Sweet Dreams
I Finally got to use my gift card at the massage parlor this week. The warm sheet covered my body as I laid face down on the table, stretched, arms above my head and the smell of that sweet aroma therapy in the air.

Are there any special areas that you would like me to focus on today Mark asked ?
This, coming from a handsome 6ft fit gentleman, there were a lot things I could suggest he rub!
My mouth was quicker then my brain as I blurted out, oh "my thighs please" my legs and thighs are so tired and achy.

Not sure why I blurted that out so abruptly as that area usually makes me very uncomfortable. But it was too late, I couldn't take it back now.

My nerviness subsided as he answered, well why don't I start with your shoulders and back and I'll work my way down he explained.
That will be fine I assured him.

Feeling the sheet slide slowly and gently down my back I took a deep breath and closed my eyes. It stopped just above my buttocks. I felt as though it was a bit too low but didn't say anything, after all Mark is a professional right ?

The warm oiled hands began slowly with a small a mount of pressure forming circular motions around my shoulders and neck. I could feel each individual finger as they probed every inch of my upper body, at times I would get nervous as the palms of his hands would brush the sides of breasts.

I had elected to remove my bra for the back side of my massage. Even though it made me nervous I was enjoying it thoroughly at times fantasizing about a sexual encounter.

As Mark got to the lower part of my back his work got more intense and a bit more passionate. My body seemed as though it was melting as he worked his magic. I had dozed off when I unmistakeably felt his fingers run through the crack of buttocks and gently cross over my small anal opening.

I jumped slightly, before I could protest Mark apologized and continued. I felt as though I should have said something but the fact is I was enjoying this way too much.

Even though Mark was out of line I liked it. The suspense of not knowing how close he would come to my private area was a turn on. Mark moved to my feet and the lower part of my legs again performing magic on my tired muscles, nothing hurt anymore and I was beginning to enjoy it bit too much as his hands slid up and down my thighs coming within inches of my panties, it was like he was intentionally teasing me trying to see how far he could go before I would protest.
The sheet had been pulled up just barley covering my ass.

My love spot was getting wetter and wetter with every passing minute. At one point I subconsciously raised my hips picking my ass slightly of the table giving Mark easier access to my thighs that had slightly spread without a command from my brain. I was starting to get nervous worrying that Mark would see or feel the wet spot that was forming on my panties.

As Mark continued his assault on my thighs my vaginal muscles begin that random twitching caused by the heightening state of sexual arousal. I was sure that Mark new how I felt. My body was giving off too many uncontrollable signals for him not to notice.

Mark reposition him self and began slightly caressing my hips and sliding his hands up and down the sides of my body, his well oiled hands resting at my armpits with his thumbs probing the sides of my breast. I lifted slightly from table allowing his hands to firmly grasp my breast and swelled nipples.

Mark read my body language perfectly and massage my breasts firmly, Oh god, it felt so good but I quickly laid back down with embarrassment.

I felt like I had given Mark the green light to go where ever he wanted and that was not my intention, it just happened.

Mark returned to end of the table and continued with the thigh massage, his hands pressing firmly against my panties with each stroke a slight moan came from my throat as his hands pressed against my now soaked slit.

I could feel the wetness of my panties as Marks hand applied firm pressure to my slit. OMG, oh god it felt so good. I could no longer fight off the sexual desire that was taking over my body.

I lifted my ass slightly from the table, an invitation to take me. Marks hands slid up my thighs, one hand resting tightly around my thigh as the other slid my panties to one side exposing my soaked cunt. I moaned as the ecstasy built higher and higher.

Without hesitation Marks fingers found the opening and probed the entrance. With the skill of and expert his fingers slide deep inside of me. My mind raced, oh god, oh, omg as his fingers pressured my g spot waves of intense pleasure took over my body. My pussy pulsating on his fingers. I bit my lip so I wouldn't speak hoping he wouldn't know what was happening. I'm sure he knew though as my pussy contractions grasped his fingers like a tight glove.
Finally when the orgasm subsided I felt spent, I didn't say a word.

Just as I was feeling at ease with the situation Mark hands returned to my hips as his voice disturbed the silence. Hey sweetie, left those hips baby, come on, I can't fuck that pretty pussy of yours if you don't raise those hips. OMG I thought, shit, what have I done. I closed my eyes and pretended I didn't hear him. I felt the weight of his body as he climbed on to the table quickly straddling my ass.

Come on baby he shouted, pull those panties to the side for me, come on, do it, you know you want it. Without a second thought I raised my ass and reached around pulling my panties to one side. What was I thinking!
This can't be happening. OHHH... shit, Marks cock entered me stretching me wide open. my wetness covering his cock making penetration effortless. It was so big and hot! His hands gripping my hips tightly as his cock drove in and out, his balls slamming on my ass.

In just a few minutes my entire body was pulsating with pleasure grasping at his cock trying desperately to keep it deep inside of me until the orgasm subsided. I collapsed to the table as Mark shot a load of hot cum over my ass and back.

I laid still as Mark gathered himself and climbed down from the table.

The loud clunk of the door shutting awoke me. I looked over to see my husband sound a sleep beside me. I ran my hand between my legs, my panties were soaked. Should I wake up Stephen ?

I think I'll book that massage tomorrow.
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