I love sunglasses on a woman.
It turns me on so much, I find that the aura of mystery and elegance they impart is so sexy.

I guess it all started with a Playboy that I discovered in my formative years. It featured a stunning brunette with large breasts, who in one photo was sporting a pair of black sunglasses while smiling seductively at the camera. Man, I jerked off to that photo a lot....

My fetish really kicked in just after my eighteenth birthday. I was at some party at someone's house, pretty wasted on cheap beer. I was standing outside with a few friends, enjoying the late afternoon sunshine, shooting the shit and scoping out the girls as they mingled around.
And then there she was.
It was like she had stepped directly out of my fantasy.

She was a gorgeous brunette, in a one piece bathing suit displaying her ample breasts and, of course, wearing sunglasses.
She was drinking a glass of wine and smoking a cigarette with a group if girls who were perched on the edge of the swimming pool, dipping their feet in the water.

I was transfixed, the chatter around me faded into the ether as I stared at her.

Just then she tilted her head back and laughed. Her smile was infectious and I grinned without meaning too. Suddenly I realised she was looking at me, probably wondering why a complete stranger was grinning at her. However, with the sunglasses on, I could not be 100% certain she was looking at me. Maybe it was this uncertainty, maybe the alcohol or maybe the fact that I was enraptured by her beauty but I could not look away.

She carried on chatting to her friends and I carried on looking at her. Once, she arced backwards to stretch which gave me the perfect view of her young, toned body. Her fabulous breasts outlined against the tight fabric of her bathing suit

I was even drunker now and feeling that fuzzy horniness that one can succumb to in that state. My dick was stirring slightly in my pants. I could have stayed in that state, looking at her forever. In a way I guess I am.

Just then, my reverie was disturbed by one of my friends who tugged at my arm and was cajoling me to go with him to meet some people he knew inside.

Distracted and drunk, I tried to dissuade him and eventually succeeded but, as he stumbled off, I was shattered to discover that the vision was no longer there. I must have been distracted for longer than I had thought and she had obviously wandered off with her group. I looked around the crowd hoping to catch sight of her but to no avail.

I grabbed another beer and went to off to see if I could find her. I wandered around the house and yard, bumping into people I knew, stopping for a quick chat here and there, all the while keeping an eye out for her.

Eventually I found myself in a secluded alcove away from the main party. There was no-one around, unsure of how I had got there, I turned back to return to the throng. And there she was.
"Don't you know it's not polite to stare?" she said, smiling at me. She was blocking the entry way, still in her swimming costume and, despite the fading light, still wearing those shades.

I just stared at her, unable to comprehend or believe what I was seeing. She had obviously followed me here, even though I hadn't seen her since she had initially disappeared. Had she been watching me the whole time?

"Well, what have you got to say for yourself? She demanded, still smiling that mysterious smile, stepping towards me. Up close she was even more gorgeous, her skin flawless, her wet, black hair slicked back. She was a bit older than the woman I was used to, probably in her mid-20s.
"Sorry," I blurted out," it's just that you're so beautiful, I couldn't help myself. I really like those sunglasses, you just reminded me of someone, I didn't mean to stare it just..." I was stammering even as I felt my penis getting harder.

She was right up against me now, her breasts brushing my chest, the outline of a nipple clearly visible. Her flat stomach pushed into my groin where my erection must have been apparent to her.
"So you like my shades?" she asked.
"Yep," I answered immediately, "they're very sexy."
"Well," she purred, "I think you're very sexy and I like the way you looked at me and I like the way you feel against me."
Before I could speak again, she kissed me. Her tongue was warm and wet in my mouth as she rubbed my pulsating cock.
"Hmm, you are a big lad aren't you? Come on."
She pushed me further into the alcove, against the wall, unzipping me as she did so.
"I'm going to suck your cock so hard," she snarled, "and I'm going to leave the sunglasses on!"
"Someone might see" I protested weakly.
"I locked the outside gate," she kneeled before me on the grass, a hand snaking into my fly to pull out my rock hard cock.
"By the way," she grinned, looking up at me, "my name is Vanessa and this is my house."

