Surprize Challenge
*** "Seeking male partner capable of satsfying a variety of womens sexual desires. Extensive travel. All expenses paid. Nonintrusive. For interview, audition and training schedule meet your female partner at "The Henry Swing Club." Ask for Sheri." ***

On the inside cover of a well worn magazine the add was barely visable tucked between large layouts of sex toys, condoms and lubricants.

Making sure my eyes weren't playing tricks on me I read the add several times. The more times I read it the more aroused my body became.

This has got to be a joke. It isn't the first of April and where the Hell is The Henry Swing Club? At least it's a pleasurable enough joke to make me curious enough to check it out.

An extensive search through endless web sites turns up one possibility within a hundred miles. Funny how this kind of excitement turns me on. Reminds me of "The Swing" a restaurant/bar on Ventura Boulevard where it all started.

Then came the very first swing club I joined many years ago. Going to our first party we got so turned on, my partner and I got each other off in the front seat as we drove up to the front gate of the party house mansion.

Of course this seems too unreal. At the same time I'm hoping it's surely the real thing. After all, back in the '60's swinging seemed so unreal. This sounds like, "Swinging: The Next Generation!"

Turns out The Henry Swing Club is a well lit up rustic restaurant/bar with a spacious dance floor, live music and what I once thought was the greatest spectacle in dancing, Go-Go Dancers. Only these dancers aren't stuck in cages, they're here for anyones entertainment. They even invite you to their table for a free drink on the house and numerous horderves.

Not being in any particular hurry I join in with an amazingly attractive dancer who loves the twist or maybe I should qualify that by saying the maximum full body twist. Her torso and limbs are so flexible she looks like an electrified cork screw on steroids.

I must admitt I love the twist but I'm no match for this sizzling wonder. Still we share a pleasant introduction that loosens me up to get in the groove.

As we head for her table I inquire about Sheri. She turns abruptly and says, "That's me, welcome to the Henry Swing Club, I'll bet you read a magazine add that led you here. Let me guess, you read the add this morning, took the entire day to find us and here you are!"

"O K, where's your crystal ball? Guess there's no hiding secrets from you."

"Oh, I just like to have fun guessing. Actually we ran the add for just one month. We've had twelve men apply, you're the thirteenth. Hope you're not superstitious."

"Actually, thirteen's my lucky number. Like the song says, "Thirteen women and me the only man around."

"I never heard that song, who wrote it?"

"Bill Haley, you know the guy who also wrote 'Rock Around the Clock.' Thirteen Women was the flip side."

"I hope that means you're capable, eager and willing!"

"That's the only reason I'm here."

"That's what I like hearing. So, are you ready for your interview and audition? If you are the results of both will hopefully gaurantee you a place in our training center.

All details will be explained in the interview during which we will be served wine, a variety of specialty caviar with cheese and crackers along with other gourmet delicacies.

Throughout the interview the girls serving will fondle you with hugs, kisses and playful body massaging which might lead right into the audition itself. Are you comfortable with this approach or would you rather have a one on one interview with no interuptions?"

Sheri's eyes scan my physique like laser beams, her hands gently slide up my arms, down my back, across my thighs, then, uninhibited, slowly squeezes the bulge hanging loosely to the inside of my left thigh.

"I'm comfortable either way. However, if you're the one on one I would definitely consider that as a primary choice."

"OOOH, I like that! Keep it up and you'll be assured of a gauranteed spot."

"With someone as gorgeous as you in all the right places I doubt I'll have any trouble keeping it up. Of course, I'm sure you are looking for a particular type person and already have certain criteria for qualification. Since the add says "capable of satisfying a variety of womens desires", I'm open to a wide variety of techniques."

"Without exception?"

"Well, I don't do bondage or weird kinky stuff."

"I can tell you that's in your favor, neither do we."

"Good to hear that, I was maybe thinking that would disqualify me. How about anal techniques, fisting and of course oral sexual cravings?"

"We don't do anal until we go through cleansing techniques. So, that will not be part of the audition. Fisting and oral sex are among our favorite techniques. By the way, you appear well groomed. Are you aware of any special cleansing techniques?"

