Taboo Sex
"I see you like our new place, step sis," I mentioned, sitting down.

"Yes, I'm jealous of you two, Pete. Shelia must like it too," Sarah said as she hugged me.

"I do," Shelia pointed out, handing them two glasses of wine. "It is cool to see you two again. How have you been, Chris?"

"Good, step sis. It has been too long; we haven't seen each other in about a year now, right?" Chris pondered, as they sat down on the other couch.

"Yep, we should get together more often," Shelia said, sitting next to me. "Damn, Sarah, you look ravishing tonight."

"Thank you; it is probably the dress. Chris likes the ones where I have cleavage. Even if I have people checking my boobs out, he doesn't care; he is just in love with my tits. I'm pretty damn sure they led to one thing and then another."

Shelia and I peeked at each other for a moment.

"What?" we both wondered.

"For no reason whatsoever," Sarah replied, raising her hand. "He gave me this ring." 

"Holy shit, step sis, congrats," I cheered, getting up and strolling to her.

We hugged each other for a moment as our significant others just watched.

We let go after just a moment, and I got a close look at the ring. "Wow, Chris, you must love my step sister, you better take good care of her."

"I will," Chris answered, getting up with us. "You've been taking good care of my step sister too, so it is the least I could do. You two have been married for two years now, and she always brags about you. Well, you are both brunettes, so maybe that's how you two click," he chuckled.

"Good one, smart ass. Do you write material on your own?"


We all sat down and began bringing up old memories. It was just good to see Sarah again and with someone that loved her. We also kept drinking wine, so we got a little tipsy after a little while.

None of us were going to leave, and they were planning on sleeping at our house during their visit. As we were jibber-jabbering, Shelia nonchalantly grabbed a blanket and pulled it right on top of us.

We began cuddling as Chris was going on about him having some party with Shelia when they were younger. I kissed Shelia's neck a few times, but she eventually brought her right hand over to my crotch.

"Hey, we can't fool around, they are right there," I grumbled.

"So what? Chris never knows when to shut up; he is hypnotizing Sarah. I can certainly tell why she accepted that rock, so he must have a big dick for her to suck," Shelia whispered.

"Okay, babe, but do you need to rub mine right now?"

She nodded without taking her eyes off them. "I could give you head, but that would be too obvious."

Her hand ventured inside my pants, and she grabbed my johnson. She began grazing it slightly, but my eyes found Sarah's crack. I instantly bit down on my bottom lip and clenched my fists.

'Shit, this is horrible timing: Shelia is giving me a hand job, and I just happen to peek at Sarah's big boobs. Oh, I haven't seen them in years now. Crap, I still feel lust for my step sister, or maybe it is just because I'm horny. I don't know, but, damn.'

"Wrap your arms around me, and give my hand some of that white stuff," Shelia muttered, placing her head on my shoulder.

I encased my arms around her, and the blanket kept us covered. "No doubt, if they were paying attention, they'd think we were doing something naughty."


As time went on, she continued scrubbing my rod, but my eyes couldn't part from Sarah's melons. My mouth opened up, and I drooled a bit. I knew Shelia noticed, but she just suspected it for another reason.

Shelia's soft hand went in slow and small strokes, but seeing Sarah's crack added a lot of lighter fluid to my sexual fire. As I got closer and closer to shooting, my grip on her became slightly harder.

I was sure she didn't care because I heard her snickering somewhat. "Cum for me, babe. Do it as our step-siblings sit just ten feet from us."

I felt several drops of sweat flowing down my forehead and back, and I seemed like there was a needle poking my lungs too.

No matter how hard I tried not to, I just eyeballed Sarah's cleavage. 'Her bosoms are like crack to me.'

Even as my eyes were wide open, I pictured Sarah was pleasuring me. "Do you remember all the times I stroked your cock and made to shoot your load in your bed?" Sarah wondered in my fantasy.

"Yes," I answered in my head.

My eyes opened and widened. "Sweetie, it is time."

Then my body felt cold on the inside but steaming on the outside. My seed came popping out as I closed my eyes again. Her hand remained on my cock the whole time, and it all lasted for about twenty seconds as I twitched somewhat.

"Thank you, Pete," Shelia whispered before kissing my cheek and tugging out her hand.

She licked her hand clean right in front of them.

"Your welcome," I muttered, catching my breath.

