Taking a Break
I have always been aware that I stand out from the crowd with long brown hair that cascades down my back, pale clear skin and bright eyes. I am in perfect shape with an hourglass figure, size 8, so I am never short of attention from either sex. Today as I sat myself down for a quick, innocent drink after a few hours shopping I never thought I would stumble across the opportunity for some mid-day fun...

I watched him enter the coffee shop I caught his gaze as he rounded the corner and confidently looked round the room. This tall, dark haired, blue eyed, muscular man started to walk towards me, my heart started to pound, he walked right by me and took a seat next to a plain-Jane with mousy brown hair who was reading, she briefly looked up and smiled a smile that tells you she was to engrossed to greet the man.

This is when I congratulated myself on my choice of clothing today, I wore a tiny white tank top with a lacy pale pink bra beneath it and a hot pink mini skirt that hemmed just beneath my ass, if I bent jus that little bit to far my pussy would become exposed to his hungry eyes as I decided to go without panties today and a pair of high white court pumps. I slowly stood and leaned over the small table to reach for my purse before changing seats so I was facing the man I glanced up and it became blatantly obvious to me that he was enjoying the show.

His eyes scanned over my body, lingering at my stiff nipples that pressed against the flimsy material. I called a waitress over and ordered my hot chocolate with whipped cream and positioned myself gracefully on the edge of my seat. Once my drink was placed in front of me I thanked the waitress and leaned back to rest my shoulder blades on the chair then parted my legs slightly, the man shifted quickly which distracted the women he was sat with but luckily she shook her head and returned to reading her book.

I winked at the man before dipping my middle finger in the whipped cream and slowly licking it off, my other hand fell in my lap as I wasted no time in running my fingers up n down my hot, wet slit I entered 2 fingers into my mouth and began sucking them as the man watched me intensely, it was becoming more and more obvious that his hard cock was causing him a considerable amount of discomfort, he readjusted and placed his arm across his lap in a bid to hide the large bulge in his trousers.

I took my fingers from my mouth and pressed them into my excited cunt, I worked my fingers as deep as I could into me and I mouthed "fuck me" to the man that still had his eyes fixed on me, he then nodded towards the toilet door. I gathered my things and walked towards the door and up the stairwell to the toilets when I had reached the top of the stairs I heard foot steps following me, I turned just as the man grabbed me at the waist, pushed me against the wall, he kissed me roughly "mmm I love naughty little girls like you, you love to tease, don't you?" he growled into my ear "I only love to tease when I'm teasing someone as sexy as you are" he reached up and grabbed a handful of my hair "you will refer to me as Sir you dirty little slut, now answer my question, you love to tease, don't you?" "I love to tease when I'm teasing someone as sexy as you are, Sir." with that he pushed me into the men's toilets and guided me into a cubicle.

He pushed me against the cubicle door and pushed my tiny skirt up round my waist, he stroked my slippery slit with 2 of his fingers before thrusting them inside of me, I whimpered and reached for his cock "NO!" he shouted and immediately with drew his fingers. He pulled down his zipper, and ordered me to suck his cock, I perched on the seat before him and took his cock in my hand I stroked the shaft with my palm before pressing my warm, wet tongue against the of his base of his thick cock and slowly dragged up my tongue up to flick the tip, he moaned deeply. I returned to lick the length of his cock once more before taking him into my hot mouth, sliding down his shaft inch by inch, I began to deep throat him, noticing his breathing became shallow. I let the head of his glorious cock rub against the back of my throat before I returned to the tip of his cock and started to swirl my tongue around his head, he gave a shudder and stopped me.

He yanked my top and bra down, took hold of my tit and pulled me to my feet whilst kneading my nipple between his thumb and index finger "are you ready to be fucked, slut?" "mmm yes Sir I would love for you to fuck me now, my pussy is aching with need to be fucked by your hard cock, please fuck me, will you fuck me now sir" I whimpered as he spun me round and forced my head down, he instructed me to put my hands on the wall in front of me, he spanked both of my ass cheeks, hard making me moan "mmm fuck me Sir, I want you to cum deep inside my cunt".

He then thrust in to me in 1 clean stroke causing us both to curse out aloud he grabbed my hair in his fist and dragged me up, he began to bite my neck whilst smacking my ass with his strong hands, he dropped his right hand down to my sweet clit and began to pinch ever so lightly before pulling out and spanking my pussy " Oh I need to cum sir, will you let me cum now?" he slammed his thick 8 inch cock into me, my knees went weak as he whispered into my ear that his little girl could cum for him now.

As I let go, my orgasm washed over me I began to shake consumed by pleasure, my eyes forced themselves to roll into the back of my head, I moaned as loud as I dared. I felt his body tense and heard him scowl as his hot cum squirted into me, he pulled out as I turned myself around and slipped my tongue between his lips and kissing him gently before walking out of the cubicle to straighten my clothing I then collected my things as my orgasm subsided and proceeded to walk out of the building, just as I walked out of the coffee shop door I felt his sticky cum flowing from my pussy and began to run down my inner thighs. It was a little reminder of how naughty I can be.
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