Supernaturals : Chapter 1
This is Chapter 1 of my novel. I hope it will be available in July 2013. For a sexy video about my novel... follow this link.



Another boring day at the office had led to a much anticipated shower. Luke Martin, the Assistant District Attorney, had not enjoyed the long day of meetings and pushing papers. He had thought of nothing else all day than coming home and enjoying a hot shower after hitting the gym. Today had called for far more working out that Luke had expected, but it was nice to burn off the stress by lifting weights and toning his already very toned body. It had been a hobby ever since law school: hit the gym after hitting the books. Now, with turn of the knobs on his shower, the hunky, thirty-eight year-old man let the hot waters burst upon his hard pecs and chiseled abs. He turned from the spray to grab the bottle of body wash which rested on a rack above while letting the steam rise up all around him. After taking a moment to lather up his thick arms, tight abs, and long dick, he turned back into the shower's spray and embraced its heat. Soap and water ran down his body in white rivers, flowing over his naked body and down the sink. He ran his hands through his short, salt-and-pepper as he pressed his face up into the spray, finally finding the solitude he had longed all day for.

Solitude was not something he would have any longer. Luke paused for a moment as he felt two delicate hands slip along his waist, tickle his strong abs, and then roam down along his hanging shaft. He looked down at his cock and watched as the hands of a woman began to stroke his slowly, causing his large dick to swell with sexual joy as someone who now stood behind him began to play with his cock. He didn't make a move and let these elegant fingers caress him, encouraging his dick to reach its full potential while the hot waters of the shower rained down from above. Luke sighed a pleasurable sigh as his dick grew in this woman's hands and soon found it a bit harder to stand as his head became a bit lighter. Even though he had started taking his evening shower alone, even though he heard no bathroom door open nor had he heard a slide of the glass door so someone could step into the steam, someone with horny fingers had clearly snuck into the shower with him and was now calmly jerking his dick between her elegant fingers.

"God I miss your cock." A sultry voice whispered into Luke's ear before a horny tongue licked his lobe. "I've been thinking about it all day long. I can't get enough."

Luke knew who this woman was and let her continue to play with his dick, feeling both of her hands gently move up and down his shaft until his dick was completely erect. Luke moaned for this woman's hand had an exemplary touch; she had a way of caressing his dick that made it grow to a thick, strong, and uncommonly long ten-inches. Unable to keep himself from this woman any longer, Luke spun around and faced this convert lover. His fully erect dick slapped this woman's thigh but she didn't seem to complain. She just looked into Luke's eyes with her own gorgeous blue ones and smiled her million-dollar smile. Luke smiled back and knew this woman needed to be fucked hard and there was no way he could stop himself either. This woman was none other than Luke's wife Tiffany, and as she stood before Luke completely naked, he realized that she was a much better thing to come home to each day than a hot shower.

Luke was constantly mesmerized by the beauty of his wife for Tiffany's figure was nothing short of an example of the impossible. At thirty-five years-old, she could have been anything she desired to be just based upon the curves of her body. With her gorgeous smile and dazzling eyes, she could have been a cover girl for make-up products. With her flowing blonde hair that hung far down her back almost to her tight butt, she could have been in shampoo commercials or magazine covers. Her gigantic, round, firm and impossibly real 32HH breasts made porn stars jealous while her tight, toned, waist was the envy of professional athletes and supermodels. Her curves, butt, hips, and long legs rivaled the most famous of bikini models while her style and taste for clothing belonged in the red carpet in Hollywood. While it was true that Tiffany had spent her youth as a lingerie model, swimsuit model, and even won the sexy title of Lady Of The Year for the classy adult magazine Plaything Magazine when she was twenty-six, the impossible fact was that every single inch on this tall blonde beauty was real. Her 42-20-36 frame was so obnoxious that the heavenly woman commonly wore long coats when she went outside so she did not attract attention. However, as the tall, curvy, stunning blonde stood naked in the shower with her husband, she wanted to make sure that her nudity had his complete attention.

"Like what you see, honey?" the naked blonde woman said as the waters of the shower cascaded down between her gigantic breasts, along her tiny waist, and between her heavenly thighs where her shaven pussy waited for Luke's huge cock. Tiffany didn't wait for an answer as she showed the Assistant D.A. that she also liked what she saw in her own body. The naked blonde looked down at her own sexual perfection, running her hands up her knees, between her wet thighs, and along her tender lips. The busty blonde giggled as she inserted one of her fingers slowly between her pussy lips and fingered herself for a moment, feeling just how wet she was for her husband. Her hands continued to roam up her godly body, over her tight tummy and up under her gigantic breasts. Tiffany rolled her breasts around and pressed them together, moaning as she played with her pink nipples before her husband's eyes. Tiffany was just as in love with her own naked body as any man, perhaps even more so as she finally pinched her nipples and licked her lips at the sight of Luke's fully erect ten-inch shaft, a dick that was getting harder and harder the longer his wife stood before him.

