Surprize Promise

The parking lot was fairly dark. Lights from the bar's windows shed a quiet glow on the brick walls. I stopped by for a quick appetizer and my favorite high octane dark beer that's a home brew.

I felt a pair of hands grip my shoulders, then glanced sideways...

"Surprise, I finally caught you alone. How about keeping that promise?"

"I thought you forgot about that."

"Not on your life. You said dinner and a stroll down the beach. Then you said you know a place where we can make out under the stars by a water fall."

"I said that???"

"You sure did and I'm here to see you make good on that promise."

Angie's one of the bartenders at this bar. Tonight's her night off and subconsciously I was hoping she'd come in. We've been wanting to get together for a long time.

"Hey Rod, let's just get some thing to go so we have more time at the beach."

"Sounds good."

We ordered a few items knowing we'll be hungry by morning., then stocked the ice chest. It's a beautiful drive with a full moon leading the way. Angie slides over placing one hand between my thighs, the other arm wraps around my neck. She leans into me for a kiss which becomes a mouth watering tongue twister. My eyes stay steady on the road but my right hand slides between her thighs. She wastes no time in rising up slightly, grabbing my hand and pulling it up into her pussy. She loves going commando and so do I.

Angie reaches over knowing exactly what she's after. My cock is already hard as she unzips my jeans. I rise up allowing her to slide them down. she positions her body for me to massage her pussy while she attacks my cock with both hands, her mouth and tongue. Her pussy is so wet my hand is covered as I slide my fingers side ways into her pussy. Her clit is so swollen I can hold it between the palm of my hand and thumb.

I lose control of the steering wheel for a second as we shimmy across the white dotted line...

"Pull over Rod, let's do it right here, right now and save the best for last."

I pull off the road and four wheel it into the thick brush...lights off, engine off...the ocean breeze adds a stimulating taste to our heated cravings. We jump in back of the van, strip each other in a flash and dive into a double oral pussy cocktail.

Angie attacks my cock with both hands stroking my shaft, her mouth inhaling the crown and head, her tongue spearing it's way into my gaping slit. Pre cum oozes onto her tongue as she swirls it around my crown.

I spread her thighs wide as she aids in propping her foot up so I can use both hands to open her pussy lips and bury my face in her pussy. I rock my chin against her clit, suck each lip in and out my mouth several times for that sweet nectar

In minutes our bodies spasm, quake, shimmy and our moans of blissful orgasmic arrival ushers in a grinding, twisting, leg clamping climax that doesn't end until we've sucked and licked every drop of cum off each other.

"Take me to the beach Rod, I want your cock in my pussy all night long."

As we drive naked to the secluded beach I promised to take Angie, she massages my cock while I massage her pussy. We both add a lot of hip action. In minutes I'm semi hard with cum still dripping. Angie's pussy is so wonderfully slippery as she gets nice and wet.

We're out of the van in seconds heading for this smooth rock outcropping. Rocks are still warm from the heat of the day. Angie leans her back into a slanted section of rock, props her feet up opening her pussy...

"Fuck me Rod...give it to me hard and fast like I've heard you love to fuck all your girlfriends."

"What have you heard?"

"Lana told me how you fucked her silly all night long and how she had so many orgasms leading to a massive climax that lasted a week. Fuck me like that Rod and I'll be your sex goddess for eternity."

"I just hope I can measure up to what you expect. I never plan on achieving any special outcome. It's all about how turned on we get once the thrusting starts and the cum flows."

"Thrust your cock into me Rod and keep on thrusting 'til we can't move"...

to be continued

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