I noticed that Chris was still talking, but yet, Sarah's bosoms were still the center of my attention. 'Oh, what I wouldn't do to fuck her one more time. I know I'm married and she is engaged now, but damn, she is still one stone cold fox.'

"Damn, Chris, why don't you let them get in a word once every twenty minutes or so," Sarah pointed out slowly.

"I'm sorry, Shelia could tell you that I'm a chatterbox. It gets even worse when I drink."

"Oh, it is okay, Chris," Sarah said, prior to kissing his cheek. "I swear, when Pete and I were dating, he would talk nonstop before and after we had sex. Shit, he could never shut up," she giggled, pointing at me with her hand shaking.

I felt like every one of my arteries suddenly became completely clogged, causing my heart to fail. My eyes went to the opposite side of Shelia, and I crossed my arms.

"What did you say, Sarah?" Shelia pondered.

She stayed quiet for a few seconds as she covered half her face. "Um, when Pete was eighteen, and I was nineteen..."

Both Shelia and Chris looked at both of us and went back and forth numerous times.

"Are you saying that you two used to have sex?" Chris inquired, looking at Sarah.

No one spoke for over a minute, and both our significant others were glaring at us.

"Yes, Chris: Pete and I were once a couple," Sarah mentioned, putting her hands out.

"What the fuck?!" Chris yelled, getting up off the couch. "You had sex with your step brother, Sarah?"

She stayed silent for a moment and took a deep breath as she was still tipsy. "Yes, what's the huge deal, Chris? It was years ago, and now we're both with other people. You and Shelia never did anything sexual?" Sarah wondered, pointing at Shelia.

"What, no!" Shelia snapped, getting up with Chris and looking at me. "You knew for over a week that they were coming, but you never told me that you two were a thing?"

I shrugged my shoulders and put my hands up. 'Shit, why did Sarah have to drop that ball? What am I supposed to say now? I wasn't even planning on telling them, just because of this very reason: neither Chris or Shelia would like it.'

"Are you gonna say anything?!" Shelia roared, waving her arms.

"I'm sorry, babe, she is just part of my sexual past. As she said, we're both with other people now. It is not like we have feelings for each other. We're just step siblings that had a sexual relationship years ago, that's all. I certainly wasn't just expecting her to blurt that out all of the sudden," I explained before I peeked at Sarah.

"You put my alcohol in hands, so this is on you, step bro," she slurred slightly.

I just watched Sarah jiggle around somewhat. "Damn it, step sis."

"You know what, you two should talk about this," Chris pointed out, taking Sarah's hands. "I'll take care of her. Shit, Shelia, it was years ago, maybe she should just let it go."

Shelia clenched her fists and began grinding her teeth too. I felt to be walking on eggshells at the moment, so I brought my hands towards her.

"Don't touch me!"

I took a deep breath. "Shelia, you need to calm down. I know this is fresh in your mind, but you are just blowing this all out of proportion. There is no reason to bite my head off."

Her eyes met mine for a few seconds, but then she suddenly bolted into our room.

"Go to her, Pete. This was probably best left unsaid, but now that it is out there, you better take care of this however you see fit."

"Okay, thank you for understanding," I said, raising my eyebrows.

I strolled right to our bedroom and found her sitting on the bed.

I sat next to her. "Would you really feel better if I told you before tonight?"

"Fuck, I don't know, Pete, but this is just weird, in a bad way. She is your step sister, so that is very taboo. How would you feel if I just let it slip that I used to have sex with Chris?"

"I'd feel better than you are feeling now. I guess we just didn't see it as being a big deal. We just bonded a bit when we were young adults, and it happened. Neither of us regretted it, but it was still just something that I certainly wasn't planning on telling you."

"If it isn't a massive deal, then why didn't you tell me?"

"Probably because I knew you'd react this way. I don't mean to be judgmental, but I know you, Shelia," I explained before I wrapped my arms around her. "You tend to please to take things the wrong way. I'm married to you, not her. I don't want to get into her panties; I just want to get into yours."

"Are you sure, I know you can still have flames for their past loves?"

"I'm sure," I answered before I kissed the side of her head.

I got her to smile and then she hugged me. A moment later, we got up and went back out to the living room. We found Chris and Sarah cuddling together, but Sarah still seemed out of it though. So we sat back down on the other couch and began snuggling too.

I peeked at them a few times. 'Well, I can't tell them this, but I'd still love to fuck Sarah. Even if it just lasted for a minute.'

No one spoke for over twenty minutes, so everything seemed to be fine at the moment.

