Sweet Release
She could hear twigs crackling under her feet with each step. The forest was dark and she had to find her way by memory. She'd traveled these trails many times and getting about at night proved to be of little challenge for her. Tonight, however, she was late and hurried as much as she dared by the dim moonlight.

They had been meeting this way for several months now undetected. She and her love, Thomas had found each other while working together in the neighboring town of Aire . She was there helping with the children, young women actually, in need of instruction on common household duties. Most of the girls were motherless and of the age where caring for a family was expected. However, without the proper training, an arrangement would be difficult. Therefore, Iesha and her Aunt volunteered their time to help prepare the girls.

There had been no true explanation as to the whereabouts of the missing mothers. Some say they ran from unhappy arranged marriages to seek true love in other lands. Others believed that the area was cursed by the evil witch of the heart, Circa who many years before had lost her true love to a pre-arranged marriage to another. The story goes that so angry was she over the loss of Charles that she cursed all the men to misery and unhappiness, all of them losing wives to raise the girls who had been left behind. As soon as these girls came of age and were married off with daughters of their own, they too, would disappear.

The final story was nearly the opposite of Circa's. So it went that a handsome Prince beyond the large hills gathered the beautiful women of the land for himself. He was especially fond of the luscious beauties whose bodies had pushed forth kids and left them curvy and prime for the taking. These women he found were wild for passion and appreciation, their husbands having forgotten them to languish in want.

"Psssst, pssst", she stopped in her tracks and looked around. "Thomas", she whispered. "Is that you?" There was dead silence and she didn't dare move. Her neck tingled as she thought of the possible scenarios. Had her husband followed her? Was there someone else out there, someone dangerous who might take her away? Had Circa come for her? From what direction had the noise come? Who was out there? Slowly, so slowly she took another step. "Thomas" she croaked and swallowed.

"Iesha, my beautiful queen" a familiar voice from the shadows offered. Relieved, she felt his arms encompass her from behind. Before she could scold him for scaring her near to death his lips were nibbling at her neck and ears, drawing from her deep moans of pleasure. The flat of his hand on her stomach pressed her closer to him. She could feel his strong welcome from behind. "Oh, my darling", she sighed relaxing in his embrace. "I have missed you."

Thomas had missed his voluptuous beauty as well and it was apparent as he began to devour her, first with his lips moving ever so deliberately over her body. He was a strapping man with thick arms and broad shoulders. His body was taunt and glistening in the moon light. When he held her, sometimes she thought he would squeeze all the air from her and when he loved her, she never wanted him to stop.

Laying her against the pallet he'd made in the woods he explored her every curve and crevice, where his hands did not touch his mouth did. Their bodies wrapped around each other's like coils as they loved without reservation or fear. His member probed her hot tunnel as she let out a small cry when his thickness stretched her to accommodate him. Their lovemaking was slow and timeless, their hearts beat as one.

Over the months, Thomas had taught her so much. He'd shown her how to take her time and experience every movement, every throb and every thrust. He'd taught her how to build passion from a simple deep lingering kiss. She's learned to appreciate these kisses in other places as well. Thus, her cries in the woods were not those of one being eaten by a man eating lion, but those of a woman being devoured by her pussy eating man. Oh, the joys she'd experienced with her lover; joys not to be had in her husband's bed. The glow of being lovingly fulfilled overrode the guilt.

As their pace quickened, Iesha was taken away, matching his rhythmic thrusts with those of her own. She could feel the beads of sweat form all over her body, her sign that she was nearing release. Panting and groaning she quickened her pace, his cock pushing deep into her wet slushy heat, now mounting to a boil. As Thomas' climax heightened, she heard him cry out, "Oh my beautiful darling, you are ready!" Clinging to him they let out their cries of orgasmic surrender in unison; she digging her nails into his back and he biting at her neck as he probed her deeper and harder until there was stillness. "You are ready, my love." Ready for what, she wondered?
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