Surreal Escape
I was having the time of my life- a good job, gorgeous girlfriend, pretty much all the good things were happening. My girlfriend and I work in different companies, but it was in the same building. That's how we met. Initially we used to take the coffee breaks together, one thing led to another and soon we were dating. She was a fun loving and outgoing girl. I enjoyed every moment in her company. Things looked very promising, though neither of us had proposed there was surely something between us.

Then came the bad news that struck me like lightning. Rumor has it that an old lady in her office walked on her while she was giving her manager a blow job in the photocopier room of their office. The lady didn't quite approve it and took the matters with the ethics department. Their act was caught on surveillance cam and both of them lost their jobs.

After the incident I never heard from her. Later I came to know that she had moved to another city. So that was the end of a relationship that I thought would go places. This incident kind of shattered me. I was low and couldn't concentrate on work. I didn't know if it was the fact that she was with another guy that hurt me or that I never heard from her again. I was missing her and the separation was killing me. My friends decided to revive me up by sending me to exotic retreat center. I didn't feel like going but I knew that life had to move on and this was the best thing to do. They had booked everything.

The retreat was a weeklong affair. So I took leave from office and left for the exotic retreat my friends had planned for me.
It was on Friday evening that I boarded the plane. It was a three hour flight. I checked out my baggage and while moving towards the exit I saw a hot girl with my name board. I walked towards her and introduced myself. Her name was Sarah and she asked me to follow her, and I did as she had asked me to. There was a ride waiting for us. I was quite impressed by the arrangements. We drove through the country side. I looked out the window. This place was really beautiful. It had only been an hour or so and this place was really lifting my spirits. I liked the way this place looked in the night. We reached the resort and Sarah took me to my cottage. We got in and she just showed me around and before leaving asked if I would like to order something for dinner or would prefer to come to the restaurant. I ordered some food; I was kind of exhausted because I took the plane after office so a good night's sleep was well deserved. I went into the bathroom. Had a quick shower and returned. The food was already there. The enjoyed the dinner and then went to sleep.
It was morning. I decided to take a stroll to see how the place looked like in daylight. Wow it was an absolute beauty. I was soon joined by Sarah. We exchanged greetings and she accompanied to the restaurant. She informed me that she would be with me during the stay. I was happy to hear because I could really use some company and she was smoking hot. She was in her uniform, red short skirts and a plated white shirt.

After breakfast she told me that I was signed up for diving classes. So she asked me to get ready and ring her.

We were now at the beach. The beach had a breath taking view. There was a private diving coach for me. Sarah left me with her. Her name was Cindy. She was taller than Sarah and looked sexy in her diving suit. She handed me my diving gear. I geared up and she gave me a crash course in diving as this was my first time experience. There was a small natural setting that was fit for diving practice. That is where we practiced diving. She was helping me to breathe in the gear. I kind of liked it. She told me that was nowhere near the real diving experience. After the diving class we started to know each other. She was an exchange student, who was now working part-time. She had only been less than a moth here and was in love with the place. She asked if I cared for a walk on the beach. I agreed. She quickly changed into her two piece bikini and I was now wearing a shorts and tee. I couldn't stop looking at her but didn't want to be too obvious. She had a great body, she could have been a playboy model if she wanted, I thought. She was almost as tall as me. I guess she would be 5'7". Her boobs were round and firm. I felt like fucking her boobs right then and there. I felt the tension build up in my cock. It was beginning to stir. I had a tough time relaxing. I guess she noticed my uneasiness. She told me that it was okay. She liked to give a show. Believe me when I say this, she was definitely a show, those boobs, flat abs, and her ass. Though she was in a bikini, it didn't leave much to imagination. The tension was too much for me. My cock was now making a tent of my shorts. That's when I put arm on her hips and pulled her towards me.
I didn't wait just acted out of instinct. I turned her to me. We kissed the kiss was passionate. We pulled back for some air. I told her that we could go to my room. But she had other plans. She said that she knew a secluded spot on the beach. So I followed to spot where there a spot covered by some bushes and rocks on the other side.

Once there I went for her luscious lips again. We kissed and then my tongue parted her lips and met her tongue. She let out a small moan and then she seated me on a rock. She got down on her knees and pulled down my shorts. My cock was happy to be free. She took my cock in her hand and started stroking it slowly. She then pulled back the foreskin and planted a kiss on the head of cock.

Looking down I could her boobs begging for attention. I pulled of her bikini setting her boobs free. They were round and firm. I held each in one hand and started massaging them. I could feel her nipples growing hard. They were now erect. I was really enjoying the show.
She started to slowly lick my cock. She wrapped her luscious red lips around my cock. I like the warmth that engulfed my cock. She began sucking my cock, rolling and licking with her tongue. It was getting better.

I fondled her breasts, massaging them, rubbing them, stroking her nipples. I pinched her and she seemed to enjoy it. She looked up at me. I liked the way she looked at me. She started my fucking my cock with her mouth faster and I was also now thrusting into her mouth.
I told her that I was about to come. She continued sucking and fucking my cock like she wanted me to cum in her mouth. With that tongue roll of hers I shot my load into her mouth. She gagged and let out a moan,"mmmm".
I was in ecstasy. No one had given me such a good blow job.

