Taking One For The Team
Taking One For The Team
By: Rockin Rach

The Phone Call

I am sitting at the computer after getting home early today, taking some time to reflect on the busy month January turned out to be instead of a sluggish sales month. It had been great month sales were good and my company hosted two large Women's healthcare symposiums during the month. The one in Houston focused on breast cancer and I was responsible for the liaison for with the local hospitals and cancer treatment centers organizations. That is how I met Janet. Janet headed on of the committees and I had the pleasure of sharing lunch with this incredible woman. We had become friends during my trips to Houston and that lead to meeting her husband Randall.

I often thought of both Randall and Janet and lusted after both of them. Now I had an undying craving for Janet, not just as a friend, but I wanted to experience her as a lover. Both Randall and Janet told me she was straight but that failed to quench my desires for her. I still think about her and her dynamic personality and her sexy petite body. I often think of her when I lie on my bed masturbating, imaging what she looks like naked, or just a pair of sexy bikini panties on with her perky breasts jutting out from her tiny frame. I have always had a thing for women of small stature.

Without question, my most memorable moment was my last night in Houston where Randall, with his forever-hard cock, had fucked me until I could not take anymore. Janet had told me I would not be disappointed and she was right. In fact, I was somewhat envious that she was able to ride Randall whenever she wanted to feel him in her.

Looking at the February projected sales call schedule I see I am going to be in Houston again. Instantly I think of Janet and of course, Randall and I pick up my phone and call her. Janet answers on the second ring and I heard a deep sigh on the phone.

"Hi Janet I hope I am not intruding on a moment with you and Randall."

"No my dear Rachel you are not, I was just working out a bit before I shower. So how are you? What can I do for you?"

"I am great. I really enjoyed my last trip to Houston and yes, you were so right I was not disappointed. OMG you are a very lucky woman to have Randall, he is quite a force in the bedroom that is for sure. Thanks for getting me to go to the concert."

"I knew he would give you what you wanted, after my rejection I had to do something for you sweetie. I know you did call me to talk about Randall, what's up?"

"Janet, I will be back in Houston in February, I have a slew of appointments and I was wondering if we could get together while I am in town. I will be there for a week, maybe a lunch and a dinner, my treat."

"Rachel, are you trying to seduce me," she asked with a girlish giggle.

"Well if I thought it would work I would seduce you in a heartbeat, you are a very desirable woman, but then you know that. I suspect I am not the first woman to hit on you."

I hear another girlish giggle from Janet, "Stop Rachel, you are making me blush, and Randall is not home."

"Mmmmmm, that is encouraging," I said in a low whisper. "Think about lunch and dinner and give me a call, I really would like to see you and Randall too."

"I will and I will tell Randall you called. Rachel you had him so wound up when he got home he could not wait to tell me about your night with him and the sex was so damn hot that day. Take care and I will call you soon."

"Bye Janet, luv ya," and I hung up.

I had a slight twinge in my pussy so I put my hand over my mound and squeezed my lips, knowing I would masturbate later to visions of a naked Janet dancing in my mind.

The Shower

Slipping on my neon yellow running shorts and my black sports bra, I did my stretches, which drew the running shorts between my swollen labia. I pluck the fabric from my slit and step off at a moderate pace. I thought about Janet, stripping her naked and covering her body with my mouth, her hard nipples in my mouth and my tongue teasing them as I rub her panties making her moan. Then images fade into ones of Randall fucking me so hard, driving his thick, long cock into my slit and making me moan with desire. Soon five miles had passed under my feet.

I ran longer than I intended to, I am dripping in sweat, and my shorts soaked in pussy juice. It was a run filled of dirty thoughts of Randall fucking Janet, Janet naked, spread wide on a crisp white sheet and I am kneeling between her legs about to taste her pussy and give her, her first taste of a woman.

I have fixated on Janet and sleeping with her, I think she wants to be with a woman at least once. She is open to frank talk about sex and does share intimate details that most straight women I have encountered do not share. The fact that she does not mind Randall fucking other women and the hearing about his dalliances is encouraging to me. She has a kinky side but won't admit to herself anyway. I would really like to get in her pants, but for now, she is the forbidden apple.

Since my return from Houston, I obsess about Janet on a daily basis. Many times my mind wanders and I fantasize about having seducing Janet and I realize how disappointed I am that she is straight. Today was no exception so when I got back from my run I headed for the bathroom. Shaking my hair out, quickly surveying the mess that is reflecting the mirror. I bent down and untied my shoes, my muscles drawing tight; drawing my pussy lips together squeezing expelling some wetness. Removing my shoes and socks, I stand and grasp my wet T-shirt pulling it over my head and tossing it onto top of the hamper. Next, I remove my sports bra and my breasts spill out. I toss the bra on the hamper.

I have always liked my breasts, tan, a bit on the large size for my taste (36C almost a D). My areolas are a dark chocolate brown, a few small bumps or Montgomery glands surround each my pale pink nipples. My nipples usually rest flush on my areola except when aroused. When I am aroused, my nipples swell and become elongated, rising up from my boobs almost three quarters of an inch and they are that way now. I cup my breasts and playful toy with my erect nipples, drawing my fingers over the textured flesh and I can feel an ache in each nipple. My breasts are heavy and tend to sag a little without the support of a bra. I slide my hands down to my waist and grasp the waistband of my yellow shorts.

