Take me, Take me NOW Part I
This story is for all the spouses that made an attempt and were left rejected.
Marie was sitting on the bed, partially wrapped in a white thick towel. Her short wet hair was dripping cold water down over her half covered breasts that heaved with each deep sob that escaped her lips. The hot tears that stung her cheeks joined the cold water dripping on to her breasts and just added to her misery.

Just minutes before Marie had been in the shower with her husband, David. Once again she had been trying to arouse desire, mutual pleasure and some satisfaction from her husband of fifteen years.

"David?" she had called out from the steamy shower.

"Please sweetheart, come join me"

Marie hated this begging ritual she had to endure. For the past five years, since David had lost his high paying job, his desire for his wife had been both infrequent and short lived. When Marie did manage to capture his attention he literally discharged himself as quickly as possible. Most times he could sustain an erection, and his desire, only long enough to cum in her mouth and sometimes on her breasts. David would then, like today, quickly withdrew behind the cold emotional curtain that separated them with no regard or interest in his unsatisfied wife.

"Please sweetheart" she had called out again, knowing full well that he had heard her.

"Honey, cum wash my back for me" and then she added playfully "I won't bite, I promise!"

"We don't have time for this, now " was David's only reply.

"Oh honey, you always say that, come on you have to shower before we dress and I need my back washed."

Had Marie knew the certain hurt that was coming she would have avoided this attempt and accepted the usual rejection. Instead she opened the shower door and pulled David into the shower with her.
"I'm not undressed" David complained
"Let me fix that" Marie said bending to pull his now soaked shorts down his skinny legs.
"Oh, you are still grumpy?" Marie teased as she took David's limp Dick and balls into her hands.
As Marie offered her generous breasts to her husband she bent lower and kissed the tip of David's cock.
"Let Mommy fix that" she cooed as she took the small semi-rigid member deep in her mouth.
Wordlessly David accepted her ministrations and began to fuck Marie's mouth in earnest. Marie used her free hand to penetrate her own sex hoping to become aroused before David changed his mind. As she felt faint stirrings inside she concentrated on events that she could rely upon to arouse her.

Earlier in the day Marie had taken a long hot bath. In anticipation of her planned seduction she had washed her hair, douched and trimmed her pussy leaving only a thin trail of soft hairs pointing down from her navel. That was just in case David lost his way, again! She had laid soaking in the hot water with one hand massaging her breasts while her other explored and teased her cunny.

In the past Marie would have avoided stimulating herself to a climax especially if she thought real sex was on the agenda. She, like many women her age, had always thought once was enough. Her sexual experience had been confined to her husband. David had repeated the same tale her mother had told her, that only sluts would FAKE Cuming more than once during love making. All that changed when she had given in to her desires and finally agreed to a live encounter with her online lover, Jim.

Jim, within minutes of their first meeting, had removed her sweater and bra just inside the door of the hotel room. He had kissed her deeply with passion long forgotten till her knees were shaking. She could not recall when he had actually removed her jeans. However, she clearly recall that he was still fully clothed when he gently pushed her back down on the bedroom couch. She was in heaven when he began to lick and kiss from her neck, all under her chin and down and around each breasts. She had griped the pillow behind her head as his lips brushed across each sensitive nipple. David never paid attention to her nipples and she squirmed with the sensations Jim awakened within her.

"You are going to make me cum" Marie had announced loudly as his fingers slide down across her tummy and across her wet slit.

"Not yet" Jim chuckled as his soft kisses passed over her belly button and down between her legs.

Jim appeared to be worshiping her sex as her kissed, licked and tease her inner thighs.

Suddenly Marie realized she was holding her legs up high and wide. Her love starved body was offering Jim free and easy access to a place no other man had ever touched let alone explored with his tongue.

"Thank you" Jim breathed with appreciation as he looked into her eyes.

Then with loving care his deep brown eyes slowly gazed down her neck, over her heaving breasts while he dove head first between her open and inviting legs.

Marie felt the heat of his breath immediately upon her sex as he began to suck her swollen lips out from around her thin thong. Pulling her white thong far aside for him Marie gasped as Jim simultaneously drove his right middle finger deep inside of her, his thumb then caressing her vulva while his left hand reached up and was pinching her right nipple. When his tongue finally made contact with her engorged clit Marie started to sit upright from all of the stimulation. Jim gently pressed her back down with the weight of his shoulders as he sucked her clit deep between his lips. This shock of pleasure immediately sent Marie over that delightful cliff. As she gasped for breath her eye sight became blinded by the fireworks going off inside of her.

