Taken For A Ride 2 - part 2
Greg's video camera captured in HD, Tim gently removing his lover's clothes and adding them to his heap on the floor. He lay her down on the bear skinned rug and spread her legs. Tim's tongue wasted no time getting to her honey pot and she squirmed as he partook of her delectable pussy juices.

"Tim, keep licking my pussy. Don't stop," she begged. Her hand pressed his face closer to her needy slit. He gently bit on her folds of womanhood and he took her clit in his mouth and sucked on it. Her efflux of cum wetted his face and he went over to kiss her. She smelled the aroma of her soaked cunt on him as their tongues danced together.

Tim rested flat on the bed and lifted her above him. They both loved the position of her on top, mounting his erect instrument. Tim liked seeing her tits bouncing during sex. She liked controlling the speed and depth of his cock in her pussy, that being on top gave her. Her liquefied twat slid down his sex pole. She moaned softly then louder as his prick filled up her aroused pussy. He held up her ass cheeks as she fucked him. This cowgirl gave her stallion the ride of his life until Tim picked her up so they could change positions.

"Let's fuck doggy style, " Tim told her. She quickly placed her hands and face down and her ass up. Erika caught what she could of it but the important thing was that Greg got it all. Tim's stiff cock entered his lady's labia and plunged into her pussy hole. He pushed his dick in and out, harder and faster with each motion. When his balls emptied into her center of desire she shuddered, as the first of a new series of her orgasms took hold. Her climaxes were very intense. They both got comfy on the rug and cuddled.

Erika tapped Greg's shoulder, to tell them it was time they left. They both returned to their motel rooms since they were too tired to leave that night. They made plans to drive home the next morning at 11am. Erika wanted to sleep in a touch. She liked doing that whenever possible. They arranged that Erika would check out first. She would then come to Greg's room, with her luggage held for her downstairs. She had baggage that needed a porter so she had prearranged that at 10:30am the next morning, he'd be at her room. Greg traveled light.

Next morning at 10:30am sharp, the bellhop arrived at her room. He knocked on the door and she answered it. He left with her luggage. She told him she would meet him downstairs. She gave the room a once over to make sure she didn't forget anything. The motel had a stairway but no elevator so Erika started walking down the stairs. Near the bottom, she saw Tim talking to someone with a motel ID pinned to his shirt. She went back a few steps so he wouldn't notice her, thanks to the curvature of the staircase. She wanted to hear what he was saying.

"Cliff, I could really use your advice. We've been friends for so long so you're the only one I could come to about this, " Tim started. "I've been seeing someone. I never told you about how Jen and I got married. She's from a very rich family and she set her sights on me. I was in love with another woman at the time and her family was quite poor. My wife bribed them so that she would break off with me, without my knowledge. I had no idea why my girlfriend Kimberly suddenly called it quits. I thought she no longer loved me so I moved on. A few years ago we reunited because she couldn't stand us being apart any longer. She found me and told me the truth. We've been meeting one weekend a month at my cottage ever since. My wife would ruin her family financially if she found out about us, since their upkeep depends on her cheques. My professional reputation and my career would also be over since her connections got me my job. Even worse, she would take control of our kids who mean the world to me. I love Kimberly, and can't lose her again. That's why I need your help. I have reason to believe my wife might be onto us. What should we do?" Erika was stunned at overhearing his revelation.

"I'm not sure what to tell you, Tim. I think your best bet is to not see each other for a short time. Your wife might be less suspicious if you stopped your monthly visits for a bit. Couldn't you meet during the work day instead?" Cliff questioned.

Tim thought about it momentarily and answered, "That might work. I'll see what we could do. Thanks so much for that suggestion. I knew I could count on you and your discretion."

"You're very welcome. I better get back to work," Cliff informed Tim. Tim left the motel and Erika continued downstairs to officially check out of her room. She informed the front desk that she'd be back for her luggage around 11am.

Erika went to Greg's door and knocked. He let her in. Tim returned to the cottage and told his girlfriend about what had transpired. She looked pleased.

"Do you think she bought that sob story?" she inquired.

"Hook line and sinker," Tim happily responded. "It's a good thing that I had her investigated, after she suddenly showed up at the cottage last night. I knew there was something suspicious about her." Kimberly nodded.

"I'm also grateful that Cliff's such a great pal. I wouldn't have had her last name if not for him. Not to mention, letting me know she was getting her luggage picked up at 10:30am so we could stage our story." Kimberly agreed.

Tim continued. "Luckily I have that PI to turn to whenever Jen gets on my case. He was pretty quick, finding out where she works and going to the strip joint last night. Those girls at the bar really can't keep a secret, can they? Stripper by day, investigator by night, that Erika's quite a gal," Tim laughed.

"If your sister ever finds out we've been together, we'd both be screwed. Your parents would cut you out of their will. They wouldn't tolerate you seeing your sister's husband and they would hang me out to dry. Not to mention what your sister would do to us," he reminded Kimberly.

After seeing the worried look on her face, Tim took Kimberly in his arms. "Don't worry, honey. Outside of Erika, who wouldn't have the heart to tell my wife now, the only one who knows about us is Cliff. He won't tell anyone. He's already proven his loyalty so we're safe," Tim soothingly said. He gave Kimberly a slow and lingering kiss. This lit the flame and before long his throbbing cock was fucking her luscious pussy.

Erika sat down on the bed in Greg's room. Greg was shocked by her news. Erika sympathized with Tim's plight. She instructed Greg to destroy the evidence they had on Tim but Greg refused. He had another idea. He wanted to find out the truth. He put on the recorder that taped what was said in the cottage, thanks to Erika planting it there during her visit. She had become quite the expert in inserting bugging devices; Greg had trained her. They both listened intently as they played back the conversations and sex shared by Tim and Kimberly since the prior night. The next day, Don made his call to Mrs. Baker to give her the results of their investigation.

"I'm sorry to have to tell you this but you were correct. Your husband has been cheating on you. He's been carrying on with your sister, Kimberly." Don informed her. "Would you like me to come there with the video and pictures or do you want to come to our office?"

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