THE BENCH part 1

Feeling the stirring of excitement within my body I leapt to my feet and quickly went to have a bath and get ready, it really wouldn't do to be late. I reflected that you could be very insistent when you wanted to be, ordering me to do this and that, then I smiled realising it was a refreshing change to be dominated in such a way after being the boss of ones own firm, it sort of took all the worry out of what to do and when.

Dressed in matching bra and suspenders but no pants as ordered, a slim fitting skirt with a slit up the side, close fitting top which could be opened with ease, then collar and cuffs to put on, I pictured myself walking into a crowded bar dressed as such and my face reddened at the thought of what people would think with such garments as a customized dog collar and matching cuffs. People I reflected would know exactly what they were for, so to save myself and my master the embarrassment I took them off. Surely you couldn't have meant for me to parade myself in such attire in public?

Glancing briefly at my watch I realized with shock that I would have to get a shift on if I was to make our rendezvous on time. You had after all been very insistent on what time and where and impressed upon me the dire consequences should I have the temerity to be late. Diving hurriedly into the drivers seat of my small car I stepped on the gas and sending a cascade of pebbles in every direction with wheel spin I shot out of the car park and raced along the streets, winding in and out the traffic without too much trouble praying as I did so that I wouldnt encounter a nosey cop on route.

Sighing with relief as I turned the car into the car park of the bar and I rushed inside just as the clock struck the half hour to find you leaning nonchalantly against the bar. Turning towards me you glanced quickly up and down before you grinned and said, "About time you showed up. Sit over there and I will come over in a minute." You pointed to one of the booths next to the bar.

I quickly sat down in the very seat you had indicated and waited patiently for you to join me. My heart pounded in my chest as I could sense your displeasure from the way you stood talking to the bar man and glancing in my direction now and then before turning your back on me completely to show your utter disgust and I wondered what punishment I would get for being late, and particularly for not wearing what you had commanded. Finally after what seemed an age, you slid into the booth beside me and looked directly into my eyes, while quickly slipping your hand under the table up my inner thigh and under my skirt, straight between my legs.

"Open your legs wide Caz." You said quietly into my ear smiling as you did so, you knew I would not hesitate to let you do anything now, knowing how much I had displeased you already.

I gasped loudly as you hand pressed hard and insistently against my inner thigh making your urgency known I opened my legs, but obviously not wide enough as I felt the pressure of your hand against my leg urging me to go wider. I went as wide as I could given the nature of my skirt and being hemmed in under the table, as soon as I did I immediately felt your fingers probe my pussy lips pushing them apart urgently before burrowing into my love passage. The smile on your face never wavered as you ask me all about what sort of day I had and what I had done. I tried in vain to concentrate on what you was saying, answering your questions as best I could as you continued your quest with probing fingers, tantalizing me, making me want to cry out, but stifling my moans and groans, not wanting the other customers or barman to hear and know what you were doing.

You continued to finger my moist tunnel, working your dexterous fingers against my clit then probing in and out of my passage, gently fucking me under the table, whilst carrying on a conversation as though there was nothing amiss. It was sweet torture trying to keep as still as I could as your fingers pushed further up, I squirmed inwardly casting my eye round the bar hoping and praying that the others didnt know what you were up to, my face reddened at the thought and I groaned inwardly and shut my eyes, but that only made it worse. Finally you withdrew and I relaxed a little as you looked at me with open amusement.

You brought your fingers glistening with my juices to my lips and said, "Lick them clean."

Hesitating only briefly as people were watching us, but knowing that you would be even more displeased if I didn't do as you wished, I leant forward and sucked at your wet fingers smelling my sex on you hand. Licking gently along each of your long fingers in turn, then taking them into my mouth while looking directly at you, sucking hard as though it was your cock. This wasn't lost on you and you caught your breath as I tugged hard against the suction of my mouth against your finger, closing my eyes then looking seductively at you through half closed lids as you smiled widely before removing your hand from my mouth and putting it under the table.

"I have noticed Caz that your not wearing what I asked," you whispered in my ear in a somewhat abrupt tone, before straightening up looking at me with that knowing smile and in a low voice said, "you will of course be punished for that later. Go now quickly, to my car and put them on, and wait for me there."

