Sweet Lil' Angel
Gazing at her seductively curvasious body is a magical mystery Tour de Force. Her soft, smooth silky skin curves and sways in a natural rythmn to the wind blowing through her shoulder length sandy blonde hair. Lady of the Wind, with her lantern of eternal flame mysteriously sweeping through my thoughts and desires. Her undulating body, a mixture of Hawaiian belly dancing delight and improvisational Rock 'A Billy western swing. Reflections of a surf board riding goddess, rodeo riding, Mississippi Queen, spin recklessly in a collage of whirlwind images seeking one fabulous moment in the moment, one eternity...

"I got a Sweet Lil' Angel, You know I love the way she spread her Wings..." No one says it better than B. B. King..."...when she spread her wings around me, I feel joy in everything." B. B.'s definitely been there, that place where all men want to go, that place where time stands still just for a split second of ultimate bliss, so powerful it lasts forever...a place where man is incomplete without a woman...

"Lil'K, today, your wish is my command."
"MMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmm......" The gradual rise in K's voice, then the fading descending long, whispering moan becomes a green flag turn on, turn it up and dial it in, a custom made launching pad for ultimate sexual satisfaction unlimited. I slowly put my left arm around the back side of her contoured thin waist line. Lil'K is a mini petitte morsel of the tastiest caramel turtle fudge sunday anyone could possibly ever behold. She's wearing a thin see through well worn pinkish tank top that her tits push out so far that the lower part of her breasts just dip into eye sight...and no bra, heaven is truly on Earth. This scene is balanced with her extremely low cut black mini shorts that are loose enough to see the bulging contour of her curvacious pubis. They hang on her waist like a sexy gunslinger, accenting her extremely, well proportioned Hi Fi chasis with very slight slender hips. Her butt is a thing of beauty, lifting up like a checkered flag on the last lap of the Indy 500...she's a winner before the race even begins. The waist line of her shorts dips ever so slightly as her belly has this wide sensuous curve that drives me up a tree and out of my mind. One look at her profile is like looking at a perfectly maneuvered Torch Dance move in slow motion ever beckening a cum fuck me forever response...once I start, ain't gonna' be no lettin' go...

My arm slowly pulls Lil'K's body into my bare chest. She's the reason I work out so hard to keep in shape. Her fully round breasts contact my pectorals and as our lips softly touch, my left hand moves up to the center of her back as I dip her slightly backward. My right hand slowly carresses her left hip just above the waist band on her sexy shorts. Her tank top is barely felt and her tits just melt into my chest and as we squeeze gently toward each other, our nipples harden in unison. I press her feather lightweight body ever more sensuously into my arms and slide my right leg between her legs balancing her angel like figure delicately, tantalizingly, seductively, wantingly...then, I surround her body with my arms, my right hand finding that delicate spot just where the cheeks of her butt curve into her thighs, her arms rise slowly, her fingers clasp behind my head and neck, I pick her up, her flip flops slide off her feet and step by step we shuffle toward the massage table set up for our eternal moment in the Sun.

Lil'K and I have this seductive way of surprizig each other with ever new sexual techniques and positions every time we're together. We're so tuned into each other, just the mere thought of being together excites us into juice flowing madness. Her pussy twitches, my cock trobbs, our nipples stand at attention, bodies exploding with anticipation of fusing together in an eternal embrace where the most powerful orgasmic, climactic eruptions are sustained throughout infinite, eternal's adventure holds that very promise...

When I hold Lil'K this way, I really never want to let her go. She is that proverbial moment in time that I've longed for to last forever. Our kisses get wetter as our tongues playfully tease each other into spine tingling eroticism. Saliva drools down the sides of our cheeks as we roll our heads from side to side seeking to plaster our faces together in a mud bath of slippery sliding, tongue gliding sensual arousing never ending blissful satisfaction.

We reach the edge of the custom padded, built for sexual eroticism, massage table and I gently place her back in the upper center portion of the leanback cushion. Her shoulders are slightly higher than her tummy, my hands slide down past her waist, my fingers carefully slide in the waist band of her shorts and in one swift backward motion, with her legs raised, I glide her shorts the length of her exotically shaped legs that taper down from her thighs to her firmly sculpted calves to her narrowing ankles, passed her feet and before dropping them to the ground I bring them up to my face and breathe in deeply...and again...and again. The aroma of her natural scent sends a shock wave of excitement straight to my cock and I battle my thoughts to stop the unstoppable erection that climbs like a poll vaulter launching a record breaking height. I unbutton my shorts and they drop to the floor. Blood rushes to my head, I feel flushed and tingly all over. I've made a promise to please Lil'K in whatever way she thing though, we've never had intercourse 'til now...control...breathe in...breathe out...where are those shorts?...she leans slightly forward and gently throws her tits toward my face and I lift her tank top making sure I graze by her warm chest, press ever so lightly across her tits sliding passed those hardened pulsating nipples and making full contact with my hands along her arms as she shimmies like a mermaid under water...her arms lift and I slip her tank top over the tips of her fingers directly to my face then inhale her wickedly sexy scented fragrance. It's extremely hard containing myself from wanting to devour this princess of sexual erotcism. I bend her back in my arms, her head relaxes and dips from side to side, I can't resist sucking those luscious tits. My mouth wants to swallow them whole but I suck and milk them in and out of my mouth ending with extreme suck-pulling and lightly chewing her nipples as her body shakes and quivers in my arms.

