Tasty Melons, Tasty Tarts
Cast of Characters:

Major Characters:
Fiona Cali: Protagonist.
Linda Perkins: Lesbian proprietor of Safemme Studios.

Minor Characters:
Ralph Mathews: Casting Director.
Natalie: An actress selected for the cameo role.
Sonia: An actress selected for the cameo role.
Camera operator: A member of the technical crew.
Sable: Employed as the housekeeper by Linda.
Chinese girl: Employed as the housemaid by Linda.

Fiona Cali looked about her as she entered the audition room. Its air-conditioned and well-lighted interior fascinated her. The red abstract wallpaper had an aura of passion. Three chairs and a desk stood opposite to a round king-size bed. There were no windows. The wall-mounted mirror reflected upon her a studio camera, which stood on the adjustable pedestal.

Fiona was not alone. Five people had led her into the room for a screen test. Linda Perkins, the proprietor of Safemme Studios, took her seat along with the casting director. The camera operator walked behind them and went over to switch on the camera. Two brunette hotties, clad into the red bikinis, stood beside her; they had shapely figures and long hair.

Linda's close-set grey eyes appraised the redhead again. Fiona had all those assets, which met absolutely with the description of the central character in her upcoming lesbian flick. She was 22 years old. Her heart-shaped face looked alluring due to the deep-set green eyes, turned up nose, pouty lips, and long curly hair. There was a natural photogenic appeal about her as she stood nude and ready for the audition. Her waistline looked extremely slim for a curvaceous body. She used to wear size 14 panties and 40E bras.

Linda turned her head to look at the casting director and told him, "Ralph! I have an impression that you're always right about the candidates."

"Well, I thought she'll be ok if there isn't any script," Ralph replied with a grin.

"Oh, you know she isn't just OK."

"Yeah, we looked for the heroine and there she is," he said and averted his eyes to look at the brown-haired actresses. "Natalie and Sonia are here to help her with the audition," he added.

"They already have their cameo roles for two scenes," said Linda. She smiled at the trio and asked, "Are you ready girls?"

"Yes," they replied but Fiona said nothing.

Linda looked about her. The red tally light of the camera indicated that it was live. She turned her head to nod at the girls.

There was no piece for Fiona to memorize. Linda had not directed her to follow any special lines or action. She was told to strip herself. Natalie and Sonia had to do the rest with her.

Fiona did not have to wonder long about the girls standing with her. They began to fondle every nook and cranny of her vulnerable body. She shuddered at the light touch of their fingers. It tickled her smooth skin.

Sonia roamed her hands on Fiona's back while Natalie traced up a line on her midriff. She took her face in a tick and moved closer to kiss her gently.

The kiss did not last long as Sonia took her face to follow the same approach. Fiona felt that they were not kissing her with intimacy or closeness. 'Cause it's an audition,' she thought, 'not love making.'

The girls went on with kissing Fiona, and she felt their hands on her full tits. They began to squeeze the twin globes with deliberate tenderness.

For a brief moment, Fiona looked at the judges. Their faces were impassive. She pursed her lips as the girls kneaded her supple melons, sucked her pink nipples, and flicked their tongues on them. She sighed and closed her eyes.

Linda signaled the camera operator to zoom in the shot. He focused the camera for a close-up. With a measured tilt, he recorded the scene from Fiona's face to the girls who were sucking her tits.

Fiona went ecstatic. The feeling was exotic to her. Natalie and Sonia were taking their time at her chest.

Linda frowned. It occurred to her that the girls were lingering at Fiona's tits. She had told them beforehand to switch acts. Ralph had the same observation. "Looks like they are stuck on her," he said.

"I wonder why they are acting naïve," said Linda.

Ralph said nothing. He had to hold back a grin. 'Well, she knows they aren't naive,' he reflected.

He was right, of course. Natalie and Sonia moved up to kiss Fiona on cheeks.

"That's better," said Linda. Her frown was replaced by a faint smile.

"It isn't over yet," said Ralph.

