Sugars New Boyfriend Darryl

My New Boyfriend Darryl

Hi my name is Sugar, its not my real name, just something that started when I was a young girl that seemed to stick. I am a mid 30s plain looking woman, or at least I thought I was until I met Darryl. I live on the second floor of an old four story brownstone apartment building in East Sussex UK, I have a descent job that can be boring most of the time, but it pays the bills.

My intimate relationships at 37were going nowhere and I had little hope of finding Mr Right, I had several promising offers, even one of marriage, but it never worked out, and probably never would have anyway? I wanted sex, kinky sex and lots of it and he seemed to think a close intimate physical relationship wasn't in the cards or a very important part of a good marriage?

Probably the best sex I had up to that time was with other girls, I guess well I am a little bisexual, but am also a romantic as I love the kissing touching and hugging that goes with the sex play and resulting orgasms that follow. I have probably had more enjoyable sex with women than men, as they know how where and what it takes to get a girl off! My last girlfriend was an out an out dominating bitch of a lesbian, and could really get me off! She was a butch and acted more like a mean man than a woman, and if she had a big dick would have been perfect for me.
But the relationship was only sexual with little romance and mostly rough as she loved to see me submit and placed me naked with a collar and leash down on all fours more like an animal as I had sexual fantasy's about such things which satisfied me, and I would have been perfectly happy to have stayed with her. But like many lesbians they were always looking for younger naive and even more submissive girl they could train and abuse, ones much more attractive and shapely than me?

I had a few male friends from time to time, but not been with anyone on a regular basis for a while, and my love life was going nowhere, masturbation seemed to be my only source for aroused sexual release. I did have fantasy's as a young girl of being treated and trained as a sex pet, where I was naked and kept on all fours and used for the sexual pleasure of nasty men! When I got older and especially over the last several years my sexual interest and fantasy's became much darker ones of bondage sexual abuse by black men after seeing quite a few videos of interracial porn, with degrading sexual humiliation of white women with these nasty black men, the kind that had large cocks, and knew how to use them on submissive white women! I fantasized about me being one of those women, and when I thought about being naked and bound like this with a black cock abusing and in charge of me while masturbating, had experienced some of the most forceful and satisfying orgasms I could ever remember!

I thought my sex life and prospects of finding someone that would understand my perverted thoughts of kinky sex and abusive BDSM that would take charge of me and do all of these most sinful nasty fantasy's of mine was a fleeting concern that would never happen, that is until Darryl! He moved into the flat directly above me, and within a short time my love life, and especially my sex life changed forever! At first we passed in the stairwell and hall way, he just said hello, but it did not take him long to figure out I was single unmarried, and unattached, after this he introduced himself, and when he did, really looked me over, if you know what I mean?

He was a hansom well spoken black man. I had never had a man look at me like this, he made me feel attractive and sexually desirable, especially by a black man, about the only one that ever did was this butch lesbian, and she only did this when she was horny. I knew when she looked at me like that I was going to get it good and would be in for some serious sexual abuse!

Darryl was younger than me. Probably in his early 30s, and during the week ends would host a group of friends over, apparently to watch sporting events mostly football, better known in the states as soccer. I found out later that Darryl had been a professional player, but had experienced a serious knee injury after several yrs, and was now coaching and mentoring the new young players. Most were from South Africa all young and black, and knew little about the UK, Darryl was also mentoring them in more ways than just sports!

Because his flat was directly above mine on the third floor and the heating a cooling vents were together I could usually hear most of what was said in his flat, I tried not to listen, but they seemed to be having so much fun, and I longed to be part of such fun! I quickly discovered that sports were not the only thing they were watching on the "Tele" ! Apparently Darryl had an erotic adult X rated channel and after every game this, along with adult beverages were being consumed while watching! I could not see, but I could certainly hear sounds of sex with women moaning and begging for sex with their comments about what they would do to one of them white women if they ever got their hands on one of the naked white bitches were quite arousing to me!

I had passed him a number of times as we both were either coming or going, to our flats. He would look at me more like my lesbian girlfriend had when she wanted sex! For me this was quite unsettling but also very arousing, usually I would become flush embarrassed, and could not look at him, as no one with the exception of my butch had ever looked at me with this kind of obvious sexual lust or interest?