"OH FUCK ME, FUCKKKK MEEEEE I'm CUMING" she squealed loudly, not caring if the whole hotel heard her.

Before she could recover Marie was surprised to find his hot tongue now stabbing deep into her cunny. Never had she experienced this before and it was a tremendous change from the few short stabs of her husband's tiny dick. As Jim's fingers teased the sensitive skin between her cunny and anus his nose bounced against her very exposed clit.

"You taste so fucking good" Jim exclaimed as he licked up and down her pouty lips and drank deeply from the sweet juices now flowing so freely from with her. This new combination of stimulation sent Marie soaring into her second climax.

"Oh MY God baby", she cried out to Jim.

"BBBBBBBBABYYY I'm Cumming AGAIN" This time her legs shaking high in the air while she clasped his head tightly in place.

"Please, PLEASE, MORE!!" she shouted while grasping at the back of his neck to keep as much stimulation on her pussy as possible.

"Here is MORE" Jim mumbled into her pussy, his deep voice and stabbing tongue adding to the vibrations now flowing inside of her.

As Jim continued to lick and suck on her clit Marie found a new sensation, that of Jim's tiny finger penetrating into her dark hole.

"OHHHHH, shit, OH shit, that feels so FUCKIN Good, what are you doing???"

"You will need to open UP for me" Jim soothed her while his three other fingers teased her G-spot with deep thrusts and then exited with a spreading action intended to make room for his very thick girth.

"Urghhhh Awwwwww" was the only warning David gave her as her spurted his thin cum half in her mouth and half on her cheek.
Marie was aroused and completely disoriented when David stepped away, opened the door and departed the shower saying only "Hurry we will be late"

Marie now sat there on the bed remembering Jim's electric kisses, and the special attention he gave to each of her aroused nipples. Her sobs began to end as she recalled the thrilling manner in which he sucked and licked and teased her clit and pussy lips. In one short afternoon he had awakened her wanton desire for good. He had taught her that her ability to cum, over and over and over again, was limited only by the patient teasing by her lover, NOT by some social limitations placed upon her body.

Picking up the phone she made the call that she knew she HAD to make and should have made before.

"Hello sweetheart" Jim's deep DJ voice sent a feeling of warmth deep into her soul.

"Is it ok, I mean ok that I call? Marie said with a sob, she knew the answer but had to ask.

"Sure" Jim responded with absolute care and positive clarity, something David never demonstrated.

"What happened? Jim's voice could show such compassion and he never scolded her.

"Same as always" Marie blurted out.

"I teased, he groaned, I sucked, He froze, then he CAME and then he left....."

"Where this time?" Jim asked with all the understanding and kindness that could be sent across a phone line. Then he added, "Sweetheart I'm sending you all my hugs right now"

"In the shower" Marie began to cry again. David left me in the shower, with cold water washing his fucking cum off my lips and face."

"What can I do" Jim offered, expecting yet another rejection of his pst offers.

"Remember what I said about my desire to be aroused and pleased but NOT to be in charge?"

"Yes, I recall the conversation very well" Jim chuckled softly into the phone.

After a pause Jim then added "Do you remember I also told you what that would mean?"

"Yes" Marie replied and then quickly before she could change her mind, "I want you to TAKE ME!"

"Marie, are you sure?" Jim offered her a last chance to recant.


"OK" Jim replied and then after a long pause
"I'll prepare something just for you!"

Before Marie could change her mind Jim said good bye "Kisses sweetheart, I'll contact you soon" and then he was gone.

Marie sat still holding the phone and feeling her heart race. Never in her life had she offered control to anyone. She looked down and realized that the towel had fallen away exposing her nipples now erect like little finger tips.

"Ohhhh, you like that idea don't you" she spoke to her ladies as she began to rub them and stimulate her nipples further.

Touching them she recalled the way Jim pinched them and then the feel of his hot lips sucking them deep into his hot mouth. Sliding her hand down across her tummy she found her now flowing juices easily helped her to slide two fingers deep inside.

Lifting her right leg up to the bed, to ease her access, Marie began to stroke herself slowly and deliberately.

As her climax approached Marie spoke loudly aloud "Fuck you David, you cuck", then smiling "Jimmy, PLEASE baby PLEASE TAKE MEEEEEEEE and make this GOOD!"

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