Before the hunky Assistant D.A. could answer his naked wife's question, she simply jumped up from the shower and straddled her husband. Luke was caught off guard but still managed to catch his wife by wrapping his arms around her tiny waist and clenching her perfect, tight, playful butt. Maybe it was the fact that Luke's arms were thicker than Tiffany's thighs or maybe it was the fact that his wife was so skinny and toned or maybe it was something else, but whatever the reason as Tiffany jumped up from the ground and wrapped her legs around Luke's waist, she felt weightless. Tiffany looked down at her husband as her giant breasts pressed against his neck and smiled her horny smile, revealing that she wanted him even more than he now wanted her. Even though their sex life had always been a fun one, it had clearly taken an energetic turn in the last five months.

As Luke held Tiffany's naked body up in the shower with ease and looked up into her ravishing face of his beautiful wife, he tried to kiss her lovely lips. Yet, instead of trying to kiss him back, Tiffany just began to open her mouth and moan softly. Maybe he was too mesmerized by her beauty to notice, but as Tiffany began to slowly inch downward towards Luke's face, Luke realized that the tip of his eager dick was already slipping between her juicy lips. Tiffany continued to lower herself slowly onto his massive dick, moaning one continuous moan the further and further he went inside her. Soon Luke was unable to do anything but calmly moan right along with his wife as he felt the tightness of her fabulous pussy wrap around his giant dick.

"Oh yes!" Tiffany moaned down into her husband's ear. "Oh yes, that's what I need. Fuck me baby."

The blonde babe nuzzled against her husband's neck and began to kiss him softly as he clenched her bare ass and gave her the first of many thrusts. Luke drove his dick deep inside her, burrowing between her juicy lips while holding her up in the shower. The water burst from the shower-head above and blessed their sex with soothing warmth. Tiffany tossed her head back and pressed her giant breasts into Luke's face while clinging to his shoulders, reeling on the thickness that was deep inside her. The handsome Luke lifted his wife off of his dick for a moment with his strength before slamming back up inside her, watching as his mighty cock caused his wife to scream out for more.

"Fuck yes!" Tiffany screamed again as she straddled her husband in the shower. "Yes!"

Ready to give his wife the pounding she desired, Luke ripped his dick out of his wife and tossed her from his body. Tiffany's bare toes bounced on the tile floor for a moment before Luke grabbed his wife and spun her around, forcing her hands up against the glass wall and bending her over before him. Tiffany let Luke do whatever he wanted as she felt his strong hands on her back, forcing her to bend over while her hands squeaked up against the glass. With his wife's body in one hand and his giant, 10-inch dick in the other, Luke slipped his dick back inside the eager pussy of his wife and forced his body on top of hers, watching as his hips pressed up against her fantastic ass.

"Fuck, baby." Tiffany laughed joyfully as she smacked her hands up against the glass and felt the girth of her husband's dick inside her body once more. "That's right. Drill me. Fucking drill my pussy."

Luke placed his hands upon his wife's ass and tossed his head back , calmly slipping his dick in and out of her while the hot water of the shower sprayed down from above. He fucked his wife from behind slowly, letting her feel every inch of his mighty dick. He let his tip tickle her clit for a moment before slamming it back inside her body, begging for more sexual moans from his wife to echo throughout their bathroom. Tiffany pushed back against her husband, longing for his thick dick to stretch her tight pussy. She took her hand and ran it down over her own massive breast, pinching herself as her husband clenched her tight ass with his strong hands.

"God you're big." Tiffany moaned as she played with her own breast with one hand and braced herself up against the glass with the other.

"It's your fault." Luke joked while running his hands down the bare back of his wife.

"I can't help it." Tiffany moaned back. "I just need it so bad."

