Surprise Promise finale
Angie's overwhelming lust for immediate deep penetration takes me by surprise. She has intensity written all over her body. In our oral session of tongue licking ferocity she fondled my cock like no other woman I've been with before.

Her hands stroke my shaft with long pulsating stimulation. Her fingers constantly massage, squeeze and rotate while her mouth performs magical oral fulfillment. She rotates and angles her head in a variety of sensual ways bringing me to orgasmic release time and again.

As cum spurts, hips jerk, her tongue stops the flow then releases, adding a sensation that keeps the flow of thick cum constant. She likes biting down on my shaft like eating an ear of corn. While her teeth gently sink into my foreskin her tongue glides on top and bottom adding a most enjoyable sensation.

Then she does this quick back and forth slide like blowing a harmonica. She presses her lips tight against my shaft and blows hard creating a fluttering sensation that's out of this world. She moves her head around to perform this same maneuver on the crown of my cock. When she blows, my foreskin bellows out, she then strokes my shaft hard, tightening the foreskin then repeats this sequence until I cum down her throat.

After coating her hands with cum after my first ejaculation, she massages my cock by twisting so sensually I follow up my first orgasm with two more. She swallows all the cum without hesitating or diminishing the force of her sucking, licking and deep throating.

Massaging my balls adds yet another blissful intensity. The lotion she uses slips and slides my balls through her thumbs, fingers and palms so pleasurably. Then she does this raising and lowering of my balls upward in the palm of her hand, downward she stretches my scrotum squeezing tight against my balls. Her release triggers a shooting sensation that makes me want to cum instantly.

Angie's got the most sensual pussy a woman can have. My mouth is so sexually addicted to sucking and licking her pussy lips and clit that once I start I can't stop until her juices stop flowing. Orgasm after orgasm her body twists and twinges as she runs her fingers through my hair then pulls hard when she spasms into each successive orgasm. My mouth becomes saturated with her nectar. I hold it in my mouth as long as possible before swallowing slowly to savor the taste. My tongue penetrates ever so deep searching for more of her sweetness.

There's a mystery look in our eyes that reveals a hidden dimension to our sexual cravings. We both use oral sex to prepare for the peak experience neither one of us realizes the other craves with the same ferocious intensity.

Angie lays out on the smooth outcropping of warm rock in such a way her body contours to the shape of the slick boulders. Her hips rotate gently as her profile shimmies with lustful anticipation. One knee is raised showing off her shapely leg separation, the other widens, beckoning that precious moment of haste. We both calculatingly planned for this encounter consciously knowing it's ultimate outcome.

Rod's swagger, as he approaches, turns my pussy into a raging electromagnetic, vacuum sucking black hole. I've massaged and sucked his cock knowing this moment would soon engulf my total existence. I have no idea how we're going to fit together. My pussy has a huge entrance then narrows into a tight cervix. No cock has ever reached the depths of my uterine canal. In fact I believe that my hymen still needs to be widened to the max. No matter what happens I want Rod's cock to open my pussy like the curtains opening for a Cinerama extravaganza.

His cock takes my breath away as it bounces off his thigh, the head rotates like a cork screw then dangles from side to side, his balls hang low, swaying to and fro. He throws his hips forward tantalizing my glaring stare.

Rod knows how to sexually tease a woman into an orgasmic frenzy. He walks up straddling my widening legs and lays his cock on my thigh testing my fortitude. I feel his erection expanding as he slides that massive hunk of manhood from my knee toward my pussy. Up and down he slides, the crown of his cock getting closer and closer to my pussy lips, cum oozing slowly, effectively lubricating his shaft. My legs are spread so wide his crown finally slides between my lips and kisses my engorged expanded clit. I can't control my breathing or my impulse for that monstrous magic wand to penetrate the depths of my uncontrollable desire.

My fortitude is shot to hell as my hands grab his shaft just as he slides forward. His erection is hard enough for me to follow through guiding him directly between the flowery petals of my saturated gates of Eden.

Rod's eyes close with a sense of ecstasy as he throws his hips forward. My body slides down the smooth mist coated rock as I pull him into me with such force the crown and head of his cock fill my vaginal entrance, my lips and clit fold inward, I pull harder, he thrusts deeper, the crown of his cock opens my cervix like a javelin piercing it's target.

A sharp stabbing pain shoots through my entire body. Instantly the pain becomes a blissful erotic sensation. His hands grab my hips pulling them toward his groin with a demanding force. His left arm slides around my right knee cradling my thigh allowing him to pull me harder onto his cock. The head of his cock prevents it from traveling straight through my cervix. I start bucking my weight, flapping my knees and pulling his cock harder, craving for it to penetrate deeper.