"Yes. The double team is set to go for an open goal," added Linda. They fell silent as the girls led Fiona to the wall.

"Now stretch your arms and prop against the wall," Natalie told her.

"You must not forget to open your legs," added Sonia.

Fiona gasped for an unexpected spank. She followed their instruction.

The girls knelt about her. Fiona's eyes fell on Natalie, who was stroking along the wide curve of her hips. She could also feel Sonia's hands, roaming deliberately over her big booty.

"She's shaved and wet," said Natalie.

"I love her ass-cheeks," said Sonia.

"So, what are we waiting for?"

"Here we go."

The girls felt around her crotch and bottom. Natalie had to hold Fiona's thighs apart and tilted up her head between them. Sonia pushed open her ass-cheeks and went easy for the feast.

Fiona moaned for an extremely pleasing sensation that rose within her. A pair of tongues flicked in unison on her intimate parts. The girls nodded unceremoniously between her thighs and ass-cheeks. She closed her eyes. Her beautiful face showed rapture and flush. Never in her life had she received that much attention. It was not real, but the feeling was fantastic.

"Now, this is the best shot," said Linda as she ogled at the trio. "Zoom in!"

The camera operator refocused the camera. He paned, left and right, to record the scene with manipulation.

Natalie flicked her tongue into Fiona's pussy. She kissed it and, glued her mouth there to suck the moisture that seeped out.

Sonia lapped on Fiona's rear. Her tongue snaked along the insides of her ass-cheeks. No sooner had it rested on her asshole, than she began to poke it.

Fiona convulsed for the mingled sensation of cunnilingus and rim-job. Natalie and Sonia went superb on her. Their lips and tongues were filling her up.

A look of self-assurance stole over Ralph's face. Natalie and Sonia were his choice. They were good whenever he went to bed with them. Either it was his luck or his shrewd plans to devise the screen tests, for Linda always approved the candidates whom he interviewed and selected. He was well aware of her sexual orientation. She loved pretty and voluptuous girls.

Ralph looked at Linda surreptitiously. He had an impression of a butch about her. It was due to her male fashioned outfit and bob cut brown hair. She was 43 years old and yet her square face looked graceful for that elegant hairstyle. Her downward-turning lips gave rise to a notion of sober-mindedness; even so, she never contained the bright mood for an occasion.

Linda was obviously satisfied with Fiona's performance. It was perfect. The girls went on with eating and rimming her. Nonetheless, she managed to keep her balance. "I think they should wind up now," she told Ralph suddenly.

"Wind up? But the last part will be due in a while," Ralph said. He had instructed the girls, before the screen test, to use a couple of dildoes on Fiona.

"Just leave it off," Linda rejoined.

"All right," Ralph said with a nod and he called out: "Ok girls, it's the time to split up!"

The trio looked at him. Natalie and Sonia got on their feet and walked out of the audition room.

"Excuse me," said Ralph and he followed the girls.

Linda laughed at his speedy gait. She turned her head and looked at Fiona. The redhead was not gratified so far; her flushed face, dreamy eyes, and rapid breathing were noticeable.

Fiona made out that avid scrutiny of her body. She shivered, hugged herself, and averted her eyes to the floor. Linda licked her lips. 'I must not lose you, baby. You'll be my partner, soon enough,' she resolved.

The two stood silent until Linda broke the ice, "Are you ok?"

Fiona looked up. "Erm-yes," she managed to say.

Linda's lips curved into a smile. "Then, you must get dressed. Your job is done," she told her.

A deep furrow appeared on Fiona's forehead as she pursed her lips.

"Well, I'm positive for your performance. You showed a perfect chemistry with them," Linda assured her.

Fiona's face brightened up. She looked at Linda with gratitude.

"The recorded video will be developed for final evaluation. We may call you if it meets with our standard of casting. Let's hope for the best," Linda said. She turned around and left the audition room.

Fiona followed Linda. She went alone to the dressing room, put on her skimpy outfit, and departed from the Safemme Studios.