"I want to touch you first. Your cock excites me into a quivering frenzy. I've never seen anything so big. I love sucking it and making you cum but I know the first time we become fused into one body it's gonna' hurt like hell, but I want you so bad...I want to hurt so good." Her body flinches into an upright position and she slides to the end of the table and lets her legs dangle off the edge. She spreads her knees slightly..."You better get some towels, I'm wetter than ten thousand mother fuckers jackin'off at once..."
Like I once said, Lil'K has these surprising expressions that make me laugh uncontrollably. Then she looks so innocently, smiling and sort of stutter laughing,"" I just want to kiss her...

"First of all, there are ways to overcome any pain when it comes to intercourse. Second, I want you to be so relaxed I'll just slip in so smoothly you'll beg me never to stop. As long as we are both well lubricated, which I can't see any reason not to be, we'll glide together the same way you sucked me down your throat."
"I practiced that for a long time. I wasn't going to tell you...wanted it to be a surprize." "And what a surprize, you made me cum again less than ten minutes after shooting my wad onto your chest. I enjoy having you suck my cock more than anything." "Wait 'til I learn how to fuck you into the Magic Kingdom and completely around Disneyland. I wanna' do it out in the open when they have Disneyland after dark. We'll fuck our way around the park and back again, on the train, in those boats...we'll fuck our way through the Pirates of the Caribbian, The Haunted House and It's A Small, Small World..."
"Are you insane or what...?" "Both..." We start laughing like a couple of uncontrollable kids. "I'm right behind you." "That's one position we'll do extremely well..." I couldn't resist hugging this little sparkling, twinkling precious radiant gem of sex and of course, whenever we hug, those most awesome kisses follow. When she pulls my head toward her then side swipes my face and goes right for that spot just behind my ear, kisses it so gentle then just a little lower, then works her way around my cheeks and kisses my eyes...Oh Lord, you've sent me the sweetest lil' angel... Lil'K was born to kiss...hug...suck...and now...

"I'm all yours...just thrill my soul, and never stop..."
The greatest sexual satisfaction I have ever esperienced is when a woman climaxes before I do. Her body melts into relaxation, her juices flow like Niagra Falls, she surrenders to every touch, every desire and beyond.
This is Lil'K's and my first time experience with intercourse and I want it to be magic for her. If I can achieve that, my experience will be flawlessly, exotically, indescribably delicious...and then some...

"Roll over on your stomach." "What?" "No questions, no talking, just let me know by your moans of ecstacy if I'm doing what I should be doing."

Just a light Cucumber Melon spray to enrich the environment and set the mood for tasty sex. Then, magic lotion...let's see, Ahh, how about Lavender Vanilla Snow. Before starting with the lotion I very gently glide over Lil'K's body with my hands barely touching her skin. I get so turned on when a woman is lying on her stomack and her butt rises high naturally and her tits flatten out to the sides of her rib cage. I just can't stay limp at the thought of her arousal because I'll be right there with her. The almost non perceptible touches turn into slightly more contact as my fingers glide along the sides of her legs with an upward stroke reaching alongside her thighs, hips, waistline and as soon as I'm just under her breasts, "Mmmm..."
My hands slow to a focused firm gliding stroke the length of each breast, then delicately into her arm pits, over the shoulders, switching to a palm and fingers stroke down the shoulders, flaring out to the sides, back around the cheeks of her butt, and now "AAAHHhhhh...mmmm"...with the inside of the area between the thumbs and index fingers I press gently right where each cheek folds into the thigh. Long slow pulling strokes all the way to the back of her knees, then back up along the inner thighs...her legs spread and quiver slightly as I reach just short of touching her pussy...I stop, and in anticipation of my hands fondeling her vaginal lips, her pussy twitches, then spasms, "MMMMmmmmoooooooohhhhhh...." I reach over for the lotion, fill my hands and wait for my body temperature to warm the moist frangrant scented, hydrating lotion...then repeat the entire process, this time including her arms, neck and that ever so sensitive area within and around the collar bone. " talking." As I pull up on the outer part of her shoulders, I feel a tremendous relaxation. Her body is so naturally tight and firm I didn't think she could flatten out any more. I pick her up into a hug, then rotate her body onto her back, her head starts to fall and I support her down into a gentle back leaning rest position. Her sighs express her complete relaxation...and now for the "pie's de resistance." Taking even more time I start concentration on those especially sensitive spots that trigger lighning bolts of sexual arousal. Her body responds reflexively each time accented with an audible sigh, moan and audible breathing using consanants, "NNNNnnn...MMMMmmmmm"...then vowels tapering off..."AAAAHhhh...UUUUhhhhh." Her entire body goes into a relaxed spasm state of perpetual motion with audible sighs. Lil'K's head turns to one side, then the other, her sighs continuing in a steady murmuring hypnotic drone.

