all.

ANYWAY, last night I showed him your great beach story (he thinks it's fucking hot that you go for black men) and while he was reading I could see the bulge growing in his shorts.
I put my mouth on his ear and filled it with my hot breath and carefully pressed my hand on his cock and slowly rubbed it through his shorts. At first he laughed a little and tried to shrug me off, but I think he was getting so turned on from reading he didn't stop me YAY!!!!!
He was sitting slumped on the couch so I got on the floor and got between his smooth muscular legs mmmmmm. I jerked his athletic shorts below his butt and oh baby his big thick cock was sticking up HARD and the fat head was covered with precum.

Right away I plunged my mouth down on it and then slid my mouth up sucking hard with my lips pulling his thick shaft. OMFG I NEARLY CAME RIGHT THEN WHEN HE REAL QUIETLY GROANED "OH.....OH BABE"

He was still reading lol and I proceeded to fuck him with my mouth and suck the goddam shit out of his big hard delicious cock.
He fucking LOVED IT and I was so turned on my panties were soaked and even my SHORTS were WET lol.

God it was so fucking hot--I was like STARVED for sex--and I sucked his cock up and down, and twisted my mouth all around as rough as I could, and used my tongue all different ways inside my tight lips!!!!!
(I can give a pretty awesome blow job :P )

He finally finished reading and put down my iPad and just watched me. Then I knew I really had him when he started talking so fucking dirty to me in a real quiet voice. It made me eat his cock absolutely WILD.

And I was so turned on I pushed one hand down the front of my shorts into my soaked panties and started grabbing my slippery pussy and working my fingers around while I ground the heel of my hand around and around on my hard clit....all the time I was eating him.

Oh god baby it was so fucking great I was going crazy!!!

I sucked him and mouth fucked that big prick for a LONG TIME LOL.
Then when he real intensely groaned "Ohhhhhh fuck...fuck babe yeah" I started sliding up and down so fast that his cock head was poking the back of my throat. Shit I was sucking as hard as I could at the same time and after a while he bucked his ass up off the couch and grabbed my hair really rough like.

And yesssssssssss right then I felt his warm thick cum spurting in my mouth!!!!! SOOOOO FUCKING AWESOME I LOVE IT

I kept my lips tight on him sliding up and down and sucking and he was groaning so loud it was like he was DYING while all his cum pumped out and was literally filling my mouth.
Oh baby it was PERFECT

when he was pretty much finished I slid up off him slowly and sucking hard all the way to the tip, then opened my mouth for him so he could see all his thick white cum (I know he LOVES it when I do that :P ). There was so much some of it spilled over my bottom lip and got on my chin and I just let it drip off in a long cum string.
Seeing his cum on me like that really got him and I loved looking at his face and seeing how turned on he was!!
(I wish I could see what I looked like with a mouthful of cum and some of it dripping off mmmmm)

I plunged my cum filled mouth back on his cock and fucked my lips up and down smearing his cum all over his cock.
Shit baby that's when it was just so fucking hot I started to CUM rubbing my clit really fast with my fingers inside my shorts. Ooooooooooo it was so intense I gasped several times and quietly moaned and groaned SHIT SHIT OHHHH FUCK and rubbed it so hard and fast all the time I was cumming.
He loved hearing me cuss and watching me cumming with my hand going like that inside my shorts and his cock got totally hard again and raised up and was bouncing around. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm it was ALL so FUCKING HOT for us both!

He pulled me up on him by my hair and we kissed deeply for a long time with some of his cum in our mouths.
Mmmmmmmmm baby girl it was goddam PERFECT.
I was fucking SOAKED LOL
(sigh) Now if only I could get him so horny like that more than 2 or 3 times a year LOL!!!!!
It wouldn't hurt my friendship with him even the tiniest bit LMAO.

SO WRITE ANOTHER STORY LIKE THAT :-) PLEEEEASE....he LOVED IT and you really got him turned on!

Oop...sorry this turned out so long lol

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