Suggestions Made.. part 2

Karl had made reservations at a place called the Glades. It is one of the most exotic places around said to have special areas that catered to the special taste of its clientele. He picked me up in his Aston Martin that was sleek,black and sexy as hell. I almost had an orgasm on the way there between the man and the car. I was seriously considering having him pull over and fuck me right then and there. But I controlled myself, just barely. I had chosen to wear a long red V-neck maxi dress that caressed my curves with almost to the thigh walking splits over each leg. Yes, it was a walking invitation to a seduction, but hey I did wear a bra and a thong.

When we arrived Karl gave the valet the keys after unlocking the trunk and then came around the car to help me out. Inside I laughed I am sure he wanted to see just how far those split show when I walked. I made a point to show him as much leg and thigh as I could without showing my pussy to him and all that could see. There were stares and few low whistles politely of course. Karl just smiled with his lips from behind his Foster Grants shades as he led me by my hand. As we went, we passed through large reflecting glass door and windows. I took that moment to look at my reflection and was pleased. The red tone of the dress against my dark olive skin made my skin glow. I had pulled all of twists up into a high pony tail to give added height to my 5ft. 6in. frame by gold tone 4 inch heeled sandals. I looked at myself as we enter the lobby and saw a very exotic woman looking back at me. Moving my head side to side just a little sent the long gold dangle earring I was wearing to dance. I smile as the woman who was me smiled back. Feeling a gentle pull on my hand I looked Karl who had taken off his glasses and was smiling at me. Oh the lust in that was smoldering in his eyes. I glance down and was rewarded with the shape of his semi hard cock pressing against his trousers. Now I really smiled and went up on tip toes to kiss lightly on his lips. Oh why did I do that!

I don't remember checking as I was in a daze the man kissed me into it right in the lobby. I did have the sense to check to see if I was still dressed and had my thong on. Once in the elevator, all bets seem to be off and we hadn't even discussed our suggestions yet.

"Air" I said as I pushed on Karl's chest while he held me in the circle of his arms.
He just laughed and pulled me out of the elevator when the door opened to our floor. At that point he just swung me up into his arms and carried me the rest of the way down the hallway. It was then that I noticed the other people who were still on the elevator. I saw surprise, smiles of joy and envy. I just waved bye as Karl carried me away. He put me down inside the room after the valet opened the door to put our suitcases in side. As he talked to the valet, I walked around the room checking it out and was very pleased. It was totally self-sufficient, having it kitchen, living room and so forth. I wandered into the bed room and was shocked at the size of the bed... a California King with a very impression headboard of leather. As I looked closer I saw that there were leather ties and metal hoops on the sides of the bed. I check the night stand and found what went in those hoops. Wow 50 shades of grey here we come I thought. It was when I entered the bathroom that I had my AHHH moment. The damn thing was huge with separated shower and a bath tub that you had to step up to. There was even a balcony right off the tub area.

"We can try that out right now if you like," a deep sensual voice said from behind me.

"I think before we do another thing, we should go over our suggestions. Then discuss them to arrive at a mutual conclusion that would be satisfying to us both," I said as I reluctantly turned my back on that amazing tub.

"Come let's have some champagne, as we lay out our suggestions for this weekend," Karl said as he led me out of the bathroom.

Yes, I had to admit that this man could lead me anywhere with little effort. I had to stand my ground with him or God knows where I would end up.

Lola's Suggestions:

1.Karl will let he do what she wants to do to him at least once.
-No pain or anything harmful
-There will be a safe word that they both agree upon.
2.Nude at all times while in the apartment.
3. That they are totally honest with each other for the whole weekend.
4.No barriers or boundaries until they leave the grounds of the resort.

Karl's Suggestions:

1.Agree with whatever Lola comes up with.

"Well," I said as I stood there looking down at Karl as he sat relaxed and laid back. So I shall we start? I said as I unhooked my bra and dress at the same time and let it slide down my body to pool on the floor at my feet. Leaving me stand there in my heels and red thong and wearing a smile as accessory.

"Mmmm the thong dear," Karl said as he took in my nearly naked body. His eyes lingered on my bare big nippled breast and he licked his lips adjusted his cock before continuing the downward journey.
I guess he was remembering his office and what I had suggested...good.

"No, I think you are over dressed," I said as I stepped out of my dress and walked toward the bathroom. I made sure to put a nice gliding swing in my hips as presented my nearly bare ass with had a piece of lace and string for decoration.
"Where are you going?"

I didn't response just kept moving and letting Karl enjoyed the view of my ass walking away. With my ponytail acting like a counter balance to my swaying hips and suggesting to him to come and get it if he dare to. I turned on the tub and adjusted the water output and temperature as I waiting for Karl to join me. As the tub filled up I felt his presence in the room. I still continued to act as if he was still in the other room. Hooked my thumbs in side strings of my thongs and push them down as I bent forward. I had taken the precaution to firm up my stand in the heels to keep from fall over. As I slowly move the lace and silk string over my hips and down my thighs I bent forward with my legs spread apart showing Karl my now wet glistening back door.

"Oh My God...Damn," I hard whispered in the quiet of the marble bathroom. It echoed off the walls to coming back to the ears like a sigh...

Looking between my legs to see Karl standing there bare chested and footed wearing just his trousers. Standing up I stepped out of the thong and turned to face him...naked as the day I was born. I knew that my juice by now had coated the front of my pussy as well. I am a very wet girl!!