Then one day with me struggling to carry more things up to my apartment at one time than I should, had dropped several. Darryl on his way down being the perfect gentleman offered to help, and at my door in order to thank him, I awkwardly tried to give him a innocent kiss on his cheek! When I did he timed it perfectly, turned his head, and kissed me full on the lips! I was shocked actually astonished at first, but OMG! I Was so lonely and wanting for romance not to mention how fucking horny I was that in only moments I melted and was kissing him back as hard as I dared! Darryl was very perceptive when it came to women and knew exactly what I wanted and needed, besides he was also more than ready to see that my wants were taken care of in spades, so to speak?

After the kiss finally broke, I said this is wrong we shouldn't be doing this, we hardly know each other? He smiled sheepishly, and said he didn't see anything wrong at all about kissing me, and besides what better way is there to get to know someone? Then said you liked it didn't you? , I know you did! I couldn't argue, and in a meek submissive voice said I did!

As he walked away I think his comment was, we need to do it again? After that little dalliance things quickly changed, late one evening he caught me in the stairwell between floors, grabbed both my hands raised them above my head pushed me up against the wall, and really kissed me hard and forceful this really took my breath away and had me instantly wet and trembling with arouse anticipation?......

And if this was not enough with my hands above my head had perked my small breasts up and out quite invitingly, with my blouse up had left my tummy bare, I did have very large long sensitive nipples that were hard to hide especially when not wearing a bra, which I was not!
His other hand was on my bare tummy and then slipped down inside the waist band of my loose fitting skirt and his fingers descend onto my panties! And he feels they are wet!...

Darryl not letting up continues to kiss me full on the lips as he holds my hands above my head! There is just something about a woman especially me with my hands over my head, the way my breasts and nipples stick out that is so perverse and helplessly appealing! After our lips part again I say, no,.. no we shouldn't, we can't its wrong please don't, but I offer little physical resistance other than these words! This, does not slow him down at all as he kisses me again with even more amorous interest, and desire! My cheeks are flush and I welcome these feelings with an inner uncertain battle I know I will loose!

His hand is now doing more than just touching! It is in my wet panty folds and is harshly squeezing the female bulges of my most intimate place. OMG! At this moment I do not care about anything as his pleasurable firm grasp and perverse sex play has left my knees weak, my breathing is ragged more sexed charged and heavier now, my eyes are half closed. I can tell he senses I want this, Darryl is a master at this sort of perception. You like this don't you, he whispers,.. at first, also in a whisper I say yes,... quickly followed by no! He knows now that I am his for the taking as he continues to tease and torture my pussy with his wanton and aggressive advances, then asks do you want me to stop? At first my reply is no, and is again followed by another no, and then a yes! Followed by a more wanting and demanding no, as my trembling body aroused to the max responds to his most ardent then tender and intimate touch!

My skirt is down to my knees and his hand is now fully inside my panties and has a full firm and much harsher grasp of my wet pubic hair and genitals! OMG! I cannot believe what is happening as an incredible toe curling orgasm the likes of which I am totally unprepared for rushes from my inner most and virtually untapped feminine being! The sexual orgasmic sound I make is one that will draw the attention of others in these thin walled flats! I hear the door on the first floor open, Darryl worried about being caught lets go, and quickly pulls his hand from my panties turns around walks off and leaves me there trembling blissfully and barely able to stand! I'm against the wall with my panties soaked, and skirt around my knees! Left in helpless ecstasy as I try to catch my heart stopping breath, this has left my aroused and senses slow in returning to normal!

I hear someone coming up the stairs and quickly pull my wet panties up, followed by my skirt and am just barely presentable as one of the upstairs apartment dwellers pass Darryl going down, as he comes up the stairs towards me! I am still flush and sexually excited, he asks with a look of concern, am I alright? I say yes, that everything is just fine and that there is no problem, he then gives me a very peculiar, and hesitating look? Saying okay, and slowly walks on up stairs! Then I think! OMG! Did he see me half naked with Darryls black hand down in my panties?

I hurry off and into my flat flush stimulated wetter than I have ever been in my life, and once in front of my mirror realize why this man had looked at me so strangely, my blouse was mostly unbuttoned and both of my large nippled bra less "Tits" were totally exposed! Now I am uncertain,...? Sinfully aroused and horribly embarrassed, knowing for sure this strange man in one of the flats above has seen my bare breasts and after seeing me and Darryl together probably thinks for sure I am just a slutty black cock whore! I knew after this as a true submissive that harsh nasty and abusive sex with lots of it was definitely in store for me, and my prospects of this, and especially my love life would never be the same?