Although, then Shelia just shot up. "No, I can't just pretend like this means nothing, Pete. I can't just see her as your step sister; she is your past lover, simple as that."

"We went over this; I don't want her, I want you."

"It doesn't matter, Pete. I'm feeling some bad stuff in my gut right now, and I don't like it," Shelia let me know, rubbing her head.

"Me either," Chris agreed, getting up with her. "Step siblings shouldn't have sex; it is taboo and wrong."

I found myself speechless, and I just sat there trying to think of something.

"Then why don't you two just fuck each other?" Sarah proposed.

Chris turned to her. "What?"

"I know I'm still drunk," Sarah admitted, getting up. "Although, I think you two should just have sex."


"I'm sure there is a good reason," Sarah mumbled before falling back down.

I clenched my right hand and hit my left palm a few times. "Maybe you should, babe. If this is going to be a problem for you two, then screw each other," I offered, coming to her and taking her hands. "You'll find out that you won't fall for each other because you are already committed to other people. Then you two will be at least slightly even, and you'll know what it is like to have sex with your step sibling. What do you say?"

"No, it is just wrong, and we're not cheating on you two," Shelia protested, shaking her head no.

I took a deep breath. "Okay, what do you propose then?"

They both peeked at each other for a few seconds. I felt my heart beating faster and faster by the minute just trying to make everything work out.

"You are beautiful, step sis," Chris complimented Shelia, coming towards her.

"Do you think I'm attractive enough for you to want to have sex with me?"

He covered his face with both hands as I backed away. "I don't know; this just doesn't feel right. We've been step-siblings for almost twenty years now, and I've never thought of you like that."

"That makes sense because you shouldn't," Shelia pointed out before turning to me. "Sarah is your step sister, Pete, how could sleep with her?"

"Whatever, Shelia. Just let this be a problem between us forever," I said, putting my hands up. "Or you can just do it with him once. When you have sex, you shouldn't have such an issue anymore. Just screw him once, babe. If nothing else, it'll bring us all closer together. I just want to make it right between us, that's all."

"Are you sure?"

I nodded, and Shelia delivered a single smooch to my cheek before turning to Chris.

She stopped in front of him. "I love you as a step brother."

"I love you as a step sister."

"May I kiss you, Chris?"

He glanced at Sarah for a moment as I sat down next to her. "I tell her about this, got it?"

"Yes," I responded.

Their made their ways to one another's butts, and then they closed the gaps between each other. They failed to move their heads towards one another for over five minutes as they held their positions.

I couldn't resist, but to sit there and watch. 'Why am I turned on by this sight?'

I had no idea, but then their lips calmly pressed together for a few seconds.

"How was that?" Shelia pondered.

"Like kissing my step-sister."

Her right hand made the trip to his crotch. "Then why do you have a hard on?"

"I guess because I love you, step sis," Chris made clear before he kissed her again.

They made out for a couple of minutes, and then he snatched the bottom of her shirt. He got it up to her shoulders, and their lips parted again.

He got it off her completely and examined her. "Wow, you are ravishing, Shelia."

"Thank you, and you're handsome," she answered before she brought her hands to her back. "Are you sure you want to do this, you've never seen me naked before?"

"I'm just gonna hope your husband is right."

She turned her head to me. "Are you gonna watch us, Pete?"

"Yes, if that's okay."

"Just don't peek at his cock, you might get jealous," she warned me before turning her head back to him and taking off her bra too.

'Oh, yes, drop that jaw for your step-sister, Chris. Now she is disrobing the bottom half of her body. Enjoy the sweet action while you can. I just want her to feel alright with the woman you asked to marry you. I can see she undoing your pants now, dude, so I'll find out if you are bigger than me,' I thought.

"Wow, that is big, Chris," she praised him, covering her mouth and nose. "Sarah is one lucky bitch."

"Hey, that's my fiancée, Shelia."

She took it both of her hands. "I'm sorry, Chris. I don't know why, but I do feel better about this now that I'm naked and rubbing your cock. Would you like me to give you head first?" she inquired before kissing him again.

"Are you sure your husband doesn't have any issues with that?"

She peeked at me. "Do you?"

"Whatever will make you feel better."

She hurried right to me. "I love you, Pete," she stated before she kissed me.

We encased our arms around each other and held one another for a moment. "You were right, from one second to the next, I got it. As soon as I felt Chris's hard dick, I knew it; the taboo aspect is what makes it so hot."

