Suggestions Made Part 3
It was late the next day when I finally rolled out of bed. I was he first to awaken in the dimly lit room with the lingering scent of sex and food in the air. We had made and evening and a day of it and I stretched my long frame out in the bed and felt Lola stirred beside me. I smiled and decided that I didn't regret a damn thing. Moving slowly and with regret out of Lola's embrace and the bed, I walked stiffly to the shower. I felt the need to think and for me the shower was the best place to do it.

The warm to almost hot water running over me eased my body and mind as I relived the experiences of the last 24 plus hours. It rose up to greet me sending my body into sexual overdrive. Soaping my body lazily from head to toe with I closed my eyes drifted back the woman in the bed. Hands sliding down my body, caressing taunt nipples and pecs on the way to regions lower, I went leaving a warm soap trail in my wake. Gliding over my abs and stomach I reach for my cock which lay against my stomach warm, thick and pulsating. Putting more soap on my hands cover my cock it. Then securing my stand I start to slowly squeeze from the bottom to the head using both hands, one to stroke and the other to fondle my balls.

I remembered how Lola's pussy felt when I was inside of her. All warm wet and tight, and the way she tightened and released around me. In time my hands were moving in time to his Lola's contracted around my cock. With each stroke I increased the pressure on the way up and released on the way down to the base of his cock. All the while rolling my balls around and the giving them a gentle squeeze and tug as continues to work my cock. I became so lost in the memories of how she worked me with her mouth hands and body. I heard moaning and much more as it echoed off the glass walls of the enclosed shower,which only drove me faster into my orgasm... When it came it came hard, feeling like it blazing a path from my back to my balls and all over my body. I felt hot and cold all at one and then my body jerked and then I lost control with cum coming out of me in long thick cream white thin ribbons. I opened my eyes and lost it as the sight before me added its own energy to my orgasmic release.

I came spraying her from waist up to face and beyond. In fascination I watched as she arched her body into the spray. To keep from falling down, I back up to the wall below the shower head still pumping my cock that's semi stiff in my hand. I watch as she stands there like some wild mystical creature, all golden brown with her thick long black hair like a cloud around her. Her breasts were like chocolate tipped large melons glisten with my cum as it ran down her the front of her but it was her face that almost bring me to his knees. Lola eyes were still closed as she stood there with her face covered with my cum,then she opens them and slowly licked her lips as she looked at me...

"Humm do you need help..."

I smiled to myself as I remember that today its' my turn.

"Yes sweets why don't you come in and get some breakfast," I said pointing my cock again in Lola's direction...

"Yes, I think I will," she said softly as she entered the shower closing the glass door behind her.

Lola came into the shower under the spray from the shower soaking her hair and washing way the cum. She locked eyes with me as she slid the head of my cock into her mouth and started to suck as if a baby might such from his mother breasts or bottle. The small hands went to his balls and start to lightly stroke them with her fingers. Still sensitive from coming the feel was between pain and pleasure, but as she continued to do it became more like pleasure. With her mouth being so small I knew that she couldn't take much of me in,but what she could she did and her mouth became like her pussy, a demanding thing. I felt himself falling into the feeling again and knew that I had to stop her before she got going good. I had plans for Lola today, that nothing no matter how good it felt was going to stop. So reluctantly I grabbed her by her hair and pulled her mouth of my cock with a pop. Then pulling her into the shower I rinsed us off as our tongues danced twist in each other mouths. I could taste the mint of her tooth paste as she wrapped herself around me with my dick sandwiched between us. As I left the bathroom with Lola wrapped around me like a monkey I grabbed two towels. It was time to get the day started, my way and to introduce Lola to my fun and games.
Back in the bedroom, Lola unwrapped herself from around me and took one of the towels to dry her hair and herself with.

"So it is your turn today, Lola said as she stood there ready for my special attention with an attitude that said she was ready for whatever I wanted to do to her and with her...

"First,sweets we need to establish a stop word," I said as I walked over and started to strip the bed of the top sheet and spread and remove the extra pillows never taking my eyes off the focus of my dreams night and day for the last few months.

"Hmm what is your middle name, "she said standing in a way that was alluring and yes to natural to her. One leg slight bent forward at the knee drying her hair, which pushed her large melon breast up and out. I couldn't stop staring at and touching them all night. To see and touch breasts that were that large and natural was a joy that I couldn't get over. It even had me imaging what it would be like to see my children nursing from them. Wait what was I thinking ...then it hit me and I let it roll around a in my mind a bit and put it away.

After all it is only a weekend...right...

"Karl,what is your middle name," Lola said as if she had asked me before.

"It's Mason' I said remember that she had asked before that thought came in to my head and side tracked me.

Ok can we use that as the same word?" asked as she stopped drying her hair folding the towel neatly and laying it over the back of the nears chair.
Yes,I said as I nodded at her neatness. I had looked around the room and saw that before coming into the shower, Lola had picked up the room and laid out the room service menus on the night stand for us to look at. I looked over at her and decided intro first then food.

Reaching into the night stand I pushed on the button was in the upper corner of the draw. It released a closet that held the stand. It slid out of the wall to take up a corner of the bedroom. I stood there and watched as Lola inspected and then ask intelligent questions about its purpose. After answering them all to her satisfaction I lifted her up into it and fasten her in with the Velcro straps I had purposely ordered for her to accommodate her small wrist and ankles. Once she was secured I stood back and looked and my hand work.

"Sweets arch your body toward me," I said as stand there with my part of my mind screaming do it do it and part saying control yourself and remember what your goal is.