The very next day Darryl calls and said he was taking me out to dinner Friday night! He said nothing about what happened in the stairwell the night before nor did he ask me, he told me! He also said to get my hair done and he would send me a dress that he wants me to wear! Apparently I was now his girl whether I wanted to be or not, and Friday was only two days away, I was hesitant with mixed emotions, and unsure, was I really his girl? I knew I would go, actually there was little doubt, just what it was I would wear to please him was the only question, but that would also be answered!

I got off early from work and when I got home there was a package up against my door with my name, it was from Darryl. When I opened it, inside was a pink dress, actually more like some sort of flimsy nightshirt a girl might wear when sleeping rather than a dress! The note said wear this and nothing else, I will be there with a taxi to pick you at 7:00 pm sharp! OMG! He wanted to take me out wearing only this? I had done some risky things with my butch lesbian lover, but it was usually discrete, and after dark! Never, especially with no underthings had I ever ventured out in broad daylight! No one had ever bought me clothes, especially something so reveling as this, nor had I ever been told to do, or wear nothing under it! But the thought for a woman so wanting for romance, and sexual attention being told, actually ordered to be there, do this or that was so erotically arousing and compelling, as I imagined being lusted after by not only my new good looking black lover, but any man that saw me dressed like this in public!

I thought I was ready, even with a short coat covering me some, that is, until I stepped out of the brownstone in broad daylight!

But then.... OMG! Once on the walk I instantly have second thoughts as the realized sensation was, of being mostly naked outside! I had the coat of course, but it did little to help cover what little modesty I had left?
Darryl had secured the services of an unbooked mini cab. The Mayor of London, the Metropolitan Police and the City of London Police was telling students, particularly single young women, that any minicab that wasn't booked through a licensed minicab operator is dangerous and puts women at risk of attack, including sexual assault and rape, and can be extremely dangerous.

The driver was a rough looking poorly dressed young black male that looked me over like I was a whore, and when he opened the door, and helped me into the cab did so by reaching up in between my thighs grabbing my ass!, and pussy?... I yelped quite loudly surprised from this bastards most ungentlemanly egregious nasty act! Darryl already in the cab, was all smiles at my obvious aroused helpless fondling and discomfort!

But OMG! Darryl, he was dressed in a suit and tie, and to me drop dead hansom! He grabbed and turned me to where my back was on his lap holding me with one hand as the other was quickly under my short pink dress and into my moist pussy folds after which he was kissing me quite lovingly, as the driver much to my embarrassment with the door wide open had a perfect view of Darryl's hand in my pussy and the whole sorted affair that only confirmed I was a true submissive white slutty whore for black cock!

As the cab drove off Darryl continued to kiss me and play with my pussy, both were driving me up the wall! I had not expected him to take me to a high class dining establishment, the place was called "The Glass House Restaurant" Across from the Wickwoods Country Club , and a place where no one I ever dated before would have been able to afford much less taken me!

At first I was terrified thinking I was out of place, and so out of my league? But to Darryl it seemed to be of little concern, as the cab driver helped me out, was not sure if I should give him a dirty look that I thought would keep his hands off my ass, or an inviting smile?... Darryl took my coat and handed it to the driver telling to be back in an hr or so.

The couples already there and arriving were dressed rather elegant to the nines and all were white, we were the only mixed couple, which caused quite a stir in itself, but wearing the short nighty like pink dress , that in the light of the restaurant made it easy for anyone to see I was wearing nothing under it that had let my nipples easily show through, and had caught the attention of every man in the place, at least for those that dared to look! Most of the men liked what they saw, their women not so much? Which really helped my insecure self confidence I saw myself as a rather plain unattractive woman! Although with my hair fixed and the right amount of lip gloss and make up for those men watching apparently this was not quite the case!

Though for most of the white upper class women that looked on, my almost naked arrival, accompanied by such a hansom well dressed black male was quite different, I was given a mix of just about every kind of look and response one could imagine! From scorn envy and disdain to unrestrained sinful lust, something I had never experienced before, especially from some of these most well dressed and well to do white bitch's that left me with a smug satisfied feeling of being every bit as sexy attractive and desirable as anyone of them!

Darryl and I never had a close intimate conversation about my sexual wants or needs, neither did we talk about my past personal love life, he just seemed to know what I needed and what it was that would do it for me?

The Glass House in the evening had the most romantic indirect lavender lighting, and Darryl had reserved a cozy table all by ourselves down in front next to the big glass window, that was in full view of everyone! He had ordered drinks, and our food! The food was wonderful, and the drinks even better, there was some hot talk as to what might be in store for me later? With the threat of a large black cock, and the possibility of more than just his? .....