Tiffany's words compelled Luke's pace to quicken as he stood behind his naked wife. He pulled at her hips and smacked her ass with his hips, driving his dick deep inside at a much more rapid pace. Tiffany smacked her hand back up against the glass and pushed back harder, trying to see just how deep her husband's dick would go. The slender, bouncy blonde with the heavenly body braced herself up against the steamy glass as she took the pounding from her husband from behind. She let the muscular man grip her tiny waist and drive his massive, thick cock deep between her tender lips, pulling her back against his dick with each thrust. Her massive, round, 32HH breasts bounced as they hung under her tiny body, dancing about as the hot water splashed off of her bare back. Luke gripped his wife's waist firmly in his hands and looked down at her firm, playful ass, watching as his magnificent dick moved in and out of his beautiful blonde's tight pussy. Tiffany tossed her wet blonde hair from her face and looked back at the mighty chest of her lover, reminding herself of the handsome man who was fucking her. She bit her lips as his meaty shaft filled her up, filling her so full that she was having trouble focusing on her own balance.

Luke was having trouble keeping his balance as well as the water blasted down from above and coated his muscular body. His mind was lost in lust as he looked at his prize below, watching as her hands pressed up against the glass while her sensationally large breasts bounced under her slender frame. The tightness of her famous pussy and the glamour of her sexy figure called to Luke's orgasm, begging him to fill the former model up with his manly juices. He pulled back at Tiffany's hips harder with his powerful hands, and felt nothing more than her fantastically firm body and the tightness of her tender lips.

"Oh yes! Fuck!" Tiffany screamed loudly, allowing the entire house to hear her joys. "So close baby. Fuck my tiny pussy harder. Faster!"

Luke was compelled by the cries of his lovely wife to drill her harder than even he could handle. The chiseled man felt his mind become numb as his desires to please his wife were overwhelming. He ripped at Tiffany's hips, pulling her feet up off of the tile floor with each thrust of his cock. The busty blonde squealed with each massive thrust her husband gave, crying out for more of his uninhibited sex while trying to grab anything to hold on to. It was as Tiffany's feet splashed down on the tile ground and her hands pounded against the glass of the shower that Luke gave his wife one final, powerful, thrust. It was with his mighty thrust and echoing moan and he came hard up inside his wife, blasting his cum into her body and pushing her over the edge.

"Yes! Fuck yes!" Tiffany screamed as she slammed her hand up against the glass and came hard upon her husband's cock. As Tiffany's hand slapped up against the glass of the shower, she caused the glass to crack under her hand, unable to control her own strength as she came. Her mouth was frozen in a silent scream as her orgasm rocked her body. Her feet buckled while cum dripped from her lips and around Luke's mighty cock. Withe the hot waters of the shower still cascaded down his thick, firm body, Luke braced himself up against his wife's bare ass and tried to keep his balance. Together, the two lovers were momentarily frozen in bliss, unable to do anything except use each other's bodies to keep each other on their toes.

"Oh baby." Tiffany moaned. "I needed that."

"Damn you're hot." Luke stammered while taking a single step back from his wife's naked body his massive dick slipped out from her pussy. He stepped back into the waterfall behind him, allowing the water to stream through his short hair, along his shoulders, and down his hard chest. Luke stood in the hot waters and watched as his lovely, blonde wife pushed herself up to her feet again, standing before him while placing her hands upon the wall and the glass to keep her balance. With their shared sex still dripping down her thighs, the obnoxiously busty blonde turned around and faced her husband, grateful that he allowed her to join him in the shower. She calmly tossed her hands up around his shoulders, pressed her giant breasts up against his chest, her thankful pussy up against his used cock, and finally her lips up against Luke's own. With a wet kiss, Tiffany rested in the showers with her husband, letting him know exactly how she felt without saying a single word. Luke's hands ran up along Tiffany's sides, feeling her tight, soaking wet body before cupping her fantastic ass.

With a smile, Tiffany stepped back from his husband's kiss, watching as the water continued to flow over his naked body. As Luke left his equally naked wife's kiss and turned to the knobs of the shower, he snickered a thankful laugh as if he could not believe his life was so true. As he rotated the knobs and ended the hot spray, the hunky man with the 10-inch dick turned back to enjoy Tiffany's impossible body even more. Yet, as he turned back to his wife, he noticed she was no longer in the shower with him but actually on the other side of the glass doors. The doors had not opened, yet somehow the naked woman with the sensational body was already looking at her reflection then the mirror. Through the water soaked glass, Luke could see the lovely crack of Tiffany's tight ass and the curves of her monumental, round 32HH breasts as they hung from her tall, tiny frame. He pushed the doors of the shower open to get a clear view of his naked wife, soaking up the sight of her nudity as he dripped into the tub below. As he looked up Tiffany's tight ass, bare back, and shimmering, blonde hair, he wished he could take a picture of her body and brag to his friends about the girl who he had married, yet at the same time he wanted to keep her beauty to himself. Tiffany even looked this way five months ago ... before the incident ... long before Luke had worked up the courage to propose to the thirty-five year-old former lingerie model and eventually marry her. Sure her breasts were not quite as large nor her body as perfectly toned back then, but she was still just as glamorous, as gorgeous, and as desirable.