"I know," I agreed with her before we let got of each other.

She went back to him, lowered herself to her knees, snagged his johnson and slanted her head back up. "Are you sure this won't change our relationship?" she pondered, stroking it.

"Let's find out together," Chris suggested.

"Fair enough," she said before she took his cock into her mouth.

"Shit, step sis, you are a dirty woman," he moaned, placing his hands on her head. "Maybe we were wrong to be mad. Who knows, but just pleasure me with your mouth for the time being."

I just watched them and felt my crotch. 'It is as hard as a diamond now, maybe because this is real life porn I'm watching. Even if it is my wife, it is rather hot.'

"I'm sorry, Pete. Whatever happened to you and Sarah is in the past, I can already see that."

"Although, you aren't about to stop my wife from sucking your dick though, Chris. It is alright, just enjoy it while you can," I informed him, taking out my member.

"I see you like the image too though. Are you masturbating to us now?"

"I'm seeing step-siblings having sex; it is just hot, Chris," I confessed, stroking my wood.

No one said a word for some time after that and my eyes wouldn't part from them. I noticed that Chris was having trouble containing himself: shaking around and not being able to make eye contact with her.

'And who would have thought that having his step sister give him head would force him to sweat up a storm?'

"I don't want to disrespect you or your wife, Pete, so where may I cum?"

"I saw your eyes about to fall out when you first saw her hooters, so on them."

He nodded and began scrubbing the top of Shelia's head. I started stroking my rod even faster, and I worked up my own sweat. They seemed to be a hard drug for me, so everything else appeared to fade away.

I wasn't thinking of the awkwardness of everything that might happen afterward, but just the hot action right in front of me. "Suck your step brother's wood, Shelia. I knew you'd like it, so suck it so hard that you have to make him cum all over your melons. I know he'll love that too, I can see it in his eyes."

His hands moved away from her head, and he clenched both of his fists. His eyelids went down, and I knew he was prepping himself. As I felt to be high, I still noticed the couch maneuvering somewhat.

 "Hi, Pete," Sarah muttered before she kissed my cheek. "It has been a while since I've seen your pecker, and I noticed that it has gotten bigger," she observed before she brought her left hand to my junk.

I just let go of it and let her grab on. "I've missed you, and it is hot to see her giving Chris head."

"Hello, Sarah," Chris said, peeking at her. "You aren't mad, are you?" he asked, putting his hands together.

"No, but don't let her swallow, only your fiancée is allowed to do that," Sarah warned him before leaning towards my rod.

She took it into her mouth, and I immediately covered my face with both hands. "Oh, Sarah, I've missed you too."

I felt her mushy lips rubbing on my cock in ever so slow paces, and I already found it hard not to scream. With each passing thrust of those lips, I twitched and pressed my hands on my face a little harder too.

'Holy shit, I have Sarah giving me head again. Oh, how I've waited for this day, it seems like decades have gone by since we last had sex. Fuck, my feelings for her are stable, and she has not lost her touch at all.'

"Fuck me, I was wrong, step sis. Having sex with your step sibling is steaming," Chris moaned.

"I know, but don't worry, we're fucking each other now."

I uncovered my face and peeked at them. "I love you so much, Shelia."

She glanced at us. "I love you too, but does she suck your dick better than me?"

"No, now why don't you come join us?"

She turned back to him and grabbed onto his wood. Sarah got off the couch and got right in front of me without letting my dick out. Then they both came right to the sofa with us, and she shoved him onto it.

"Whoa, step sis," he laughed. "Be a good girl."

"No," she objected, leaning down and taking his rod in her right hand. "Sarah and I are naughty girls."

She took it back into her mouth and went all the way down to the base of his member.

"Son of a bitch, Pete. We both have great step sisters with amazing mouths. I had no idea this could be this extraordinary; I'm sorry if we made you feel like shit, I was wrong."

"Don't worry about it, man, you didn't know. If I can't cum in your fiancée's mouth, then you can't shoot in my wive's mouth," I explained, putting my fist towards him.

"Deal," Chris muttered, giving me a fist bump.

We both just lied back and enjoyed the sweet pleasure of feelings our step sisters blowing us. I just watched Sarah suck my wood, but I also tried to keep my eyes on her bosoms.

I licked my lips for a few seconds. "Oh, Sarah, please let me see those magnificent breasts again, please."