As Lil'K's body calms down into a restful stupor, I climb up on the table straddling her with my knees just touching her relaxed breasts, my thighs feel her waist, my feet tuck in next to her butt. The cushions of the table are thick and offer a firm but soft untiring support. She lifts and straightens her head and glares up at the sight of my cock just above her completely shaven pubis. The smile on her face is pure magic, "Do me the way you've always wanted...nothing can hurt me now...I'm so wet..." I wanted Lil'K to be even wetter.

As I kneeled over her I start circling my cock around her lower belly and just above her "Monte de Venus" barely making any contact. I was trying as hard as possible to stay fairly limp but it was of course impossible. The shear thought of penetrating this gorgeous creature made my cock throb out of control. She was not a virgin by any means but she remarked at how she never saw anyone with such a big cock before. Well, men come in many different sizes and women do too. In the Kama Sutra there are metaphorical explanations on how difficult it is for an elephant to mount a rabbit and so on...It's been my experience that delicately approached, any man can fit any women. Patience is the key to success...and besides I'm not that big. I've met other men and had friends way larger than me.

I start sliding my cock along the inside of Lil'K's thighs. Her pussy twitches, her legs spread a little further apart...not yet...I shift my position to be straddling her upper body and I let my cock lay across her tummy, inching its way right between her tits. Her hands come up in excited anticipation, and press her tits around my cock. I'm dripping clear liquid pre cum all up and down her chest and belly and comfortably slide between her tits. Every third or fourth stroke I position my cock to cream her nipples which stand up like sentinels on parade. I feel her knees prop up behind me and I lean back comfortably supported as K's hands shift to start stroking me slowly and steadily. I continue to drip as she catches the liquid on her tongue then lapps it into her mouth, her eyes roll back, " it now, I'm ready..."

Carefully but excitedly I move to the back edge of the table where I had special winged props installed that allow Lil'K's legs to rest at an angle slightly upward while she can split them as far apart as possible. Being extremely limber she spreads her legs as if to do the splits like in a gymnastic maneuver and I am estacically enthralled at the way her pussy fully opens exposing both sets of lips and that marvelous citoris that is jetting toward me like a steam shovel searching for a load...and what a load she is going to get.

I raise the level of the table where I can now stand in the most perfect position to bury my cock as far as it can possibly go. One more added feature, the table can be angled to where her body has a slight foreward-downward tilt. This allows me to thrust upward as she can pulsate down and at the same time I can hit a secret button that starts the table oscillating back and forth, up and down...what a surprize I have waiting for this Princess of Luscious Sex...

The smile on her face has turned red, I feel the same flushed readiness, her mouth opens and those succulent lips curl in wanton bliss when I start rotating my cock around the inside edges of her vaginal lips, "UUHHHhh...MMmmm...OOOHHhhh MMMMmmmyyyyyy
G.G.G.OOOOooooDDDddd...." I just slightly enter the head of my cock following the contour of the inside of her pussy and she unexpectedly gushes a load of cum as her entire body convulses in spasms of pure joy, her back tenses forward, her hands grip my wrists..."UUUhhhhMMMMmmmmNNNNnnnn... I,I,I,,,C,A,N,TTttt stop cumming..." I press the head of my cock just inside her pussy to try and stop the main flow of her use, it squirts out the sides of my cock and I immediately drop down and literally suck those passionate juices complete into my mouth...small puddles drip from the table to the floor. Lil'K tastes as if she has spent a week eating nothing but fruits and nuts. She is sweeter than honey or pure AAA maple syrup. Now that her cum is thicker and I'm about ready to dump a load, that thicker combination of cum is just what we need to begin a slow steady thrusting rhythmn that will continually pull me into her pussy inch by inch. I love to cum two to three times before I actually enjoy a pounding fucking frenzy. At times this requires at least of couple of hours of preparation to achieve. It just depends how much you've prepared yourself for this kind of sex. Yeah, I've enjoyed the fifteen minute quickies, but they always left me frustratingly wanting more. I fell in love with Lil'K's description of the Disneyland Tour...our ultimate goal...

