Summer Playdate - The Next Day
When I woke up the next still sore from yesterdays "breaking in" and with Uncle Bob had gone into town to get more supplies I knew I was not going to get any rest.

I was in the kitchen making some breakfast when Andy came in and without saying a word took me and bent me over the island and began fingering me.

So Angie are you ready for me?

Andy I am pretty sore from yesterday....

Angie maybe I should have not have given you the impression that the statement was a question it was more of a warning.

He fingered me till I was moaning and grinding his hand then without ceremony pushed his whole cock in me in one fell swoop I cried out as it did hurt he was so big. He just fucked me harder and harder the more I cried out with pain and pleasure the harder he pounded me. He had one hand on the back of my neck and the other fingering my ass and this time he licked one finger and put it in me as he was fucking me it was a whole new sensation that put me over the top and I screamed out my orgasm. He pulled his cock out and came all over my back. When he was done he spanked me on the ass and sent me to get cleaned up we had work to do with Uncle Bob being gone all day.

I quickly showered and got ready to go out and get the barn cleaned up and do my chores I knew I would be left alone most of the day as Andy would be off working in one of the fields. Later in the day I was hot and sweaty so I went down to the pond and had a quick dip it was so refreshing to be in the water naked the cool water on all my sore parts. I had not been paying attention just floating in the water and staying cool that I did not see Andy standing on the shore with his friend Jeff both of them looked very hungry and I was the snack.

Angie Uncle Bob has to stay in town for a couple of days so Jeff came out to visit me on his way to Rugby tryouts. Now get out of that water this instant.

I knew what was going to happen and I did not care I wanted them to use me as a play thing I knew I would have the time of my life with these two. Jeff was big and muscular not the brightest tool in
the shed but very very sexy.

As I walked out of the water I made sure my boobs bounced a little and my nipples popped out like little top hats when the cool breeze touched my body. When I reached the boys I instinctively kissed Andy deeply and then turned around and kissed Jeff deeply knowing that they both wanted me. Jeff picked me up tossed me over his shoulder spanked my ass and headed off towards the house. I looked back and Andy picking up my things and following us up to the house.

Once inside Jeff just drooped me on the kitchen table like a sack of potatoes. He then sat in the chair pulled me towards him put each one of my legs over his shoulders and dove into my pussy like it was the main course. When Andy caught up to us I was writhing on the table in the throws of an orgasm screaming out for more. When Jeff came up for air he stood up drooped his pants and put his cock in my pussy and fucked me like he was a starved animal. I just kept screaming harder harder which drove him over the edge he pulled out and came all over me and then slumped down in the chair.

Andy you were right this is a very tasty morsel and I think I will need seconds.

Jeff what are friends for...

They laughed as Andy walked over to the table and drooped his pants and then pushed his massive cock in my soaking pussy and fucked me to another orgasm and then he pulled out and came all over me. The two of them sat exhausted in their chairs with me on the table between them. I must have dosed off for a while because the next think I remember is waking up suddenly because of something very cold touching my pussy... it was a beer bottle Jeff laughed as I sat up on the table.

Hey Angie just wanted to cool off that hot pussy of yours. I looked for Andy he was nowhere to be seen. Jeff then took a sip of his beer an put two fingers in my pussy to get me wet again. I fell back on the table moaning as he worked my clit, lips and pussy walls and got all my juices flowing just as Andy walked back in.

Jeff stood up and pulled me down to him again but this time flipped me over and took me from behind smacking my ass telling me how good a bad girl I was. When he was ready he pulled out and came on my ass then Andy stepped in and I yelped as he entered me and fucked me till he came. This went on for a while as they could recover quickly for guys. It was close to midnight when they had enough of me and picked me up and put me in a bath I could not walk I was so weak from cuming and being fucked all night.

THey both took turns washing me and then drying me off and putting me in my bed for the rest I knew I would need for the next day would be Sunday and I knew it would not be a day of rest.
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