Summer Playdate
Every summer my cousin Andy and I would be sent to our Uncle's farm. When we were kids it was great running everywhere, swimming in the pond and playing up in the hay loft. We were left to our own devices most of the time.

The summer I turned 14 and Andy was 16 it all changed. I arrived and Uncle Bobs first and Andy came a couple of weeks later. I knew the first time he looked at me I was no longer his "little cousin". I had definitely blossomed over the past year. My tight little ass, curvy hips and perky 36D boobs.... you could almost see the drool on his lips.

The next day I tempted fate and put on a pair of daisy duke shorts and a t-shirt that was too small over my bikini and headed out to the pond for a morning swim. I wriggled out of my shirt and shorts and could see the bulge in Andy's swim trunks. When I jumped in the water it was really cold so my nipples popped out right away so I can only imagine how it looked as I ran out of the water. Andy stood their with his mouth gaping fully erect not even trying to cover it up. For the next few days I made sure he saw me coming out of the shower hardly covered up, occasional nip slip when swimming and once when I was in bed and knew he was watching me thought the crack in my door I made sure my fingers were deep in my pussy moaning. I was not sure how much longer I could wait for him to make the next move or I was going to have to jump him I was so horny all of the time.

One afternoon I was headed out to the barn to put a few things away when Andy caught me totally off guard. He grabbed my wrist pulled me into one of the empty stalls and pushed me against the wall.

Angie what are you trying to do to me. He forced his leg between mine and pushed them apart. He was taking one of the leather straps and tying my hands above my head. I was breathing very hard my breast were smooched against him. Once I was secure he took a step back and licked his lips.

Angie you are one tasty looking treat I think this summer is going to be fun if you promise to be a good girl.

He had such a devilish look in his eye. Now I have played with myself and even bought a dildo but never has a boy played with my girl parts so I was very turned on by everything.

He walked over to me and opened the button on my top and removed my bra. He then took each nipple between his fingers and rolled them and squeezed them. Andy then started kissing me putting his tung in my mouth and I knew he was very hungry for me the eagerness of he mouth to taste every part of me.

Andy I said breathlessly between his hungry kisses.... I have never done anything with a boy before.

He stopped for a second smiled and looked at me and said... then this is going to be fun it may hurt the first time but after that we will see how much you can really take.

He sucked, licked and nibbled at my tits as his hands removed my shorts and panties. As he worked his way down my body I was moaning and groaning at every touch. He kneeled down in front of my virgin pussy and put each one of my legs over his shoulders and dove in with his tung. He licked and nibbled and fingered my pussy I could not contain myself I came all over his face and that made him want more. He put one finger in while sucking my clit and then two then three he was fearless in his attack on my pussy wanting to make sure it was pure. I cried out with a little pain and shock as he put the second and third fingers in and was so distracted by the pleasure and pain that I did not realize he was fingering my ass and trying to pop a cum soaked finger in just a little.

When I had cum for the third time he stood up letting my hang lifelessly from my straps as my legs were jello he took his cock out of his pants and for the first time I saw it. I was in shock I had seen cocks in magazines and a few of my brothers friends but I had never seen one this big in my life or that thick. I knew that that was going to hurt when he finally pummelled me with it.

Andy saw the fear in my eyes and started to stroke it and massage it and it got even bigger and thicker. Don't worry Angie before you get this I will make sure you are very ready. He just played with himself till he started squirting all over the barn floor.

When he was done he untied me and lay me on the ground. When you are ready you can come back in the house but you better pull yourself together.

That night my training began. I was brushing my teeth and Andy came in had his fingers in my pussy so fast I almost cried out. Angie don't say a word and don't wear panties the rest of the summer. I want that pussy available to me at all times. When I was done brushing my teeth he spanked my ass and left. During the night I woke up to Andy with his face in my pussy licking and fingering me it was all I had not to cry out he lifted his head and put his fingers to his lips .... shhhhht

This went on for about two weeks every where he had a chance he was finger deep in my pussy or had his face buried in my pussy. I never knew when or where it would happen. One afternoon I was laying at the pond and he ripped of my bikini and made me lay there in the sun naked just fingering my pussy and squeezing my nipples. Finally I could not take it anymore I rolled over and kissed him and started rubbing my pussy against his long thick hard cock.

Andy please fuck me I want you inside me as I rocked against him.

He laughed an evil little laugh and rolled me over. Angie be careful what you wish for little one. He pined me to my towel slipped out of his swim trunks and slowly started to enter my tight virgin pussy. He was huge and thick so it hurt no matter how much he had been trying to get me ready I am not sure what would have made it easier but with the pain came great great pleasure.

Angie this is going to hurt a bit honey I will be as gentle as I can.

There were tears trickling down my cheek but I did not care I wanted all of him. I let out a little yelp as he passed the wall of resistance but then he went deeper and deeper with his cock I thought I was going to be split in half. I came once all over him while he was inside and then he slowly slipped out of me stood up and with my cum dripping off him he tugged on his cock till his cum was dripping on my belly.

I took my fingers and swiped some off my belly and put to my lips and slowly licked it off it was sweet and salty all at the same time I licked my fingers clean.

After a swim to clean the cum and blood off me I got dressed and painfully walked back to the house. The next day is when the real fun began.

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