Surprize Promise part 2


Angie is nothing like your average girl next door, if such a person even exists. She's mild tempered at work behind the bar serving drinks and talking with the clientele. When we're alone she's outspoken, knows what she wants, speaks her mind and can hold her own on any subject we pursue. She loves wearing black leather mini skirts and form fitted tank tops. Every guy in the joint wants to talk with her. Nine out of ten hit on her. She just smiles and shows them a fake wedding ring.

One night this guy was getting quite assertive, challenging the validity of the ring. Then he's got the audacity to start claiming that she's never been loved the way he can love her. Angie surprises him by saying, "I'd love a mango mojito if you'd like buy me one."

After paying for the drink the guy gets obnoxious by trying to get her to sit in a darkened booth so he could lay the charm on. After refusing several times Angie ignores him. He gets belligerent and that triggers the 'come to the rescue' part of my personality.

"Leave her alone, finish your drink and go somewhere else with your vulgar disposition."

I rationally know I shouldn't be confronting people this way but I'm already beyond rational thinking. He tries to throw a sucker punch but he's to drunk to be in control so he's an easy target for a one arm hammer lock with my other forearm in his throat as I escort him out of the bar. I flag down a taxi and pay for the driver to take him home. As I help him into the back seat he says, "Hey man, I'm sorry for being a jerk. Please tell the girl I'm sorry. Thanks man."

Although I frequent this bar quite often Angie and I have only had polite fun loving conversations about every thing under the sun. We flirt with each other with all kinds of innuendos, winks and smiles. She's extremely intelligent and I love talking with her. Every night is different, "All right Angie, what's the subject tonight."

"How 'bout, jerks who drink to much."

"How 'bout that jerk wanting me to tell you he's sorry for being a jerk?"

"Apology accepted. Now lets get into some serious sex talk."

"WHOOO there little filly!!! What brings this on?"

"The other night I heard you talking with Lana about some of the sexiest positions you two have made love in. I couldn't hear every thing but the way you two were hanging on each other in the back room turned me on."

"Is that why you bought our dinner and drinks?"

"Yes and I would have bought the appetizers and dessert if you'd have ordered them."

"Well, I'd like to offer taking you out for dinner, drinks, a stroll on the beach under a full moon night and we can discuss all the positions you'd like to explore."

"You're on!!! I'm going to hold you to your word. A promise is a promise."

"You can choose which ever full moon night you like."

"It'll be a surprise. Some night when you're all alone and least expect it. You'll feel a pair of hands on your shoulders, you'll look around and there I'll be."

"It's a date, count on it! Now, how about telling me how you know Lana."

"She's been hanging out here a lot hoping to get a job. Finally, a part time position opened up, I trained her so we've been hanging out a lot. She told me how you guys met right here and how powerful a lover you are. I asked her if you two were exclusive and she told me how free and independent you are. Then I politely asked her permission to date you. She told me I didn't need her permission just to be ready for the most fabulous night of sex I'll ever experience."

"Lana's the most fabulous night of sex I've had in so long I was considering becoming a monk."

"Well, if it takes the two of us we'll make sure you don't, especially after she described how subtle you are at first, then how the intensity keeps building until she lost all control as you fucked her into an orgasmic stupor. All she can remember is being in a state of climactic ecstasy murmuring, "Don't stop...please don't stop." She said she lost all sense of time and place waking up in the morning with the sun on the horizon and your cock still thrusting slowly in her pussy.

You were fucking her from behind in a position where her thighs were in a scissors position and her pussy was tight around your cock. You thrust your cock so deep she said she could feel its intensity nearlyin her throat. Then she said her pussy felt so comfortably stretched out she didn't want you to stop fucking her. Now, that's what I call being fucked to the absolute max. I'm so wet right now just thinking about you and her, I can taste you in my mouth and feel you in my pussy."

Angie puts her hand on my thigh knowing the bulge loosely hanging down is growing steadily as she reveals what her and Lana talked about.

"A promise is a promise! Be ready for that surprise. I can tell you're as ready as I am."

She squeezes my cock gently, reaches over, grabs my hand and places it between her thighs. I slide it up into her outrageously wet pussy and begin massaging her lips and clit. Her finger nails rake over the expanding bulge in my jeans, her clit elongates into the palm of my hand, we kiss, she bites my lower lip sucking it deep I her mouth, our tongues go wild, she unzips my jeans, hauls out my pre cum soaked cock, massages the head and crown so majestically I cum in minutes. Sliding four fingers deep in her pussy I wriggle them randomly while twisting my hand and massaging her clit between my thumb ad index finger. While I'm in the throws of an orgasmic release her body tightens into a blissful climax. Our breathing is intense but we don't stop kissing until we suck each others tongue nearly dry. We both raise our cum soaked hands to our mouths licking and sucking each others cum until every drop is deliciously consumed.

"I'll be so ready to keep that promise. Until then, you'll be the focus of my dreams."

"I hope they're all wet dreams Rod, mine sure will be!"

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