Slowly I peel the shorts from my clammy hips, wiggle my ass a bit and then let the shorts fall to the floor. A quick flick of my toe and the shorts fly through the air landing near the hamper for me to pick up later or for the dog to sniff. My labium is a bit puffy this morning and I am surprised because Sue and I had an intense night of oral sex. But, there is I thought there is the JR Factor that has been affecting my libido since my return from Houston. My hands on my thighs and I draw them up, traversing the confluence of my legs and vulva. Over my puffy pussy lips, past the glistening dew in my slit to my navel and I exert slight pressure on my genitalia. A slight chill, I tremble and turn to look at my profile in the mirror. I quickly rub just below my landing strip and directly over my hood, it feels heavenly; I don't want to stop. Letting my hand fall I step into the steamy shower and feel the hot water kiss my naked body. Twirling under the hot water, I wash the grime from my body and the muscles relax, it is so relaxing. I sit on the stone bench letting the water massage my ache and pains from my long run. Leaning back, my head resting on the shower wall, my hand stoking my smooth mound and the ache between my legs is now in full bloom.

I look over at my veiny friend an eight-inch, black suction cup dildo, that serves a dual purpose, a sex toy and a washcloth bar when it is not servicing someone's pussy and lick my lips. It protrudes from the back wall Just a little below waist high; Waldo lines up perfect to penetrates my cunt as I bend over, my face towards the shower head, hands gripping the firmly installed hand holds to my right and left. Steadying myself, the, the hot water hitting my head, I guide my pussy back and impale my juicy gash onto my black phallus. Waldo is about three inches thick, seven inches long and it reminds me of Randall's prick. I love the feel of my realistically designed toy, veiny, thick, fake balls at the base filling my hungry snatch. I edge back until its fake nuts press hard against my cunt.

MMM, yes! This is what I want. From the moment, I first thought of Janet today until now as I touch myself. Oh, fuck... that fullness, that satisfaction. MMM fuck yes... I arch my back, feeling my cunt full of Waldo. I rock back and forth, fucking my silicone cock good and hard. I know it is not environmentally conscious of me wasting all this water but I don't care. Love the feel of the hot water hitting my neck and my wet hair on my shoulders as I plunge back on my toy. God, yes!

I take my right hand off the handle and give my nipples a little pinch. Fuck, I wish I had someone helping me, my mind races as I fuck myself in the shower.

My thoughts fill with images of Randall fucking me from behind and his sweet nymph of a wife is naked in front of me, rubbing her tits on mine. My fingers dipping into Janet's love hole, feeling her silky cunt and hearing her deep moans. The images in my head are indelible and my pussy clinches Waldo. I lock lips with Janet and then I cum. My body trembles and I look up and a final thrust I ease Waldo from me. My moans echo in the shower, my knees weak, and the hot cleansing my body, I just stay there, bent over with the water running off me.
Finally, I compose myself and I step from the shower and wrap a fluffy body towel around me. I am good now and will be until the thought of a sensual, sultry Janet occupies my brain again.

Houston, We Have Touch Down

Wheels down and I am off scarfing up my baggage and then picking up my rental car and I am off to my hotel. A creature of habit and I slide the card key and the door to room 869 opens. The memory of Randall screwing me comes to the forefront and I give a little shiver. Quickly I get unpacked, change clothes and make a few phone calls to confirm my appointments and the last call is to Janet.
"Hey girl I am in Houston are we going to get to together for lunch or dinner while I am here."

"Yes we can do lunch on Friday and if you are not busy on the weekend Randall and I would like to invite you to dinner at our place. Think about it and we can talk more at lunch on Friday," Janet said warmly.

"Ok Janet I will think about it, just dinner, right? We can talk more Friday and I have a clear schedule Friday afternoon and would like to sneak in some shopping, wanna go with," I asked hoping Janet would say yes.

I wanted Janet to get into the habit of saying yes to me, so hopefully she would say yes when I ask her to my bed.

The Scheme

The next two days, filled with appointments, where I made presentations, hawking the latest and greatest advances my company had made in the pharmaceutical and medical device field. In and out of doctor's offices and hospital conference rooms, chatting and flirting with doctors and nurses alike and leaving a trial of business cards behind. The week was long and arduous, by Friday I was ready for a break. Two appointments on Friday morning, a quick call to Janet to confirm lunch, and I was back in my hotel room by 10:30 am.

Day Dreaming

I was excited to spend time with Janet, so I stripped of my suit and hung it up in preparation for my shower. I sat in the overstuffed chair in the corner of the room with a view of the city. The cool leather felt good as I nestled my ass into the corner of the seat and draped one leg over the arm of the chair. I sat there daydreaming a bit as I had some time to kill before my lunch date with Janet.

I love sex and I suppose that does not make me that unusual. Most women do. My urge to share my desires online is not so common but to write about my sex life is something else altogether and makes me a bit unique as well as a slut. Maybe I love the attention, and maybe by sharing, part of me hopes others will share their own desires with me, in this case Janet.

Such things are never easy to speak of let alone memorialize it in words on paper. I do know some women find it very difficult to talk about their intimate secrets and that is a shame. I never hesitate to tell my lover how I feel, or what I want. I think this is what I need to do with Janet but in a very subtle way.

Men are always fun for me but it is women that I really drawn to because of their strength, confidence and sexuality.

Sex with a women is so intense, special and very powerful for both women. I am a passionate woman and I enjoy sex whether it is a woman, a man or I am enjoying self-pleasure. I have very few boundaries when it comes to my sex life.

Thinking about Janet and these thoughts flowing through my head I decided on my strategy to seduce Janet. First, when the moment is right I am just going to come out and ask, Janet would you like to play with me.

I want to play with you Janet, and just so you know, tonight would be fine. For you, I am a sure thing, an easy lay. Mmm, just thinking about saying that to Janet makes me blush, and I am kind of biting my bottom lip as I am thinking about it. I am going to be such a slut for Janet. I will be nasty, raw, and explicit, and tell Janet every little detail of what I will be doing to her tight, lithe body.

I like to play with myself while in my chair at home. A big, overstuffed leather recliner just swallows me up when I curl up in it. I find it puts my body at the perfect angle, allowing me to tap on my tablet while still being able to touch my cute little kitty. I am holding my tablet under my breasts right now. I love how the lighted screen silhouettes my nipples in front of it. Mmm, I can easily flick my thumbs over them, getting them all hard and pert.

