The kiss of spring time had arrived. Kender had spent the entire day in the beautiful warmth of the sunshine. New leaves were sprouting from buds. Birds of every size and color had been active thru the day and she had relished her walk home. A twinge of sadness tugged at her heart. Her Master was working and she couldn't help but wish she could touch Him in some way. The thoughts left her as she walked thru the doorway of her home. She put her keys and purse on the table by the door. then turned and locked the door behind her. Dainty feet falls on plush carpet doesn't make a sound. She makes her way into the bedroom and peels out of her jacket. Small feet slip from the confines of her white tennis shoes. The tips of her fingers already working the buttons of her white cotton blouse. As the last button falls apart. Her narrow shoulders roll helping the blouse slide off her shoulders and drop to the tips of her fingers. Her hands slip from the sleeves and she tosses it in the hamper. Already her fingers have slipped to the button of her jeans. She pops it open and pushes the zipper down its tracks. The sensual curves of her rump wiggle as she pushes her jeans down. Freshly painted nails slip beneath the elastic band of her white lace panties. She wiggles out of them and tosses them into the hamper. Slender digits reach behind and unclasps her bra. She sighs softly as the soft material Is pulled away from her budding breasts. Her nipples wrinkle to tight hard peaks. Thoughts of her Master taunting her nipples with His hungry mouth makes the fire within her belly dance spreading warmth throughout her body. A touch of a button turns on lovers cross another puts it on repeat. she twists the dial with her fingertips and cranks it as loud as it can go without distorting. Thin digits slip thru her silky mane ruffling the loose curls carelessly. She walks into the bathroom and grabs two towels and a wash cloth. She turns the shower on. As it heats steam floats to the mirror coating the glass in a misty coat.

She washes her hair unaware that You were in the hall closet watching from the time she entered the house up til now. Soapy hands lather her soft flesh with a lilac scented froth. She washes every inch of her body. She stands beneath the water with her eyes closed. The hot water floods over her washing the soap away. Fingers massage the shampoo in her hair making sure she rinses it all away. Her fingers slide around the swell of her breasts. she imagines Your hands. they gently push down the smooth plain of her belly. The fire started before burns hotter with every touch. Fingertips find their way down to her smooth shaven sex. She pushes the velvety lips apart and rinses the soap away. The tips of her fingers tease her clit. she shivers thinking of her Master's touch. Her hands slide back over her ass. The tip of her fingers slides over that tightly puckered star washing the soap away. She turns the water off and stepped out wrapping her hair in a towel. She pats her body down with the other towel. The scent of mountain spring fill her nostrils. She wraps the towel around her body and ruffles her hair with the towel around her hair. she tosses it over the side of the tub and begins blow drying her hair. A reflection catches her attention. She whirls to see what moved only to find the soft white curtains fluttering by a soft breeze. She turned back and finished drying her hair and then her body. The terry cloth softness slides along the sensual curves of her body starting at her breasts down the smooth plain of her belly only to slide over each hip one by one she dried her legs. Before the towel slide back up between her creamy sun kissed thighs a band of steel wrapped around her waist yanking her back. She screamed like a wild animal clawing pushing trying to break the hold. A strong hand slid over her eyes before she could see the mans reflection. It had to be a man none other could have such a grip. If only her Master was here now to save her rushed thru her mind. Swinging her arms and legs she tried to fight the stranger off. The band of steel gave her a hard yank followed by a shove. She landed face down on the bed. Her full breasts were mashed into the mattress with her ass high in the air. She tried to kick back against him to shove him away. Knowing he wasn't near but wishing with all her heart she screamed again a sharp slap landed firmly to the cheek of her rump. Her teeth bit into her bottom lip instantly. The pain would have melted to pleasure if she hadn't been scared to death. The cry on her lips were sharp "Master!!!!!!! save your slave!!!!!!!!!! please!!!" another sharp slap landed to the left side of her ass. she bucked against the slap. Her head sprung back helplessly. Thick fingers enter twined the silky strands pulling keeping her head back. The Master of her dreams collar shining so bright against her throat. She whimpered knowing she was at the strangers mercy. He ground against her tightly. His shaft was exposed already and so hard. Kender whimpered and moaned as she felt it. The fight in her melting with desire. She must fight, she must protect her Master's property. Swinging her right arm behind her she tried to slap the attacker. Only to have her wrist captured and have it pulled high up between her shoulder blades. The hot tip of His poker slide down the crack of her rump. He pushed it lower then growled. His voice sounded familiar but who could it be based on a growl. The crowned head pushed hard in one fluid movement He slid in her all the way filling her to the brim. She cried out feebly "Master!!!!!!" The grip around her wrist relaxed and her attacker slid halfway out and in all the way again. His thick shaft enjoying the tightness of her silken walls. The band of steel wrapped around her again. His large strong hand gripped her breast and squeezed just tight enough to tease her. She cried out again her voice quivering "please don't please her Master will never forgive her please!! don't!" the growl that came to her ear was so familiar. the warmth of His voice. the scent of His body. She moaned deeply deep down knowing it had to be her Owner. His hips dipped low and curled upwards grinding deep inside of her. the warmth of her pussy gripped His shaft like a velvet glove. The soft yet rugged lips kissed the side of her neck just above his collar.

Just then a lust filled voice made her melt from the inside out. "Relax slave, you are protected and loved now enjoy." her heart leaped within her chest. The pit of her stomach fluttered stoking the already burning fires. she whispered breathlessly as her thighs parted "Master" she whimpered softly and curled her fingers within the furs enjoying the warmth of her Masters cock moving within her. As quick as He filled her he took it away. She groaned softly and stood to her feet. She started to step closer to him. His grin made her stop in her tracks. The devilish glint in his icy blue eyes. He gave her a push pushing her back on the fur and walked around to the edge where her head lay in a pool of golden silk. His large hands wrapped around her wrists and pulled her to the edge. He took a single step close to the edge of the bed. He slid the tip of His cock over her soft puckered lips. The tip of her little velvet tongue drifted over the head. She drew Him within her mouth and arched begging him to take her throat if he wished it. His growl sent her to a frenzy. Her head began shaking between his thighs the warmth of her velvety tongue curling around the thick girth. She moaned. The back of her throat stretched around the head she swallowed forcing her throat to close around that thick head. His palm slid over her sex. She groaned. The tip of His finger curled against her clit He had made up his mind he was going to cum and she was going to like it. The tip of his finger curled against the hard bud ruthlessly. she began to quiver beneath Him with need. He growled deeply shoving two fingers inside of her. Her heels dug into the bed forcing her hips higher. He began thrusting down her throat harder faster. His fingers curled inside of her wiggling roughly. she began trembling so close yet she couldn't beg her mouth was full her body was full of her Master. She whimpered loudly the vibration within her throat ran thru Your rigid shaft in one sharp cry. She felt Your cock twitch. It twitched again how lava spewed down her throat. She swallowed eagerly the back of her throat sucked at his cock head wanting his every drop. She tried to scream as her own orgasm took her but all she could do is gurgle around his cock loudly. When the last drop was spend. He pulled out of her mouth and slid onto the bed. His long arms wrapped around her pulling her to him. She snuggled back against him so happy. He turned her face to his and he kissed her deeply. The palm of his hand slid from her jawline down the side of her throat. He whispered against her lips. "Never fear slave heart, your Master is always close by to rescue you." The words that left His lips made her heart sing. It was the look in His blue gaze that warmed her thru and thru. She whispered softly "You are her world now, her everything. am so glad You found her." She snuggled deeper and purred softly. The first round over only to recover for round two.
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