Sweet Dreams
Imagine just moving into a place, all alone, no friends, strange neighborhood. Have 2 male roommates that I have never met. Was just put in this place because there was no where left to go. I see them, we meet..I see the way they look at each other, that certain smile that guys get when they want something. They are helpful to me, nice to me, chatting whenever they can. All the while I am feeling that feeling..that little tickle in the bottom of my belly. I feel a little twitch in my pussy..I am starting to think, hmmmm. Days go by, we eat together, clean together, laugh together, all the while they are knowingly smiling at each other. Again I feel this nagging twitch in my clit, am starting to feel the want, the need. I take a chance and start leaving my bedroom door unlocked. Night after night my desire is mounting, i am hoping... starting to want, starting to get hotttt...I fall asleep and am stirred by the feeling of hands on me, so gently, so knowing, but there are more than 1 pair. I make believe I am still sleeping. I feel a soft touch on my breast and another on my belly moving slowly down to touch awaken me..OMG I am getting hott..I feel my tee shirt being lifted up..a warm mouth starts to lick my nipple..a warm hand starts to rub up and down my pussy. I am getting wet and hot and I feel my panties being taken off. I moan..I feel a finger probing to get inside me, pushing up , curling making me even wetter..I feel a soft tongue on my clit...licking, circling, around and around... I feel a mouth against mine, licking my lips...being tasted at both ends...I am kissing one now as the other is slowly licking me, trying to lick every drop of me. I feel a finger in my ass, pushing in and out...OMG...I can't cum yet, I don't want to yet! I am pulled to the edge of the bed, my legs around someone's neck. A warm hard cock is by by mouth now, being pushed into my mouth. I start to suck, am being fed. Want to lick and suck and drink from it. Want to swallow every drop. I am being penetrated..another dick inside me now, pushing all the way up inside me, pumping me..faster and faster. I am sucking all the way down to balls as it gets pushed further into my throat. I am feeling like i am gonna cum...Want to cum. I feel the explosion in my mouth as I try to drink every drop..mmmmmmmm so sweet. I have to cum now and am...all over the other cock that is deep inside me. We rock together...I moan and am shaking with the violence of it...we are both cumming. The boys switch positions. I am being licked clean...I am sucking the cock that was just in me...licking it clean...I am flipped over on my belly as I feel my ass being licked now...Soft kisses on my back, am feeling one of them slip under me so I can suck again on a cock that is growing in my mouth.. and feel the tip of another warm cock at the opening of my ass, being pushed in and then he is inside me, pushing, slow at first then harder as I suck faster, licking the shaft as I go down, circling the head with my little tongue, licking the hole, tasting...Am feeling my desire mounting and put my fingers on my clit and play, rubbing harder, he is pumping harder, I am sucking harder...I am feeling the cum I want so bad starting as my body shakes and I squeeze and cum even harder this time...The other is exploding in my mouth at the same time...I drink all of him, licking him clean... I am exhausted and totally satisfied...Silently they both leave. I fall into peaceful satisfied sleep..The next day no one says a word about what happened. My belly does that flippy thing again...They both smile knowingly at each other..Tonight I will leave my bedroom door unlocked. I am going to have fun living here.... Submitted by:

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