Take me, Take me NOW Part II
update 3-20-11

For three weeks Marie had been planning for Jim's next visit. In the past she had worried about every detail, including the things for which she had no control.

This time her attention to detail began with the pleasure she gave herself while shaving. She had inspected every part of her legs and smooth bald pussy to ensure there was no razor stubble to injure Jim's hot wet lips and tongue. She could not avoid slipping her fingers around the hood of her clit to tap and rub it while enjoying the slowly building tension. As she laid in the tub she would remember each kiss and gentle caresses. She had lost count that day as Jim licked and kissed and teased her from her breasts to just below her belly button. When her breasts and nipples were teased to a peak he teased her even further by slipping his fingers deep inside while he kissed and licked his way up from each foot. Marie had moaned his name, spreading her legs wide while pressing her throbbing pussy forward till his lip just barley touched her swollen wet pussy lips. Sucking her clit between his lips Jim's tongue had danced and played around her nub till her legs were shaking with her first climax. After he had licked her to her first climax Jim had kissed her deeply. Although she had often tasted her own nectar off the fingers and toys the taste was much bolder off his lips and tongue.

Pressing her fingers deep inside, her thumb flicking across her exposed clit, Marie recalled in the detail the first feel of his tongue swirling around her most sensitive regions. As her passion was clearly building Jim had curled his fingers inside her pussy to press upon her G-spot. Thoughts of her clit being sucked hard and deep between Jims firm wet lips soon exploded inside of Marie sending a wave of pleasure down her shaking legs.

In the past, immediately following a climax, her mind would quickly turn back to her loveless marriage. She would shamefully race across every situation that could expose her sinful exploits even while the aftershocks of her climax would make her shiver.

In the past her need to cum always competed with her strict Catholic upbringing.
For their first meeting Jim had been the forbidden fruit, the sexy stranger with the deep voice that had made her melt with desire. Every day since their first encounter Marie had relived their lustful time of pleasure. While sitting at her computer she would stimulate a climax, by shamelessly slipping her fingers deep inside her wet pussy while pinching and pulling on her very sensitive nipples to rekindle the multiple climaxes she had feared she would never again experience.

As her clit had strained to be touched and teased Marie heard David screaming in her mind "NO! NO! You are a SLUT Marie! STOP!"

Jim had always been attentive to her needs and endearing with his words of passion that ignited her desires.
Her recent words "Take me, Take me NOW!" had added a deeper mystery to their relationship

Having given Jim control of their sexual relationship Marie found suddenly that the guilt was set way deep inside of her neglected heart. Now that she had offered to relinquish control a subtle, but even sexier, change had crept into their relationship.

"Cum for me baby" Jim had begged of her on the phone recently.

Jim had continued "Tell me how much you want me me and how much I please you".

"Screw you David" Marie had screamed aloud not willing to be the silent suffering wife anymore.

"OMG Jimmy I want YOU,,, Fuck ME JIM, GAWD FUCKKKK ME Imm cuMING!"

Marie blushed at this bold move she had made. She knew as did Jim she could never explore the depths of her own passion as long as she was afraid to do so. Her drive to remain in control of every aspect of love making, as she did in the running of her household, was the outward sign of her fear. She knew this new relationship with Jim had to built upon her trust that he understood her needs and that he desired above all else to please her wildest fantasy's. This was the first man in her life that Marie had trusted not to disappoint her.

As Marie continued to dress she ran her hands over her firm breasts and enjoyed the sensations from rubbing her nipples. She loved the feel of her smooth pussy and could not avoid dipping a finger inside to spread her own juices around her lips and clit. Her knees buckled a bit as the shock of her teased clit struck inside of her.

She turned to admire her hips and thought they should have a sign on them that said "JIM, Hold on tight HERE while Fucking".

"Almost time to go" Marie said aloud adding "I better not be late"

As Marie's cell went off she smiled and blushed knowing her lover was calling with final instructions for their meeting. As a condition of their second meeting Marie and agreed to comply with HIS instructions, to the letter, without question.

Un able to control the excitement in her voice Marie stammered " Err Hello darling I'm here, I want you so much"

"I know sweetheart" came Jim's deep sexy voice

"Are you sure you are ready for this" Jim was offering her one last chance to back out.

"No baby, I'm ready, I'm really ready" Marie replied her heart jumping into her throat while her nipples became even harder.

After a short pause Jim replied "Ok sweetheart, I'm at the hotel. I'm here naked on the king bed with my right hand just barley able to surround my swollen cock. Hearing your voice I'm just squeezing it to send thick pre-cum dripping down my thick shaft onto my smooth ball sack"

"OH My GOD, I want you so much" came the throaty reply from Marie.

"That's NOT what I want to hear, do you want me to go soft?" Jim chided her gently

"Oh, shit, yes, I mean NO, I forgot" Marie was flustered but only for a second

"Baby, my fingers are deep inside of YOUR pussy. My breasts are yours, my lips are YOURs. Please darling, Take me, Take me NOW!" Marie held her breath for what would come next

Jim chuckled softly into the phone "Ok sweetheart, you can CUM to me but you have to leave David and all thoughts of David behind, do you understand?"

The excitement was clear in Maries voice as she spoke softly "YES Jim, I understand, I'm cuming only for you baby, only for you!"

Jim then spoke with deliberate authority "My cock needs your attention, so here are my instructions, you are to......."

To be continued
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