Fuck, I am already getting wet. Thinking lustfully about Janet makes me blush deeply, but then being able to be a wanton slut is part of my fun. Janet if you could just see me in my chair here, with one leg draped over the arm, splaying my thighs open and letting my pussy lips part slightly under my satin panties.

Janet I bet you would love to run your tongue right between my lips. That is what I imagine as I am stuffing my hand down my panties, and I finger myself. My wet fingertip is not quite so soft or warm as your tongue will be, but if I tickle my labia just so... Oh, fuck yeah, just like that. Mmm, I will love it when you tongue me like that. I can feel the shivers racing through my body. I want to cup my breast and pinch my nipples while you lick them. The thought of the sensation of you fondling my boobs while your sensual lips caress my pussy just seeps straight into my core. I drag my nails roughly over my mound, timing my touch to yours.

God, I am soaking wet. My fingers are slipping deep into my pussy now, making those sexy, squishy sounds that lovers like so much. Those erotic sounds used to embarrass me when my pussy got this wet. Now, I long to hear them, they are a turn aphrodisiac that it just makes me want to feel a nice, firm tongue burrowing deep in my cunt.

Oh, fuck! I just rubbed my wet fingers over my clit. Just barely touching it sends this warm pulse into my belly. Holding my breast with my left hand, tweaking my thick nipple as my right hand draws quick circles around my clit. Oh, my god, I can feel the warmth spreading into my thighs now. I can just see me sinking my nails into Janet's pretty ass as I devour her juicy pussy and savor her cum. I am on the cusp of cumming now. Thinking about Janet has me in fucking heat, my entire body is flush, and I feel a buzzing in my cunt that is just screaming for me to cum all over my fingers. My bare pussy is inflamed and my labia are full and puffy as I rub my fingers over them. Pinching my nipple hard as I flick my clit, the sudden sting makes me ache, and I bear down on my fingers.

Dying to arch now, my skin has a fine sheen of sweat. I want to edge myself, but it is hard to pull my fingers away from my slit; but the sensation of my nails dragging lightly over my inner thighs makes me quiver in my chair. My legs are wide open for you Janet. Would you let me play with my pussy Janet, or just pull my fingers out and bury your cunt eating mouth in my juicy gash? It is too much, can't retrain myself and I feel a flood in my cunt. Edging is no longer an option for me. My legs tremble, I bit my lip, and you consume my sex as I cum.

God, I need that so badly now. My toes are curling as I think about you kneeling and eating my snatch. I would be begging you to pull my hair and slap my ass until I scream. That thought of Janet is making my pussy drool. I feel so empty now. I need her stiff fingers plunging into me, or Janet's warm mouth sucking my pussy juices out.

My tablet is on the floor and my crotch coated in warm pussy juices oozing from my slit; now I must shower and get dressed for my lunch with the object of my lust, Janet. I crawl out of the chair and head for the shower.

It is a quick shower today as I have little time left. My clothes lay on the bed, a wispy pair of violet bikini panties, a pushup bra to show off the girls a bit and a cream V-neck sleeveless top with black a black skirt with the hem about mid-thigh to show a little skin for Janet's pleasure, I hope. I grab my bag and I am off.

Conversation With Lunch

We meet at an out of the way place, a rustic little restaurant, and Janet had a table in the far corner. She was looking good; she wore a cream colored, button down shirt that was untucked. The shirttails dovetailed perfectly to cover the crotch of the tight brown slacks that she wore and preventing me to see if she was showing a little camel toe. We hugged briefly, the shirt hung from her breasts and a hint of her breasts peeking from the opening of the shirt.

We ordered out lunch and sipped on our drinks as we caught up since our last visit.

"Well Rachel, are going to come to dinner on Saturday at our place? Randall will be disappointed if he does not see you," Janet said causally.

"Randall saw plenty of me on my last trip, but I am sure he shared that with you," I quipped innocently.

"He did, and he said you were great in bed. You were not disappointed were you Rachel?"

"No Janet, you are one lucky woman to have Randall and so well, ahem, endowed, say we say. It was quite the night but I had the feeling he wanted more, other than just straight sex. I got the feeling that Randall likes to dominate the women he screws."

"Yes Randall has a kinky side and I am unable to go there for him. That is why I do not mind sharing him with other women. If he can convince them to do things I can't bring myself to do, then it is all the better."

"Janet, just what does he want you to do that you won't do? Is it dangerous? Should I be concerned?"

"Oh no," Janet laughed, "He wants to have another women in our bed, he wants to see me with another woman, he wants anal sex and I won't because he is way too big for me. Once he suggested some bondage, I might try that under the right conditions. We were just married when he had that idea and the trust factor I just was not feeling it then, you know."

"What about oral sex, I know he likes that or he did with me, I gave him a good BJ that night."

"OMG Rachel I have been giving head since I was fourteen, I absolutely love having a man in my mouth or doing sixty-nine. Randall loves to eat me out whenever he can and I just love him in me when we make love."

"Yes that is one of my wife's great passions is muff diving, you should try it sometime Janet you would like it. I was like you, at twenty-three, I never considered sex with a woman, never kissed a girl out of curiosity, never have touched another girl's boobs or her kitty. I would not even look at a naked girl in the school gym showers unless I had too. But, then I met Sue and she gave me a completely new outlook on sex. Now I love to have sex with a woman, more so than I ever had with a man and enjoy more, if I am truthful. In fact, she taught me how to have great pleasure of having a man. My libido went from zero to off the fricking scale."

"Rachel I don't think I could do what you do with a woman. Now don't say anything to Randall, I have thought about it many times, I just never told him. I have masturbated to some girl on girl porn and it definitely I found it to be arousing, but have never touched another girl in a sexual way."

"Janet if you ever get the urge, just call me, I would be tickled pink to be your first girl. I promise to be gentle with you," I said with a sly grin.