"Yes, quite extensively. I look forward to sharing them when ever appropriate."

"Well!!!, your comments surely satisfy this interview. I get the feeling that you're no stranger to swinging."

"I've been involved with swinging since the '60's and have enjoyed every encounter."

"Do you mean consistently from the sixties?"

"Well, there've been a few times when with certain partners I've taken time to get to know them more intimately for long periods of time. We would still go to parties but we'd move in together and really explore the depth of our mutual sexual desires. It takes a special person who can turn me on to that degree. There's nothing like finding that special person."

Sheri's fingers follow the outline of the bulge she's fondly getting accuainted with. As it grows to semi hard she continues tracing her fingers along its periphery, now with both hands.

She comfortably allows me to trace the outline of her scrumptiously titillating breasts after playfully swaying her slender body from side to side and feeling the tightness of her back, shoulders, electrifying waistline and thighs.

"I'm sure we're all eagerly looking forward to this audition. I'm sure you'll be finding out who's right for you in a special way and for any occasion."

"Do I get to choose the girl or girls for the audition or is this audition predetermined?"

"Just one moment."

As she leaves the room I wonder what type of assessment is going on. Surely every comment, question or answer provides insight as to whether or not I'm suitable for their quest.

"Since your comments intrigue all of us we'd like to suggest that the remainder of the interview be conducted with thirteen girls including myself. Are you comfortable with this arrangement?"

"Sounds like a dream come true...thanks Bill Haley!"

"First, I'd like to start with a slow dance with you."

As if her voice activated a juke box I follow Sheri's lead to the opening sounds of "When A Man Loves A Woman."

Then I realize that this interview/audition has been timed perfectly with the awesome performance of the house band. At first it seemed spontaneous. Now it seems more calculating. I'm sure they're looking for just the right men to form this intriguing sex experiment.

Sheri instantly presses softly into my chest making as much contact with her petite body as possible. Her shorter than short mini skirt allows her to straddle my thigh comfortably as she works her magic climbing further and further toward my growing, stiffening arousal.

She's so sure of herself with knowing exactly how and where to climb, her body twists and curves like a garden variety fire climbing lily.

Her hands thrust through my hair with her fingers in constant movement massaging my neck and ear lobes which continues stimulating more and more full body arousal. When her groin reaches the ever expanding bulge she rides the crest with her pussy laying claim to its presence with a liquid deed of ownership.

I begin tracing the outline of her slender shoulder blades. Each one rises and falls with each sensuous touch. Her upper torso squirms with positive invitation to explore further.

I'm extremely careful not to overstep any anxious desire to fondle her unusually well developed breasts. Instead, I massage along her waistline, tight abs and narrowing but fully contoured vulva. My hands feel the enormous flowery bulge that claimed its ownership. My mouth begins to water.

Suddenly, I feel an extra pair of hands slide under my arms while yet another pair of hands begin massaging around my waist. Still other pairs of hands join in and within minutes my entire body is on fire with a kind of stimulation I've never experienced.

This must be preparartion for some kind of octapus technique I've not been introduced to, yet.

Sheri and I continue dancing improvisationally while magic fingers subtley remove our clothes. I'm quite impressed at how these girls, I'm assuming thirteen, manage to expertly remove ours and their clothes in coordination with the rhythm of the song. Their careful attention to every move is astounding.

Before I know it Sheri and I are stark naked, our bodies on fire with sweat building momentum. The band kicks in with The Twelfth of Never.

As I massage Sheri's narrow hips my hands glide toward the small of her back. She arches her back and simultaneously my hands slide around the curvature of her cheeks.

No one makes a move toward those throbbing parts of our bodies that continually issue a temptuous sweet liquid. Everyone's aware of each others level of arousal. Pleasureable tension builds. The fragrance of slippery juices fills the air.

The feeling of multiple breasts swaying randomly along all parts of my body sends a rush of adrenaline through me like lightning.

For a moment Sheri bends down wrapping her tits around my cock and as I pull slightly upward to increase its swift, sure hardening, she playfully strokes it with her enormously elongated breasts, ending up by collecting pre cum with each nipple, raising their elegant length to her mouth and with one swift swipe of each nipple coats her tongue.

