Surprise in the library
"Hey, what are you doing today?" I asked as soon as you answered the phone.

You laughed at my lack of a proper greeting. "Hello to you too," you answered. Before I could repeat my question you answered. "I've got some research to complete at the library."

My lush lips curled up in a pout. "I can't talk you into skipping it today?" I asked?

The conversation progressed as we bantered back and forth. I tried to wheedle and change your mind but you held steadfast. I knew that you had to complete this research if you were going to meet your publishing deadline. Therefore; I reluctantly made plans for my morning to allow you to work a bit before meeting you to go to lunch together.

I spent my morning wisely. What did I do? Why I spent my time at the mall of course. I knew that if you realized where I was you would roll your eyes in mocking gesture of indulgence. I giggled though as I strolled into my favorite lingerie store. I could never resist the store but today I was wishing I were with you, so my eyes immediately fell to the bustiers, garter belts and other sexy accouterments. My eyes sparkled as an idea began to form in my head. A devious plan. A glorious plan. A plan that would be so much fun to plan, implement and carry out that I couldn't resist the draw. Oh yes, there was no turning back. I was going to do it!

I briskly walked to the racks of clothes and without hesitation made my selections. After I paid I headed off to put my new purchases to use. Within an hour I arrived at the library.

I walked into the library and headed straight to the quiet corner where I knew you usually dragged your research books to spread out and work in the silence. Just as I expected, there you were with your head buried in your work. I moved silently, there you were with your head buried in your work. I quietly walked up to you and gently placed my finger on your arm. You jumped and glanced up, immediately relaxing when you saw me. I traced my finger up your hard muscled arm, across your broad back and down the other side as I moved around your body. I rested my bottom against the desk and lightly pushed back off of the floor and sat on the edge of the table. You looked at me with a grin, taking in my new purchases. I wore a white button down blouse that was tucked into a short red skirt The white shirt was barely buttoned, revealing a white lace bustier covering my lithe body. You could see my dark nipples pressing against the top of the bustier as they hardened in excitement. I quickly lifted my leg over yours so that my silk clad legs rested on the outside of your thighs. You could smell the dusky scent of my damp pussy alerting you to the fact that I was already highly turned on. You traced your finger up my calf, over my knee and up my thigh. I could see your nostrils flare with excitement as you feel the top of the silk stockings end.

"You didn't?" he breathed softly.

"I sure did," I saucily answered. I knew that you had always wanted me to wear silk stockings and a garter belt. I had finally decided to tease you with buying and wearing it. Your fingers reached under my skirt and caressed the straps of the garter belt. You let out a short moan as your fingers brushed by my damp dewy womanhood, cluing you into the fact that I was pantiless under my skirt. I knew that you were aroused because your breathing became very choppy and harsh in the quiet of the library. I grinned, you had no idea what was coming next.

Without warning I slid off of the table and onto your lap. My body lightly landed upon your lap. You could feel my hot center against your hardened manhood. I grinned as m hips circled and pressed down upon your lap. I could feel you grow harder. Your throbbing cock sent a rocket of pleasure through my body. I raised my hips momentarily, just long enough to pull your zipper down and to open your shorts, freeing your body. I grinned as your hard body sprang free. I silenced your protest with my lips as I raised my body and lowered my wet tight body onto your hard manhood. I groaned aloud as your cock stretched and filled me up. I pressed down as hard as I could, thus accepting your body more deeply into mine. Our eyes locked as we began the age old dance of passion, oblivious to the risks of this very public location. Our movements were frenzied as we pushed ourselves toward the culmination that we both craved and needed with all of our being. I was the first one to reach the pinnacle. I fell over the edge. Your lips pressed upon mine, muffling my scream. My body tightened and squeezed as I came. The pressure and involuntary muscle spasms against your cock milked you until you were also cuming deep inside me.

As soon as we were both sufficiently cooled down, with our breathing once again calm; I lifted myself off of your body. I could feel your cum dripping out of my pussy. I paid it no mind as I kissed you . Extracting myself from your body I bade your farewell.

"I'll see you for lunch babe, good luck with your research" I said as I winked and walked away.
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