Janet changed the subject rather abruptly, the check was on the table and I grabbed it, "You leave the tip, I will buy lunch. So sweetie if I am going to your place I need to pick up some stuff from my hotel and I need to buy a few things so let's go shopping."

Folderol and Foreplay

Janet drove and the first stop was the hotel where I quickly packed an overnight bag.

"Make it for two nights Rach, you are welcome to stay tonight and Saturday night, Janet chirped.

I paused for a second, at lunch it was just Saturday night and now all of a suddenly it is Friday and Saturday, not that I am going to object. I wonder what this minx is up to and I am sure Randall has his fingers in this scheme, whatever it is. I am game, but I am going to try something with Janet and give her a gentle nudge to consider sleeping with me.

"Janet I did not pack enough panties can we stop at a Victoria Secrets and I will pick up some to carry me over until I fly out on Tuesday."

"Rachel I will take you to this little boutique that I go to they have some very hot lingerie."

I closed the door to 869 and we headed out to shop. I bought a sexy blue club dress, a bit revealing topside with a plunging neckline and the hem is almost 7 inches above the knee. It fit like a glove and I could not bend over without showing my assets it is perfect for a Saturday night.

"What do you think will Randall like this on me?"

"Rach my bet is he would like it on you just not for long, he likes women naked or damn near naked, like most men, he is a horn dog."

"Good I liked it when he has that monster standing tall, makes me wet thinking about it," I giggled, flashing Janet a warm smile and giving her a light touch on the back of her hand.

"I know what you mean, when Randall is hard all he wants to do is screw me and eat my pussy."

I constantly kept interjecting sex into the conversation. I wanted Janet to feel comfortable with me talking first about Randall, then about sex. I wanted to arouse her. Now we were in the boutique surrounded by all kind of lacy lingerie, panties, thongs, G-strings and bras of all kinds. The shop even had a naughty girl section as I call it, a place where I often shop but just could not imagine Janet buying kinky things. We shopped, looking at bras and panties, holding them up against us and of course commenting on them. We laughed and giggled as friends do. I became aroused at the sight of Janet holding a black half bra and a tiny black thong with trimmed with white lace.

"Try that on I encouraged her, let's see you in that sexy outfit, that will make Randall stand tall for you," I said shamelessly.

Janet hemmed and hawed but I kept after her, "I tell you what you pick something out for me and I will try it on with you and that way you won't feel so self-conscious. You look for something and I want to find something for Sue and take your time, I will be right back.

I looked at some panties while keeping an eye on Janet. She was getting into it holding bras and panties looking thoughtful, making small stacks on the table. After some evaluation, some items were returning to where they came from and others went into a third pile, which was not very large at all. I quickly ducked into the "naughty girls" section.

There was a range of things from simple leather thongs to full leather or vinyl cat suits if that was your fetish. I saw what I wanted; it was perfect for my seduction of Janet, so I bought it and some accessories, I also bought Sue a hot black camisole, bra and panty outfit. I rejoined Janet and she had two lecherous, sexy bras and panties. One is a French cut pair of panties, in a taupe color and matching bra with small swirls of faux pearl garnishments, which I did not care for at all. The other is a drop dead gorgeous dark red bra with black satin ruffle trim along the smooth unpadded cups and spaghetti straps. The panties, a rich, dark, red satin outlined in matching round black trim along the legs openings and the waistband. Yes, those were the pair I wanted her to see me in today! Janet had added a sheer almost transparent black robe that tied with a red a red bow just below the breasts. I felt a naughty twinge as I thought about undressing in front of Janet and trying something on that just screamed fuck me. I contemplated her selection and I wonder if there is more to Janet than meets the eye, maybe her curiosity is peaking, I could only hope.

"Janet, the red is to die for and I so love red lingerie so that will be my choice. Where is the fitting room? Let's go see if we look like a couple of hookers or what," I said with a laugh.

The fitting room door closed, and started to pull my top off first and then I unhooked my skirt and laid them on the chair. I glanced in the mirror and I could swear that Janet is giving me the once over from head to toe.

"Lovely violet panties and bra you have on Rachel," Janet observed.

I turned my back to her, time for another nudge I thought.
"Be a lamb and unhook my bra, these hooks always give me a fit trying to undo them?"

A pregnant pause and then I felt Janet's finger on my back and unhooking my bra and I tremble from her touch. I purposely did not hold my bra so when she releases the hooks it falls to the floor. Turning to face Janet, my breasts exposed to her, I bend down, scooping up the bra and giving Janet a great view of my boobs. Janet stares at them for a few seconds before diverting her eyes. Hooking my thumbs onto the waistband, I peel my violet panties from my hips and the dark landing strip is now visible as I step out of my violet bikini panties. As I stand upright, I can see a few tiny dewdrops glistening in my slit and I dab them before Janet can see them; then I lick the goodness from my index finger.

I step into the red panties, pull them up and adjust them. They are a perfect fit, barely covering my swollen lips and show my mound in graphic detail before vanishing between my legs. The panties cover my ass and show a hint of butt cheek, I love the fit. Next, fastening the bra in front and slipping it around my torso to my back. I bend over my boobs swaying and drop them into the cups; then I slip my arms through the spaghetti straps. The bra fits snug and my breasts are at the point of spilling over the ruffle trim. To top it all off I now have a pang in my nipples.

I do a pirouette for Janet and show her my body and the very sexy bra and panties she picked out for me. She stood there surveying every curve of my body and seem to take notice of the bumps my nipples are making in the bra. She has the black sheer robe dangling on her finger.

"Now this," she said with a wicked grin and a giggle.
I put the sheer robe on and fastened it just under my breasts with the red bow another pirouette and Janet beams with approval, "You look like a gift to be unwrapped."

"You can unwrap me if you want, I won't mind a bit," I teased Janet.

