Surprise Again Honey
My wife and I have had a little game going on for years. We have a special poker chip. When the holder of the chip gives it to the other, the other must masturbate. I love holding the chip and handing it to her, especially at surprisingly random times. She works from home and I'll drop it on her desk. I love to interrupt her day, but not as much as I enjoy watching her get herself off. There's just something so sensual as she takes off her clothes, lies on the bed and drifts off to pleasing herself, knowing I'm watching her fingers circle her clit, getting herself warmed up. Her pace begins to accelerate as her orgasm begins to build. She's now lost in it all, with her petite fingers rubbing and flicking. I watch as the beauty between her legs darkens as it engorges with blood from the stimulation. Then it comes. Her ass lifts off the bed as her back arches, her mouth wide open. Her moan, that cry of pleasure as her orgasm spasms her entire body is sheer bliss for me. As she comes down I lightly stroke her leg and listen to her heavy breathing begin to subside. She always gives me a smile. I love it so.

Today Gloria was over and if you read about our last encounter, you know there is sexual tension thinking about her, let alone having her in my presence. Crazy thing is, we are showing her our new bedroom set when my honey asks me to sit on the bed. I found it an odd request but they were both looking at me so cute, so I went with the flow.

That's when she flipped the poker chip on the bed. I gave a startled look and she didn't hesitate to say, "whenever you receive it!" I looked at my wife, giving me the 'I'm waiting' look, then at Gloria who had a mischievous grin on her face. I knew this was a set-up.

I became rock hard at the thought of it. I believe my sexual energy was already primed! I thought quickly and said they would have to remove whatever clothing they wanted off me. I was waved over and stood between them as they unbuttoned my shirt, unbuckled my best, unzipped my pants and began taking things off me. Gloria had me sit on the bed and took the honors of removing my pants, then curling her fingers around elastic of my briefs and slowly pulling them down, tickling my legs as she did so. We stared into each others eyes.

I reached for our ever present coconut oil and began to lubricate myself. As I lost inhibition, I went for the all-out self-love making session. I tweaked and flicked a nipple as I stroked, squirming and moaning with pleasure. When I was well worked up, I opened my eyes to see these two beauties watching with such intent. I begged them to join me, but I was reminded of the poker chip rule. I gazed into their eyes, one woman, then the other. It was all too stimulating to attempt to draw it out. I looked at them, with them looking at me, when my face contorted and I exploded all over myself. There were a couple of quiet comments I didn't quite hear in my orgasm recovery. I did see my wife nod to Gloria. Gloria came over and gently pushed me to my back, lying flat out on the bed. She took her hand and began to massage my spent cum over my abdomen and chest. When her talented fingers brushed my nipples I could feel the rush of sex entering back into my body. She took her right hand and inserted one finger at a time into her mouth and licked it clean. Then her left. Sultry!

As if I was awakened from a dream, I told to clean up as they walked out of the room.

I had to lie there and absorb what had just happened.

What next?
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