She slowly let her lips slide off my pecker. "I won't deny you that," she answered, bringing her hands to the bottom of her dress.

She took it off, dropped it and instantly brought her hands to her back "How much did you miss me?"

"A lot, but I'm married to her now."

"I know," she said, unclasping her bra.

She took it off and let her sexy boobs into the light.

"I missed those."

"No kidding?" she pondered, grabbing my member with her right hand.

She rubbed the head on her left nipple going back and forth several times.

"You are a goddess, babe," Chris pointed out before blowing her a kiss.

She blew one back and went back down to my cock.

"Yes, you went all the way down for me, I love you, step sis."

"Hey, she can deep throat me too, Pete."

"I'm sure, just how my wife is doing for you now."

We both scrubbed one another's significant other's heads. I didn't peek at them too much from then on out; I just viewed Sarah's beautiful green eyes and some of her red hair too. We looked right into another's eyes for at least ten minutes as she never stopped thrusting her lips.

 'Our eyes just say everything, don't they?'

"Shit, Shelia, now I'm gonna cum," Chris moaned, shaking around.

I just had to see the sexy action, so I saw her as she let his wood out and snatched it with both hands. "Douse your step sister's melons, Chris," she commanded him, rubbing it.

'I should feel repulsed by seeing another guy shoot his load, but yet, I can't stop watching.'

"Yes, step bro, give me all of it tonight, Sarah can have you back tomorrow night," she muttered before Chris distributed his first stream right in in between her hooters.

I saw him dole out four more shots all over her rack as she kept moving his schlong in between shots. She never stopped stroking his dick, so he kept rattling around as if he alone was in an earthquake.

"Thank you, Chris," Shelia mentioned, bringing her fingers to her bosoms. "I would never swallow your seed, but it is quite refreshing to feel it oozing all over my tits."

"I love you, Shelia."

"Hey, don't fall in love with me, you have her," she reminded him, climbing up on his lap. "I love you too, but I love my husband a little bit more," she informed him, guiding his dick into her slit.

She leaned over and kissed him. "If you cum inside me, I will never forgive you," she notified him before leaning back.

"I won't, Shelia, I'd never want to upset you," he said, placing his hands on her hips.

"I know, but I'm just giving you a fair warning," she let him know, planting her hands on his shoulders.

"You are a seductive woman, babe," I said, reaching for her.

"No, I'm Chris's sex toy tonight. So, you just enjoy your sexy step sister, and he'll enjoy his."

"Yes, Shelia."

"Don't tease her, she wants your cum on her too," Shelia told me before blowing me a kiss.

"I'll give it to you, step sis," I whispered, scouring her head. "Just use your tongue a little bit for me, and then you'll get your reward. I love you too, step sis. You are one ravishing chick, and no, I haven't forgotten about you, Shelia."

"Pete, don't justify yourself to me, just pleasure one another for the time being. Everyone loves everyone in this room, we established it, so don't worry about saying the wrong thing," she explained before she leaned to me and kissed me.

"Oh, shit, Sarah, now you are gonna get your reward," I let out, hitting the couch.

She let my wood out. "Now give me your love juice, Pete. Just like Chris did for his step-sister," she demanded, rubbing it.

I made sure to watch even though my whole body vibrated and I felt like jolting off the couch.

"Drench her those sexy breasts for her, Pete. Make her know how much chemistry you two still have," Sheila moaned through her teeth.

She brought the head right to her upper chest towards the tops of her breasts. She kept her eyes right on mine and brought her hand to the top of my rod.

"Fuck yes," I let out before letting out my first shot.

I twitched after every single shot erupted and she applied a little pressure to my dick after each one too. I slathered the top of her chest and then she backed away a bit.

She peeked down and let it flow down onto her tits. "Oh, thanks, step bro," she said before stood up and slid down her panties too.

"Your very welcome, Sarah," I mumbled, catching my breath.

She climbed onto my lap. "You are up to handle my pussy now, right?"

"Yes, Sarah."

"Good," she mentioned before she kissed me. "How much did you miss my boobs, Pete?"

"A lot."

She slanted her back and let my face rub onto her melons for a minute. The entire time, I had my eyes closed and felt the couch rocking from Shelia and Chris.

'I'm feeling her knockers on my face and her slit on the head of my schlong. I want to slide it in so badly, but I don't want to push her.'

A moment later, Sarah brought her hooters away from me. "Are you gonna get that beautiful woman pregnant sooner or later?"

"Yes, come hell or high water."