"Rachel, you make a tempting offer," she countered with a mellifluous tone.

Stripping of the new robe bra and panties, I tarried some to give Janet a chance to see my naked body without pressing her sexually. I could see she was not looking away this time, but her eyes traveling over the curves of my body as I dressed again starting with my bra and top then my panties and skirt. By the time I was dressed again I am damn wet from little show I had just put on for Janet. Now it is my turn to see Janet nude for the first time. To say I am excited is an understatement. I want to fuck this bitch!

"Your turn Janet," I smiled, sitting on the chair with the red bra, panties and black robe lying across my legs.

Janet not a bit shy, stood there facing me. I was sure that she might smell my arousal but there are no indicators that she did. Her small fingers quickly undid the buttons of her shirt and the shirt parted revealing her midnight blue bra and bare firm tummy. I could see the swell of her breasts at the edge of the cups, firm flesh that jiggled as she moved. Her slacks were tight and yes, there is a generous camel toe with a wide slit for my viewing pleasure. Her fingers quickly unfasten the button, then easing the small zipper down revealing a V of midnight night blue satin. Her mound looks so yummy with rolling clefts and a yummy looking split. I stare at her panties and she steadies herself with one hand on the wall and the other pulling her slacks from her legs, first one and then the other. Now she stands looking so vulnerable wearing a petite bra, which I can see her nipples pressing against the fabric and a very sexy thong. There is a small dark spot in the center and near the bottom of Janet's thong and I lick my lips at the thought. Janet shows a nice thigh gap as opposed to my thighs, which touch each other.

Her hand is behind her back and Janet is unclasping her bra then leans forward and removes her bra. I gasp, she has exquisite tits, round, full, with pale, pink, wide nipples, and they are pierced, with gleaming silver barbells inserted horizontally in each one of her nipples. I want to put my mouth on her breast and flick those barbells with my tongue. Her areolas, an oval shape and a rich tan color, the color of coffee with lots of cream. My pussy aches and I want to rub I, but I can't.

Her fingers are in under the thong and she lowers the curtain on her shaved pussy except for a manicured dark rectangular landing strip that crowns her sensual slit. Her pussy lips are a titty-pink color, a bit swollen, (from me I hope) and she has a wide slit that would be a perfect fit for my tongue. She is wet, I can see her pussy juice shimmering deep in her slit and I just ache to dip my finger into Janet. The thong is off now and Janet is a beautiful woman, I think about Randall fucking her tight pussy with that monster cock of his. Janet does not look like she can take his seven and a half inches of thick cock in her box.

She steps into the tiny black thong and get it situated on her mound. The sexy black thong fits her like a second skin, the waistband just above her landing strip above her slit that is concealing her feminine treasure and I have all I can do to keep from reaching out and to let my fingers caress her sex. The bra goes on and just swallows her perky breasts the pushes her breasts up and out make her look very sensual, very delectable. Janet turns left first then to the right and it is a mouthwatering, pussy wetting profile of her curvaceous body. I am not immune from her charms, and I damn near cum in my panties when Janet bends over at waist. The thong drew tight over her mound and the thong strap vanishes between the globes of her cute round butt. Except for the black and white waistband and viewing Janet from the back, I would say she was not wearing any panties, which is a delightful thought for my dirty mind.

Janet ran her fingers up and down the curves of her body, rolled her brown eyes at me, "Well is this sexy enough for you Rachel?"

I stammered, "Yes Janet very sensual, I might even think you are hitting on me," I said in an offhanded kind of a sincere, wishing it were so manner.

She laughed, "Maybe I am Rachel, maybe I am, you just don't know, but you do know both Randall and I have told you that I am straight.

And with that very confusing comment Janet removed the black and white panties and bra, and putting on a show for me when she got dressed again. We left the fitting room, two very giddy girls having fun and paid for our purchases, Janet with her little bag of sexiness and me and my shopping bag filled with lingerie, a wet spot between my legs and dreams of Janet in my bed.

The Hot Tub

We stroll to her car; I am talking about anything just to keep from focusing on Janet's, scrumptious body that I just saw naked for the first time. Janet made a couple of more stops, some wine, some food and a box of magnum condoms, a purchase that is somewhat puzzling for a married woman who does not stray from her hubby's huge cock. Soon we arrived at the home of Janet and Randall.

Janet gave me a tour of their home, showing me to the guest room, a spacious room, queen size bed and a guest bath with a shower. I set my bags on the bed while Janet gave me some fresh towels and washcloths that would carry me through the weekend. The master bedroom was big, lots of room and the large roughhewn lumber bed is the first thing that catches your eye. I instantly thought of Janet on her hands and knees, her bubble butt in the air and Randall filling her tight little pussy with that log of his from behind. The stories this bed could tell and I would not mind adding a few of my own. There is a dark wooden chest at the foot of the bed with who know what inside of the box. The room that has a sexuality of its own and the he bed could hold four people with room to spare.

"I have to get dinner started. There is a hot tub on the deck you may use if you are so inclined. I do not have a swimsuit for you to use, sorry, I usually start out in my bra and panties and end up naked. Randall should be home later and dinner will be sixish or so."

"Let me grab a quick shower and then I will see you in the hot tub in a bit," I told Janet.

"Great I will bring the wine," Janet said with that impish grin of hers.

Janet left, I stripped down and stepping in to the shower, I lathered up and scrubbed myself clean removing all traces of my pussy juice that Janet evoked this afternoon. After my shower, I wrap myself in a soft, luxurious body towel and I carry my new bra, panties and sheer black robe, and I walk to the kitchen. Janet is cleaning up, two glasses and a bottle of wine on the counter when I pad through the kitchen with my bare feet on the cool tile floor.

"Excuse me; I am going to take you up on your offer of the hot tub."

"I will join you in a few, set your stuff by the chaise and get in; I will bring the wine for us."