You are still over dressed, I said looking him over as my mouth water from the desire to suck one of his nipples into my mouth. I got so aroused that I started to play with myself...Stroking my breasts, nipples and sliding fingers between my pussy lips. Coating my fingers with my own juice then under his raging lust filled eyes putting those same fingers in my mouth. As he watched with his lips parted and his tongue darting out I sucked each finger clean.
You are still overdressed I said as I walked toward him still wearing the heels that cause me to sway. Now he could see the front of me, my large breasts swaying just a little from side to side.

"You need help?" I offered as I looked out at him still licking my lips from my tasty treat.

Karl nodded his face now a silent and focused on me... and what I was going to do next.

So I started to help him, from the head down. I went up on my toes and kissed his forehead and then his eyes nose and lips where I lingered. Letting him taste me from my mouth he moaned and with heated passion he picked me up and held me to his mouth as he licked the inside of my mouth.

More... I want more ...

I didn't answer I just continued my journey to getting those pant off and him naked. Under my lips, I teased and bit lightly at his flesh as I listen to his moans and words of encouragement. I was at the waistband of his pants, with my teeth and fingers I unfasten and unzipped his pants. Then with my hands I push his trouser down to expose...a naked man...he was going commando...OH JOY!!! I push his pants all the way to the floor and stood back to look at my handiwork. He had a body that said gym but more like boxing strong and muscular. His cock was thick and long lying close to his body smooth to head but with a base of silky black hair. I got a heated rush from my pussy to my nipples remembering how I want to sandwich him between my breasts and fuck him. Ohh this seemed like one of those times...

Ok this is my time...I get to do whatever I want to you for hmmm one hour, I said as I looked over all that got to play with from the top of his ball head to his high arched large feet waiting for him to agree to my terms.

"Where would you like me?" Karl said as he stroked his cock.

I let it show in my face and the placement of my traveling fingers where I wanted him but l told him to get in the tub and stand there.

Which he did still smiling and stroking? Oh My!! I thought this man is going to be the death of me or give me the most amazing and mind blowing time that I have ever had in my life! As he walked past me I had a chance to take Karl's ass and I before I knew it had reached and stroked his right ass cheek that felt like marble cover with muscle and skin. Then it was like I was in a trance I hand both my hands one his ass. Massaging is firm roundness and feeling the smooth skin under my hands. I was so aroused I think my pussy clapped. Karl looked back at me and laughed at my sudden embarrassment and then at my apology...

"Oh baby, don't be embarrassed. Like you said, this is your time and I can assure you that when I get my chance I am going to grab more than your ass," Karl said as leaned back to kiss me and said the last bit against my lips. Released me and then got into the tube as I stood there like a fool with my juice running down my legs past my knees onto the marble floor.

I demurely climbed in the tub behind him as serious scandalous thoughts ran through my mind of the things that I was going to do to him. Damn my mouth started to water!!

"Karl remain standing I want to wash you," I said taking control of the situation that was him. The tub was deep and at 6ft tall the water reached him at cock level and me at almost waist level. I took soap and using my hands as the cloth I started to from the water level up. Soaping every crack and creases sliding fingers into spots to tease, tickle and massage moans, oh babies and damns from him. Then I stopped soaping him down and soap me boobs my tummy all of me. I watched as his eyes got large, almost as large as the smile he had on his face earlier. This time starting at his back I being to rub my soaped body all over Karl, using my body like a bath clothe to wash him. Using my breasts to wash his back as my nipples now so hard that felt like fingers dragging over his flesh. Karl now held on to the side of the tub trying to keep standing as gave him this most intimate of bathes. I had him spread his legs apart causing his ass cheek to spread as well. I placed two fingers against his the opening of his anus and rubbed my soapy finger there. I continued to do this as Karl was moaned and started taking gibberish. Then when I had him really going I force my hard nipple right breast between his cheek putting my nipple where my fingers and been and started to rubbing. First around in circles following the edges of his anus muscle then sided to side. With my other hand I lovingly massage his balls. Karl came screaming and cursing so loudly that it echoed off the walls like thunder and his cum shot of the marble side of the tub so hard that the sound of it echoed in the thunder. He fell to his knees and submerge himself send water sloughing out of the tub at all sides as I stood there laughing. He got me as well, so I just rinsed off the rest of the soap as I waiting for him to come up for air.

"Oh My God woman," he said as he can up under me picking me up as he did so.

I scream and clung to him the best I could as he sat down in the tub with me in his lap. I reached for his cock and stood up just enough to get the head between my legs and then with my eyes locked on his I let him see how his of filling me pleased me. Who reacted more I don't know, but we both felt like...there are no words to express it. I have never felt so full and stretched, I had to come up on my knees a little to repositioned myself .The leaning into him I with my eyes wide open as I lower and close the space between us with lips and pussy. Sucking on his tongue I rode his cock as the water washed over and around us. Karl didn't seem to where to grab to pull me closer ending up with one hand hold my head and the other my ass. I up the stakes when I started to tighten and release my pussy as I went up and down on his cock. Now so well encased in me that I wanted him to remember this moment, if we are never together again we will have this and then I came... Picking up speed I slammed my body into his as Karl held on to me and said encouraging words that became like long distant whispers in my ears as I lost sight of the world and only could feel the man under me and in me.., Then he joined me. Oh why the bath tub... we all most drowned us... Karl orgasm was so hard that he send me flying up when he started bucking his hips. He was able to hold on to me and protect my head when both went under the water this time... still cumming...

Sometime later when we had gotten for safety sake out of the bath tub and found our way to the bed, but not before call for room service...we order hamburgers ...the works. I again straddled Karl and yes it was way past my time, but he didn't seem to mind. So as we eat we fucked a little then eat a little,feed ourselves and each other. Until the food was forgotten,and we remembered what was important.

To be continued

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