Taking Control
I was falling for Emma, but Emma was my girlfriend Lucy's best friend (some best friend she kept wanting to shag me) now Emma had photos she used to control me, Lucy was hot but not very adventurous and Emma not so hot but very adventurous, ok your upto date.

I had a plan, a plan to delete the photos, basically tie Emma up and delete the photos, but it did not go entirely to plan.
After alot of text flirting I aranged to meet up at Emma's flat, I suggested it was my turn to tie her up. Emma said that would be a privilage i'd have to win but what was I willing to bet?
Now I did not have a good track record with bets,

The bet was on if Em won she would fuck me with a strap on.
We played cards best out of 3 a basic upto 21 game.
Emma got lucky and won the 1st game, this made her confident so I raised the bet, I win she deletes all pictures, she wins she can film the strap on action and put it on a porn site? Em said I was mad but she agreed.

The next hand I won, not surprising cos I cheated.
Now 1 all, we dealt our final hand. I got 21 and thought id won but Emma also had 21, that was not part of the plan. It was a draw, so it went to another game and Em insisted on shuffling which meant I could not cheat!

I started sweating I looked at my cards, they were not good, 17 proberly not enough to win but risky to pick up another card. I decided to stick with 17 and look confident.
Emma selected another card and looked rather happy or was she bluffing too?
We showed our cards and I felt a massive relief, I had actually won Emma had busted.

Emma deleted the pictures and then got out her fluffy handcuffs. Nervously I handcuffed Emma to the bed but I was in unchartered waters, I was usually the one tied up and I now was not sure what to do.
I started by going down between her legs, Em was smooth, I kissed, tongued and nibbbled her pussy and then I kisssed my way to her boobs torturing her nipples. I was rock hard so I teased her pussy and arse with my cock, I had never fucked the arse before but I thought id save that for another time.

My cock slowly entered her pussy, the feeling was pure plesure.
I was sliding in and out pushing deep, the louder Emma's moans the more it drove me, this girl was amazing she turned me into a machine my body felt great and she new how to work it. But something was not right, Emma told me to uncuff her so she could go on top. Now it felt perfect. Emma handcuffed me which I thought was unnecessary, she grinded onto me, bounced her curvy bum on me then it was over too quick, Emma came all over me. She then sat on my face, I could hardly breathe as I was force fed her juices.

As I lay there handcuffed naked and sticky Emma picked up her camera phone and said ''smile''.

Sorry this was typed in secret on a shit phone.

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