I walked to the edge of the hot tub and lay my things on the chase, untucking the towel, I step into the hot slowly, one foot at a time getting use to the change in the temperature and I drop the towel on the chaise. Hot water is up to my ass cheeks as I am about to sit when I hear the door open and Janet appears carrying a tray with two glasses of wine and the remainder of the bottle.

"Au natural I see, it is a good look on you Rachel. Here is some wine and I will be back in a few."

My tits almost floating, I lean back and the water kisses my naked body. I close my eyes, my arms on the edge of the tub and my legs splayed and the water and bubble from the jets is massaging my aching pussy. I am thinking about this afternoon with Janet.

It was afternoon of sexual foreplay! It is not the kind of foreplay where you grope your lover's body touch them in their erogenous zones. No it far more complex than that; it was one of words with sexual connotation, innocent gestures laced with hidden salacious inferences, a cat and mouse game between two women. Words that made your body want something that is allegedly not available to you. Words that make you wonder if the other woman is telling you the truth. Words that continuously reaffirm a conviction then just maybe that conviction is really a challenge or better yet an invitation.

I have mixed feelings about Janet; I truly do believe that she is straight. I also believe that she has never been with another woman. I am getting the signals that she wants to experience another woman and that woman is I. I want that as much as she does if not more. I hear the door open and close and there stands Janet wrapped in a body towel at the edge of the tub with her bra and panties in her hand. She lays them down, unwraps her towel, and drops it on the chaise. I can see the elegant clefts of her womanhood; they are a dark rosy pink color, her dark, manicured landing strip just above her gateway to heaven

"When in Rome do as the Romans do, so I decided Au natural is the way to go tonight," Janet said.

"So glad to see that, I am not complaining a bit, a little surprising for to see a straight girl getting naked with a known bi-sexual and especially with someone who has professed a desire for you to be in my bed."

"Maybe you are wearing me down, maybe I am ready to try something new or maybe you just turn me on as a hot woman," Janet said with a warm smile.

"Damn girl you are messing with me now," I exclaimed

The deck lighting is on low with smooth jazz filling the night air and we sit there in the hot water lapping around our breasts, working on a second bottle of vino as we talk. I can feel Janet's leg touching mine and it excites me to no end. I press my thigh to her, Janet does not move so I get a little bolder and I rest my hand on her thigh and start to stroke it when the ringing of the phone interrupts the moment. Janet eases out of the water with water dripping from her curves and wraps her luscious body in her body towel. I do not take my eyes from her supple breasts.

The Big Question

Janet enters the house and I can hear on the phone and the clatter of dishes, the suddenly I hear Janet call out to me.

"Rachel, dinner is on the table, slip something on and let's eat."

Mmmm I would love to eat you, I thought as I step from the hot tub and dry myself with the towel. Then I step into the dark red panties, pull them up my legs and adjust them so the fit perfect and nestle in my slit. The spaghetti straps over my shoulders, my breasts fill the cups, and my hard, aching nipples are pushing against the soft cup of the bra. I slip on the diaphanous black robe, which ends, just below my crotch and I fasten the red bow just under my ample bust. I notice that Janet is standing in the doorway intently watching me get dressed.

"You are a very sensual lady Rachel, I could look at your body all the time and that outfit turns me on lady or maybe it is just you," I say with a salacious grin and a quick lick of my lips.

She turns, goes inside her bare cheeks jiggle as she walks. She is wearing the black and white thong and bra and a salacious roll of her breasts cresting as her bra that holds her tits for my viewing pleasure. I am wet once more and I have the pangs of lust racing in my body.

"That was Randall on the phone, he won't be back until the morning and said for us to enjoy our night," Janet nonchalantly informed me.

My mind instantly fills of thoughts of having Janet naked in a bed. I brushed my pussy with my fingers very quickly smiling at Janet. I am sure we can entertain ourselves without a man around.

"I am sure," Janet, replied, "I am thinking of something I would like to do, but you have to agree."

I smiled and I was hoping she was as aroused as I was after several hours of foreplay. We cleared the dishes, put the food away and open a third bottle of wine, pouring two glasses. Janet led the way I follow when I got a little too close and my hand brushes her bare ass. It felt so good and apparently, Janet was through playing games.

"Yes that feels so good Rachel and that brings me to my big question. Rachel I have shared with you that I have had fantasies of sex with a woman, and that I masturbate watching girl on girl porn when Randall is not here to love me. Like tonight, I would be in the bedroom with my legs spread and pumping my favorite vibrator in and out of me until I had a small orgasm. Rachel, I want to know what it is like to be with a woman and I want that woman to be you."

"I sat there stunned," recalling words similar to that that I uttered to Sue on that fateful Saturday night. Are you sure Janet, that is a big step and I damn sure will take that step with you. I have lusted after you since I first met you and today, this afternoon, I wanted to rape you but I do have a small measure of self-control."

"I could tell you were attracted to me, all the intense looks you would sneak of my body, the accidental contacts, the linger leers is the dressing room today. I even saw you touch yourself and then lick your fingers when you took off your panties. I wondered how you would taste and now I want to know for myself Rachel."

Breaking Boundaries

No longer could I muster any more self-control, I put my hand on Janet's cheek, pulled her to me and give her a passionate kiss on her red, juicy lips. First one then another and by the time I gave her a third kiss, my tongue is in her mouth and my hand is cupping her breast. Her hands are on my back and we are making out like two teenagers on her couch. I break the kiss, stand and take her hand.
"Come, let us find a bed and we can make sweet love for your first time," and I took her to my bedroom.
The bed is turned down, so I just pull the blanket off and lay Janet on the sheets. I slip my robe off and toss it on the chair. I am ready to rock our worlds.