Then she thrusts her head back with an invitation to an open mouth kiss that measures the slippery length of our tongues. For the first time I realize how extraordinarily unusual her body is. What a turn on!

It's as if there's a silent code of conduct being played out or maybe a test of wills. I've played this game many times and loved every moment of intrigue.

Body parts coming in contact with each other with no specific focus, no special attention, foreplay at its subtle finest, building momentum like a volcanic earthquake.

Finally, hands, arms and legs begin exploring deeper as the music continues a medley of slow erotic classics...Fever, I Got A Spell On You, Chain Chain Chain, Unchained Melody, I Wanna Take You Higher...

All the girls managed to disrobe without us being aware of their movements. One girls arm brushes against my hardening shaft then she seems pleased with the encounter and continues a spiral movement culminating in her hands double stroking the length of the rear portion behind the gradual bulge of its head.

My balls hang loosely, she tantalizingly toys with them. Soon her mouth begins inhaling them.

Another girls mouth quickly covers the crown of my cock, licks the pre cum and swirls it around the entire head then begins licking the head and crown as if it were an ice cream cone on a merry go 'round.

Several other tongues join in. Licking then swirling in perfect time as if a water ballet is taking place right on the head of my cock.

The sensation is hightened when their mouths open wide, their teeth gently grasp a portion of my cock and they begin humming in harmony while nibbling and gnawing.

The subtle vibration through their teeth and lips doubles the intensity and hardness of my cock. The expertly soft teeth action is an amazing sensation. My foreskin stretches to its engorged maximum girth and length.

I can't wait to replicate this technique on their tits, nipples and pussies. So many girls I've been with really get off with soft gnawing of their pussy lips and clitoris.

Right when they orgasm I love sucking harder and harder while craddling their lower body in my forearms. It's sheer ecstasy when their cum flows into my mouth. I love swirling it around with my tongue before swallowing.

As each girl offers her body in some sexy gesture I make sure that I fondle each one with as much fervor as it takes to feel her squirm for more.

Every part of my body feels as though it is independently reaching out for as much skin as possible. Waves of orgasmic release wax and wane. I'm still in control but I wonder for how long.

These girls each have their own unique attractive qualities. My focus of observation reveals the fact that although they don't necessarily sport super model, air brushed attractive faces their bodies make up for any discrepancy.

Actually, this is a collection of faces that have unique erotic, exotic features that settle well with me.

After all, one look in the mirror and I'm staring at mister rough cut. Of course, I do make sure my body is a close resemblence to Mister America. My workout schedule is extremely demanding. I hope it makes up for my rough cut looks. Thanks Jack Lalanne!

Mouths continue trading kisses, tongues slide easily, deeply, as test after test is matched for that steady increase of adrenaline that beckons to burst loose with a spontaneous free wheeling surge of anything goes.

Like the start of the motorcycle race from Barstow to Vegas our engines are reving up to red line.

My body becomes unstable as several girls lift me into a sunny side up spread eagle position then gradually set me down on top of an enormous spread out couch with multiple sections at different heights. Each girl positions herself along the periphery of my legs, arms and torso while Sheri positions herself directly between my legs.

Her hands begin fondling my balls, her tongue begins flirting with the crown of my cock. She controls the tip of her tongue with exact precision tenderly jabbing the circumference of the crown then extending her stimulating attack down through the head and upper part of the shaft.

My body flinches and squirms involuntarily. She sways her elongated tits along the top and inside of my thighs, I reach forward and lay them along the inside of my forearms.

My palms begin a pulsating massage the length of these marvelously thin but firm tits. Sheer will power controls my desire to let loose with a fountain of cum.

Two girls position themselves opposite each other with their cheeks touching and pussies lowering toward my mouth. This is new to me but ever so exotic.

As my tongue licks across the length of both pussies it becomes saturated with their sweetness. Their low hanging lips begin dripping natures golden nectar.

They tantalize my craving for more by lifting randomly making me reach for more with an outstretched tongue.

They have no idea how long my tongue is or how far it can stretch. Like the exercises I do for enhancing the length and girth of my cock I also take great pride in having developed techniques for lengthening my tongue. It's all about discipline!

