my wife, Jenny an I were married when we were very young, she was 17 an I was 19, we had always had a very erotic sex life,experimenting with toys, oral sex and anal, we had talked about sex with other People,but hadnt ever taken that step. We had been married about 3 yrs when she started attending church with her mother on a regular basis.she got born again an our sex life took a nosedive. She said all the experimenting that we had done was immoral an we could only have sex the old fashion an NORMAL way from now on, no more oral, anal, an defintely no toys, I thought she blew a fucking gasket, I didnt sign up for this, so the more religious she got, the more bad boy I became, shed go to church, Id go to the titty bars an ocassionly pick up a prostitute. Its hard goin from getting pussy 4 or 5 times a wk to 1 or 2 times a month, an then only in the missionary position well that just fucking crazy. One wednsday evening jenny asked me to go to the church to move some boxes that were to heavy for her, they were getting ready for a fundraiser and needed my help, I told her Id do it, when we got there, about 4 couples were already there,one of the couples was the preacher an his wife. the preachers name is Dave an his wifes name is Debbie. Dave was about 55 an Debbie was about 30. DAVE had grayish hair an was an old style preacher, very stern when he talked, debbie was about 5 ft 6 ,long cold black hair, very nice figure with about 38 c tits,she was soft spoken an had the prettiest smile Id ever seen. I couldnt take my eyes off Debbie,I could feel a hardon coming on. Dave said we should get started moving boxes so we all went downstairs, it took about an hour an when we finished i was all sweety, looking at Debbie only made me hotter, the ladies brought in some lemonade for us to drink,I made a comment that a beer would taste good, Dave starred a hole thru me. Debbie giggled and dave told her to mind her manners,. After the other couples left,Dave an Jenny went to the churchs study to do some final arrangements, leaving me an Donna there to talk,. she said the bad boy attitude was refreshing since Dave is always so uptight. she said she married him when she was 18 an her life has been so lonely an boring ever since, the only friends she had were Daves friends an that she didnt get out much except to church an the grocery store, we heard them coming back down to the basement,so I quickly gave her my cell number an told her if she ever needed to talk to just give me a call. We said our goodbyes an started home,just thinking of her was giving me a huge hardon so I took Jennys hand an placed it on my growing buldge. she jerked her hand back like she had been snake bitten. she said dont even think about sex tonight im tired,so we drove on home. later I jacked off thinking of Debbie. Several days later,Jenny said there was a convention coming up an she wanted to go, it was 5 days long an in california, I told her to go,cause if the cats away the mouse will play. The night before she left I tried some foreplay on Jenny an was shot down, she had a headache, so I jackedoff right there beside her an shot a big stream of cum on her back, she ran for the shower an I rolled over an went to sleep. The next morning she told me how depraved I was an I just smiled back at her, I drove her to the airport at 10am ,an there sat Dave waiting to board,, the other 3 couples were already on board the plane,. Jenny gave me a peck on the cheek an they were off. On my way home I picked up a hooker ,an got me a mindblowing blowjob,as I was pullin in to my drive,my cellphone rang, it was Debbie,we talked for awhile an i invited her over for dinner,she accepted very fast,after hanging up I ran to the market for some steaks an beer,I also picked up a bottle of wine. I PUT THE STEAKS ON ABOUT 6PM,AN Debbie got there about 6:05 ,I told her Iwas going to take a shower an she said she would watch the steaks,I poured her a glass of wine,grabbed a beer an headed for the shower. after a quick shower,I wrapped in a towel an headed for the patio, the grill was off, a note on the table said, come to the den,. As i entered the den Debbie was lying on the bearskin rug ,naked an fingering her pussy hard, my cock pushed thru the towel as I watched her pleasure herself, i removed the towel an lay down beside her, kissing her lips an feeling her huge tits, her nipples were rock hard.i eased down taking her nipples in my fingers ,as started circling her nipples with my tongue,she moaned softly,she found my throbbing cock with one hand while plunging 2 fingers deep in her sopping wet pussy,,she started stroking my cock as she started cumming,thrusting her pussy hard against her fingers,.I slid down her beautiful body kissing her stomach,licking around her naval,until I reached her already cum drenched love been dreaming of this since the first time I saw her. I dipped my tongue in her very wet pussy tasting her juices,she tasted great,I slowly began licking,moving my tongue deep in her pussy,then slowly licking her lips an clit,I sucked her clt harder as she pulled my face into her, her breathing got quicker,her moans got louder ,I knew she was about to cum again,I wet my finger in her pussy an then slowly eased it into her ass,I could tell that was a first for her, she screamed IM CUMMING, OH GOD IM CUMMING,. I quickly raised her legs up in the an placed them on my shoulders, I rubbed my cockhead up ad down her slit preeing hard against her clit,she said FUCK ME, FUCK ME HARD,so I postioned my cock at her opening an in one smooth stroke i slid my full length into her, tears filled her eyes an she said she has never felt anything that big in her before,so I started pulling out till the head was left in her an thrust into her again,filling her pussy full of my manmeat,I starting pumping in an out as her hips began moving to the rythm of my strokes ,her muscles squeasing my cock like a vise,my cock was throbbing so hard I knew I was going to cum,she could feel my cock swelling as I shot her pussy deep full of hot cum .she came almost instantly, I lay acrooss her body an kissed her while I was still inside her,I could feel my cock wilting as i pulled out and lay beside her,holdig her gently in my arms,Debbie said thats the best fucking she ever got,I told her ,Im not done with you yet ,round two is up next.................... TO BE CONTINUED Submitted by:

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