Half hopeful and half apprehensive, Fiona waited for their call. It was her routine to look at the calendar. The screen test was taken on the second of July. Hence, she could not enjoy the Independence Day celebrations. 'I know they'll cast me for the film. Miss Perkins was satisfied with my performance,' she comforted herself. 'But, did she mean it?' the question arose in her mind whenever she gazed fretfully at her cell phone.

Fiona's patience was rewarded after a week. Her heart beat faster when she read Linda Perkins Calling on the screen. "Hello!" she answered.

"Miss Cali?"

"Ye-Yes," Fiona stammered.

"This is Linda."

"Yes Miss Perkins?"

"How are you?"

"I'm fine," Fiona managed to say.

"Great! Miss Cali, I've got news for you."

Fiona bit her lip. 'Please don't tell me if I'm not casted,' she told Linda mentally.

"And the news is, we've casted YOU for our film," Linda declared.

Fiona sighed in relief. "I knew that," she told herself.

"I knew that too!"

Fiona was muddled, but she laughed at her comprehension of Linda's words.

"Congratulations on making the successful audition."

"Thank you."

"You were remarkable, and I have no question on your talent to be a star."

"Will I be a star?"

"Trust me. We're offering you $10 million for this film."


"Our legal counsel will make sure for lesser deductions. Erm-may I ask you a question?"

"Yes Miss Perkins."

"Can you come to my home tomorrow at 5 p.m, and sign the contract?"

"It'll be my pleasure."

"Cool, and-if I'm not acting suggestive," said Linda, "your dress enthralled me that day. You were absolutely-gorgeous!"

Fiona recalled that she had dressed herself into a pink halter top, black miniskirt, and matching high boots for the screen test. Her lips curved into a smile. "Ah, Ok. Thank you Miss Perkins," she said.

"Take care," said Linda and she ended her call. Fiona put her cell phone on the side-table. "Yes!" she exclaimed. It was the happiest moment in her life.

Fiona spent the next day in high spirits. When it was 4 p.m, she dressed herself in the same fashion; the only thing that differed was her emerald green halter top. After putting on some makeup and combing her hair, she walked out of her house.

Fiona arrived at Linda's luxury home in 20 minutes. The portico was spacious enough to let her Boxster be parked behind the Lincoln Town Car. 'Miss Perkins is home,' she deduced, staring at the grey sedan.

The housekeeper, who was a mature black woman, received her at the entrance. When Fiona had introduced herself, the woman nodded and led her through a door to the paved backyard.

There were six deep seating recliners beside a swimming pool. Linda had occupied one of them. "Miss Cali is here Madam," the housekeeper informed her.

Linda looked about her, beamed at Fiona, and stood up. "HI," she said and held out her hand.

"Hi," Fiona replied with a smile. She shook hands with Linda and surveyed her. The shorthaired woman looked skinny in men's T-shirt and beach shorts.

"Welcome to my home," Linda greeted her

"Thank you."

"I hope you had no difficulty to get here."

"No. On the contrary, it was pretty easier."

"Cool. Please take your seat and feel at home," Linda said. She gestured at the recliner beside hers.

"Sure," Fiona said. She walked around the seat and sat down.

"Sable, send us the red Minttu here," Linda told the housekeeper.

"Ok Madam," Sable replied and she walked away.

Linda reoccupied her recliner.

"You have a lovely place," Fiona said as she looked around the backyard.

"Thank you. But you look lovelier-and sexy," Linda said.

Fiona laughed. Linda merely grinned at her. "I love girls who don't hesitate to show their assets," she said.

"Like-my body and beauty."

"And the spirit to be punctual at work," Linda added.

"Oh Miss Perkins, I'd like to thank you for casting me in the film. I had been anxiously waiting for your call."

"Well, the good thing is that you've received it already."

"Yes Miss Perkins."

"You can call me Linda. Absolute formality will be a hard thing for us to follow," Linda told her, and she reached for her hand.

Fiona convulsed at Linda's touch. It occurred to her that a desirable feeling was sweeping through her skin.