Without hesitation this time I got up and almost ran from the bar keeping my head down as I did so. Having found your car I climbed into in the front passengers seat noting the coolness of the leather against the heat of my pussy lips which still tingled from your touch. Thankfully I had kept the collar and cuffs in my bag just in case, and took them out and with a practice hand quickly buckled them into place around my hands and neck, feeling the hoops and clips surrounding the soft velvety leather as I did so. Not until I was satisfied you would be happy with the tightness of both did I take the luxury of leaning back against the seat, and sighed heavily as I put on the seat belt and settled back to wait for you to appear. I closed my eyes and began to think of the evening ahead and what you might have in store for me, my breath caught in my throat and I felt my nips harden and a fresh wetness between my thighs as if in answer to the question on my mind.

Almost silently you came across the car park in an unhurried stride, opened the door and climbed slowly into the drivers seat, you settled yourself first before you turned and grinned with a look of pure lust on your face before picking up my hands one at a time and bringing them gently to your lips for a tender kiss, then moving my hand up to the collar and quickly restrained the wrist by a clip on the collar, then taking my other hand and doing the same thing, my hands where now raised above the level of my shoulders and held either side of my neck by the soft leather cuffs. You then let your hands wonder slow down to the front of my tight fitting blouse where you slowly popped each quick release button, then peeling back the material to reveal my sexy black bra, you brushed your finger tips slowly over each breast making me groan with excitement as I felt my nipples harden in response to your light touch, you then unclipped the bra at the front and let each well endowed breast free from the restraint. You caressed each in turn marvelling at their size and shape, enjoying the feel of the flesh as it yielded beneath your touch as you squeezed each in turn, making me moan with lust and lean as far as I could into your hand.

You took hold of one hardening nipple and pinched the bud very hard with your finger and thumb enjoying my reaction and feeling an answering tug in your groin as I gasped loudly. You liked the combination of restraints with the seat belt making it difficult for me to move or hide my bare flesh.

"What do you say my dear little slave." You asked still holding the nipple between your fingers, ready to pinch or pull again depending on my answer.

Quickly I said, "Thank you Master." Dropping my eyes in total submission, hoping that it would appease you enough.

"You will be a good girl now won't you?" You said in a quizzical manner. Slowly rubbing the slightly redden nodule in the palm of your open hand, watching as it hardened more as my obvious excitement grew. You dropped it waiting for my response and took hold of the other nipple giving it a sharp pinch.

I gasped loudly at the onslaught and hurriedly said, "Yes Master, sorry, ... I, I, I just didn't want anyone knowing what we were doing." I said quickly gulping slight before I hurried on in almost a whisper. "I would have been embarrassed."

Relaxing slightly as you began to gently massaging my breast as I explained my position, I gasped loudly when you suddenly grabbed my right nipple, pinched and pulled hard on it while saying, "You are making excuses Caz. You are meant to do as your told without thinking about it." I looked up and saw that you were delighted at my disobedience, I shivered slightly not with cold but with slight apprehension but more with lust as thoughts of your obedience training came to mind, I squirmed in the seat as you continued your onslaught on my now over sensitive breasts, pulling, tugging and just to let me know that you meant business you slapped each breast lightly enjoying the loud gasp it brought from my lips.

Letting go of my nipples you straightened up and slowly took in my present position, arms held high blouse pulled back and bra tucked away each side, and your smiled widened into a full blown grin with the thought of parading me through the streets in the car, where anyone only had to look through the window to see my exposed with hardened nipples standing to attention surrounded by darkened skin of my aurora and large shapely breasts. I looked down and noticed your bulge grew even bigger as you sighed heavily before starting up the car and heading out of the parking lot. You drove slowly in an unhurried manner while listening to some Pink Floyd singing about shining on with crazy diamonds, I thought to myself perhaps I was a crazy diamond for going along with such an idea. I wished with all my heart that we didn't bump into anyone along the way, explanations would be hard to come by.

We drove up into the hills for sometime before reaching the house, well set back amongst tall trees, secluded from casual eyes. The silence only disturbed by the noise of the engine which you killed having parked outside the large imposing doors. You sat back and sighed with contentment before leaning over to unbuckle the seat belt which had restraining me adequately during the journey up, but leaving my arms restrained where they were, my blouse still open giving you a wonderful view of my big breasts with large sensitive nipples. You brushed across them with the palm of your hand causing me to catch my breath, before getting out of the car and coming round to help me out.

"Out you get." You ordered, and waited while I clambered out as best I could given the restraints on my hands.

As soon as my feet were on the ground you pushed me roughly up against the bonnet, grabbed my head by my hair and pulled me to your lips and ravaged mine pushing your tongue insistently against my lips until I submitted and let you enter. You sucked up my tongue hard holding it captive between your teeth, while cupping and squeezing my breasts letting me know that you was the one in control and you could and would do anything you wanted.