One For the Girls Team

I take a bottle of warming oil from my travel bag and set it on the nightstand and I lay next to Janet facing her. I reach over to swipe a wisp of hair from her brow and softly stroke her face. My finger trials down her rosy cheek tracing the outline of Janet's flushed face. Lying on the bed propped up on one elbow, looking into her eyes, I smile and then I ask her a question.

"Janet, are you sure, you want to do this, have me undress you and let me make love with you? I want you to be sure and if at any time you want to stop just tell me and I will Janet. It is important for me to know you are safe comfortable and you know I will give you the most erotic first time experience that I am capable of giving you."

"Rachel I am a big girl and sex, well I do enjoy it and have since I was a teen. So yes I want you, I want you to be my first woman to make love to me and I am just of sure as that as I was when I gave Ralph Emerson my first blow job," Janet laughed.

With that being said, I saw no reason to talk more and I lean and give Janet a warm kiss on her lips. Pressing my lips on hers, lingering kiss, followed by another and Janet is kissing me back and I feel excited. The next kiss our bodies are touching, it is electric and Janet opens her mouth, her tongue dipping between my lips flicking, tasting, and spurring me on to take her. I am in no rush and my hand is caressing her black bra covered breast. I can feel her aroused nipples; the barbell piercing that is so prominent in each of her nipples and my desire to take her nipples in my mouth.

Our legs intertwined; our most intimate parts are brushing against each other as we roll on the bed making out. Her black thong is caressing my bare thigh. I can feel she is moist, ripe, ready for my tongue but it is too soon for me, I want to experience more, much more of this husband cheating wanna-be lesbian slut that I have under me.

Janet's hands are exploring my body, squeezing my tits and pinching my hard nipples. Pushing on my bra to free my tits for her viewing and playing pleasure. I am straddling her waist my wet panties, which are partially translucent from my flowing juices rests on her firm tummy. Janet's body is on fire, I intend to make her hotter, and I pin her shoulders to the bed.

She is a smaller woman, I have her by twenty-five pounds and eight inches so I have the upper hand for now. I gaze into her eyes, lick my lips, "My, aren't you a little bitch in heat," and I kiss her on her forehead as a mother does a child.

Both my hands are on her breasts, kneading her warm, fleshy mounds, rubbing her nipples ever so lightly and teasing her for as long as I can. Janet is very passionate, a sensual woman, a woman who right now is craving to orgasm, but I want he to enjoy my body first and I hers. I move my ass to sit on her trembling thighs and my hands shift from her to the thong on her wet mound.

I rub her thong, my finger feeling the nectar leaking from her slit, as my fingers dancing on black her satin covered mound. I hear her moan softly at the first touch, she rolls her eyes and bits her lower lip. I grasp the black and white waistband of the thong and peel the dainty garment from her mound. Her rectangular landing strip comes into view as well as the tip of the opening of her wide slit.

"Lift your ass my sweet slut!"

Janet follows my order, her ripe cheeks off the bed and the thong's back strap eases from the crack between Janet's firm spheres. I ease the wet thong from under her ass, and work it down her legs as I slide down her legs rubbing my pussy on her legs. I hold her thong in my hands, cup the soiled garment to my face, and I inhale Janet's musky scent, the scent of a very aroused woman. Her mound is glistening and I draw two fingers down her crevasse garnering a small dab of her nectar on each finger.

Looking at Janet laying there with her succulent pussy finally exposed, she smiles as I open my mouth and clean one of my wet fingers. Rolling my tongue on her juice, licking my lips, I make a show of swallowing her juice.

"Open, taste your pussy sweetie, I will make you whimper when I eat you out."

Janet opens her mouth and I feed her a dab of her essence.

"Can I taste your juice Rach?"

"Later sweetie, you can and will have all of my pussy that you want. Now roll over and I will take your bra off."

Janet rolled over obediently her chin resting on her hands and I straddle her waist once again with my wet panties touching the small of her back. I unhook the two hooks, her bra relaxes, and her breasts spill out of the confining black satin cups.

"Push up sexy."

Janet raises her torso and I slip the bra from under her and toss it to the side. Reaching over I grab the bottle from the nightstand, flip open the nozzle and dribble a stream of Cinnamon warming oil down her spine. I work the oil into her back and the more I rub the hotter the oil becomes. I work it into her shoulders and the back muscles. I fondle her side boobs and then the small of her bake. Janet smells just like a fresh baked Cinnamon roll. A few drops on each ass cheek and a couple in her crack for good measure. Janet's ass is firm, well toned, I spread her cheeks, and then I kiss them before I spread them. When I spread Janet's cheeks Janet instinctively splays her legs.

There before me is a sexual feast, her swollen labium divide by her wide slit that glistens with her ambrosia. A tight virgin asshole that when I touch it and Janet nearly jumps out of her skin. I hit it with a drop or two of oil and rub her asshole with the tip of my finger. Janet has her fists balled moans a long affable drawn out no.

Janet does not resist as I rub the wrinkled brown hole, just spreads her legs exposing her muffin. I do not spend an inordinate amount of time with her star, but I do plan to visit her ass again. I work the warming oil into the back and sides of her thighs with an intimate brush on her fat pussy lips. I am now done with her back and I am more than ready for Janet to face me.

"Turn over you horny girl."

Janet is on her back, her breasts on her chest looking so serene with her hard nipples in the air ready for me to suckle. The oil tumbles in amber drops to her pale pink wrinkled nipples and spills onto her chocolate areolas; my fingers stroking her oily tits. Soon I have my hands on her slippery mound, caressing her pussy, delving between her legs and teasing her as I probe her slit.

My pussy is aching, I want to get naked and lay my body on this slut. Janet is sweating and very anxious pawing at her wet pussy with her fingers. I slide off her and lay next to her and I put my mouth over her nipple and tease the hard nub with my tongue I flick the silver barbell that pierces her pink nipple. I reach down to her crotch, feeling the heat from her inflamed labia I separate her petals and find webs of her nectar clinging to her pussy. I have two fingers in her tight cunt, omg Janet is soaking wet and as soon as my fingers enter her I can feel her pussy constrict on them. I fuck Janet with my fingers curling them to stroke her G-spot and Janet responds by lifting her ass and grinding on my hand. A few grinds and she drops her ass to the bed just so she can grind again.

