Taking Care of You
Pleasuring You

Don't worry babe. I'll always take care of you in everyway...

Slipping your pants over your thighs I smile at the discovery that you're not wearing any boxers, my naughty boy. I kiss you softly and you groan into me as I press my silky body up against yours. You follow my rule though... No touching, or I stop...

I step back admiring your body from those big shoulders to the arms that so easily sweep me off my feet down to your chest, nipples, stomach and finally to your thick cock standing proudly at attention for me.

I can see in your eyes you are appraising me as well. My black heels leading to thigh high stockings clipped neatly to my garter belt, which hugs my curvy hips. No panties though. You can see my soft smooth pussy peeking out from underneath the tiny swath of lace that is holding my stockings up. Looking further up you see my slinky silk night top skimming over my body. The silk feels so good against my breasts that I know you can see my nipples poking at the material. My hair is a tumbled mess of curls hanging down around my shoulders and my eyes are darkly rimmed with kohl making my sexy looks smolder.

I step back towards you and cup your face as I kiss you again sweetly pulling away softly eyes still closed for a moment savoring the way you taste. Trailing one fingernail down the side of your neck to the center of your chest where its runs down your front past your belly button and circles the base of you cock.

No touching babe.... don't forget.

My kisses follow my finger as I move down your body and kneel in front of you rubbing my hands up and down your thighs massaging the inner sections with my thumbs. I trace my tongue slowly up on side tickling the skin between your leg and groin. I repeat the process on the other side as my fingers rub around the base of your cock. You feel your shaft brush against my smooth skin as I kiss your groin again.

I look up at you with big blue eyes filled with lust as I start at your balls and lick slowly up your length before flicking the drop of precum off the tip of your head tasting you. I moan at the taste of you and begin to lick you up and down lubing your cock up with my mouth before finally in one swift movement I bury you deep in my mouth my nose bumping your groin and your balls pushing against my chin as I suckle. I moan deeply against you loving how you fill my mouth up and the vibrations travel down your cock into your pulsing balls. Creating a soft firm suction with my lips I slllowwwly pull my lips back up your thick dick before releasing the head with a soft wet POP' sound.

I lick my lips and kiss the head of your penis while massaging and stroking at your balls with my hands. I wrap one hand tightly around your base and again suck you back into my hot little mouth. My lips tightly holding you inside as my tongue pushes against the underside of your cock massaging it and swirling down to push at the base of your cock. I begin to suck up and down in a sweet slow rhythm my hand pumping your base in tandem with my mouth. I can hear you groaning my name as you push your hips towards my face. Smiling against your member I pick up the pace removing my hand to reach around and grab your butt pushing you towards me deeper. I can feel you bumping into the back of my throat and have to steady myself to keep from gagging as I swallow more of your shaft my throat muscles tightening around you. I bob fast keeping you as deep in my mouth as I can. I feel your balls tightening and know you are so close but I want to keep pleasuring you. I begin slowing down and I slide you from my mouth sucking on the tip before licking it slowly while staring up at you again. A small line of saliva attaches the tip of your throbbing cock to my tongue and I suckle it off.

I think you need a better view baby... I pull my silky shirt up over my head revealing my tight nipples and pert breasts. I sit you down on the bed and tie your hands behind your back with it. Kneeling down in front of you I fondle my tits, pulling and plucking nipples. Licking my fingers and rolling them over my buds as they get even harder and I moan out at my own ministrations.

Looking at you I wiggle closer parting your legs so I am between them fully. I spit all over the tip of your cock and massage it in with my hand as I slowly let another drop of spit fall from my mouth to my cleavage. Smiling wickedly I push my tits together and wrap them around your cock. I push them up and down fucking you with my tits in a tiny channel I have created for you. Still pinching my nipples I pick up the pace your cock sliding between my now slippery tits.

I need to taste you again baby...

I engulf your cock with my mouth, sucking with furious abandon loving how you taste to me and feeling your glob of precum slide down my throat as I moan into you. I graze my teeth lightly underneath your shaft and feel you shiver at the new sensation. Licking and sucking you harder now I know I need to taste more of you.

I wrap my hand around your base again and begin to lick and suck harder up and down your shaft I pump my fist and mouth. They feel hot and slick from my mouth and create the most amazing friction against you. You can feel your balls tightening and your cock pulsing in my mouth as you groan louder.

Cum for your little cum slut ...

I feel your muscles tighten, your cock throb powerfully as your breathing stop and you shoot the first sticky glob of your juice down my throat I moan and swallow eagerly sucking for more. You groan then as the rest of your spurts come hard and fast filling my mouth and dripping down my chin and over my tight little nipples as I lick you clean and proceed to lick my lips. Smiling and looking at you again I giggle as I wipe a drop of your hot load from my chin with a finger. Raising it to my lips I suck my finger clean.

I will always make sure you're taken care of. ;)

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