Again, I never had a date order food or drinks for me, and although even after we were finished with the food and several more drinks was still apprehensive about everything but not at all prepared for what happened next?
Darryl in his most romantic and charming way after a toast had produced a jewelry case, flipped it open, and showed me? What was inside,... looked like a most beautiful and expensive necklace, with numerous sparkling diamonds! ... (THINK PRETTY WOMAN)...

He took it, stood up and looped it around my neck letting the diamonds hang down in between my bra less cleavage as he snapped the clasp! All eyes were on us as he sat back down leaned over and kissed me lingering and lovingly on the lips! ... Under his breath said he was going to fuck me, and the way he said it, I knew I was going to get it good! I was already aroused, but this had made me instantly wet!

It was dead silence up until then as over half the women in the place apparently watching me gasped and swooned, then let out a most envious and longing chorus of oooooh's...all at the same time! After this and another drink I could have cared less about who was watching or what they might think? Darryl like a true gentleman then helped me up, and hand in hand like two young lovers, with the diamond necklace sparkling led me out of the "Glass House" to the stares of everyone so taken by my sinful dress and Darryl's most hansom demeanor!

The unbooked mini cab, and young black driver from earlier was waiting he looked me over again just like the black cock whore I was soon to be, and helped me into the cab, by grabbing my bare ass, but this time after the drinks did not object at all! I wasn't sure just what Darryl had in mind as the evening progressed, but was certain fucking, and lots of it was in store for me, little did I know, that I would be the main attraction in some very nasty and perverted sex?

I had no idea we were going dogging as some sinfully aroused kissing and fondling was taking place in the back, the cab was small, and the driver sitting on the right side was able to reach back and get his hand on my goodies from time to time, but my hand was also busy and had unzipped Darryl's pants and found its way to his cock!

I was certainly unprepared for the diamond necklace, but even more so for the size of Darryl's cock! I knew it would be hard and big, but? OMG? It was gigantic and I could not get my hand fully around it? His hands seemed to be all over me, from squeezing my naked breasts, pulling and twisting my nipples and down in between my pussy folds, he seemed to know just what it took, leaving me moaning gasping an squealing, in aroused delight as he kissed me again and again!
I can honestly say we were made for each other. . When he twists my breasts and nipples I can't seem to get enough.

He teases me when we kiss and the pleasure ripples across my sensitive nipples. I love to slowly kiss with a man like this as he goes down my neck, around one nipple, and across my cleavage to the other. They are swollen with anticipation until he clamps his mouth around each nipple and sucks them hard between his clenched teeth!....

Finally Darryl had turned me around where my head and shoulders were in between the front seats, and the pink dress what there was of it around my waist that exposed my bare breasts at one end and my pussy as he first grabbed my ankles holding them up and apart, only letting go to grab my bare ass cheeks and then buried his face in my wet pussy, after which OMG! He really started sucking on me, boy was he good, and could have certainly shown my butch lesbian lover a thing or too!.....

He kept after me expertly bringing me to aroused peak after peak! OMG! I could not stand what he was doing much longer as one after the other orgasms flowed from me helplessly, until I was begging him to stop, and then not to! But he kept right after me not relenting at all, sucking and biting my pussy folds and clit, until I was a well sucked blubbering nearly naked well sucked piece of female cunt meat! This had allowed the young black cab driver to harshly pull and twist one or the other of my long bare breasted nipples, as he drove had only added to my naked sinful well abused plight!
I did not know we were on our way to a place near Peckham Rye Park, in west Sussex, called Brenchley Gardens and it was a place where well to do mostly white married women, would go to experience dogging!

But what usually happened was even more harsh and sinful, than most of these women could imagine as mostly black nasty men were the ones that would hide discretely back in the trees and bushes, waiting for these women to show up naked and submit to nasty abusive and humiliating sex, they would make themselves available to be used sexually by multiple black strange men!
I would have been happy and content to have stayed in the cab and let both Darryl and the young black cabbie continue to use and abuse me, but Darryl knew what I really needed and wanted?

After recovering some, still wet and overly aroused, Darryl had pulled me up next to him where I could look out the side window, as the cab drove slowly along the road in Brenchley Gardens. There were several roads that bordered the park, one on the north and the other on the east side. We had come to a parking area where several expensive cars Jags, Bentley's and BMWs were parked, and as I watched, several older well to do looking white women half naked dressed in heels suspenders and little else were being led off and disappeared into the park trees and bushes with several black men or more escorting them, I even saw one bent over with her big white tits swinging wildly with black men at both ends, one fucking her in the pussy and the other in her face!