It was as Tiffany looked in the mirror and tossed her blonde hair about that Luke noticed her entire body was somehow already dry. Her hair was as perfect and shimmering as if she had just stepped out of a salon. Her curves were flawless and soft, yet tight in all the right places. On top of the fact she was already dry was the oddity that she was already wearing white stiletto heels on her feet, sexy heels that she was not wearing in the shower during their sexual romp. Tiffany finally looked in the mirror at her hunky husband and smiled at his long, 10-inch dick as it hung between his legs. She licked her lips at his cock, wishing she could stay that night but knowing she had to get going. Luke knew this as well, and as he finally stepped out of the shower, grabbed and towel, and started to dry his face and hair, he asked for confirmation.

"So are you headed out for the night?" Luke asked Tiffany as he smothered his face with his towel and dried his short, salt-and-pepper hair.

"Yeah. I'm gonna meet up with the girls." Luke heard his wife shout from the bedroom. Confused, Luke pulled the towel from his face and found that the naked body of his beautiful busty wife was no longer standing in front of the mirror like it was a second ago. The bathroom door behind him had never opened, yet somehow she was not in the bathroom anymore. Curious, and still dripping wet, he wrapped his large towel around his waist and opened the door behind him in search of his lovely wife. It was as he walked out along the soft carpet of the master bedroom that he found her already getting ready for her night out with her friends.

Tiffany now stood before her lavish closet with her hands upon her hips was, only this time instead of being naked like she was in the bathroom only seconds ago, the tall, ravishing blonde was now wearing a lovely lace, flowery bra over her giant, round 32HH breasts and a matching white thong with rode up her firm butt. There was a thin layer of sheer fabric that danced a few inches down from her enchanting bra and fluttered around her toned abs. She even wore pearls around her wrists and neck, pearls that probably cost more than Luke's Mercedes in the garage. The tiny baby-blue flowers which lined her sheer bra and thong and the tiny bow which tied her the cups of her bra together reminded Luke that Tiffany loved to feel innocent and cute while her massive cleavage and overall sheerness of her lingerie reminded Luke that Tiffany still had a very slutty aspect of her personality. She wanted to feel young and sweet, but she also wanted to be erotic and revealing. The busty blonde continued to look into in her expansive closet full of gowns, robes, dresses, and lingerie, curious as to what to add to her already extremely expensive outfit. Yet when she heard Luke step out from the bathroom and walk towards their bed, she spun around to face him with a smile, tossing her blonde curls from her face and letting her luscious, shimmering hair cascade down her back.

"You don't mind I'm going out, do you?" Tiffany asked as she rubbed her thighs together and placed her fingernail between her teeth. As she stood in her bra and panties, the busty woman did all she could to play the innocent role, pressing her mighty breasts together under her bra and enhancing her already very full cleavage. The perky, pink nipples atop Tiffany's giant, round, playful breasts were clearly visible through her flowery bra as her outfit offered nothing to the imagination. She continued to rubbed her thighs together below her tiny thong as if she was still very horny. Even though she was thirty-five years-old, Tiffany took a moment to act more like she was eighteen and extremely shy. Luke laughed calmly for a moment as he looked to his wife standing before him as her tiny lingerie could barely hide her outrageously busty body. "I don't think I'll be very long. I should be back tonight."

"Of course not." Luke said. He lowered his head for a moment as he sat his butt down on their bed. When he looked back up at Tiffany again, she somehow now was wearing matching, thigh-high stockings and a thin lace garter over her tiny, toned, 20-inch waist. The tiny baby-blue flowers which lined her sexy stockings matched the same pattern which could be found in the cups of her fantastic bra and tiny thong. She said nothing about the sudden addition to her outfit as she took slow steps towards Luke where he sat, still wearing the same white stiletto heels she had worn in the bathroom. She placed her soft hands upon Luke's knees and lowered down to kiss him, allowing her massive breasts to all but fall right out of her tiny bra.

"I love you so much, Luke." Tiffany moaned before she kissed Luke's lips. "You've been so understanding these past few months. This never would have happened to me if it wasn't for you. I owe you everything."