Linda took off her hand in a while. "The lady luck was by your side, Fiona," she said. "We casted girls who had to cameo for Tasty Melons, Tasty Tarts. Nonetheless, the challenge for us was to choose a girl for the lead role. It was necessary for her to be perfect. Then, your application form struck me and I told Ralph to call you for the interview."

"I wasn't confident to answer his questions but they were fairly-easy and general," Fiona said.

"He did so, on purpose. Cause the bases, to select a candidate for the lead role, were her physical appearance and endurance during sex," Linda told her.

"Oh, right."

"I had a hunch that you were expecting to read some script, weren't you?"

"Yes, that's right."

"We had to omit the scripts. They were not needed for the screen test."

"Well, reading a script could be easier than posing nude before the camera," Fiona said.

"Even so, you were terrific for the first time."

A beautiful Chinese girl, who was clothed into a French maid uniform, entered the backyard. She served them two glasses of red liquor and retreated. The door closed behind her.

Fiona sipped the drink. "Hum-it's delicious," she remarked.

"Yeah," Linda agreed as she took her first draught. "It's delicious but mysterious. If you drink it, you'll be heated up in no time". She emptied her glass in a minute, and turned her head to look at Fiona. The redhead had drunk some of the liquor and she was looking at the pool.

"Minttu is really enjoyable," said Linda, "if its drinker stays at a rocky beach or sits beside the swimming pool. It really sets my mood to take bath. Do you feel the same way?"

"Oh, I'd love to. But, you know, I haven't brought my swimsuit here," Fiona replied with a grin.

"I have lots of suits. You may take one or, if you like, we can get into the pool without them. No one will disturb us since the drink has been served," Linda suggested.

Fiona thought for a moment. She had not signed the contract yet. Hence, she preferred to agree with Linda. "Um-ok. There is no reason for me to be prude," she said.

"Cool! Finish your drink and let's move on to the swimming."

None of the two spoke. Fiona felt uneasy because Linda was gazing at her. Hence, she finished the liquor in a few draughts and put her glass down. Linda held out her hand and she took it. They got up together.

Fiona felt no hesitation to strip herself. She raised her arms to unknot the halter top, reached down to unbutton her pleated skirt, pushed the panties down her legs, and removed her high boots.

Meanwhile, Linda had taken off her T-shirt and beach shorts. Fiona raised her eyebrows as she surveyed the skinny brunette. There was an evident lack of curves in her figure. A triangular patch of carpet was noticeable between her straight thighs.

Linda noticed the amazed look on Fiona's beautiful face. She grinned and winked at her.

Fiona watched in silence as Linda held the handrails and walked down the steps to get into the pool. Then, she followed her employer's example. The water was warm and perfumed. Its soothing effect encompassed her. She began to swim. Tiny gentle waves triggered a pleasant sensation within her. She felt that countless tongues were licking her body all over.

Linda was more agile. She swam around the corner and noticed that Fiona's back was turned to her. 'Now,' she resolved, 'I'll play a trick on you and you'll be in my arms'. Therefore, she dove down and stroked her limbs to propel herself underwater.

Fiona perceived Linda's absence in a while. She rested her feet on the floor and looked around in perplexity. Then, a pair of hands touched her legs. She flinched, turned around, and recoiled as Linda rushed up instantly to the surface.

Linda caught her breath and looked at the frightened redhead. She grinned and began to laugh. Fiona stared at her. "You-you scared me," she complained.

Linda stopped laughing. She glared at Fiona, and began to swim toward her.

Fiona was intimidated for believing that it was an unfriendly reaction. 'Oh no! Looks like I've annoyed her,' she assumed.

"SO, I've scared you," Linda chanted when she moved closer to her. Fiona wanted to apologize. Instead, she gasped as Linda grabbed her by the waist and pulled her for a crushing kiss.

Fiona's eyes flew open. She thought of protesting against that blitz but Linda had captured her lips, and she could not utter a word. Linda's passionate yet warm embrace was so enchanting for her that she had to concede and close her eyes in submission.

