Take me, Take me NOW! Part VII FINAL Climax
Please take a minute to read/re-read the previous chapters, especially Chapter VI. It will make this, the Final Climax chapter, all the more pleasurable.
Marie's outfit can be found in my profile pictures.
Capter VII Final Climax:

In one head spinning second Marie, in the heat of her pending climax, was alarmed, confused, excited and yes, a bit angry. Till now she had accepted her self imposed submission restrained only by the delicate gold chain connected to the red velvet choker around her neck and the small attachment point on the padded red velvet kneeler. Her red bustier, pulled down earlier to expose her breasts, and thong matched the red velvet material of the kneeler as if she had been carved in place as some erotic work of art.

Like a sacrifice to some hedonic God she was kneeling spread wide and fully exposed with her red cum fuck me pumps still on her feet. Her arms were extended on the red velvet padded arms rest as far as they could go. Her hands were gripping the provided handles, for what purpose she still did not understand. Her smooth, shaved, shapely legs were spread wide to accommodate the glass toy with its teasing numbs, still deep inside of her soft shaved pussy. Her ass was still pulsating from the teasing of her butt plug, left as a souvenir to the young lad in the Hilton elevator.

Even as she tried to understand the introduction of this new female player into their sex play Marie absent mindedly continued to rub her pussy forward to expose her swollen clit to the vibrating protrusion from the padded breast plate. Her sex was on fire and Marie could feel the soft comfort of the padded breast rack holding her sensitive breast up to the touch of her lover. The cool air from the brass fan rotating above her was blowing past her hardened nipples that had extended themselves as Jim teased and pulled on them. She wanted to lean forward and take his cock into her mouth before the new bitch could lay claim to him.

"Who?" was the only word Marie got out before Jim pinched her nipples hard and shot her a look that SHOUTED for her silence without making a sound.

The woman's voice, rich with tone that was much deeper that Marie's, continued as she walked into the room. "You did say she wanted to experience a woman, right?"

"Yes Carolyn" Jim replied with a lustful smile as he continued to pinch and pull more gently on Marie's nipples.

Marie caught a heady smell of lavender perfume, the kind her roommate in college use to wear.

"My God" she thought to herself "He even remembered me talking about me masturbating under the covers wanting to touch my roommate and not having the nerve to approach her."

"She looks beautiful from here" Carolyn smiled with approval as she came to stand directly behind Marie.

Carolyn reached forward and Marie shuddered a bit as she felt the touch of lace on her ass and inner thighs.

As the lace covered fingers traced up between her legs she felt firm pressure on her sweet spot between her pussy and bum hole.

" You are so wet baby girl" Carolyn cooed approvingly and to Jim she said "She is sooo wet, how did you do that so fucking fast"

Jim continued to sit on the edge of the bed. His throbbing cock was scant inches from Marie's red lips. Marie could tell he was watching and enjoying the show by the thick pre cum leaking out of his pee hole. His cock throbbed as he watched Marie react to the teasing of the vibrator on her clit and the probing fingers from Carolyn.

Running her fingers up the slit area not covered by the vibrator Carolyn took time to tease the area before the anus, a hot spot for Marie Jim had clued her into.

Carolyn continued to rub her long fingers, covered in the delicate black lace, up and down Marie's sex, taking time to taste off her finger tips the woman before her.

"Shit Jimmy, did you fuck her in the ass already, it looks so stretched out"

"No" Jim replied, looking at Carolyn for the first time. "I have not touched her, YET, just as I promised you".

"Good" Carolyn replied "If you really want her to remember ME, she has got to want ME!"

"MMMMMMMMMMMMM" Marie broke her silence as the fluttering button on her clit, the probing fingers on her slit and the thoughts of forbidden sex sent her into a near frenzy needing relief.

"Ok baby girl" came Carolyn's voice now much softer "This should help"

Marie almost stood erect on her toes as she felt Carolyn's hands spread the cheeks of her ass, quickly remove the glass toy, and then replace the hard toy with her hot wild tongue, plunging deep into her needy pussy. Only the tug of the delicate chain kept Marie on the kneeler.

"Trust me, I know what you need... mmmmm" Came the voice between Marie's legs.

"I want your cock, in my mouth, ohh shit, that is soooo fucking good..." Marie screamed at Jim as Carolyn continued to lick her slit and suck her swollen lips into her mouth.