"Good," she said, getting off me.

She put her hand out and brought me up with her. "We did have some great sex before, didn't we?"

"Once again: yes," I answered before I kissed her.

She dropped to her knees and leaned towards the couch with her front towards it.

She grabbed onto the end of it and peeked back at me. "My cherry is ready and waiting, Pete. Make sure you don't cum inside me either."

"I won't," I replied, slumping to my knees.

"Fuck her hard for me, Pete. I'm enjoying your wife, and she has her titties flopping around like she is on a trampoline. So, it is only fair that you enjoy my fiancée."

"Good deal, Chris," I moaned, putting my fist over towards him.

We bumped fists again, and my hands found their way on Sarah's butt too. "Here you go, step sis," I whispered before I began thrusting my cock.

We had the couch leaving the surface of the carpeted floor every ten seconds between the four of us. Chris and I had cocks, and we knew how to use them on the ladies.

"Yeah, you like fucking your step-sister, don't you, Chris? Letting her pussy and mouth on your johnson must have been one for the record books, huh?"

"Something like that, Pete. Now please shut up, I'm screwing my step-sister for the first time, and I want it to be magical."

"Well, I'm sure if we ask nicely, we get them to let us swap partners again down the line."

"I like that, now spank me, Pete," Sarah demanded.

"Me too," Shelia added.

I lightly slapped Sarah's smooth butt a few times, but I kept a firm grip on her cheeks down there though. Feeling her wet pussy walls on my pecker again felt tremendous and seeing Shelia ride Chris just fueled my engines a bit.

I peeked over at them and managed to see Shelia's bosoms shaking around. I couldn't stop smiling to save my life, and I loved it that way. With every thrust I deposited to Sarah's slit, I had her entire body shake.

"Oh, I'm sure I have those lovely melons dangling around pretty good."

"Yes, but shut the hell up and fuck me as hard as you can."

"Well, you outed us by telling them that I was a chatterbox when we had sex, so tough shit. Don't worry; I know you'll learn to live with it."

I rubbed her butt cheeks as softly as I could as I never stopped fucking her. My entire body had sweat streaming down it, and my heart rate was through the roof too. Chris was cheesing too, so I knew he regretted not giving in sooner. Shelia was bouncing off his dick frequently and getting him riled up.

I didn't seem to mind seeing Chris's member, so the magic just seemed to him fucking her. As time went on, I became emotionally exhausted, but I physically felt like I could run a marathon. With that in mind, I began shoving my dick into Sarah's pussy a little bit harder. Her figure shimmered around a bit more pleasured my johnson in the process.

Then I looked back at Sarah's backside. 'I love her body, from her neck, all the way down to her slit. What a ravishing woman to fuck. I love Shelia more the day is long on a shit day, but Sarah has a beyond dazzling body. I certainly hope we can convince the ladies to let us swap partners at least one more time. Maybe I can get her all alone for one night,' I thought before I pause. 'No, I'm getting ahead of myself.'

"Holy shit, step sis, I never thought you'd ever have so turned on, but you do. You have perfect skin, breasts, that cute face and a flexible pussy too. What is not to love?" Chris asked.

"Nothing," Shelia replied before glued her lips on his.

They made out passionately I saw her breasts collide with Chris's chest. I forced myself to look away and focus on Sarah, but the whole situation seemed to make me feel like I was floating around in my own personal heaven.

I slowly stopped thrusting my cock, but I let it all the way into her cherry and leaned down on her. "You are remarkable, step sis," I muttered before I smooched her cheek and placed my hands on her breasts

"I know, you told me that when we were together before. I'm certainly glad you found Shelia though, she is intoxicatingly beautiful. You lucked out with her, Pete. I might have bigger boobs, but she is certainly just a little more ravishing."

"Are you talking about me, Sarah?" Shelia wondered.


I closed my eyes and rubbed my body onto Sarah's for five minutes straight in silence. The whole situation was steaming, and my mind was getting twisted. I suddenly noticed that they stopped moving.

I peeked at them. 'Now Shelia and Chris are rubbing their bodies together too. Obviously, everyone in the room has some emotional feelings for everyone. They might take us into some sexual places, but maybe that is a good thing. Who knows, but I love both of these chicks.'

"Shit, I'm gonna pop now, Sarah," I moaned, quickly leaning up off her.

"Cum all over my fiancée's now, Pete," Chris suggested, glancing at us.