She now licked me clean and dry. I pushed her down and threw my tee away. I got on top of her and pulled her panty down. She had a clean shaven pussy. I ran my hands and it was so smooth. She parted her legs giving me more access. I circled my fingers on her pussy. My other hand found it's up to her tits, while stroking her stomach and her navel on the way. I inserted two fingers into her; she was wet so they entered her smoothly. I started finger fucking her.

I started licking her clit while I was finger fucking her. She was now moaning with pleasure. Her pussy was now dripping wet. I decided to enter her. I told her that I wanted to fuck her doggy style. So she got up on all four. I held onto her hips. Wow her ass was looking so sexy that I thought of fucking her ass. I slowly inserted a finger into her ass while I inserted my cock into her wet pussy. I slowly pushed my cock all the way through. She gasped when I pushed in completely. I started pushing into her and she matched the rhythm by grinding into me. I liked the way her ass moved when she pushed into me. While my one hand played at her boobs, the other was rubbing her pussy from the outside. I switched my hands so I could fondle both her tits. She began to moan in pleasure. I could feel her contractions getting stronger. She was on the verge of cumming. "Yeah cum babe cum". I pushed harder and further into her. We came together. Our juices were now overflowing from her pussy. I pushed further as I shot my load into her and she arched her back to give me more access. Once my cock began to relax I pulled out. We lay there spent for some time.
After some time, we dressed and walked back to our spot. Sarah was waiting for us. We bid farewell to Cindy, saying that we will meet tomorrow for the remaining class.

We grabbed lunch on our way back and then I went back to my room. I thought a quick shower and nap is what I needed.

It was evening, I was sitting in the balcony facing the beach and reading a novel that I had started a long time back but never got time to finish. I heard the doorbell ring. I was greeted by Sarah at the door. She asked me if I would like to have the massage that was part of my package. I agreed.

We walked to the massage center. She took me to a cabin. It was dim lit with candles. The room had scintillating fragrance that as soon as I stepped foot in it I was relaxed. She passed me a robe for me to change and told that I would soon be joined by my masseur. As she left, a woman entered who was also clad in a robe that was just long enough to cover her ass and her pussy. I thought if she was wearing anything else. The robe didn't do much to cover her cleavage. She was bustier compared to her short frame. She asked me to remove the robe and lie down facing downwards. I did as I was asked. She started to pour warm fragrance oil on my back. She started to work her way up on my back. There was definitely something magical in her touch. I was drifting to a far away land.

Once she finished with my back she asked me to turn and lie on my back. So I was now lying on my back. She stood by my side. I couldn't help looking at her tits. The side view was amazing. I could almost see her other nipple. That's when she asked me, "Enjoying what you see?"

It was my hard on that gave me away. I just smiled shyly. She gave me a smile that reassured it was okay. She poured the warm oil on my hard cock. My cock was throbbing to be touched. She now applied the oil to her hand and slowly gripped my cock. She was now moving her hand up and down. My cock grew its full strength. Her hand was smoothly gliding on my cock. "Oh yeah". I came too soon. My cum was all over. She started licking me clean: first my chest, then moving down to my abs and then finally my cock.

I wanted to fuck her. I got up and grabbed her by her ass. My hands went down her robe. My guess was right, she wasn't wearing any lingerie. I didn't know what took me over today. I was acting on my instincts. I ripped open her robe. There stood my masseur in her naked grandeur. Though she was short she was well endowed. I pulled her closer. We kissed. My hands wandered all around her. I think her ass was sensitive because when I slid finger through the crack in her ass, her body trembled like in shock. I lifted her and lowered her slowly onto my cock. The oil served as a good lube and I entered her smoothly. She wrapped her legs around me. I held her against the wall and started banging into her. She was moaning both in pain and pleasure. I was about to cum. But I had no intention of cumming in her pussy. I had other plans. I lifted her and she reluctantly let go of my hips. I told her that I wanted to fuck her ass. I think hearing that made her happier than me. She was leaning onto the massage table with her ass facing me. I poured some more of that oil onto my cock.

I held her by her tits. I started to slowly slide my cock into her; at first just teasing her ass cheeks, then slowly into her asshole. She trembled again. I slowly entered her ass inch by inch. She was moaning and in between some words would escape her like" fuck me; yeah fuck my ass, yea". Finally I penetrated her ass. She was trembling like hit with jolts of electricity. "Wow", I thought to myself,"this ass was made to be fucked". I started to thrust into her ass while pushed onto my hips.

I moved my right hand to her pussy. She was dripping wet. I finger fucked her pussy while my cock banged into ass. With my other hand I pinched her nipple. She let out scream.
She was cursing incessantly, "Fuck, fuck my ass, yeah drill my ass".

As I pushed further, I felt her orgasm building. This made her ass contract. This took me to the edge. I told her that I was going to come. She replied, "yeah cum with me, yeah fuck harder". Before I could say anything I was shooting my load into her ass. She shuddered with orgasm, dripping her juices all over my hand and onto the floor.

Now I slowly pulled myself. She took a cotton cloth and started cleaning me with it.

I left the cabin, tipping her well.

I realized while I walked back to the exit that I have changed a lot. Before I came here I was restrained and now here I am purely acting on my instincts. I felt like the animal within me is now unleashed. I was feeling better.

I reached the exit where my personal guide Sarah was waiting for me. She asked me how I felt after the massage and I replied, "Couldn't be better".

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