The thought of something similar happening to me only added to the mood. Apparently this was a place where these women would go to dog, and black men in this park were the appeal? I had heard some squeals and giggles of women along with some wild groaning protesting, and an, "Oh My"comment, your not going to stick that big black thing in me! Followed by moaning along with wet sloppy noise's of a woman being fucked hard and deep with nasty sex, as we drove by, this kept me sexed up in anticipation! The cab traveled on along the the north road and finally stopped in a seemingly deserted parking area, or at least it seemed deserted.

Little did I know that in this area of the park were where some of the biggest horniest and nasty black men congregated, the ones that usually had a hard time finding submissive women that could endure their large cocks, as most women that did were ruined from ever having a normal sex life with a white dick after they had experienced what these black bastards had to offer! Darryl had worked the thin pink dress up over my head, and off leaving me totally naked then produced a leash and blindfold, he placed it over my eyes, then opened the door and helped me out?

The weather south of London in Sussex had been in the mid 70s during the day, and the low 60s at night, with me hot and bothered along with horribly sexed up about all the cool night breeze did was give me goose bumps, but this further enhanced my anticipation, for what was about to happen? Once out Darryl told me to keep my hands behind my back no matter what happened and if I didn't he would make sure I did! Standing next to the cab wearing only the blindfold heels and the sparkling diamond necklace was in itself a most interesting experience, I did not know if it was real or just an imitation? But it made me look like a rich bitch, and this was the idea as these black men seemed to like giving these rich well to do older white women exactly what they wanted,which was the most rough abusive and humiliating sex, and apparently a lot of it! But then this is what they came for?

I was wondering where he was going to attach the leash, as I had no collar?
Then to my surprise he fumbled around fingering my wet pussy folds until he found my normally small pea shaped clitoris that was now swollen very sensitive and perked up!

Then to my over aroused horror he clamped the leash to it! Apparently the leash had a spring loaded alligator clamp, and as the sharp little teeth bit into my tender naked flesh I screamed and screamed, prancing around blowing deep breaths in and out, dancing around, and after several minutes was finally able to endure the nasty biting, and arousing painful clamp on this most intimate and stimulated sexual nerve endings of mine, but at no time during this sadistic ordeal did my hands ever leave my back.......

I guess I really am a sexual pain slut along with wanting to be a black cock whore, as Darryl first turned me this way and that, so I would have no idea which direction he would take me? Then gave me a good tug, "OUCH"! making sure I had little choice but to quickly follow him along especially with the sharp little nasty alligator teeth biting into the soft sensitive flesh of my clit! I tried to keep up, ouch, ouch, ouch, but stumbled along here and there with my small tits and fuller ass cheeks wiggling and jiggling obscenely as Darryl pulled me along, it seemed like some distance leaving me thoroughly confused as to where he had taken me, now totally lost, and having no idea which way was back to the cab or parking lot?

I was totally naked wearing only this sparkling necklace and heels in this big park where I had never been before, and with the leash clamped to my clit,.. being pulled along with an aroused dull nasty pain when Darryl finally took the blindfold off? OMG! It was then I first realized that the glittering necklace was acting almost like a beacon or kaleidoscope that would easily draw attention, and that any of these black men could easily find me!

It was almost dark, and there were bushes along one side of the stone concrete pathway, and one of the roads was not all that far away. I knew we were being watched, actually I was sure as I could feel eyes trained on me and my naive oversexed mind was going crazy with what they might do? I was certain at any moment the same thing I had seen happen to these other women, of being man handled accosted bent over and gang banged or helplessly led off into the bushes was about to happen, as Darryl pulled me along by my clit!

Then to my surprise Darryl dropped the leash grabbed both of my nipples twisting and pulling them harshly pulling me up to him and kissed me so forcefully it took my breath away, then said you want this don't you? You want black cock, say it loud enough so all of the black men in the park can hear you, I want them to know you are a submissive slut for big black cocks! He kept twisting my nipples hard and sadistically as he forced me down on my knees , I kept my hands behind my back not daring to raise them in protest, as I said the words "Black Cock Whore"! Louder and louder, "I Am A Black Cock Whore" I want to suck and fuck big black cocks! Darryl was not satisfied until I was almost screaming it, as he pulled and twisted my nipples quite harsh and painfully, but he knew it was exactly what I wanted!

Part Two "Sex with Darryl, Followed by BBC Gang Rape"!
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