I take Janet's hand and place it on my steaming mound; she needs no urging and rubs my engorged flower. Not the least bit shy she thrusts her hand into my panties and fingers my sloppy slit. It is my turn to grind on her, so I do. She struggles a bit with my panties but between the two of us, we skin my kitty. I am on the verge of cumming, my pussy aches for release but I want to taste the forbidden fruit between Janet's supple thighs.

I spread Janet's legs wide, her cunt completely open to me and I run my fingers over her lips opening her flower. The inside of her gash is a bright pink glistening with her nectar and I lower my face to her raw cunt. Kissing her pink meat, and sampling her sweet pussy juice on the tip of my tongue and I hear Janet moaning loudly as she writhes under my face. Janet's aroma lures me to her; I am drawing my tongue up and down her slit, plunging it as deep as I can get my hard tongue into her sweet meat. Janet's hands are pushing on the back of my head forcing my face into her sloppy hole, when I suck on her hood. I have her hood in my mouth, I squeeze on it with my teeth, and I can feel her clit beating under the pink flesh. My tongue skating around her hood, tasting her fresh secretions and then I lick the tip of her clit. Janet loses her mind and bucks her pussy on my face and punctuates it with a loud shriek, I continue to play with her clit until she floods her pussy, my mouth with her hot cream.

Janet is out of control twisting turning bucking as I devour her juicy cunt, Janet loves having me eat her cunt. I can't breathe and have to break free from her pussy with a big gasp. Janet is a wet mess juice and cum flowing from her snatch and I can lap it up fast enough. Janet's body is flushed; the sheet tightly balled in her fist and sheen of sex sweat covers both of us. Janet's breasts rising and falling as she fights to catch her breath.

I look at a disheveled Janet and tell her, "I would have never guessed that was your first time a girl has been between your legs, you taste great and I want some more of your pussy, but first I need you to give me some relief, my cunt aches for you sweetie."

I lay on my back, splay my legs and show Janet my rosy pink engorged pussy which is trickling fresh pussy juices mixed with some cum. Janet, panting and then her lips are kiss my pussy making me bow my back. Like a duck to water, Janet licks my sopping pussy. No foreplay, Janet just plows my slit and sucks my cunt. Her twisting tongue quickly brings me to several orgasms making my body shake. This little vixen eats pussy as if she has been doing it all her life; she is a fantastic muff diver.

The wine coupled with carnal lust, intense climaxes have left both of us exhausted, and slumber overtakes us as we lay, two naked bodies entwined. Sleep is refreshing and somewhere around midnight I am awaken by Janet playing with my tits. She sucks on one and plays with my nipple with her fingers on the other. I am ready to fuck this wanton bitch, I have my fill of her teasing and I am going to give her the hottest lesbian sex I can; I am going to fuck Janet.

I slip from her grasp and once again, I am straddling this hungry woman. Spreading my pussy lips, I give Janet an eyeful of my pink kitty, basking in the juices of my arousal. Skinning my hood back Janet can see my engorged clit swimming in a pool of nectar that Janet has created.

"Do you see what you did to me Janet? You are a pussy fiend; you like to suck pussy don't you? Well this pussy is going to fuck yours right now Janet," and I touched the tip of my clit with my finger to show Janet how wet I am.

"Yes I do like to suck pussy Rachel, I love to eat your sloppy cunt; I want you to fuck me Rachel, make me cum again, and please Rachel, fuck me hard."

My feet, planted solidly next to her hips, Janet spreads her legs wide and her glistening, fragrant cunt is ready for me to fuck, and I drip on her mound.

"Open your pussy for me Janet, show me that little sailor in your boat. Show me how hard your clit is my sweet slut."

With two fingers, Janet parts her fat, juicy labia; between her fingers is her hard, wet clit protruding from her hood; Janet is ready!"

My own clit, a girly hard-on uncovered, dripping with nectar I lower my pussy to hers and I touch her clit with mine. I feel the electricity shooting through my body and I begin to rock back and forth on her pussy. I am fucking Janet and Janet is fucking me as well. It only takes a few strokes and Janet cums. Her body trembling, cream all over her bare pussy and she grinds it into my pussy. Panting, she pulls me down on top of her. Our breasts kissing and we are still tribbing, our pussies rubbing two very hard clits on the silky folds of our cunts. I am not far behind Janet and this bitch has me cumming. Soon after we collapse in a mess of naked wet flesh with our limbs entangled and this is how we remain until the next morning.


Janet was the first to rise; I could hear Janet in the shower. The bed is a disaster, spots all over the bottom sheet, not a single edge remained tucked in and the pillows were tossed all over the room, but there was not a sign of our clothes. Janet stepped from the bathroom, naked as the day she was born.

Rachel that was so fucking awesome yesterday, I am so glad you were my first woman. I came so much yesterday, Randall eats me but not the way you did, it was so intense, something special about you girl that I can't put my finger on."

I am beaming, "Janet trust me you had your finger on it as well as your tongue and pussy. You are one hot woman in bed for your first time with another girl and you really like to tribb you sexy girl."

"OMG I never thought I could do that let enjoy it so damn much."

"Well you certainly could fool me; now let me get cleaned up before I take you again," I laughed.

You do that I washed your bra, panties and robe and they are on the counter, put them on after your shower and I will have breakfast ready for you. With that, I stepped into the hot shower. When I finished I had my dark red bra back on, the bed has fresh linens and the window is open to air the room of the aroma of stale sex. Randall was due home shortly and I wondered what his reaction would be to Janet joining the bi-sexual team.

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