"Yes, sir," I muttered, taking my cock in my right hand.

I stroked it as Sarah looked back at me and slathered her lips. My whole body shuddered around until the last second before my dick erupted and drenched her back.

"Fuck yes, sweet husband. Give her all you can spare right now, so she'll remember this fondly," Shelia moaned.

I jerked around as I immersed her back and butt with my seed. It took five shots total, but I made sure to get every single inch of her smooth skin back there.

I peeked at her. "Wow, you are something else, Sarah," I muttered, prior to getting back up onto the couch.

She immediately sat on my lap with her legs on my right side. "Let's watch my fiancée fuck your wife now," she whispered, enveloping her arms around me.

I wrapped my arms around her too and her bosoms pressed onto my chest.

"They are watching us now, Chris. I'm pretty sure that even Pete wouldn't mind seeing you shoot your cum out like a cannon."

"Oddly enough, in this context, yes. Oh, you are biting your bottom lip now, Chris, is she pushing you to the edge now?"

"Yes, Pete," he moaned, shaking around.

Shelia swiftly leaned up and let his member out.

She remained on his lap, but snagged his dick. "I know you never thought you'd do this, but give your step sister some of your seed now, Chris," Shelia moaned through her teeth, stroking it.

Even though I wasn't gay, I couldn't take my eyes off his pecker. Shelia's hand quickly rubbed it as he kept his eyes down too.

"Oh, fuck yes, step sis," Chris whispered, clenching his fists and shooting out his first stream.

"Yes, it is sexy and warm on my chest, now get my melons now, Chris," Shelia muttered, stroking even faster.

He jiggled around frequently over the next twenty seconds as he dispatched four more shots up onto Shelia's body. I saw every single shot attack my wive's tits and stomach, which just seemed to be a huge turn on for me.

"It is alright to love the sight," Sarah whispered in my right ear.

"Good to know."

"Now they are kissing, and she is rubbing her cum soak stomach and bosoms onto him."

"Cool," I said before I brought my lips to hers.

Both of us couple just made out for at least twenty minutes. My eyes stayed closed for the most part, but I did peek at them every five minutes or so. The chemistry between everyone seemed to be stronger than ever. Eventually, we all had to separate our lips and then cuddled together.

"Yes, Sarah, we must let swap us again some time."

"I agree, but can everyone just shut it for five minutes as we just enjoy one another's company?"

I felt Sarah's naked body for the time being and held her tightly. Her body felt to be even softer than Shelia's right then, but I knew I was just on a high and it would wear off in due time. My cock would remain hard though.

"I love you, Sarah," I whispered.

"I love you too, Pete," she muttered back before turning her head to mine.

We kissed one more time before both ladies nonchalantly got up and switched places.

Shelia sat on my right side and kissed me. "So, you love your step sister?"

"Yes, and you love your step brother, it is no big deal," I replied, bringing my left hand to her right breast.

"Do you want to have sex with her again?"


"Was it better than you remembered?"

"Yes, but I love, and I'm committed to you."

"I know," she added, covering my hand with hers. "You are just a horny dude, that's all."

"There's my fiancée riding me again," Chris moaned.

We both peeked at them and saw Sarah jiggling around as she rode Chris cowgirl style.

"They are leading by example," Shelia pointed out, leaning up.

She got right over me and grabbed my dick. "He wasn't allowed to cum inside me, but you are, Pete," she mentioned before letting my rub onto her pussy lips.

Then it slid right into her twat, and she transported my palms to her tits. "As my husband, you may shoot your seed inside me as much you want. So fuck me as our step-siblings fuck each other, Pete," she proposed before she began riding me.

"Holy shit, both you are seductive and beyond beautiful," Chris muttered, putting his hands on Sarah's butt.

"And you may cum inside me too, Chris. Just be a good man and do it. Maybe then I'll get knocked up, and these knockers will get bigger. If you do that for me, perhaps Shelia and I will be willing to switch partners again."

"I like that, Sarah," Shelia mentioned, putting her fist to her.

They bumped fists without breaking eye contact with us.

"Alcohol made this happen, so I'm happy I bought that bottle that cost fifty bucks," I muttered.

"Okay, now shut up and fuck your wife, step bro," Sarah commanded me, peeking at me. "Shelia and I will not tolerate half-assed fucking."

"If you two are seductive, maybe we'll start switching partners on special occasions," Shelia mentioned before smooching my cheek.

"I love that," Chris and I both answered.
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