"Not yet" came Jim's unheard reply as Carolyn rubbed her thumb between Marie's slit and anus and then plunged her tongue again deep inside as she again removed the toy.

"I'mmm cuummmminggg" Screamed Marie, not caring who heard her.

"More baby girl" coaxed Carolyn as she alternated the glass toy expertly angled to hit Marie's G-pot, then running across her own sex.

"Gush on my lips so Jim can taste you" she demanded as she licked down Marie's slit to press against the now exposed clit.

"Oh shit, oh SHIT....... DOOOONT STOP" Yelled Marie at Jim as if by sure force of will she could draw his cock into her mouth as her climax washed over her.

Carolyn continued to tease Marie's stretched bum while probing the glass toy deep inside. She could feel her own juices flowing as she continued licking the drenched pussy lips before her and she licked the toy with each strike deep inside.

"MMMMMMMMMMM you cum good baby girl" she tapped Marie's shaking legs with approval.

Jim watched scene before him with joy and pure lust. His own desire on hold he savored filling each of Marie's fantasies.

Marie laid her head down on the padded chin rest, amazed she had not ripped the hand grips off or broken the delicate chain. The flow of her climax and after climax continued through her body. She knew she could not rise off the kneeler, had Jim asked her too. She was content to stay put and let them continue without her, for now.

As Carolyn came around from behind, Marie got her first look of the lady who had so pleasured her. She was tall, at least six feet, and where Marie was delicate in feature, this handsome woman looked every bit the part of a partner in charge. Her black leather boots were stark contracts to Marie's delicate red pumps. While Marie wore the soft velvet bustier Carolyn was clad in a black leather cinch that snapped between her legs and supported her 36DD's in an open cup leather bra. Her areolas were like saucers with thick pink nipples that looked like erasers on some giant pencil.

As Carolyn came between Jim and Marie he let go of Maries nipples and began to fondle the massive breasts Carolyn presented him.

"My turn, remember you PROMISED" Carolyn stated as she leaned forward to encase his face between her breasts.

"Is this all you need" she said in a low voice as Jim took her left nipple deep into his mouth.

Marie remained in her kneeling position enjoying the aftermath of her climax while the sex scene played out before her.

Carolyn looked back at Marie for the first time. "Like what you see?"

Without waiting for a reply she bent at the waist and kissed Jim deeply, spreading Marie's juices all over his lips and face.

She then released Jim from the kiss and bent further down and engulfed Jims' thick swollen cock in one long suck.

"Oh FUCK YES" exclaimed Jim while raising his hips to drive his needy cock deep in her throat.

Carolyn was so tall Marie had no difficulty seeing the cock sucking action between Carolyn's parted legs and her hanging breasts.

After three or four long deep sucks of Jim's thick cock by Carolyn, Marie began to feel the desire begin to once again rise inside of her. She lowered herself back down and found to her delight the vibrator was still in motion.

Although her pussy felt empty, absent the glass toy, her sensitive clit made up for the needed pleasure. Gripping the handles she began to grind her clit against the vibrator in time with Carolyn's sucking action.

"Gawwd that feels so fucking good" Jim exclaimed, now laying back on the bed, his legs dangling over the edge.

"MMM I'mmmm Sure mmmm, lick IT suck, plop, DOES" Carolyn spoke between sucks and licks.

She was using one hand to hold Jims swollen nut sack and the other to unsnap the crotch of her cinch. Marie could immediately smell Carolyn's sex as she began to rub her fingers across her hairy pussy. She then plunged two fingers deep inside while bouncing on the balls of her feet to further jack Jim's cock.

Squeezing Jim's cock Carolyn reveled in the pre-cum now flowing freely down his shaft and over her lace covered fingers.

"You want more?" she said to Jim as she slapped his throbbing cock against his hairy tummy.

"YES" he said softly

"Too fucking bad, MOVE!" Carolyn then pulled Jim over to his side, and away from Marie, by using his swollen cock as a lever.

"Now baby girl, What I Want is..." Carolyn abruptly sat down on the bed in Jim's place, spread her legs and arched one black leather boot over each of Marie's shoulders.

Marie found herself confused, once again, as she stared for the very first time at another woman's pussy. Carolyn scooted herself to the edge of the bed, leaned back and spread her lips wide. Marie was amazed by the contrast of the dark pubic hair, the black lace covered fingers with long red nails and the bright pink clit jutting up like a little penis.