Letting go you pulled me to my feet before digging into my waist and undoing my skirt and letting it fall to the ground. You stood back to admire my figure from the large rounded breasts with those beautiful nipples, down over the slightly rounded stomach to the shaved area which you insisted on, to slender legs encased in stockings as you requested and high heeled sling backs. While you took your leisurely look I stood with my head bowed awaiting for your orders my heart hammering in my chest as I felt the slight breeze play across my nipples and the coolness against my inner thigh.

Stepping up to me you circled around my naked figure, taking in the rounded buttocks so ready for your use, they quivered slightly as I though what you would likely do in the coming hours. Coming back round to my front you roughly pushed my legs apart and quickly pressed your fingers up against my naked hairless pussy, saying as you did, "Your mine to play with aren't you Caz." You rubbed gently at the flesh, before pushing against my lips and exposing my clit to your fingers.

"Yes My lord, anything you want." I said quickly gasping loudly as I felt your four fingers press hard against the nodule of sensitive flesh, I groaned inwardly and leant forward slightly.

"Stand straight Wench." You commanded continuing to press harder and then move your fingers slowly back and forward maintaining a constant pressure on my clit as you did so.

"Spread your legs wider." You barked. I complied and moved my legs as wide as I could possibly without falling over. You probed further in finding my already moist entrance and inviting heat of the flesh surrounding my love passage, encouraged by my reaction you trust up hard and fast, almost toppling me over as you did so, I cried as you pushed further, trusting hard, back and forth. Feeling my wetness, the swelling of my eager clit, the throb within my pussy as muscles clamped on your fingers as you went as deep as you could with three fingers, almost lifting me off the ground with your insistent thrusts.

"Your a horny little bitch aren't you Caz" You said not as a question, more as an observation . "Say it."

"I'm a horny little bitch My Master." I said in almost a whisper between gasps as you continued to fuck me there outside your front door, with hopefully only the birds and other creatures of the forest around to here your commands or hear my tortured replies.

"Say it louder, Caz." You said insistently while you poked deeper into my pussy and twisted your fingers. While you gripped hard at my breast.

"I'm a horny little bitch Master." I cried out not wanting you to stop. Groaning and pushing down onto your hands I felt I could almost cum on the spot. Seeing what an effect you were having on me you stopped abruptly and redrew your fingers and let go of my breast at the same time. I almost toppled over but managed to stay upright groaning with unfulfilled lust and longing, my pussy tingling and my nipples rock solid with want.

"Not yet my slave girl, no you will have pleasure of that kind, I my even deny you all night as punishment, it depends on how well you behave before the night is over," You said stepping back to take in my state, before your lent forward and unclipped my wrists from the neck collar and removed my shirt and bra before replacing the cuffs to the clips either side of my head. Giving my breasts the briefest of kisses in a soft and gentle way you turned and walked off towards the house. I stood where you left me knowing that I must wait for your command before moving. I looked on as you strode up to the door, opened it and went inside leaving me alone outside where anyone could see me if they came up to the house.

I froze when I heard a car, but relaxed again as I realized that it was continuing on along the road just the other side of the trees, thankfully shielding my naked form from prying eyes. It was sometime before I heard you shouting for me to enter the house. Running quickly as I possibly could to get out of sight, I entered the house and felt the coolness of the marble interior against my bare flesh as I walked slowly along the hall, waiting for your voice to guide me to where you wanted me to go.

I heard your voice form somewhere up ahead as you shouted, "Go and bend over the bench you will find in the room second from the front door, and wait there while I get organised."

I quickly did as you commanded and having located the correct room I went in, noting as I did so the walls hung with various chains with collars, cuffs, and leg restraints. Whips and paddles hung from hooks along with other means of submission. Seeing the bench in the middle of the room I crossed over to it and look around it, noting the straps and buckles along the side, the slightly raised platform at the front with various leather straps draped around to secure a head, at the other end poles and more leather straps to hold legs and or ankles in place. Anyone being attached to such a contraption would be indeed at the mercy of the master or mistress in charge. I positioned myself at the correct end and bent over as well as I could, wriggling myself up into place along the soft velvet cushioned leather as I did so until my legs dangling over the back end. The bench was narrow enough that my breasts fell either side, my backside hung off the back. At the front my head was supported by a shelf off the bench.

