Love permeating
The stars wink
You kiss my lips
The moon descends
I hold you close
In my loving arms
The morning dew
Showering its droplets

I feel your lips over my nipples
Warm, smooth, with delight
Kisses you planting and licking
You cupped my supple breasts
I hold my breath
You give them a loving squeeze
I moan aloud
You nibble my nipples
I feel your manhood arise

I kiss your lovely lips
I feel you licking every inch
Kissing my belly button
You smell so musky and desiring
I arch as you slide your finger
Over my slit and feel me wet
So warm, so smooth, so ready
I wither, I convulse, I freeze
When you place your tongue
Over my pussy lips, slurping
Juices I ooze just for you
My breathing stops
You push the tongue in
Feel you so hard and ready
Your tongue enters my pussy
I am over clouds and moon
You kiss my lips and share
Your tongue full of my juices
And make me taste my own juices

You insert fingers in my wet pussy
And lick the soaked fingers
I hold your cock and lick
And take it full sucking deep
You rub your cockhead
Pleading to enter
My hands guide you
To enter my soaking pussy
Your hardness I know well
Is just for me, none but me

I moan I wither I convulse
You reach bottom in me
I urge you go fast and hard
You nibble my bottom lip
You pound hard fast and deep
I feel stars in the room
I scream aloud, yell your name
I cum hard yelling aloud
Over your cock pumping in me
I squeeze my pussy muscles
And you cum deep in me
I feel you melting in me
And I melt in you

You permeating in me
My body, my mind, my soul,
My whole being
The oneness we share
So complete, heavens pleased
Descending upon us
Blessings and showering
Petals of rose and jasmine
I feel so complete, so full
As never have been
And never shall be
I am incomplete without you
As you are without me
I love you so much
As you love me too
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