Linda roamed her hands over Fiona's back whose arms snaked about her shoulders. Then, their lips met in a soft reciprocating kiss. It grew repetitive and more passionate.

Linda suspended the kiss because she resolved to look into her eyes. "Yes I've scared you because I want to comfort you," she spoke softly. Fiona said nothing in return, and they kissed again.

A current of air caused them to shiver. They hugged each other firmly and closed their eyes in the mutual heat. Fiona could feel Linda's passion for her. It was promising and she loved it.

Linda broke the lip-lock. Then, she licked Fiona's neck and kissed down to her deep cleavage. She fondled her entire backside and grabbed her by the ass-cheeks.

Fiona sighed when Linda held and squeezed her supple melons. She licked her cleavage and kept on kissing her mammas with alternate dexterity. Then, she moved to her nipples and flitted her tongue on them.

A tantalizing sensation rose within Fiona. Linda was a quick-witted lesbian. It was not difficult for her to read the signs of mounting desire in a girl, like hardening of nipples and rapid breathing. 'You need more arousal my love. I must not disappoint you,' she inferred.

Linda opened her mouth to take Fiona's right nipple and held it in suction. She pressed her lips together and let it slip out. Then, she took her left nipple and sucked it hard until it was released from her mouth.

Fiona fingered through Linda's hair. It was her gesture of submissive consent for her lover who hanged around her splendid melons to suck, pat, knead, and pull them.

The two stood in water beside the steps. Linda sucked and licked Fiona's nipples with repetitive substitution. She moved up, took her lips, and received a deep reciprocal kiss.

Linda broke the kiss in a while. She observed that Fiona's face was flushed. "Baby, I want to taste your pussy," she said. "Will you sit on the border for me?"


Linda smiled. She led Fiona to the nearest border and helped her to climb there. The redhead tilted back while Linda pushed her sexy legs apart.

Fiona hissed as Linda touched and fingered her pussy. "Hum-you're wet already," she said. "I'm not sure whether it's the pool water or your juice. Do you want me to go down and check it?"

"Yes. Do it, please!"

"All Right," said Linda. She put her hands on Fiona's soft toned thighs to hold them in place, and stooped to kiss her vulnerable pussy. Her mouth and nose sank into the pink petals.

Fiona moaned. Her body shook in lust that rippled through her cunt. The aroma of her femininity oozed from there. Linda inhaled it and she was captivated to have the box lunch.

Linda took Fiona's outer labia in her mouth and sucked them passionately. After that, she slipped her tongue out and flicked it on her pussy. 'Her tart is so soft and delicious. I'd love to eat it for eternity,' she thought.

Fiona bit her lip and closed her eyes. Linda had stretched open her labia because she wanted to lick her inner cunt. Her tongue twirled about Fiona's pink entrance and she lubed it with her saliva, right away.

Linda ate and licked her in preoccupation. Her tongue drilled into Fiona's pussy and it flicked up to circumscribe her clit. She closed her lips on the ultra sensitive morsel, sucking it harder.

Fiona's moans grew louder. Her body convulsed for the thrilling sensation. "Oh yeah... yeah... aah... eat me... suck me... oh baby... yeah... yeah... aah..." she chanted.

Linda kissed her clit with clamorous smack. Then, she went down to press her mouth on Fiona's cunt and sucked her juice that seeped out.

'So far, so good! She's ready to be ravished now,' Linda deduced. Her tongue spun around Fiona's clit and she sucked her hood with more drive. While doing so, she touched her pussy and fingered her with deliberation.

Fiona hissed for the itchy pleasure. Her stomach muscles began to contract. She wanted to draw her thighs together; but it was impossible for her because Linda had shaken her head between them. 'Oh how she's eating me! Her touch is driving me crazy,' she presumed.

Linda was a skilled cunnilinguist. She could eat and fuck a pussy at the same time. Hence, she made a pointing gesture and pushed her index finger into Fiona's cunt.

Fiona opened her mouth but she could not utter a sound. Linda's finger went easy into her love canal. Its slow motion felt extremely pleasurable.