"I want you to suck and lick my clit like you would Jimmy's cock" Carolyn continued "I want you to keep doing it till I say stop"

"So this was it" Marie thought quickly "The third task".

Jim's final words from early in the day echoed again in her mind, "You must say YES to the first three things asked of you when you arrive, do you understand?"

Marie felt Jim standing next to her, he was fiddling with the kneeler again as he caressed her back.

"Click, snap, CLUNK" Marie clutched the handles instinctively as she fell forward.

"NOW baby girl NOW" Carolyn demanded as Marie found her face scant inches from Carolyn's sopping wet pussy.

Frustrated by her lack of action Carolyn used the purchase of her boots over Marie's shoulders to hike her ass of the bed and force immediate contact between her needy clit and Marie's mouth and nose. Carolyn immediately began to grind her needy pussy against Marie's face hoping she would catch on this was NOT a request she could refuse.

"Suck it baby girl, SUCK Mommy!" Carolyn demanded as Marie tentatively extended her tongue.

"OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, YES, MORE!" Carolyn reacted with an even faster grind as the soft wet contact from Marie's hot tongue made her shiver.

Marie began to enjoy this wicked sex as she had always called it. She began to lap at Carolyn's clit and explore it like her own. In contrast to what she knew her semisweet juices tasted like, Carolyn's were pungent with the sex that had dried in her pubic hairs and not been washed. Marie began to lick and suck on the protruding clit and was excited to feel it quiver between her lips when she captured it.

"CICK, SLIDE, CLUNK" Marie felt her legs slide further apart and struggled not to lose her grip on Carolyn's clit as she fought to regain her balance.

"My turn" Jim announced as he straddled Marie's spread thighs. With one strong stroke Jim buried his thick cock deep into Marie's wet tunnel. The force of his initial thrust lifted her off the kneeler as his cock slammed into the top of her womb, his balls swinging between her legs to slap at her exposed clit.

"Ummph" was all Marie could say as the sharp pain of his thick cockhead was quickly overcome by wanton lust as she accommodated his filling of her needy pussy.

"Don't you STOP bitch" Demanded Carolyn as she hooked her legs hard into Maries shoulders trapping her firmly between her legs.

"You said you wanted it HARD" Jim exclaimed as his second stroke was as hard and deep as the first.

Marie quickly abandoned any thought of control. She was going to be used and she had best learn to enjoy it. Sucking on Carolyn's clit hard, she swirled her tongue around the exposed hood which caused Carolyn to freeze giving Marie a chance to breath before "UMPH" Jim's next attack by his thick cock.

"I've... wanted... Too... Fuck... You... ALL ... FUCK... ING... Day" Jim, holding her hips like handles, spoke each word as he made a slow with drawl and then a hard thrust back deep inside. Each thrust sent his balls slapping against her exposed clit.

"I'm ready baby, I'm ready" Carolyn cried as she began to buck her hips hard against Marie's face.

"MMMMMMMMMMMM" Marie sucked on the sensitive clit and felt her third climax begin to stir as Jim picked up his speed, hammering her deep and hard.

"OH FUCK NOW!" Jim griped her ass, so hard there would be marks to explain, as he cried out loudly. He drove once, twice, then a third and final thrust deep inside of Marie and held himself fully inside of her.

"MMMMMMMMMMEEEEEEEE TOOOO" Screamed Carolyn as she froze in place holding Marie's mouth against her sex, her legs shaking so hard the kneeler shook.

"Ughhhhh MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM AWWW" Was all Marie could get out as Jim's hot cum splashed inside of her setting off her third climax making her legs shake and her head spin.

"Plink" the delicate restraining chain broke as Marie lifted her head from Carolyn's dripping pussy to breath.

Jim's cock had vibrated and flexed a full three minutes after his climax and Marie wondered if she had been knotted. As he stepped back a clear "PLOP" was followed by a stream of hot cum dripping down her legs and on to the kneeler. Carolyn, with Jim's help, finally lifted her legs off Marie's shoulders and turned on her side too exhausted to stand. Jim helped Marie to slowly stand and took her into his arms for the most loving embrace she could ever remember.

Touching her wet hair he kissed her lips gently to savor Carolyn's juices.

Then he smiled and said softly "I listened to everything you told me, your wants, your needs and your desires...."
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