"You don't owe me anything, baby." Luke said, feeling Tiffany's eager breath upon his lips as well as the warmth of her love which seemed to radiate off of her like a warm coal resting in a soothing fireplace. No longer willing to wait, Tiffany closed her eyes and kissed her husband's lips, loving him as much as ever. She opened her mouth and let Luke explore her, sucking on his tongue ever so slightly as her hands roamed up his thighs under the towel. Luke closed his eyes as well and softly played in Tiffany's mouth, moaning along with her as she stood above him in her lingerie and heels. He felt the white towel around his waist get tighter as his penis became thicker and harder for Tiffany's hands were roaming ever closer to his shaft. Luke could tell that Tiffany didn't really want to go out that night either, but she had to. She had made a promise to her friends and she had to meet them.

Finally, as Tiffany pulled her lips along Luke's tongue and popped it out of her mouth, she rose back to her feet and stood above him, showing her husband that she was somehow now wearing a very thick, very long, and very exotic white fur coat over her lingerie. The coat tickled her neck, fell down around her bulging breasts and lacy bra, danced around her firm thighs, and dangled all the way down to her white heels. Luke didn't ask where the coat came from or when she had put it on, but he knew she was not wearing it when she kissed him. Instead of asking questions, Luke simply soaked up the sight of this gorgeous woman's tight abs as they rested in front of his face. As she stood above, Tiffany began to caress the fur coat as well as if she had never seen it before. As the blonde babe ran her hands over the white fur, she quickly became lost in the moment of bliss. She moaned a soft moan of joy as she cupped her own giant, bouncy 32HH breasts in her hands and squeezed them through her flowery bra, pressing them further up towards her chin and pulling at her own lingerie as if she wanted to be naked again.

"How do I look?" Tiffany asked as she held her large, round, playful breasts in her hands and stood above Luke in her bra, thong, stockings, pearls, and fur coat.

"Perfect." Luke stammered as he sat in his tight towel which was becoming even tighter.

"That's kind of what I was going for tonight." Tiffany giggled.

Now with the extravagant fur coat over her phenomenal body, Tiffany turned from her lover and began to walk towards the French doors that led to their balcony and overlooked the houses on the hill below. The doors were already open as Tiffany strutted her white heels towards them, taking her time while cuddling up around her own fantastic fur coat. She let her heels clack on the stone balcony as the moonlight kissed her naked skin under her coat. The blonde woman closed her eyes and smiled up at the moon as if the moon was especially bright that night just for her. Then, while still standing on the balcony in her long, lavish, fur coat, Tiffany tossed her coat open and looked back at Luke, exposing her curves one more time before she stepped out for the night. The moon beamed its light down and accented her curves, highlighting her monumentally round breasts as they pushed up from her lacy bra. Tiffany let the night air blow through her long, luscious locks, tossing her blonde hair about and giving her new husband the same glamourous white smile she might give a photographer. She bent her knees slightly so that Luke's eyes could roam up her thighs and along her tiny, tight, toned abs. Her impossibly gorgeous figure dazzled in her blue and white lingerie, lingerie that she planned on wearing as she went out for the night. She waited for Luke to smile back at her before she finally tossed her coat back over her body and turned to the stars in the sky above.

Ready to go, Tiffany looked up at the night sky above, bent her knees, and then jumped into the air in her white stiletto heels. The gorgeous woman in the tiny lingerie and fur coat burst from the balcony in a rush and did not come back down as she sailed right up off of the ground and into the sky with exceptional ease. Her lacy bra hung to her giant breasts and her tiny thong clung to her slender hips while the enchanting blonde spread her arms out from her voluptuous, nearly naked body as she soared up into the stars like she was some kind of superhero on her day off. With a calm smile on her face, the blonde woman flew out over the rooftops surrounding her home and sailed towards the moonlight, allowing her fur coat to dance behind her like a fabulous cape.

Luke didn't seem too fazed at the sight of his ravishing wife flying into the night sky wearing nothing more than her sheer flowery lingerie, white heels, and flowing fur coat. The hunky man with the chiseled chest just rested back against his white pillow and watched the blonde woman of thirty-five disappear into the night sky, leaving him to sleep alone that night. Clearly, this was not the first night Tiffany had put on expensive lingerie and shot up into the sky like a bird, nor would it be the last. Luke would have preferred for her to stay in bed with him that night, but he knew she had to go. He knew that his new wife had things to attend to, things he would never understand. What Luke knew and the rest of the world didn't know was that Tiffany was now something far more than just some retired lingerie model who had become his bride. The truth was that just a few months after they were married, Luke's lovely new thirty-five year-old wife had suddenly began to develop astonishing supernatural powers, powers that even Tiffany didn't fully understand.
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