Summer Playdate - Summers End
Jeff had been gone a few days now and it had just been me and Andy having fun every chance we got. I was so horny I was always wet and ready when Andy wanted me and I would always find ways for us to be off somewhere alone. I much preferred sex outside than inside and had told Andy that I would love to fuck him in the rain.

The last day were were at the farm it was grey and cloudy and a big rain strom was due to roll in that night. Just after supper the rain started to come down and it was not going to let up for a long time. That night after everyone had gone to bed I went to Andy's room and grabbed him by the hand and took him outside.

We went into the willow trees and by that time my t-shirt was soaked, nipples hard and my pussy was dripping wet. I took Andy's hand and put it between my legs so he could feel the wetness waiting for him.

Andy this is our last night make it good. Boy did he ever!

He ripped my t-shirt right off me so I was standing naked in the rain he sucked my breasts and nipples gently biting them and fingering my pussy as he did. I was in ecstasy the cool rain on my hot body brining a whole new level of emotion. He slipped out of his wet boxers and lifted me onto his throbbing cock and bounced me up and down like I was a rag doll.

He pulled out in time to cum on me and the rain washed it all way. But he was far from finished. He spun me round and leaned me up agains the tree the rough bark rubbing my skin. He leaned in and as he was rubbing his cock brining it back to life he whispered.

I am going to take the last virgin thing about you....

He dipped his fingers into my pussy to lubricate them and started massaging my ass with one hand and his fingers playing with my rosebud at the same time. He inserted one finger and then a second trying to stretch me out as I knew he was going to put his huge cock in there. I cried out a little as he put the third finger in knowing that that was not nearly as big as his cock was.

I played with my ass and his fingers pumped me slowly and when I stooped whimpering he knew I was ready for one more.... He put in the forth finger and I cried out but the pain was so fucking awesome that I did not want it to stop. He nibbled on my ears and neck my tits rubbing the rough bark of the tree sending new sessions down my body making my pussy throb and drip.

Andy poped his cock back in my pussy to get it wet and the pressure of his fingers inside me the same time as his cock made me cum instantly. Andy whispered into my ear... get ready for the train baby..

He took his cock out of my pussy and started to push it in my ass where his fingers had been. It hurt like nothing I have ever felt before I whimpered with each inch he would get in. He was very careful to take it inch by inch and once he was all in he rested so my ass could adjust to the huge cock now inside it. I was crying just a little but mixed with the burning pain was this incredible warm sensation of pleasure. I whispered back to him... fuck me

I think this caught him by surprise but with that he started in and out and slowly picking up speed fucked my ass until his cum was oozing out my hole. He slipped out spent and cum still squirting from his dick.

He turned me around again and took me in his arms and gave me the deepest kiss with the rain falling on us. He put his wet boxers back on and walked me back to the house snuck back up stairs and put me to bed. Once I was all tucked in he went to the foot of my bed and crawled up the sheets to my pussy. He then licked and sucked and tung fucked me till I filled his mouth with cum. When he had licked me dry he got up went to his room and I knew our summer of playdates were over.
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