Take me, Take me NOW Part III
I have added some edits to part II to help you enjoy the full story. To help you visualize part II pictures of Maire's outfit are captured in my profile.


As Marie hung up the phone she could feel the dampness of her kitty. She would have loved to take the time to get out her long glass toy, with its pleasure ridges, and bring to the surface the climax she could feel knotted up deep inside of her pussy. But today there was no time to play. The Hilton hotel was a good twenty minutes away and Jim had told her one hour. His words were both inviting and stimulating as he painted a visual picture of his rock hard cocking dripping with desire for her. However, the tone of his voice indicated that her time of arrival was not an approximate and that she should not play around with it.

Marie looked around her room and got ready to dress. Her nails, as Jim had instructed, were painted a bright red and that alone sent a slight guilt through her. He had directed not only what she was to wear, but the order of how she got dressed. When Marie asked him why it mattered he just looked at her and said nothing. The small frown that crossed his brow told her that this was just a small test, one of many to come, to see if she would really give up any control to her lover.

Marie opened her lower dresser drawer and lifted out the pile of old unworn shorts that she kept there. She then removed the white wrapping paper and undid the red satin bow to reveal a red velvet bustier and matching thong that Jim had picked out for her online. As she put on the bustier she quickly saw what had attracted Jim to this particular design. The material hugged her waist and the short hem came to just above her waist to draw attention to her come fuck me hips. The soft velvet material teased her nipples and accentuated them as they extended out to be teased. The crossing black lace ribbon revealed her ample cleavage which Jim claimed made him rock hard each time he looked at her picture. The strapless design made for quick and easy exposure of her nipples to the anticipated sucking and licking by Jim's expert lips and hot wet tongue.

Jim had teased her by saying "All would be revealed but your bustier would NOT be coming off."

Marie stood there for several seconds wondering what he had planned. Slowly she pulled the top down and back up reveling in the feel of the soft velvet material caressing her breasts. She wanted to see just when her beautiful ladies and her bright red nipples would spring fully into view.

Taking out the matching lipstick she had found Marie painted her lips just a little larger than she normally would. It did not give the effect of a street walker but she clearly did not look like a Mom going out shopping.

As instructed she then took her lipstick and wrote on her left hip "HOLD" and on the right "Here".

Next came "junior". Jim had selected this butt plug for her. She felt an involuntary shudder. Although it eventually became the source of immense pleasure she knew from their first experience the girth that Jim's cock brought to their love making. No matter how teased she was and how many fingers had been inserted to loosen her up when Jim had finally entered her he had spread her cunny to the limit. She felt a small contraction inside as she pressed two fingers with her wet womanhood to help her remember how she loved the way he had spread her wide and filled her up.

David, for several days after her loving making with Jim, had asked awkward and probing questions about why she was walking so gingerly. She secretly had enjoyed the soreness as a small price to pay for enjoying Jim's thick cock pounding deep inside of her.

Marie brushed his questions aside with "It's nothing".

During their first encounter Jim had licked and teased all of her tender areas including the most sensitive skin below her pussy and the rim of her ass. Marie had squirmed with delight when Jim had sucked her pussy lips deep into his mouth. She had never experienced such pleasure as when he then ran his tongue down her slit, all the way to her bum, and then back up the other side. Each long lick was punctuated with a deep probing thrust of his tongue into her throbbing pussy while his small finger lovingly teased and finally penetrated her ass.

When the subject of more intimate anal sex had been broached Marie had stiffened with the memories of David's miserable one and only attempt at fucking her brown hole. He was clumsy, there was no foreplay and it had hurt, badly. Fortunately he had cum quickly with his puny prick head just barely inside of her sphincter. The searing pain of his cum as it made contact with her torn flesh was not a memory she wished to repeat. Besides, when Jim's cock was totally spent she could just barely get her mouth around it and she could not imagine any act with him over in a few seconds.

Marie wanted desperately to please her new lover. However to make her point she had wrapped her tiny hand partially around his massive cock and had waved it back and forth.

"I really want to please you baby" she told him "But, there is no way honey THAT is EVER going to fit into my ass."

"We will see" was Jim's gently reply as he stroked her head and encouraged her to lick and kiss his cock back to full attention while massaging his massive ball sack.

Jim had instructed Marie to insert "Junior" into her ass daily and keep it inside for five minutes more each day. If she stayed on schedule today she was supposed to wear it for sixty minutes. Coating it with the special lubricant she had purchased online Marie lifted her right leg, reached between them and deftly inserted junior into her still reluctant bum. She gave herself a quick feel before she straightened up. Marie immediately felt the familiar pressure within and fought back the involuntary desire to expel the invader.

Marie slowly sat on the edge of the bed to pull on the matching thong. As with her nipples her shaved pussy relished the first touch of the soft velvet. When she stood she pulled on the thong a few times to feel the material brush across her swollen clit and at the same time press tightly against the base of junior.

As Marie slowly walked across the room she laughed as she remembered the first day she tried to walk any distance with junior nestled inside of her. She was going for her daily walk with her friend Sarah and decided it was time to take junior along. Marie, afraid of any condemnation, had not confided any of her slutty activity with her friend. However she had not anticipated the concentration required to keep junior INSIDE.

After only a few minutes Marie, without any explanation, had broken off their walk with a quick "I'm Sorry Sarah, I have to go".

As quickly as she could walk Marie had hurried back to the comfort of her car. In broad daylight Marie had quickly pulled off her shorts and panties and expelled junior onto the car seat. Embarrassed but teased Marie had sat there masturbating till she saw Sarah coming back from her walk. Until today her remaining time with junior had been confined to the house where she could slip inside her pussy her glass toy to ease the tease junior was creating.

Holding her ass cheeks tightly Marie walked across the room to her closet to find her shoes. Not just any shoes would do for today. Jim had instructed that she wear her long neglected "cum fuck me heels". Her favorite red heels were a full four inches high with open toes. They made her legs look great. As Marie slipped them onto her feet she loved the look of her bright red toe nails but was not even sure she could wear them for long. She quickly found it difficult to stand still, let alone walk.

The last piece was to be her low cut yellow sleeveless sun dress.

"Wear his favorite, but bring something you like to change into" was Jim's instructions.

Marie had not worn this dress in over two years. Although it looked very good on her the fact that it was David's favorite brought out the defiance in her. She had confided to Jim that as a small silent payback for his neglect Marie had avoided wearing it, always claiming it did not fit anymore.

As Marie slipped the dress over her head her concentration was split between her unsteady poise on her high heels and the demands of junior to keep him in place. Turning towards her mirror Marie saw that her legs were revealed just above the knees but the thin material did little to hide the red bustier and thong.

Turning slightly to each side Marie saw before her a woman announcing to the world that she was ready for mischief.

As Marie turned from the mirror she grabbed a light blue mommy dress to tuck in her purse.

As she turned off the light and spoke aloud, "Jim, I really hope you are ready for your slut."

Now Marie was finally ready. Her skin was clear of any make up save the exaggerated lipstick. Her fingers and toes were painted in blood red while her ladies were and pussy lips were nestled in red velvet. With barely 30 minutes to make it to the hotel junior was already making things difficult.

As Marie got behind the wheel she pulled off her heels to drive and moved her ass forward to spread her legs to ease the pressure from junior. She then sent Jim his instructed message.

"I'm on my way lover. Take me, TAKE ME NOW"

to be continued:

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