Linda kept her finger lodged within her cunny. Then, she pulled it out and made another push.

Fiona moaned. Linda sucked her clit and screwed her concurrently. She kept on repeating her maneuver. The gentle moves of her hand developed gradually into mild shoves.

Fiona went delirious. She tilted her head back and strained up her torso. Linda stopped moving her hand for a while and extended her middle finger. Then, she proceeded to insert the two fingers together into her partner's lubed cunt.

"Aah... aah... mmm... ooh..." Fiona chanted aloud for a fortified assault of her cunny. Linda's shoves grew harsh. She was hitting her to the hilt.

Linda kept up the good work until she decided to slow down. After a measured rotation of her hand, she crooked her fingers and slid their tips along Fiona's front wall, rubbing her erogenous ridge.

Fiona squealed. Linda's teasing touch on her G-spot triggered a cascade of libidinous waves within her canal.

The wetness soon oozed from Fiona's pussy. Linda had to act fast. She opened her mouth to capture her clit and continued to fuck her with swift shoves.

The desire was building within Fiona's vitals. It filled her to the brim. Linda knew that waves of pure pleasure were seizing the darling girl and she would cum in no time. Hence, she went on with sucking her clit, and fucked her with as much force as she could muster.

Fiona yelled for the ultimate lust. Her cunt sucked on Linda's fingers and she reached a mind-blowing climax, instantaneously.

Linda took her fingers out. She held Fiona's thighs, keeping them apart, and proceeded to lick her between them. Fiona closed her eyes and lay idle, letting Linda relish on her taste.

Linda sucked all the cum out of Fiona's twat. Then, she climbed on the border and held her hand out. Fiona took it and she got on her feet. They smiled at each other and their lips met in a passionate kiss.

Linda and Fiona took towels to wipe themselves. They got dressed, left the backyard, and went to the exquisite living room. Linda called Sable and asked her to bring the Cast Contract. The housekeeper returned with the document in a minute.

Fiona read the entire contract. She filled in the blanks with appropriate information, signed on the form, and handed it back to Linda for countersignature.

Linda filed up the contract. Then, she asked her, "How do you feel honey?"

"I'm happy-really happy," Fiona replied.

"I think you are. The contract surely promises you a handsome amount."

"It isn't just the contract, Linda. I had no idea that a woman can share her passion with another."

Linda smiled and said, "She can if she loves her. Some people are misinterpreted as perverts, and I don't believe that lesbians are unacceptable. Women never fail to show their hearts when they are in love with one another. They must not bottle up their desires and preferences. I have always followed them, all my life. That's why, I'm an out lesbian."

"Um-I thought so. The way you pleased me confirms that you love girls," Fiona judged.

"It also confirms that I love you, and I must say-you're the most beautiful girl I've ever met."

"Thank you," Fiona said amiably.

"I loved kissing your lips, sucking your tits, and eating your cunt," Linda went on. "I can still feel it on my mouth and I want to eat it again. What will you say if I take you to my bedroom and have another go?"

Linda's question bemused Fiona, but she decided to comply with her.

In the bedroom, Linda stripped Fiona and led her abed. After that, she began the erotic tour of her voluptuous body. She kissed her from head to toe, rolled her over, and went on with kissing up her entire backside.

Linda hanged around her ass-cheeks, licking and kissing them. Then, she turned Fiona on her back again. She sucked her tits and went down on her. Consequently, Fiona got wet in a while.

Linda pointed her fingers at Fiona's pussy and entered her easily. She proceeded to fuck her with the same vehemence. Fiona went delirious and her body convulsed to the gratification. She came twice for an ardent manual service. Totally exhausted but content for the night, they cuddled up and slept together.

The next morning, Fiona left for her home. 'Linda was right. The lady luck is still favoring me,' she thought cheerfully.

After six months, Safemme Studios released Tasty Melons, Tasty Tarts. It was a hit. Most critics advocated the fifth and last scene. It featured Fiona with none other than Linda Perkins-the producer and director of the movie.
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