When I volunteered to help with soliciting donations for women disabled veterans, I looked forward to helping others that needed assistance. Sandy was not at all interested in the cause which gave me the opportunity to meet new people away from my wife. I found the group consisted of women who cared about others.

I was assigned to a committee of five women for determining the best way to solicit in the campaign. One of the gals was Beth. She was my age, and I immediately took to her outgoing personality. She was a pretty woman and dressed in a suit with blouses button to her neck with a skirt at knee length. She did look very professional and business-like. We got along fabulously, thinking along the same lines for what we had to do.

After three sessions and the last, a particularly long one with a lot of disagreements, Beth suggested that she and I go for a drink. That sounded just about right as I was tired of arguing with an older gal who thought she knew everything. We went to a hotel lounge and was seated at a table. We chatted and eventually, our discussion turned to understand each other better.

Beth was married to Joe. They had two children, and life was good. I told her I was married to Sandy, which she assumed was a man and I did not correct her. We had no kids, and I was also happy. With drinks flowing freely it didn't take long to talk about sex. The drinks affected her in ways I would have never expected, telling me her shoe, dress and bra size. She then admitted her and Joe were kind of bored with their sex life, and have talked about trying other things.

"Beth, what do you mean, ‘other things'?"

"Joe thought it would be fun to bring another person to our bed."

"Wow! That is a big step."

"We both agreed that another woman would be awesome."

"Do you have those desires? Would you be OK with Joe taking another woman?"

"Carol, I know he has fooled around on me. The only difference would be seeing it, and it would be worth it to see if my desire for another woman is for real."

"Beth, that is a big decision to let a woman into your marriage. You have any desire for another man?"

"When I found out he was fooling around with his secretary, I wanted payback. I went on a date with a guy I knew but he was married, and the most that happened was making out in his car."

"Did you go all the way?"

"No, the most that happened was him feeling my breasts and his hand up my skirt, but then the guilt took over. We went our separate ways, and I went home and took care of myself."

"Beth, did you want to go all the way with him?"

"Yes, very much so."

"Carol, would you and Sandy like to swap?"

"Out of the question with Sandy, but I would be willing to help with a threesome if that is what you truly want."

"Oh Carol, would you! You are so sexy! I was hoping you would consider that."

"Well, you talk to Joe and let me know because I will have to make arrangements for it to happen."

The next few drinks, her language changed saying ‘fuck' when talking about Joe and I copulating. Confessing that Joe does eat her but not well and she wanted to taste another cunt and not her own from her fingers. She was getting too loud for this conversation to continue. I put her in a taxi and got one for myself because either of us was capable of driving.

I had reluctantly agreed to this threesome thing because it had been a while since I had a cock in me. She was pretty, but not what I would call sexy with the clothes she wears, and I did not want to be high for me to enjoy eating her. I was anxious waiting for a call from her and started reason that it was all talk from too much booze in an afternoon.

I was wrong as she called, asking me if I was alone and could talk. Sandy was outside giving the neighbors a show, so I told her that she could speak freely.

"I have talked to Joe, and he is more than willing. He would like to see a pic of you. I told him how sexy you were, but you know men."

"I will send a pic to your cell, and you can send me one of yours and Joe."

"I can do that, but we would like to get a hotel room on Friday and have all our fantasies come true. Joe would meet you in the lobby and take you to our room. If we make it earlier enough, we can enjoy each other until late, but do have to go back home so the kids would not be suspicious. Please wear something sexy as Joe likes that as well as me."

"Sounds like a plan. I will try to clear Friday with Sandy and let you know."

"Oh god, I love thinking about it. Hope to see you then."

I lied to Sandy getting myself cleared for Friday evening. I sent Beth the requested pics and texted that I was good for Friday. Her text back was ‘Awesome. Meet Joe in the lobby. I will send a picture of him'. The picture of him and she was a picture of them at some business affair. She was covered up as she was when I met her. I was hoping he was a good fuck.

I packed a small bag and stashed it in the car. The clothes for that evening were sexy with a plunging neckline with a slit skirt black dress. I would have to leave the house in business dress and change in the hotel lobby restroom. I took a raincoat to cover my nakedness when meeting Joe. I was ready with the clothes.

