Take me, Take me NOW! Part V
The young girl from the check-in desk was still looking up at the stationary elevator. She had been fascinated as the older Cougar had quickly turned the sexual tables on the boy she had been longing for. She had been riveted in place while watching Jimmy lick the older woman's ass. Her own juices had begun to flow and she could now feel the dampness of her black satin black panties. Although she was expected back at the front desk she could not tear her eyes away from the spectacle on the 6th floor above her. It had taken all of her will power not to rub her own needy kitty as Jimmy received his quick hand job. She had licked her lips at the sight of the hot jism shooting onto the glass and wished it had been her face capturing each hard spurt. She was NOT leaving till the elevator returned to the main floor. She feel the heat within her own pussy and she wanted her opportunity to wipe his cum from the window and lick her fingers in front of her future lover.

Marie continued to wipe the warm spunk from her right hand onto the thin red velvet panel covering her pussy. Her fingers lingered on her clit, giving it a slow deft caress by her middle finger. Her need had grown more urgent but she was not about to dally further here for the self pleasure her pussy craved. Focusing on her true desire she brought her hand up to her nose. She relished the pungent smell that would be the first thing she would share with Jim once she FINALLY got to him. She smiled as she looked down at Jimmy, lying spent upon the floor with his pants around his ankles, his left hand still holding the hand rail. Her expert pumping of his young viral cock, combined with the pressure of having his cherry ass crammed full, had sent his cum flying into the air to splat on the window of the elevator. Junior, Marie's butt plug, had exited his virgin ass as he had climaxed. His heart was still racing like a young stallion that had mounted his first mare. His semi-hard cock continued to involuntarily twitch, sending additional cum to dribble down his shaft to stain his wrinkled pants.

Marie repeated her question, "Are you NOW going to take me to my lover?"

This time she hoped the roar from his climax had subsided enough for him to hear her.

"Yes .. I'll get up" Jimmy spoke hoarsely as he struggled to his feet pulling his stained trousers up past his knees.

Marie could not resist reaching out to wrap her hand around the shiny wet cockhead. She then gave the young lad another slow stroke of his long cock followed by a hard squeeze when she reached the base of his shaft. She rubbed his cum from the palm of her hand onto his hairless nut sack, hefting his resuging balls like bags of gold.

"Better?" she asked.

Jimmy did not reply. The sudden swelling of his cock head, responding to the warm touch of her soft fingers, was answer enough. Marie told herself she had better stop fooling around. This young stud clearly had quick recuperative powers. If she was ever going to make it to Jim's arms, today, she better NOT get the lad going, again.

With one hand Jimmy held his pants to his waist, to prevent them from falling to the floor. The other he used to reinsert the "Executive override" key and to return it to service by turning the switch to off. The elevator immediately resumed its climb to the top floor. The young girl below quickly faded from sight.

"DING" announced their arrival at the 10th floor.

With a wave of his right hand, and a slight bow, Jimmy indicated Marie should continue without him.

"First door on the right" was all he could muster, but then he added "Thank YOU!".

Marie gave him a quick kiss on the cheek and exited the elevator. Junior, having served its purpose, was left on the elevator floor for Jimmy to keep.

She had taken only a few steps when she heard a LOUD "YAHOOOO" coming from the departing elevator.

Marie smiled knowing she was now part of a life story. She was sure that it would be told and retold till all trace of the real encounter had been replaced by wildly exaggerated images of them fucking naked up against the glass, for an hour, in full view of a hundred witness.

Standing before "Suite 100" Marie took a second to take stock of what was waiting for her beyond the door.

Jim's final words, "You must say YES to the first three things asked of you when you arrive, do you understand?", echoed in her mind.

Had the bellman satisfied this challenge or had Jim planned one last demand of her? Marie's excitement for her adventure was in conflict with he natural desire to control everything around her.

Putting on her most seductive smile Marie decided to end her internal debate "KNOCK, KNOCK ... Jim, it's me Marie"

Marie laughed at herself, why had she announced herself?, he better NOT be expecting any other woman dressed up like this.

As Jim opened the door his deep brown eyes locked with hers.

"Come in Marie" was all he said but Marie did not move.

Jim was clad only in a while bath robe that did nothing to hid his very hairy chest. He smelled of Old Spice and his eyes turned her legs to rubber as she flashed back to their last meeting.

Jim reached to take her hand and draw her into the room saying "Were you treated well on your arrival?"

