Surprise Honey
Lily was a bit adventurous when we first met. It may have been in an effort to grow in the relationship, but her appetite has seemed to narrow as time has gone on. I have always loved fun and adventure in my sex life and this is our tension. She loves me and wants for me to be satisfied, but really doesn't have the passion to move beyond our quiet little routine.

In contrast, I had a past relationship with a woman who loved to give me blow jobs. She gave head like a porn star. Deep throating me and taking my cum brought a smile to her face. The first time she gave me head, what she did caught me by surprise. She took me all the way to her throat, to the point where she licked my balls. I couldn't believe what was happening. It was then that her throat tensed with a gag reflex and it was all too much. I shot my bursting load into her. When she backed off my member a drop of semen dripped from the corner of her mouth, which she reached with her tongue to lap up, swirl around her lips and savor. It was absolutely amazing!

We also experimented with tying each other down and being recipients of each others pleasures. It brought nights of crazy sex play and entertainment. I loved it!

Other the other hand, Lily tried a blow job once and almost threw up. That was the end of that. Bondage of any sort, she tells me, is a turn off for her.

I love Lily and she is creative with her art and her writing, but as I said, it doesn't really transcend to the bedroom, until last week. What happened came as quite a surprise.

She asked if I still had the tie-down straps we tried a few years back. Being an unusual request; and one that brought about a slight shot of sexual adrenaline, I didn't argue. I nodded yes and without saying a word went and retrieved them from the hiding spot. She wasn't quite sure how to position them and asked me to position them in a way that would leave me spread eagle.

Without discussion, she told me to remove my clothes and lie down on the bed. I laid on my back and spread my arms open as she wrapped the Velcro straps snuggly around each wrist. She then guided my leg to the edge of the bed and did the same. As she pulled me wide open, pulling my last limb to be detained, my heart was beating, my breaths were shortened and I was rock hard, standing like a flag pole. As she stood there and looked down at me, I was as vulnerable as I can ever remember. My confusion was only adding to that feeling.

We shared a moment looking into each other's eyes when she said, "wait here, I'll be right back". We were both amused by the humor of it and then she walked out of the room.

As I lay there, time seemed to slow to a stand still. In reality it must have been only 5 minutes when she returned. She came in and immediately told me she loved me, and what was about to happen was her idea, that she hopes I trust her and enjoy myself. As her words were still echoing within me, Gloria walked in. Gloria is a friend we have know for some time. I can't even put into words what I was feeling having Lily and Gloria fully dressed at the foot of the bed looking at me naked and exposed. Lily said it seemed appropriate to have me get something I want, that she finds hard to give, and to let Gloria get the desires she's not receiving either. She kissed me, wiggled my stiff shaft with a smile and walked out of the room and shut the door. I looked to Gloria who was blushing, nervous and cracking half a grin. I had so many questions, but this wasn't the time. "So what now, I asked?"

"The only rule is that we do not have sexual intercourse" "And today I am not to untie you."

A twinge of disappointment came over me concerning the intercourse rule because I think about doing it with her every time I see her. I have never expressed my lust for her, but it was always there. My disappointment was dissolved when I asked what Lily mean about what it was that I wasn't getting and she wasn't receiving.

"Ben doesn't believe in oral sex", Gloria said.

To break the tension I had to say something

"Gloria, would you like to kiss me?"

Once our lips met, the tension seemed to evaporate. Our passions were being met. I expressed that it wasn't quite fair that I was completely naked and she was dressed. She stood and began unbuttoning the business attire blouse she had worn to the office that day. I thought was going to spurt my seed as I watched. Her breasts heaved over the brim of her bra and seemed glad to be free. And they were magnificent! She was as hot as I ever imagined. She was a bit of a fitness buff and it showed. Her Mediterranean skin was warm and her olive skin was such a contrast to Lily's Irish white cream.

She continued with removing her skirt, while still in her heels and thong. Was this a dream? With my prompting she wiggled out of the thong, sat next to me and removed the last of her clothing - her high heels. She kneeled over me with her breasts touching my chest, moving them around and teasing me. She was new to this light bondage thing, but was making all the right moves, teasing me so that my muscles fought my restraint. My back arched and I moaned as she ever so lightly sucked on my neck and allowed her tongue to discover my ear. She kissed her way to my nipple and flicked it a few times before sucking it in. I so wanted to touch this beauty, but was I was confined to the receiving end only. As she kissed and nipped her way down my chest, I felt her thin strip of pubic hair brush my cock and I gasped. She continued to pretend fuck me with her pubis. I felt the climax in me building and fought to hold it back. The olive skin from her firm abs brushed my member as she continued working her way down - swirling her tongue in my navel. Could Lily hear my heavy breathing and gasps? Gloria's breasts played with my cock as she placed me in her cleavage. I looked down as she was looking up at me. As our eyes met she took me into her mouth. Seeing her lips around my swollen shaft, leaving me shiney from her saliva caused my veins to budge. Her tongue traveled the length of my cock to my balls and back. Her movements became faster causing her tits to swing in unison. It was at this moment she stopped. I thought, no, she isn't going to leave me at the brink of climax! She straddled her way up my body, placing her pussy over my face and grabbed the railing of the bed with both hands. I saw her glistening pussy, all swollen an inch from the reach of my mouth. She had a thin strip of cropped pubic hair all moving inward like a wave. She lowered herself to me while watching. Her smell was intriguing causing a primal instinct to rise in me. I could only flick and lightly lick for a few moments until I ate her like a hungry animal. Her muscles flexed as she had to hold the headboard with all her might. She moved and rocked like she was fucking my face. The sounds she made were growing with the impending orgasm. Sweet Gloria was sounding off "Oh fuck!" "Oh my God!" "Holy shit!" She didn't get this at home and was going for all it was worth. Her body went rigid, her breath stopped and then she shuddered. Her love canal pulsed as the wave of pleasure rivited her body. I lapped up her juices, around her labia and inner thigh. She seemed to be coming down from her cloud when she turned 180 degees, leaving us in a 69 position. She rammed my shaft to the back of her mouth. Her focus was to put me as far down inside her as possible. Gloria bobbed and sucked from my tip to my balls. I wanted to grab her ass. I wanted to grab fondle her tits, but I couldn't. I too began to go rigid. I was at the point of no return. Gloria swallowed me whole as I shot my load. She drank it in with a pleasure I have never witnessed. She sucked on me and licked me clean making delicious moans as she did.

I thanked her and thanked her. She lay beside me and thanked me. She kissed me with her semen breath, then fell on her back and laughed.

"Maybe next time you won't have to be tied up"
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