Friday came, and I prepared myself for any desire Joe might want. I dressed more conservative than usual and drove to the hotel in the middle of the city. I found the lobby restroom and changed. Panties stay the same, black thong. Slipped out of the bra, as none could be worn with the dress I had chosen. The heels stayed the same, and I slipped on the dress. Looking at myself in the mirror over the sink, I thought, ‘If he doesn't want to fuck you, he...'. My thought was interrupted by the door opening, and a woman walked in. She took one look at me and said, "My, my, aren't you the one." She came to me and said, "Honey, in that dress, you are going to get laid or have a tongue on you where it counts. I could help with the latter." I kissed her and said, "Thanks, but I have plans." She replied, "Too bad, I was already getting wet." As I put on my raincoat, she handed me a business card. I recognized the company and her title gave her more than me as opportunities. Older, but hot as I summed it up.

When I left the restroom, Joe was in the lobby and came to me. "Carol?" I replied, "Little ole me1" He led me to the elevator, looking me over wondering what was under that raincoat. He saw a lot of it with the picture I sent Beth. The elevator arrived and us being alone was all he needed. He kissed me. I pointed to the video monitoring camera. He backed off, and whispered, "You are so beautiful, I would not stop thinking about you all week." I replied, "Take what you want, everything is available to make you happy." I was glad we got to our floor because after that statement I am not sure what he would have started to do.

He opened the door, and I walked in and their stood Beth. Her hair was down flowing over her shoulders. She was dressed in a somewhat Asian outfit that consisted of a long robe with a chain button near the top of her mound. I could not believe how beautiful she looked. She unbuttoned the chain button, and the robe swung open revealing her breasts and pussy. I wondered how I could spend all the time with her and have her conceal what I would call a gorgeous body. She looked so alluring I started getting wet from her more than I did from him. I took off the raincoat, and both of them starred. I knew that both of them had ideas of what they were going to do with me. Joe then broke the ice and said, "Why don't you two get us started!"

And started we did. I pulled the gown off of her and stepped back to admire this new found beauty. I stepped forward and kissed her, my hands caressing her breasts while my first finger and thumb cradled her hard nipples. She was pawing at me trying to remove my dress, and with a little help from me, she accomplished her goal. I was standing in a thong and heels, and I think that turned both of them on very much. Joe came over and pulled down my thong, and I stepped out of it. I held her, and our bodies melded together. Our tits being the right height for her's to lay on mine. The warmness of her body was almost dreamlike as I pushed her to the overstuffed chair. She sat down, and I took each leg and draped them over each arm. Her pussy glowed from the wetness, but it was there for my mouth, and my tongue sought out its softness. Like a child who wets their lips with their tongue, I did the same only I used her lips to let my tongue wander over her big lipped pussy. She whimpered as my tongue traced the outline.

I felt a coolness around my ass bud. I turned, and there was Joe with lube in hand getting my ass ready for penetration. His cock stuck straight out. I said, "If you want me to blow that later then your desire will have to wait." He smiled and slipped his finger into my pussy. His finger felt good, but my attention was the adorable cunt in front of me. My licking turned to sucking, and Beth's whimper turned to loud moaning. My finger entered her pussy for exploration, and when my tongue lapped her clit, I could tell she was ready. I concentrated on the big clit she had. It didn't take long for the first orgasm of the evening. Joe was kissing her as I raised my head from between those gorgeous legs. He turned to me and said, "My turn beautiful!" I left the chair where Beth had her first orgasm with a woman to let her watch me blow her husband. I gave her the best view I could kissing his erect cock, and finally making it disappear in my mouth. She left her chair to kiss him as I sucked his cock. She then knelt beside me and helped with making him cum. His balls were in my hand when he shot his load into my mouth. The cum was dripping from my mouth, and before I could swallow it all, she was kissing me enjoying his cum on my face. This woman was no slouch in the bedroom.
He was fucking me to her delight, making silly sounds at the spectacle. He was good at it, taking his time to work me up. Of course, I pushed back on his every thrust. She positioned herself as he fucked me to have fun on my tits which make me all the more excited. He did cum, and when he did, she immediately pushed him aside and went down on me. She was getting a taste of him and me together. The more she did, the more I wanted her for myself. I went back down on her and Joe got his way with want he wanted in the first place. He did nothing to force his cock in my ass but took his time to push it gently into me. Hot cock in the ass. There is nothing like it. She was ready to fire again, and I felt the surge and the warmness of his cum flowing in my ass.

We traded and shared each other all evening. We were all laying on the bed exhausted when there was knocking on the door. Joe peered throw the lookout glass and then opened the door. There stood my wife, Sandy. Sandy kissed Joe and then came to Beth and warmly kissed her. She looked at me and said, "Did you enjoy yourself, my love?" She looked at Joe and said, "You got enough left to do me, if not I always know Beth will be up for it." She turned to me and said, "Happy Birthday, Honey!" Beth and I watched as Joe fucked my wife. She deserved it. What a great surprise birthday gift!

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