Her body never comes to rest as she continually quivers in ecstacy, murmuring incomprehensable psychobabble...Our cum is mixed together as I gently press the head of my cock deeper into her pussy. It is so warm inside her pussy I can't hold my self back, cum spurts in a steady stream and my cock follows deep down into tis well of ecstacy. I feel her pelvis jerking uncontrollably then raising up for more...I thrust my cock further and her back begins to arch, "AAAAHHHHHhhhhh....Go for It..." I thrust gently to see just how far I can go without tightening up to much. I enter about six inches and start to tighten but we slide together like we were made for each other. I get super excited wondering, 'Is this the girl I've always been waiting for?' I've had this fantasy about fucking a tiny petitte woman who loves to fuck as much as I do. Just the thought of how tight and warm we'd be together sends shooting chills up and down my spine.

We start slowly going for the long thrusting penetrating strokes, getting deeper and deeper with every stroke. I get to where I'm about three quarters of the way into K's pussy and she is still moaning pleasurably. "Are you all the way in me yet?" "Just about, I just want to take it easy every inch of the way." "I think I can take it all...just do it...make me quiver...I'm just about to cum again...go for it..." With one swift final thrust I go to bury myself and wow, I'm in her all the way. We tighten up and thrust toward each other in rhythmn...pull back four to six inches, then thrust again...and again...and again..."I'm cuming, give it all to me, slam that fucking cock all the way to my throat...fuck me crazy"
With one of the most lunging, thrusting javaline throwing penetrations I've ever had I completely sledgehammer her pussy with an ending thud as our pubic bones collide in utimate satisfaction...we're cummiing together and convulsing together and I reach over and hit that switch. The table starts raising and lowering. Lil'K's back arches and her arms flail by her sides and her moans become a steady pulsating drone. I position myself to be slightly lower than the upward thrust so that last three inches is a pounding, slamming, pile driving experience. Every downward thrust is a cum hungry lovers delight..."What a surprize, this table is alive...what a fucking treat...just pound me like this 'til you drop."
I wasn't about to drop...I ached for this moment in history and I want to use every once of strength I could muster to make it last...and last it did...on into the night...and when we got hungry, we took a break...shower...then it was my turn to lay on the table. Lil'K positioned herself so her pussy was slightly lower than the length of the upstroke...then she adjusted the table and turned up the speed. Every upward thrust drove her off her feet. We held hands at first then our hands clasped around our wrists with a secure grip that wasn't letting go, our pubic bones were thrrashing each other oooHHH sssoooo gggoooodddd...Disneyland, here we cummmmm. That table ground us into each other like I've never been ground pounded before. My cock was so swollen and her pussy was so stretched out when I removed myself from her pussy there was a gapping hole that looked like I could slam my fist through. Instead she reached her hand between her legs and drove her own fist all the way to her wrist. "Wow, I've always wanted to do that.."..."and I've always wanted to do this"...I grabbed her fist and licked all the cum that was dripping from her fingers.

We experimented with that table switching through several positions. Our personal favorite was the rear mounting or doggy style. Lil'K said she felt I could go deeper and her sensations were indescribably delicious. We had multiple orgasms throughut the night and several meteorite slamming, crater erupting climaxes that left us breathless. I would pull on her hips with her hands coaxing my wrists as she would thrust backward just as hard. "Wear me out...I can't get enough." When I got tired, K would ride me comboy style and when she got tired I would lay her on her back with her legs on my I thrusted forward her legs would push me back and we rocked like a rocking chair. The pleasure was so fulfilling we literally fucked each other into a collapsed stupor. We lay there like zombies for long periods of time, just moaning with pleasure...then a slight twitch would arouse us...from the table to the couch to the floor and finally to the bed, rolling, twisting, side ways, upside down and my personal favorite, bouncing her up and down on my cock, holding her in my arms, my hands grasping her melt in your mouth cheeks, her legs wrapped around my waist, her arms around my neck. I walked around the house bouncing her higher every step and when I got tired layed her on her lower back and kept fucking her, most times fairly gentle as we built up to another atomic explosion...we kept exploding throughout the night, each time reaching higher levels of mesmerizing satisfaction...we were truly made for each other...

I've always had this other fantasy about fucking a girl while riding horseback...think I'll surprize Lil'K with a Merry Go Round ride...

Next stop...the Magic Kingdom...

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