Having waited for what seemed an eternity, but was in fact only a few minutes you came in quietly and stood looking at my prone figure, a smile crossed your lips and you felt a tug in your trousers as you came up behind me and gently took each leg raised it wide and high before attaching them at the knee to lengths of chain hanging from the ceiling, having the effect of raising my bum cheeks high and wide revealing my dark holes and pussy lips, it also caused my back to arch and press into the material pushing my chest hard against the bench not at this stage uncomfortable, but would make movement difficult if not impossible, to prevent this completely you then strapped my waist down to the bench, brushing my nipples as you did so where they dangled either side. Next you secured my head so that I could not look around and finally added a blindfold to cut off any hope of me spying what your likely to do.

You stood back to admire your handy work, smiling broadly at my vulnerable figure strapped down., I tested the straps to find I really couldn't budge, and the excitement caused me to juice up. I heard you circle the bench slowly, caressing my skin here and there making me twitch as you did so.

"Wonderful, simply beautiful." You said as you touched my backside, I quivered at your touch as you softly traced you fingers along the edge of my cheek crease down to my lips and flicked my clit playfully with your finger before moving on, stroking my raised legs, kissing the inner part of my high held thigh, hardly making you bend in order to do so. You tested the chains holding them, pulling slightly to see if I could be held higher, but ultimately satisfied that you had me just where you wanted me.

I heard you reach for something off the wall where all your toys' were kept, before you walked back over to my prone figure. I felt your gentle caresses on my bare bum, as you slowly let your hand wonder over the soft smooth skin with open palm, I could feel you trace your fingers down between my open cheeks, round my back hole which tightened as you went slowly round it, down further to my wet pussy lips which were slightly parted , my clit throbbed at your touch, I shivered anew quivered with a mixture of excitement tinged with a little fear of what was about to happen.

"What have you done my slave." You asked

"I have been bad Master, not done as you asked my Lord, I should be punished, please punish me my lord." I said in compliance, shivering as I did so.

I moaned and closed my eyes as I felt you gentle probe, could feel it as you played softly with my clit, your fingers nudging at the flesh, teasing and frustrating me. I tried in vain to push up onto your hand but the straps, rope and chains prevented any movement and I groaned again. I could only tremble and shake as you continued with your tender touch. You knew how much I enjoyed the roughness, I knew you were teasing me with this gentle approach and I squirmed in my bonds.

"Your right you little tramp, you had ignored a direct order, and for this you will be soundly punished." With this you drew back your arm and I heard you slap something against your hand before I felt the paddle land hard across my bum and I cried out in surprise, the stinging sensation continued as you brought it down again and again, harder each time making me wrestle with my straps as you continued to paddle my now reddening cheeks. You caressed where it had landed, making me sigh then cry out again as you swung the paddle against my tender cheeks until it they glowed pink and my breath came in short gasps.

"Please Master," I cried out. "I have been bad, you are right to punish me, thank you my lord." I squeaked. You ceased paddling and reached down and roughly felt between my lips and found that I was dripping.

"You horny little slapper." You said before pushing your fingers in whilst saying "Your as wet as a bitch on heat." With that you withdrew your fingers just as roughly and continued to paddle first one cheek then the other until they were a deep red. Then stopping to check my reaction again and finding I was as wet as before and not been able to resist you flicked your tongue against my lips then lapped up the juices on my clit and round my hole. I squirmed and groaned in ecstasy as you probed into my tunnel. I gasped loudly as I felt your tongue then move round to my other hole as you licked lightly around the tight ring. With a reflex action I tried to close my legs, but knew it was hopeless and that made me groan with excitement and frustration.

I relaxed slightly when you stopped your onslaught and listened intently to your footsteps as you crossed the room for something then returned to my rear end. I felt something hard and unyielding against my ass hole then the pressure as you slowly and with great care and gentleness fed a butt plug into my tightened hole, stretching the muscle as you did so, I gasped loudly but relaxed as my body accommodated this new object. Leaving the plug in place you quickly picked up a large dildo and pushed against my moist hole and pushed it quickly up and into my welcoming hole the width of the dildo pressing hard against the tender moist skin inside, stretching as it did so until you felt it could go no further, you then strapped it into place preventing my muscles from being able to expel the moulded form. Standing back and satisfied with this new endeavour you slowly came up to the front end of the bench and slowly removed the blindfold from my face.