Taking my erect cock in her hands, she licked it slowly from balls to tip before sucking the head to remove the bubble of pre-cum that had formed. My cock was so hard I thought it was going to burst.
"My god," she sighed, her breath warm on my dick," you have a wonderful cock."
I guessed she was quite drunk but really didn't care. All I knew was this beautiful creature was sucking me off and she really knew her way around a dick.
She looked up at me, her hands caressing my balls, half my prick in her mouth, her luscious lips wrapped around it. Her expression was inscrutable behind those sunglasses until an eyebrow arced above them. Then gaze still on me, she started moving her lips up and down. Her tongue washed over me, her spit was lubing me up so that I slid easily in and out of her mouth. I looked down at her as she gave me head, this stunning woman looking like a movie star, her nails raking my balls as they quivered delightedly in her hand.
Without letting up her pace, he removed a breast from her suit and started playing with the nipple until it was hard and erect.
"Hmmmmmm," she moaned.
"oh god," I heard myself moaning, don't stop..oh fuck you're so beautiful...oh god"
To this day, it was the best blow job I have ever had.

She slowly sank her mouth over it until she was deep-throating me, my entire penis in the deliciously warm, moist confines of her mouth.
She grabbed my ass with her hands to guide me so that I could mouth fuck her. She gagged slightly as I thrust myself into her, her teeth ever so slightly brushing along my shaft.
I was in heaven.
She moved off my cock so that she could look at me again.
"You like that?" she asked as she jerked me off with one hand," you like how my mouth feels on your prick? You like looking at me when I do this?"
"Oh god, I love it, don't stop, oh god you so sexy"
"You like my tits?" She asked taking my rampant penis and rubbing it over her exposed breast, the sensitive tip rubbing against her nipple, slathering it in a gooey mix of saliva and pre-cum. "You wanna fuck em?"
"Yes please."
She was still looking at me as she pulled her costume down to her waist to expose her wonderful tits. She spat on my cock loudly, placed it between her boobs and pushed them together.
I began fucking her tits, at first clumsily and then getting into the rhythm as she continued gazing at me, licking her red lips. The head of my penis hitting her throat as it slid in the fleshy confines of her bosom.
"That's right baby, fuck those titties," she whispered.

After an exquisite few minutes in that position, she popped me back into her moth and resumed licking and sucking until I finally couldn't hold back any longer.
"I'm gonna come!" I groaned, my cock quivering in her mouth.
The girls I was used to going with, hated cum. They swallowed it with obvious distaste or spat it out immediately but Vanessa had no such qualms. She hauled my cock out her mouth so that I shot all over her face and those sunglasses. Christ, I was like a geyser, spitting out arc after arc of hot cum. The sight of seeing her face covered in my sperm sent another gush out of me. Christ, she was coated in my spunk! A thick, milky streak ran from her forehead, over her glasses, down the bridge of her nose and onto her lips. Another was had completed obscured one of the lenses of the sunglasses. She was my glazed angel. Even her tits were covered in my seed.

Not that it seemed to bother her to much. With that enigmatic smile still on her face, she removed her sunglasses for the first time. Her green eyes were suddenly revealed and her gaze held mine as she slowly licked my cum off the shades. She let a bit dribble down her chin before casually sucking it back and swallowing it. She cleaned them slowly and sensually, her tongue darting out as it had over my dick not so long ago. She wiped what she could off her face with the back of her hand, licking it like a cat as she did so.
With most of my load cleaned up, she handed me the sunglasses.
"Since you like them so much, I want you to hang onto them."
She kissed me again, a salty aftertaste lingering on my lips as she straightened herself up.
"I've got to go now," she whispered," but you owe me. Nest time you need to fuck me hard."

I saw her on and off for several years, she is still the hottest woman I have ever fucked. Eventually she moved away and we lost touch but every now and then, I think of her wearing those sunglasses and feel myself getting hard.

I still have that pair of sunglasses. I keep them in my bedside table and every woman I am lucky enough to sleep with has worn them for me. If I'm really lucky, she will let me come on her face while wearing them.
Man I love sunglasses on a woman....

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