Then she started doing her body in a wave while holding on to the restrains that was erotic as hell! With each arch outward her breasts came out followed by her pussy which thick lips opened like an eye to show her unusually large and long clit.
I looked up to see her sweet face in a wicked smile knowing that she maybe all tied up but she could still get to me. I had to show her who was boss and it wasn't her...

When she waved her body out at me again I grabbed her by her waist and buried my mouth on her gaping pussy latching on to her clit that treated like she did me this morning. Then using her wetness I to coat my two fingers I slide them between her legs and send them into her and my thumb into her asshole. Lola had stopped her body waving and was now fighting to control the wave of desire I was pulling out of her. As I sucked at her clit teasing it with my teeth and tongue I listen for her submission.

Karl...I am...I amm, oh damn Karl!! I am sorry I am sorry, "she moaned and then screamed
I stopped sucking her clit and rested my head on her stomach as I looked up into her face. Lola's lips were swollen and inviting her eyes large and lust filled...I could smell and now taste her as I let her see and understand who was in charge.
Ohhh ok... she said in a small voice that held just a tinge of fear...

Part of me wanted to leave it while part wanted to reassure her that all she had to do was say the word and I would stop...I hoped that she wouldn't.
Ok she said again and waited for me to act...
So I took the middle of the road and kissed her softly letting her taste her sweet saltiness on my lips.

Now sweets shall we begin...

I am sure that you have heard of bondage thanks to a movie that just came out that shall remain nameless. Well I what I like to do is like that but no humiliation or pain without pleasure. For you and both know that even in an orgasm there is both pain and pleasure. I like to play with that space, take you there, repeatedly and not let you cum until I feel that you are ready. Do you understand what I am saying Lola,I said using her name. I wanted her to completely understand my intent... what had always been my intent.

"Yes Karl I understand," Lola said looking me calmly in the eye, her pretty face so innocent with those full kissable lips saying what I wanted and needed to ear before I laid another finger or cast a thought her way.

I kissed her deeply and long as a way to sign the agreement between us, then I went to the closet and got out my suit case. Laid it on the bed and out her view and opened it up. I stood there for a moment looking at the items that I brought with me. An assortment of butt plugs, nipple clips, teasers and dildos that was the first level underneath were the whips, paddles. Plus a few other items that I had found on a visit to Asia,but glancing at Lola's toned back and ass, I decide that I would stick to the first level ...this time. Then I remember something that I had just purchase and pulled it out of my suit case. It look like a remote control for a computer game but it came with two clamps that I was going to put on both sides Lola's pussy lips. They would rest on her clit and when wirelessly turned on they would vibrate. The vibration would travel throughout her pussy giving her low levels stimulation while I did other things. I also took out the wireless butt plug and laid it with a few other items that I had chosen.
Lola, please bend forward and push your butt back toward me. I stood behind her as she complied with my request. In doing this her ass cheeks spread open and it also gave me view of her pussy from the back. I was please as my girl was a very wet one. Her honey dripping from her personal honey pot nicely. So I rolled the head of the butt plug in it and applied to her ass hole. Lola jumped and I grabbed her by her hair and pulled her back.

"Don't move," I said quietly with force in her shell like ear.

"Nod, yes if you understand, "I said still rubbing the butt plug in her honey.

She nodded but I could tell by the tightness without seeing her face that she was afraid. I decide that this time not to calm her fears, but to let her have them.

Lola I am going to slide the butt plug into you. You will feel a spreading of your anus muscle it may be uncomfortable for a few second and it will past. With that said I pushed the butt plug into her, minimal effort.

"Ohhh God," Lola said as the butt plug slide into her, causing discomforted and pleasure all at the same time. She tried to stay still but it good. This time she pushed back onto it to get it the rest of the way in. Once it was in Lola focused on what she was feeling and then the thing in her pussy and her ass started to vibrate.

I walked around to see the front of Lola and was rewarded with a very pleasing sight. Her breasts nipples and all seem to firm up and were sticking out and the look of pleasure on her face was a joy. I play with the levels of vibration to see her reactions and when I was done, Lola had came squirting and screaming my first name. I stood there looking at her now covered in sweat with her honey dripping down from her pussy onto the rug below her. I smiled her clit was sticking out all thick and deep red swollen now to the size of her little finger. I flicked with my finger and she came again this time fighting the restrains trying to close her legs which gave me an idea. I tilled the apparatus back with her in and until she was laying on the back support and her pussy opening was level with my cock. It had been a while since I have done this, but I couldn't think of anyone I would enjoy doing this with more.

I set the remotes to the same intensity and then I slid my cock into Lola and put them on pulse. After that I don't remember much of reality as I fell into fucking and cumming heaven. Lola's pussy wrapping itself around me demands me to keep pace with her, I it increased. Then the room filled with the sound and scent of our fucking ... cumming and fucking until we were both spent. I found the energy to get her out of the apparatus and lay her on the bed before falling into myself and fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

Light kissing ...yes kisses were being placed on my face here and there. As I became more aware of them I realize that there was a weight on top of me and I realized that my arms were over my head and to the side and my wrists were in restrains. I slowly opened my eyes to see Lola sitting still naked sitting on me ...I mean she had my cock in her.
She said nothing and I asked nothing. I waited for her to make her move and she did. Lola fucked and sucked me until I torn the restrains getting out of them to get to her. Then we proceeded to bless every surface and room of that place with our presence, ending on the balcony making love in full view of anyone who cared to see.

When we left on Monday morning, intentions had been recognized and suggestions made had been more than taken. So I made one last suggestion and after that took Lola home with me. These days we still have our fun and games and we now use all the toys in the suitcase. Now more times than not, we make love to each other with our eyes wide open and hearts as well.

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