They dip down allowing me entry into creations ultimate magnificence then lift upward knowing my tongue is already addicted to their inticing taste. I marvel at their attentive focus on just how far and deep my tongue can reach.

Each time they stay a little longer, my tongue gets stronger. One girls pussy begins dripping profusely. Her extended lips quiver as she wriggles her hips, stiffens her body and cums over my face.

Within seconds the other girl follows and I'm enjoying the most tantalizing tasteful aphrodesiac concievable, a showerful mixed cum cocktail.

Their hips rotate and swirl as if figure skating in simultaneous precision. The extremely slender figured girl with small but perky breasts and huge nipples hesitates with her pussy over my chin using it to stimulate more flow.

Her enormous clitoris sends waves of excitemnet through my body. I can't wait to have her in my mouth with my tongue deep sea diving to the depths of our mutual satisfaction.

No sooner than my thoughts formulate she begins a slow rotation egging me on to deeply insert my tongue into her blossoming engorged tunnel of love. She licks her lips and I immediately focus on the length of her tongue. She smiles then winks.

I decide to reveal one of my never to fail learned techniques. I stiffen then twist my tongue in spiral formation clockwise then counter. Her body arches like a hood ornament as she belts out a moan of blissful pleasure.

Her enormous pussy lips flap from side to side and I can't pass up the opportunity of sucking each one horizontally as her juices flow freely down my throat.

She positions her hips so her curved extended clit makes itself purposely known. I must admitt that for me this is the most precious of all sexual encounters. I love eating pussy especially when its orgasm time, the feast of feasts.

With my tongue deep in her treasure chest I begin thrusting and twisting, diving and withdrawing. The taste of her fathomless depth is mind boggling.

I've developed this unusual way of being able to bend the tip of my tongue upward and hold it stiff while thrusting and withdrawing deep into a womans pussy. I unleash this technique in hopes it gives her maximum pleasure.

Her hips begin girating, my tongue follows in opposite directions. A thick wad of cum oozes down into my throat and my tongue goes wild at the same time she explodes with a hip rotating orgasm that provides me with a complete liquid facial make over.

I rapidly oscillate the entire length of my tongue forward and back reachig past her cervix. The sensation causes her body to spasm and quiver like silly puddy.

Several girls straddle my legs and arms placing their pussies in contact with all the protruding appendages they can find.

They bend into my torso massaging any exposed part of skin with thier breasts, bellies, thighs, necks, even adding hair massages with kisses in between.

When I feel two girls insert my toes into their pussies I almost loose it. Their tits straddle then stroke my legs. I begin slowly wriggling my toes. Their bodies respond orgasmically.

When another pair of steaming beauties lubricate my hands with their cum and form my fingers into a cone shape I visualize their motives and sure enough I'm fisting two women simultaneously.

The sensuous pleasure of massaging the inside of their pussies is overwhelming as I rotate my hands and extend my fingers.

I've enjoyed this technique immensely throughout the years. It always makes me cum just knowing that soon it will be my cock enjoying these wonder of wonders. My will power is about to loose it.

Two other girls attack my bent elbows, their hot pussies saturating the extremities with flowing cum.

Then Sheri wraps her leg around my cock and in one steady motion reverses her position preparing for rear entry into her magificently wide but short dripping pussy.

Her hands slide under her pussy reaching for my pulsating cock and as soon as she fits the crown between her flowery lips and thrusts down and back I shoot a fountain of cum in her that doesn't stop flowing for what seems endlessly.

Sheri begins fucking me like a wild horney maniac from hell. I feel her cum unload with splashing, sucking sounds of ecstasy. Her moans join the others as our bodies catapult into massive orgasms with an infinite number of blissful girations.

We reach a steady body thrusting tempo where legs, arms, hands, feet, tongues and any other parts of our bodies can contact each other as we sail into a numbing mystical experience that leaves us completely, satisfyingly exhausted.

Cum drips from every part of our bodies as we continue squirming gently so as to cover our bodies completely with cum by girating in all directions.