I blinked against the sudden light as you slowly removed your trousers. I admired your toned lower half as you left your shirt on, further showing your dominance at staying partly clothed when I was totally exposed. Although not very tall you certainly were very fit with a slight tan from working on the boat kept at a local harbour, and where we had spent many a wonderful afternoon. Your hair now shorter having had a recent cut and dark brown just like your eyes, which twinkled merrily when you were enjoying yourself as they did now. I looked down to see your cock standing proudly, large hard and very swollen as it swung out in front where it throbbed and thickened further as you looked at me, I relaxed a bit knowing that I must please you.

You came slowly and stood in front of my face, where you pressed you thickened shaft up against my lips, before saying "Open wide tart and hold him in your mouth, but do not suck or move your lips."

I opened my mouth obediently as you guided your cock between my lips and felt it slide to the back of my throat where you stopped. I felt you move slightly as I breathed in and out, gently caressing your throbbing member with hot air as it lay against my twitching tongue. I longed to suck it, taste your flesh, and I started to drool. I was finding it torture as you slowly moved your throbbing member back and forward in my open mouth, the wetness of my drool coating the surface as you did so. You groaned gently as you did so, never taking your eyes of my mouth as you continued, a broad smile on your face as you enjoyed the effect both on your cock and on me.

"You may close your mouth and lips gently but do not suck." You ordered after some minutes of the sweet torture. I closed my mouth gratefully trying hard not to suck in the process. I could feel your thickened shaft as you moved slightly. I knew by the way you twitched that you longed to thrust forward right then, wanting to fuck my face so badly. I heard you moan with the effort of remaining still, torturing yourself with the denial.

Reaching round sideways to a small table beside you, you grabbed up something which lay there, and before I could see what it was I felt a whip being lightly trailed over my back, I shuddered with excitement, knowing what was to come.

"This will teach you to disobey me, my little slut." you said to me in glee, " I will whip you while my cock gags you."

Taking a good swing back you swished hard down onto my backside with the long strips of the whip, I twitched and twisted as each stroke landed, the stinging of the whip making my bum redden once more, I felt some land between my cheeks almost like a caress as the tips found my exposed clit, pussy opening where you could just see the held in dildo and my ass hole still harbouring the butt plug there. I wanted to cry out but as you intended your cock blocked my mouth effective as any gag and all that came out was a muffled groan, and I was forced to vent my feelings by pulling hard on my straps, and moaning loudly, while not daring to move my lips, the intense feelings was almost more than I could bare as I could feel my pussy throbbing as each stroke found its mark.

As you continued to whip my arse, I so much wanted to suck your throbbing cock as it twitched against my tongue. My pussy began throbbing painfully as the whip caught on my sensitive clit, it had swollen up and had become hypersensitive. I could see the tightness in your balls as your excitement at my reaction grew, knew you could smell my sex and feel the pressure of my tongue and lips against on your engorged cock.

"Suck it bitch, suck my cock now." You at last commanded as your balls tightened. You thrust forward hard against the back of my throat, ramming in again as you felt me suck hard at each withdrawal. I felt my own excitement grow as you fucked my mouth while landing more strokes of the whip against my arse, your eyes closed as you revelled in the feelings building as you neared your climax. Finally with an extra hard thrust you jettisoned your spunk down my throat, I grabbed hard at your cock with my lips as I sucked pulling it in again and again as you unloaded yourself. Eventually spent and sated you withdrew, and collapsed to the floor breathing hard as the last of the feelings engulfed your body.

I gasped and groaned my body twitched unsatisfied, as my pussy ached for cock. I knew that this was just the start and groaned more with frustration as I watched you slowly raise to your feet, and leave the room, without speaking.

"No don't go." I pleaded, pulling uselessly at the straps still holding me prone against the bench. My body twitching and quivering with lust.

"Calm down, I will be back in time." You said reassuringly from the door way.

The silence grew as I lay there listening to my hammering heart slowly calm to a steady pace, my love passage twitched against the dildo buried there and I felt a stirring as my muscles clamped against the unyielding object. Eventually you returned carrying something in your hand. Placing it on the table behind so that I couldn't see, you knelt behind me, once again let your hand slide between my open cheeks. I felt you caressing my swollen engorged clit, I could feel your hot breathe against my skin as you lowered your head and spreading my lips wider you gently took the bud in your mouth and sucked feeling the soft sweet tasting flesh with your tongue, I twitched and groaned as you sucked harder, my juices flowing freely over your face, and you lapped again. You then turned on the vibrator in my passage and I felt the vibrations against my tender sensitive skin, making me quiver as you continued to suck at my now engorged clit, slick with my juices.

"Hm, simply deliciously my sweet." You said

"Thank you my lord," I gasped as you bent again to taste the nectar there.