"Yes..." Jim spun Marie close to his chest and kissed her fiercely before the door closed, let alone before she could finish her statement.

Pressing his lips hard upon hers, not a gentle foreplay kiss like before, but hungry kisses of a lust left to boil till it overfilled the pot. His hands pressed her hips against him causing his thick cock to press sharply into her tummy. His tongue quickly pressed into her mouth twisting and turning like a wild beast on fire, trained specially to fuck her mouth.

"MMMMMMMMMM' Marie moaned at the explosion of attention she was receiving.

Jim's hands were at once squeezing her breasts, then roughly touching her pussy, only to again grab her ass and press her back into him as his hard kisses pressed their advantage. All Marie could do was dig her hands into his hair to help steady herself while she reveled in this explosion of passion. She wanted this man but more than that she wanted him to want her. Her need to be immersed in a fiery passion made her heart race, her nipples swell and her mouth suck on his wild tongue like it was his dick. Marie pulled Jim's rob aside and pressed her breast into him.

"I have wanted you sooooo much" she breathed between kisses.

Lifting up on her toes she lifted her dress and guided his thick cock between her parted thighs so she could rub his cock head against the entrance of her pussy.

"Really??" Jim surprised her by stepping back and holding her at arm's length.

"How much?" he asked as his thick cock bobbed in the air before her.

Marie drew a breath and steadied herself as he focused on the thick vein pulsating on Jim's inviting cock.

Although she had practiced it a hundred times, she had meant for it to sound so seductive, her voice actually cracked as she replied "Taa me, Take me now!"

Jim let go her of her arms and almost knocked her off her feet as he violently ripped David's favorite dress of her shoulders and threw it over heard head behind her.

"If you must say his name, then do it, but then you must go! ... Do you understand?"

"Yes" Marie replied, excited but a little shaken by the energy Jim had just displayed.

Never before had Marie felt so naked. She partially hid her kitty as Jim just stood before her and took her in with a slow lustful gaze from her head to her come-fuck-me shoes.

"Take your hands away" Jim demanded.

Marie kept her gaze but moved her hands to her sides, and held her right hand forward hoping Jim would catch the scent. Her lustful side, neglected for too many years, was screaming for him to pull her back into his arms. The controlling side of Marie felt a sudden urge to flee. What she had gotten herself into with this man that in reality she hardly knew?

Sensing her conflict Jim stared at her breasts, covered in red velvet, and spoke in a soft soothing voice.

"Marie, I have listened to EVERYTHING you have told me. Your fears, your desires and your NEEDS."

Marie just nodded, she relished the desire in his eyes while she remained hesitant about what came next.

"Put that on" Jim directed pointing to a small box sitting on the stand next to the door.

Marie reached for the box and opened it to find a beautiful red velvet choker. Attached to the choker was a fine link gold chain that looked so delicate it could not hold much weight.

Jim began to squeeze his cock as he directed her, again, to "Put it on!"
As Marie turned he said "Then, look in the mirror behind you."

Marie found her hands trembling slightly as she put on the beautiful red choker. She allowed the fine chain to fall just below her breasts and wondered at it's purpose. As she turned to look at herself, in the full length mirror, Marie looked at her beauty through her lovers' eyes. Her legs were flattered by the lift of her red pumps. Her broad hips were nicely boxed by the thin red strip of velvet that looked like a red arrow to her wet and wanting pussy. Turning she admired how her firm breasts were held nicely by the red bustier. The material showcased her ample cleavage while, providing only a hint of her dark areolas surrounding the swollen and sensitive nipples. She wondered how soon would Jim latch upon them and tease them with his talented wet tongue and hungry lips.

Jim came up behind her and rested his head on her shoulder while he pressed himself against her. Marie shivered involuntarily as his cockhead applied a smear of hot pre-cum to her naked back. Reaching under her right breast Jim took hold of the chain and pulled on it slightly till Marie was forced to bend her head towards her breasts, or risk breaking the chain.

"This" Jim said tugging on the chain "will not restrain you, physically, but if it breaks you must GO!"
Kissing her neck he sucked on her ear lobe to add "Do you understand?"

"Yes" Marie replied as she reached behind to cup his naked ass and pull him against her as she bent slightly forward, hoping he would take that minute to slide his cock into her.

"Not yet" Jim said as he pulled back from her grasp, breaking the contact between them.

Frustrated Marie was forced, by the shortness of the chain Jim was still holding, to turn towards him.

"Come with me" Jim directed as he moved towards the bedroom.
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