I started college last September and its the first time I've been away from home. I still don't know why I react the way I do but when a male sees me naked I get so aroused right away. When it happens I masturbate right away and have multiple orgasms.

It started when I was 13 or 14. I developed early and started to notice how the boys and even men looked at me. I wasn't embarrassed by it but rather turned on and excited when they did look at me. I started by just wearing a bikini at the beach or pool. I don't think I actually let any boys see me naked until I was 14 or 15.

I always get good grades in school and because my mother thought of me as a responsible teen left me in charge of my younger brother and sister whenever they were out. They both worked so after school and when school was out I was in charge. We only had an above the ground pool in our yard but my brother and sisters friends would be there often. I never refused if they wanted their friends over and would always wear my bikini knowing how the boys would look at me all the time. The boys were all 2 or 3 years younger than me but I Knew they liked looking at my body. It aroused me and sometimes I heard them talking about me which excited me all the more.

I started by changing out of my bikini and would only put on a long T-shirt that came half way down my thighs, with no underwear on. Other times I would just wear my bathrobe with nothing else under it. I would invite the boys in for soft drinks and snacks and expose myself every chance I got. I avoided letting my brother and sister see me doing this but at times they did notice. My brother never said anything about it but my sister told me a few times that she could see my breasts or vagina. I always stressed to her it was an accident and am convinced she believed me.

I trimmed my pubic hair but after awhile completely shaved it off. For some reason it made me feel more naked, as silly as that my sound. I always left my bedroom door open slightly and when the boys knew I was in my room would make unnecessary trips to the bathroom. They had to pass my bedroom and would linger in the hallway looking in at me. Sometimes I would let them see me masturbating and it excited me so much I would orgasm several times. Some of my fathers friends saw me naked and at times some men who were doing work on our house.

Our mailman saw me naked many times over those years as did several paper boys. On different occasions I would sleep over at a girlfriends house. In those years most of their brothers and some of their fathers saw me naked and sometimes more than once. Only one time did one of my girlfriends fathers tell her he saw me naked. None of the others ever did because I know my girlfriends would have told me about it. When they did see me naked I always tried to act embarrassed but never truly was.

Since I started college 8 boys have seen me naked not including my present boyfriend. Both of my roommates boyfriends have seen me naked a few times and I don't think they told my roommates they did. If they did tell them nothing was ever said about it. I never told my boyfriend this but just the fact that he sees me naked causes me to become aroused and wet.

I spend hours naked around him and am excited the whole time. We do have sex often but I also masturbate a lot especially if a guy has seen me naked any particular day. I don't know and never did know why I feel the way I do or why it excites me so much. When I go home some weekends I still expose myself to my brothers friends when ever possible. My parents would die if they knew what I've been doing all these years. I don't like to think of myself as an exhibitionist, but I am.
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