My juices become ultra slippery, my grip gets tighter, finally Rod aids in thrusting all the way by grabbing his shaft with his right hand below my hands and thrusting his hips at the same time. I feel impaled by the most massive hunk of flesh that ever entered my pussy. My body becomes frozen in time stunned beyond belief that being penetrated so forcefully could feel so achingly sensual.

"Are you alright?" Rod's voice seems like it's in an echo chamber. I'm so taken by the overwhelming penetration of his enormous cock that I can barely shake my head with approval. I almost lose consciousness...numbing pain, blissful penetration...I want more...

"If it hurts too much let's try again and again until it's comfortable."

"No, Rod, I want you to fuck me slow and deep right now. Don't back off, just withdraw a little at a time and keep thrusting."

Angie's eyes are opened so wide she looks like a startled, mesmerized teenager who just lost her virginity. Her pussy is so tight it feels as if I actually broke her hymen. I withdraw a couple of inches then slide into her again and again. Then I withdraw further and slide in pressing deeper through her cervix into her uterus.

"Keep doing that Rod, it feels so good. Go further so I can feel my lips fold in and out with my clit. I'm just about to climax...OMG this is more than I can bare...Oh Yes...hold me tight Rod...fuck me...deeper...deeper...yes here I cum...I can't believe how good you feel inside me."

I feel Angie's body twisting and turning as her hips shift from side to side allowing my shaft to stimulate her lips and clit. Deeper and deeper I'm able to thrust as she relaxes allowing me to glide smoothly in and out the wondrous depths of the most sensual pussy I've ever fucked. Finally I reach almost the entire the length of my cock withdrawing to where just the crown is in her entrance. Then with a driving force I've never fucked anyone else with, I hurl my entire body toward hers, my cock leading the way, her hips shift forward, she removes her hands from my shaft, I follow releasing my hand, the head of my cock smashes into the back wall of her uterus, her body goes limp, I press harder feeling her entire pussy stretch in length and width.

"Now, Rod, fuck me hard and steady, yes, yes, harder, fuck me, I'm cuming Rod, don't stop, fill my pussy ."

Angie doesn't realize it yet but I'm supporting her entire body weight as I lift her off the rocks. She unconsciously wraps her legs around my waist as I throw her upward. Her body glides downward with tremendous force. Her murmuring moan nearly masks a hidden request..."Fuck me Rod, Fuck Me that cock as deep as you can...I'm yours Rod, yours forever and ever."

Angie's near delirious murmurs inspire the brutal beast in me I never thought possible. I guide her to the edge of a smooth rock placing her lower back on my hands for comfort and support. My hips go wild with fury as I start fucking her so hard and deep my foreskin stretches so tight it feels like it will tear loose.

As I withdraw the sensation subsides, I keep fucking her with wild abandon. My breathing becomes so forceful it transforms into bellowing grunts of satisfaction. Our bodies experience so many orgasmic peaks of ecstasy our cum keeps us more than able to take it to the limit. Between orgasms I slow down and back off continually thrusting as deep as Angie's pussy will allow me to thrust.

Her body relaxes every time we slow down allowing me to drive deeper. I rotate her body on top of mine. She's able to spread her ankles, legs and thighs so I can thrust upward. She lowers her body making it easier to thrust deeper. Finally she regains her strength and starts fucking me as hard I fucked her. My back relaxes on a bulge in the rocks positioning my cock so she can take it all the way in her pussy if she wants to. She does!!!

"OOOOHHH, MMMYYY, FUUCCKKING, GO.'..OD!!! Stay in that position Rod, I want your cock as deep in my pussy as possible."

Angie fucks me so hard my cock feels almost numb. She plunges so hard coming down I feel my cock compress against her uterine wall. I'm so hard and swollen the sensation is overwhelming. I continue to cum but it's not an orgasmic release just a slow steady oozing blissful feeling.

Angie continues having multiple orgasms as she speeds up then slows down. I love the way her head flips around uncontrollably, her hair flying in all directions as she fucks me so hard for longer than any woman has ever fucked me. It's as if she's on a special mission to accomplish the ultimate fucking experience she's ever had. It's surely turned into mine. This girl has ferocious beast dripping from every orifice in her body. She surely brought out the breast I never thought I had in me.

We both loose track of time, place, space, any semblance of etiquette, any recognition of reserve. Angie collapses over my chest, our legs spread wide. Her last final downward thrust impales my cock so deep in her pussy it feels like I'm filling her entire abdomen. My cock is experiencing a pulsating throbbing flexing ecstasy I've never felt before.

Cum continues to ooze and trickle from her pussy down my groin, into my anal crevasse. Angie's fingers massage my anal sphincter, I massage her rose bud. Our hips continue a slow rotating grind as they shift into a comfortable but contorted position allowing us to feel the immensity of a cock and pussy destined for the ultimate challenge...fucking all night until the sun rises on the horizon.

Angie is some kind of forever girl...:)
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