The glow of slippery satisfaction glissens in the pale scented candle light. All our tongues reach for the enticing liquid as we somehow begin a sequential open mouth sharing of natures number one ambrosia, kissing, licking sucking each others bodies and trading a mixture of cum that deviates from heavy robust flavors to delicate sweetness that reminds me of pure organic blue agave mixed with tangerine.

The enjoyment of bodies massaging and devouring each other in this manner where tits, pussies, cock, balls, tongues, ears, hands, arms, fingers get to go improvisationally insane is so erotic that it feels as if our orgasms can be sustained indefinitely.

I get off on watching these girls enjoying each other. I've learned many subtlties of how women enjoy each other through calculating observation. Applying their techiques has proven to be invaluable.

The arousal affect is astonishing. Just when you think all your energy is spent you become aware that round two has already started. Twinges of revival gaurantee sustained fulfillment.

We lay there with dripping body parts subtley twitching, grasping for more of the same but realizing it's going to take some rehabilitation time to become rejuvenated.

Sheri continues a slow steady rocking thrust that takes us to another orgasmic release. So gentle yet so pleasurable. My cock goes semi limp but still hard enough to limber dick her saturated pussy as long as she desires.

She leans to one side, rolls into a comfortable position and feeds my cock into her deeply wide pussy with both hands. The shortness of her entrance is deceivingly erotic as the initial tightness opens up into an amphitheater of exotic sensation.

The experience of feeling the unusual spongyness of her pussy is overwhelming as more cum releases with a steady flow. I've felt this sensation with women who have had children.

Their pussies are so comfortably exotic they can fuck almost indefinitely. It's always a blissful thrill to be with them.

In the mist of heavy breathing, sighing, moaning, throat clearing, tongue licking, mouth watering satisfaction Sheri's voice politely announces, "Congratulations, should you decide to accept, you are now part of our team with recommendations to join our training facility.

Your the only one who lasted that long and was open to a variety of sexual cravings. You're also the only one who satisfied everyone of us in the first audition. There are others who have to be tested further before they may or may not join our team."

"Why thank you very much. It would be my utmost pleasure to be part of this experience. I'm sure we can all learn from each other and take our desires and cravings to deeper more magnificent levels of satisfaction."

"Girls, I have a special request..."

Before Sheri could finish her sentence the girls politely kiss, lick and fondle my body with extra attention to my tongue, cock and balls. The one with the slender body and deliciously perky tits, in particular, once again straddles my face, spreads her enormous pussy lips and invites me in, "Show me what that tongue can really do!"

Without hesitation I dive as deep into her pussy as I can while her body erupts with what is by far the tastiest cum I've ever had the pleasure of devouring. "I've got to know the secret of your delectible taste."

"You'll get the chance...later. Now, you're in for a treat of a lifetime." Two girls steady her quiverig body as she releases a pool of cum that fills my mouth.

As it overflows several girls join in to experience the overwhelming sweetness of her cum. We all kiss with long tongue lashing playfulness "You are the most amazing tasty treat of a life long search for excellence."

She reaches for the exposed shaft of my cock still buried deep in Sheri's pussy, pulls it out, then her fabulously wide lipped mouth inhales my cock as she sucks so hard I feel the remains of cum continually rising.

She swallows deeply, the tightness of her throat stimulating the head of my cock as I erupt once more. Before departing she sucks each ball heavily down her throat, her tongue swirling around their sack. I take the opportunity of tongue swirling the entire inside of her preciously hot juicy pussy.

Her hands grasp my shaft as she squeezes then thrusts upward. Once again I feel cum travel it's full length directly into her mouth. She trys to deep throat my cock and does a magnificent job until the flared portion behind the head won't pass through her narrowing glotis.

"You are one fabulously magificent oral maniac who I'd like to get to know more intimately one on one. I don't mean to overstep my welcome but I hope it's alright to say you turn me on so intensely I want to be with you the rest of the night."

"Careful, I may want to take you as my special companion."

"That would be a taste of heaven beyond all expectation."

She looks at Sheri, "Dibs on this one if you approve."

She smiles and kisses Sheri on the lips, they wink at each other, hug with cum splattered tits massaging each other then leaves, continuously looking back and wetting her lips with her enormous tongue then she pats her pussy as if saying, "You're gonna love this cumming attraction."