You stopped briefly and I groaned before realizing that you were removing the butt plug and vibrator from their resting place, I heard them clatter as you threw them casually onto the table nearby.

Having dealt with that, you returned to what you were doing before and the let your tongue do its magic, I groaned louder and almost screamed out when you inserted your fingers into my open inviting hole, felt as you pushed up hard into me. Withdrawing your fingers I groaned in disappointment before I felt you probing deeply into my ass hole, pushing past the tight ring, opening me wider with each twist of your fingers, I cried out with a mixture of pain and pleasure as you fucked my ass while rubbing my exposed clit with your other hand. I wanted so much to back up onto you , push up against your pounding fingers. Oh Christ I thought to myself this is such torture.

You finally stood up leaving my moist inviting openings swollen and wanton, and reached across to the table. Next thing I knew was something very cold being laid against my clit, I would have jumped if the straps hadn't held me securely in place. You rubbed the ice mercilessly against my clit, enjoying my shivers as you continued to apply more as each one melted against the heat of my skin. Having done that for some time and knowing that my clit would be well and truly numbed by now, you then pushed the remains of the ice up into my pussy, I gasped as I felt the intense cold deep inside, gasped again as you fed more lumps into the wet hot hole.

I twisted violently as each piece was inserted and almost screamed out when you pushed a small piece into my ass, but the pain was nothing to the sweet pleasurable sensation I felt after the shock. Having placed all the ice within my holes, I relaxed too soon as you reached for something and placed it directly onto my clit. I felt the intense heat, a burning sensation as a fizz played around my clit and threw myself against the straps threatening to topple the bench as the alka seltzer worked its magic against my exposed flesh, not been able to close my legs or rub the area, the sweet torture continued as you placed more on.

"Oh God, oh sweet mother." I screamed as wave after wave hit me. I felt my pussy expand and juices flow heavily as the fizz started up again.

"You're a slut, and your cunt is wide enough for six men." You said almost cruelly to me, as you watched the result from behind your barbed words only served to make me squirm even as the fire continued its work.
"Oh please, please fuck me." I cried out in desperation, as the feelings from the powder intensified.

While you watched my squirming quivering body, you undid my head straps which let me look about freely and also took the strain off my back, where it was becoming uncomfortable. You bent down and gently brushed you lips against mine, as I continued to squirm as the effects of the powder continued.

You reached down and gave my nipple a playful tug before sliding to the floor by the bench you bent forward and took one of my dangling breasts in your hand and reaching forward flicked your tongue against the round hard nipple, I quivered even more as the sensation surged up through my breasts along with the still violent sensations against my clit. Hearing my moan you sucked hard pulling back slightly on the nipple before letting it pop from your mouth, then again you reached and did the same thing again, whilst pulling hard at the other nipple on the other side. Standing up you went to the wall and removed some slim very soft flexible rope, dropping down beside me, I gasped as you pulled and held a nipple out and then quickly twisted the rope tightly round the sensitive swollen bud. You then did the same to the other nipple before you pulled down on making me gasp but not daring to move. You tied the rope off lower down and returning to the other roped nipple did the same again before you released the waist straps. At first I sighed with relief that I could move my back freely, but found out quickly enough that if I moved even slightly I would pull on my nipples., the rope tightened around each bud making them swell and you tweaked the ends, causing me to moan loudly at the hyper-sensitivity, enjoying this reaction you slid down to were the nipple was tied and sucked at the swollen nodule, hearing me gasp and shudder as you did so.

Standing up you admire your new handy work circling the bench before making a further decision and you removed the straps from my wrists letting my arms hang freely, the only things restraining me now were the ropes holding my breasts and the chains still holding my legs wide and aloft. Nodding with satisfaction, you walked towards the door before stopping to look once more.

"I think I will leave you for a while, my slave to further teach you the error of your ways." You said with glee and turning about you left the room quietly as you had come in earlier.

"No ........... please ...Master don't ...please ......... don't leave me, Ill be good, I promise, please don't go." I pleaded almost in tears, wanting you so much. "Oh please you, don't leave me like this, please I'll be good."

I heard footsteps retreat down the corridor, and tried to bend my head round to see if you had really gone this only pulled at my nipples and made me shudder with the horny feeling inside. Relaxing as best I could, I squirmed with frustration which only made the ropes pull at my tits, sending pleasurable pain through me. My pussy ached for cock the results of the powder all too evident as my juices dripped onto the floor.

To be continued in part two....
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