Sunset and Sparkles
Taking a drive along the coast, puling over to watch the sunset on a slight hill.... We pull a few blankets and pillows from the trunk of the car. I spread out one of the blankets and keep one loose to wrap over us as the breeze comes in at dusk. You lie down on the left side of the blanket, propped up by some of the pillows and beckon me to come close and fit to your chest. Your contented sigh makes me happy. I lie down next to you and feel your hand slide around my waist and up my back. You give that spot on my lower back some specific attention as I curl up closer and kiss you softly. As I close my eyes, I feel your hand in my hair, pulling me to you. Your kisses are soft and exploring yet intentional and coercing. You softly tug on my lip then tell me to relax for a minute -- to enjoy the view and that we have all the time in the world for sex.

You smooth my hair under your palm then run your finger across my lower lip. I surprise you with taking your finger gently between my lips and teasingly sucking on it. Your low growl when I do that is so damn hot. You don't pull your hand back immediately and you tell me I look so pretty when I suck on you. I giggle and sit up to watch the beautiful sunset. You sit up and scoot me between your legs and wrap your arms around my shoulders, pulling my back flat against you. I settle into your arms and feel you nuzzle into my hair. you sweep the hair off my neck and tell me quietly, "Baby, you feel so good in my arms. The smell of your hair, the feel of your smooth skin, your quiet contented sigh. You make me happy." I love feeling your arms around me.... my hands reach up and run from your forearms up to your elbows.... then I turn my head and kiss each of your upper arms. I love being loved on by you. Every cliched "warm and fuzzy" feeling goes through my head, my heart, and down to my toes when I'm with you.

The sunset's horizon is beautiful against the water. The colors are stunning and I love feeling you pull my hair back into a low ponytail so it's out of your way. You tug the short ponytail to one side so you can kiss that particular spot on my neck. Look out over the water. What are your favorite parts of what you see?" "The wisps of bright red that sparkle on the edges of the of pink and grey clouds against the blue sky." You laugh at my description. "You /would/ take me literally.... I mean what colors do you see? I want you to think of these stunning colors and this beautiful night every time you wear this..."

Reaching into your pocket, you pull out a small black box and put it in my hands. I'm so stunned to open it and there's a gorgeous opal pendant that has all the colors of our night in the sparkles. It takes my breath away and I turn around in your arms to kiss you and sincerely thank you for such a beautiful gift. "My beautiful girl always needs to have beautiful things..." Your eyes reflect my smile and I lose myself in your kiss. "I can't thank you enough, Sir..." "Baby, you already have... let me help you put it on...There...Yes, the gold looks perfect against your skin and your eyes sparkle just as much as the opals do.... You're beautiful... come here, let's enjoy the last bit of the colors tonight..." The colors sink into the water and the last sparks of reds, yellows, oranges, blues, greys, purples, and whites give way to the beautiful twilight.

I'm still blown away with your love and thoughtfulness. I love how you nibble on my neck, then up to my ear and tell me how much you love me. How you run your fingers down my chain and gently run your finger across both my key and the gorgeous new pendant. Your fingers slide down between my breasts then back up to the necklaces as you suck on my neck a little harder.

As the twilight dims and the stars appear, you let your hands drift even more under my shirt where your hands quickly find my breasts. "Baby, turn around and kneel in front of me." I do, where you slowly unbutton my shirt and unfasten the hook on my front-closure bra. My breasts feel small in your hands, but you know how to grab them and squeeze them just right. Feeling your hands moving up my sides to my hair, you pull me to kiss you again. You tell me that you need to fuck my mouth and that all the teasing between your legs has your cock ready to explode inside me.

I pull your cock from your shorts and get my mouth down to your head, where you grab your favorite fistful of hair between your fingers and feel your cock sink into my throat. Your girl wants you to be happy, so I deep throat you as best I can. You lie back on the pillows and let go of my hair.... and let me fuck your cock with my mouth. I tug on your balls gently, then a little harder, then suck you deeper, then tighter.... then start over again. You stifle your moans but from your hand on my head, I know you're loving every second of this. I feel your cock stiffen and your hands grip into my hair tight so you can thrust in my mouth hard as you cum...and cum...and cum inside your baby. As you finish, you ask me not to swallow you yet.... that you want to see it in my mouth before I clean you up.

You open my mouth with a press of your thumb, then you wipe a small drop of your cum from the corner of my mouth. "Such a good, good girl. You may swallow and clean me up now." You wipe the tears from my cheek and lie back against the pillows with the sated smile I love so much.

"Baby, I thirst to make you cum for me too." "But I'm the one that serves you, Sir..." "and I need to make my sweet girl know that this is more than that."

I sit back on my heels, my hand flies to the beautiful new necklace and I gently run the chain through my fingers. I close my eyes for a second to catch my breath. Your hand brushes my hair behind my ear. "Baby, look at me. You're worth more to me than the stars."

You press my hands together and kiss my knuckles... then you slide my hands over your shoulders and scoot me onto your lap. My shirt falls open and you slide your hands up and down my sides then across my hips to my lower back. "Kiss me how you imagined kissing me in your dreams, baby... not just how you know I like it." I close my eyes and lean forward to gently press against your lips. I pull your lower lip a little and feel your hands scooting me closer to you. Your growl encourages me to continue. I carefully run my tongue across your front upper teeth and feel your tongue softly returning the exploration. You press into my kiss and your hands scoot my skirt up my thighs. "Where does my sweet girl want touched? Is she wet for me? I want to make her scream." I move your hands to my hot, wet core and you feel how wet I am. You push my underwear aside and rub your cock across my clit.

As you fill me and stretch me, you kiss me deeper and I breathlessly ask you to spank me while you're inside me. I ride your cock, squeezing you as you slide out. You nuzzle and kiss my neck and when you're balls deep inside me, you whisper, "As you wish, baby." You spank me hard with both hands. Twice. I contract around your cock and cum so hard that I can't control my moan and it's louder than I expected, which surprises me. You kiss me quickly and pull me down onto your chest as you lie back and you're still inside me. My expression is uncontrollable glee, and your eyes are smiling at me as you caress my cheek.

We catch our breath and you pull the loose blanket over us and we can cuddle as we both come down from another amazing fuck. "Wow, Baby. That was a powerful orgasm. I loved feeling your pleasure... I'll need to spank you more often..."
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