It strikes me like a hammer that she's going to be a special someone at the top of my to do list.

Sheri leans into me as all the girls leave, "Come with me to my room, I think I know what you want right now. I would like to feel you in action, one on one, once we recuperate and prepare for what all us girls ache for, to be fucked into a marvelous state of ecstasy that has no equal."

"Sure hope I don't disappoint you or the other girls."

"You'll have that opportunity, for sure. You are already accepted and each one of us wants to experience what you demonstrated with our newest member. The rest is up to you. You have the experience we aspire toward.

Every girl wants you for a one on one and that is our ultimate challenge. Each one has a slightly different craving for you to explore in depth. You may take as much time with each one of us as you wish."

"What about the slender girl so well equiped with the most marvelously wet pussy I've ever tasted and a tongue to rival my own? Are you alright with her request?"

"Irisi Rae is extremely oral and loves prolonged foreplay before becoming a deleriously insane deep penetration wonder woman."

"Isisi Rae!!! Now that's a name that belongs to a sex goddess if there ever was one."

"She took a long time creating a name that would suit her personality, desires and cravings. She scanned through tons of books then pieced her name together from several choices.

When she sees what she craves most she'll do whatever is necessary to obtain her goal. No man has ever made her cum the way you did just with your tongue. She also has an enormous tongue and loves deep throat kisses that replicate a cock and pussy going for the gold.

I'm sure you'll enjoy her immensely as each one of us has our own interest in you. You'll get to know each one of us intimately. We certainly look forward to enjoying you as part of our team. We have no problem with partners who enjoy being with each other over and over. We have no jealousies or exclusive clingy tendencies."

"There's no greater pleasure I can conceive of that could fulfill my life. I do enjoy someone as intense as Irisi Rae. But, then I'll bet you all have your own levels of intensity."

As we talk about our experiences and goals for developing an exclusive sex club we're constantly fondling each other in preparation for what we both know is soon to be the highlight of this audition.

"May I request a special session with you now that we're both warmed up?"

"It would be a pleasure."

"Would you entertain a fantasy desire I've had for a long time?"

"If it's within my realm of experience I'm all yours."

"Have you ever fucked someone anally while fisting her pussy simultaneously?"

"Several times! I'm sure you're aware of all the cleansing features that are required including manicures of feet and hands. They can be part of the foreplay that prepares us for one of the most intense sexual experiences I've ever had with a woman."

"I've taken several workshop courses on sexual cleansing and have diligently practiced the techniques. Now I want the full experience.

You've had an introduction as to how unusually large my pussy is and I love how well endowed you are. I want to feel the same pleasure anally as vaginally, simultaneously."

"Let's get started with a shower and take it from there. You already know how I crave oral sex. Deep penetratrion is equally as majestic. Double penetration is by far the ultimate orgasmic experience I've ever experienced with a woman."

"I have the same cravings plus an intensely secret desire."

"Care to share?"

"Would you entertain the intense craving I have for you masterbating while your cock is deep in my anal cavity and your fist is in my pussy. Are you up for the challenge?"

"Sounds extreme but if you like your pussy streteched that far let's go for it!"

"Then I'll entertain any secret craving you care to share!"

"You may have already guessed at my craving for wanting to be with Irisi Rae. No doubt I'll develop cravings for every girl here. However, she has that love at first encounter appeal that hopefully will find us together many times."

"We actually encourage relationships that share mutual interests. Rae, we call her that for short, has made her intentions quite well known. She wants you in the deepest way possible. She even expressed that non verbally with the rest of us.

We're all in support of you pursuing a relationship with her. She hasn't got many boyfriends, none that she cares being with a second time."

"Well, my desire would be that while we're satisfying your secret desire I'd also love to be eating Rae's pussy like she's never been eaten before. I got so turned on eating her pussy, I've never tasted or enjoyed someone as much. I can just imagine us developing awesome techniques of oral sex that will explore ever new boundaries."

"I already know she'd love a threesome with us. I already told her to be prepared should the opportunity arise. I'll even bet we'll find her waiting in the shower."

"Let's not keep her waiting...let's not keep us waiting!"

"Lather up and let's get down!"

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